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Rogue Nation. Mission Impossible. We hope Not. The mission Australia if you choose to accept....

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 Rogues of Australia, our Government. Rogue Nation, Mission Impossible, we hope not. The mission Australia, if you choose to accept, is to get ride of our rogue Government, who are destroying our country. They have become the judge, jury, the executioners, with zero accountability of our once lucky nation, sadly not lucky anymore. 

Our Rogue Government Abbott, Hockey, Turnbull, Brandis, Bishop, Living Manifestations of Destruction....have shown without a doubt they can not be trusted, committing crimes against our nation, they have gone rogue, they now have zero accountability, they create their own laws at a whim. 

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No more raughting Australia with all of your expenses which you try to claim as work related, what bullshit.

No more constantly double dipping for your own luxury, while so many in Australia suffer because of it.
No more getting paid $100,000-250,000 K to retire compliments of the Australian tax payer, Browyn Bishop and the rest of our rogue Government. Enough of this shit, this has to stop now.

Enough Joe Hockey charging the tax payers to stay in your own fu#king home, you fraudster.
Enough charging the tax payers for renovations of your Italian villas which cost the Australian Tax payers $2million.

Enough with doing underhanded deals with foreign countries at the expense of Australians and jobs, our children's future.
Enough living it up at the expense of the Australian tax payers, to which you seem to think you are entitled.

This is a Government Gone Rogue. 

Australia knows none of you give a fu#king shit, because you simply wont listen.
Tony Abbott says its your fault if you are poor and homeless and has no empathy for you what so ever. And there is even a video of him saying this, in that link.
Joe Hockey thinks poor people should not get to vote, and should not be seen or heard.
 #Formerpresident #JimmyCarter said just weeks ago on the nationally syndicated radio show the Thom Hartmann Program, that the United States is now an “oligarchy” in which “unlimited #politicalbribery” has created “a complete subversion of our political system as a payoff to major contributors.” The exact same thing is happening right here in Australia. Every day this is being exposed to every day Australians.

Our Australian Government being paid off by white collar criminals, corporations, by the Billionaires of our country, at the cost of every day Australians.

Families genuinely concerned for their families, their children's future. Our Government do not give a shit. They only care about the rich, the million and billionaires of our country. 
It is the everyday people, the poor, who vote also Tony, their votes make up more than 3/4 of your votes. But you have forgotten about them, you have made promises, broken them over and over. You lied to a country to take office, and now you continue to lie to our country.
The middle class and the poor keep getting poorer because of what you keep doing to them. 
And Joe Hockey you are quite simply another poor excuse for a human being, having zero respect or empathy for the poor and homeless. And we certainly know what our PM Tony thinks of the poor, homeless and abuse its in the video in our article. Tony Abbott, showing another one of his true colors. You said it Tony, your words, you in the video. Zero Empathy for others, this video absolutely shows it.

We suggest you start reading our Australian Constitution, because right now you, our Government are in violation of it.
The United Nations have also said earlier this year, Australia our Government, are in violation of the Human Rights Laws, under several section, they have done nothing to rectify this, completely ignoring the United Nations.
Our Government have broken that many laws in our own Australian Constitution, now committing criminal acts against our nation.
As it stands right now every single Australian could file a class action law suite against our Australian Government and Joe Hockey.

Even states that our Government, all of them including the PM, speaker of the house, Attorney General, Treasurer are not above the law. They can and should be make accountable for their fraud, lies, deception to the Australian people. We the Australian people are paying dearly for that deception.

Australia has the highest stats in the world for girls and women being abused, because quite frankly our Government simply don't give a dam. They never have, the numbers of girls and women being abused has not gone done it has gone up. We have asked Tony to start listening to us, he has ignored the requests. Worst Minster for Women ever in political history. Read this Here Tony since you follow us on social media and our website. 
Over half a million people have read our letters to you, our articles. 

Letter to Tony Abbott about Domestic Violence, broken legal system, broken laws
Letter to Tony Abbott about Child Abuse and corporate corruption
Letter to Tony Abbott about Poverty, homeless, abused


Today you announce Tony a war to stop the ice epidemic sweeping out country. You are going to give $1million dollars to Crime Stopper to dob in a drug dealer. Waste of money Tony, not going to change anything. Many drug dealers are protected by corrupt police. Just a little over one year ago our people discovered a major ice operation which was being protected by police officers. They were taking kick backs from the drug dealers.
One of our team, a medical person, was beaten up in their own home, could have been killed by those drug dealers as a warning. Then the police also used intimidation to get the chargers dropped against the dealers. These officers on the take. The medical person who dobbed in the dealers then got death threats to their mobile phone. They contacted the police officers at that station via letter to inform them that we were now going to file a complaint with the Attorney Generals office. 
And yes we have the letter of reply from the Attorney Generals office in this matter. One of our team a medical person viciously attacked in their own home. Shocking injuries, which they have the photographs to, as does the Attorney Generals office, doctors and lawyers. Are you going to address this Tony Abbott, this person this drug dealer a major dealer supplying a large scope of one state in Australia, with police officers on the take??

