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The Girlfriend Experience — A dangerous game of control and intimacy

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Inspired by Steven Soderbergh's same-named 2009 film, Starz's 13-episode "The Girlfriend Experience" further develops the original premise of a young attorney in training who leads a double life as a high-end sex worker. Riley Keough takes on the lead role of Christine Reade (played in the movie by Sasha Grey), a law student in Chicago and an intern at one of the city's top firms. A friend introduces her to the world of "transactional relationships," in which a greater level of intimacy and control sets it apart from traditional escort arrangements. Captivated by its varied benefits, Christine must learn to manipulate her conflicting identities in order to get what she wants.

We have just recently finished watching the entire 13-episodes of the Girlfriend Experience. Exceptional production. Award winning.
The script writers, producers, directors, Riely Keough and all the actors brought the story of high class escorts and the dangers of this industry to the forefront in this production. 
At the end of each episode the producers and directors talked about what message was being told in that episode which we thought gave the story more honesty to share with the audience about the character Christine's feelings, risks, also lured by the money and the wealth of her clients. But they also conveyed the message to the dangerous world Christine had now entered, and was now trapped in . 

Second year law student, Christine Reade quickly finds herself drawn into “The Girlfriend Experience” world, attracted to the rush of control and intimacy.

The nudity and sex in the entire series was so beautifully and tastefully done; and Riley Keough was just incredible, she brought this character, this young woman Christine's life really into our lounge rooms. Riley was mesmerizing to watch. Brilliant young actress, and the Granddaughter of Elvis Presley. 

There are so many young woman who get lured into either the Escort Industry or the porn industry because of the money. They might be going to University, they don't have rich parents who can support their way for them. The part time job they have to have so they can live, doesn't even cover their expenses. So these young woman become easy targets and they are at first glamorized and seduced by the money and the optical illusion placed before them. Then a few months go by and that illusion is now shattered to one of abuse, sexual violence.

The 13 part movie series the girlfriend experience told this story so well and portrayed such a powerful story and message to the dangers of the Escort and world of prostitution, and how easy it is to be seduced by the industry when you are desperate for money. 

We also wanted to share with you a new book that has not long being released by former prostitutes, to the dangers, the sexual abuse, violence they also suffered. The human-trafficking that goes on in this industry. 

Very very powerful words from these women. 
Rachel is now an activist and author and speaks internationally on prostitution and sex-trafficking and volunteers to talk to young girls in residential care about the harms and dangers of prostitution

'If you think I ever felt attracted to you, you are terribly mistaken': Ex-prostitute shares a scathing open letter to her former clients
Tanja Rahm, 35, from Denmark spent three years working as a prostitute
Shares her experience