This is what happens when you dob in a drug dealer, you are assaulted, threatened and intimidated to shut the hell up. Are you going to offer whistle-blowers Federal Protection???

The exact same thing happens when you disclose corruption, against those who are committing the crimes, they have police protection, they send in their police, to threaten you, intimidate you and your children. We have police officers making threats to children for god sake as a way of intimidation. That is just disgusting.
And yes Mr Abbott we even have video of this happening, police officers making threats assaulting an innocent person for dobbing in a company right here in Australia, involved in Mafia crimes, fraud, money laundering, Government bribery, involving tens of millions of dollars. Are you going to step in Mr Abbott and do something about this. No you wont, you haven't in the past, and we doubt very much if you are going to start now. We even dumped documents on your Facebook page just over twelve months ago and you have done zero about that fraud.

 We have just finished watching Sunday Night at Seven. Joe Hockey has to resign immediately, he is deliberately, and is part of a massive tax fraud cover-up in Australia. We will contacting Labor Senator Sam Dastyari​ tomorrow and also giving him this information. Just over 12 months ago our organization through lengthy investigations have documents on a company who we are going to name tomorrow on our website and on the FB page of Tony Abbott, who are involved in major crimes in Australia, through tax evasion, money laundering, bribing of Gov Officials. This company keeps the majority of their money in Singapore, Beijing, Ireland, Amsterdam. They have offices in Beijing, but their business is registered in Australia. We have acquired documents with full admissions into money laundering.  
This raught ripping off Australia for tens of millions to billions of dollars has to stop enough. 

This company we are going to name is a PTY LTD company and they also bring in 90 % of their workers from Asia who have zero training and cant speak English to do jobs that were previously taken by Australians. What makes it even worse is us the Australian tax payers are paying the subsidy of these overseas workers wages. The men who own these companies are millionaires why wouldn't they be, they have been ripping off Australia with the blessing of our own Australian Government. Our people have been threatened because of the information we have acquired. This company also involved in human-trafficking, some of the men also involved in pedophile clubs which we also have the documented evidence off. Police officers in their pockets, threatening anyone who exposes them, this is how it works just like you saw in the video. 
Enough Tony Abbott, enough off this, this cover-up has gone on far too long. Its about time you start cleaning up corruption in Australia, including in the police force. 
We fully expect you to act on the corruption of this PTY LTD company immediately who also have police protection and protection from Government officials. 
We even had to engage the help of a former Governor,  and Queens Council and former head of the Corruption and Crimes Commission to help us, with some of the material we had uncovered, we had exposed, with police corruption, protecting these men.

People, children are dying in our country because of the money stolen from our nation, stolen from services, all done with the full blessing of our Government, with the blessing of Joe Hockey. Hell Joe as been ripping off Australia for years charging us the Australian people to live in his own home. Yes we have been paying Joe Hockey to live in his own house.  

People, organizations, even former heads of the CCC who expose this, are the real patriates of Australia, the true loyal Australians, and we are re-payed by being threatened, our families threatened, death threats... you have resorted into threatening little children to silence loyal Australians. Bloody disgusting. While our Government continues to protect white collar criminals, just like Joe Hockey continues to do. How much has Joe Hockey take in bribes, put into  off shore accounts??? That is a question the Australian tax payers should be asking. Hell these corporations can hide shelf companies, off shore accounts in their sleep... the accountants, lawyers helping them, just as corrupt as the companies themselves.

 Many of these companies also help launder money for terrorism, just like the one we are going to expose, and the men who own and run those companies.  

Labor Senator Sam Dastyari​  the only decent human being who has the balls to stand up to our corrupt Government, to their lies, deception. This is a man we would vote for our Prime Minister, a man who has integrity, humanity....and like the rest of Australia sick to bloody death of their corruption.

Joe Hockey we are waiting for your immediate resignation and for you to be investigated and criminal charges filed against you. Aiding and abetting in Fraud.

Our worst Government in living history, destroying Australia every single day they remain in Government.

Stay tuned for updates of this mission which Australia has greatly accepted, they too sick to death of our Government who has gone Rogue, sick to death of the corruption, deception, lies, raughting, double dipping of our Government. ........ much more to come

The PTY LTD company our organization are exposing for tax evasion, fraud, money laundering, organized crime, is V&V Walsh PTY LTD. They are a meat export company located in Bunbury
Western Australia and offices in China. Their company is registered in Australia, but they have bank accounts along with the directors and CEO's in Singapore, China, Ireland, Amsterdam.

They have other companies associated with this one and go under the branding also Amelia Park Lamb, Amelia Park wines and
Amelia Park horse racing stud.
They have a restaurant in North Perth Jacksons.
A resort in Bali which are just a few of their many business holdings which are used for illegal crimes, including laundering money for terrorists. These do not count the shelf companies that they 
have set up to hide money through, hide properties, business through and to launder money through.

The brand Amelia Park meat and trim & Tasty meats is sold throughout Woolworths and Coles stores in Australia.
The winery located in Margret River, the horse racing stud in Vasse just outside of Bussleton- Margret River WA

There is currently and investigation into the company through Wickenby Task-force, The Australian Federal Police and ASIO and their directors and CEO's, accountants and lawyers of the company which we implemented.

They are involved in human trafficking and run a prostitution business also out of South Perth in WA, where girls are bought in from Africa and Europe.

They bring in a majority of their workers, and have done for ten years from China and Asia, where the workers’ wages are Subsidized by the Australian Government. The workers either speak no English or very little English, non-skilled. Previously those jobs were taken by skilled workers living in Australia who are Australian born and citizens.

Their business is a front for laundering money and drugs, human trafficking. Pictures have been acquired of drugs being smuggled into meat and then exported to china, where this company also
have offices.

One of the CEO's a Paul Douglas Crane who lives in  WA where the company is located has passport orders issued by the Commonwealth of Australia, due to him being a flight risk.
Through documents obtained through the court it was shown that Mr Crane had violated those passport orders more than a dozen times, committing Federal Crimes and yet has faced no charges.

Mr Crane is also involved along with other directors within the company in human trafficking for prostitution and also has a membership with a pedophile club, to which we obtained his
membership details to.
It was also revealed through further documents legally acquired, Mr Crane had sexually abused children in Bunbury WA and these sexual assaults on children were reported to authorities and to
DCS in Bunbury WA, to which they then proceeded to cover these up. Mr Crane to this date due to being protected by police has face no charges for sexually assaulting children.

Through further investigations done by the head of the Corruption & Crimes Commission, all done legally, it was also found that this company had protection from police and other Government bodies in Western Australia, who had also committed fraud, breaking and entering for Mr Crane and for the company V & V Walsh PTY LTD, which was well documented and even videoed.
It was also found through information acquired through the former head of the CCC, Mr Crane and the other CEO's and directors of V& V Walsh used police officers to make threats and intimidate
individuals and also fabricate warrants to steal personal and classified material not belonging to them.

Mr Peter Vervan Walsh one of the company directors set up shelf companies to allow Business men in South Africa to launder money out of the country to which him and Mr Paul Crane were paid millions of dollars for helping these men do this. This is still going onto to this day.

They are still a front for a large scale money laundering operation, through China and Europe, Mr Paul Douglas Crane heavily involved as one of the CEO's in the company and uses a
go between a women from Norway a Christin Svard. Christin Svard is also part of the prostitution ring bringing girls in from Europe tricked into coming to Australia under the pretense of
being nannies, then forced into prostitution. Miss Svard is not an Australian citizen, but documents also acquired show Mr Crane applied for duel citizen ship for this women, she currently
resides in Bunbury WA and Tolsberg Norway.

One of the CEO's of the company in 2004 viciously assaulted his then pregnant wife causing severe injuries and also murdering their unborn child, a daughter. That person then facing charges of assault and fetal manslaughter, to which with the assistance of his police protection he had all the charges just vanish.
There are full documents supporting this including court Documents with full admissions to the vicious assault on his Pregnant wife to which he laughed about in court.
At the time of the court proceedings he made sure the presiding Magistrate was one that was paid off. This was in fact Investigated at the time and found to be true.
This CEO due to protection by the WA police has never faced any charges for his crimes, which are now mounting into the hundreds.

It is the same as the other company directors. Documents also acquired legally expose those directors admitting to money laundering, fraud, tax evasion, Purgery, just to name a few.

We had assistance from many people in gathering the documents which disclosed the magnitude of tax fraud, which is well over 100 million dollars and counting, not to mention the organized
crime and human trafficking and memberships in pedophile clubs.

This company and the men associated with the company very well
protected by WA police and Government bodies. This only touches the surface of what our investigation uncovered, now all in the hands of the Australian Federal Police and other investigative bodies.
The Corruption and Crimes Commission, an investigation lead by the head of the Commission found that Paul Crane the Company V&VWalsh and its directors and associates, police officers had perverted the course of justice, fabricated an entire case against a Government witness, so they could, hide and commit fraud and other criminal acts against the Commonwealth of Australia. 
Fabricate evidence, threaten and assault witness's.  


We intend to give all the documents to Senator Sam Dastyari​. We found through the investigations over several years that WA Police could not be trusted the corruption going all the way to the Police Commissioner. We also had help from the former head of the Corruption and Crimes Commission, Governors of WA who is also a leading Queens Council in Australia and highly respected.

All the documents we acquired throughout our investigation were all acquired legally so they can be used as evidence for criminal charges to filed against the men and this company. Documents were also acquired from a person within side the company as well.
It was also revealed to us through Federal Authorities that Meat Export companies, wineries, restaurants, horse-racing studs, prostitution, in the top 50 business used for money laundering and fraud.

Right now as it stands there is enough to have these men and a women Christin Savard
arrested with laundering money for terrorists, and be held by the Australian Government
tomorrow in-fact. 
We have also out this information on the Facebook page of our PM Tony Abbott as we said we would do yesterday.

The people who have come together on a global scale with these investigations have received death threats, and been assaulted because of what has been uncovered and exposed to now the world.

Thank you to one of our graphics team's sons, a budding designer in the making who is only 14 years old, who threw the banner together for us.

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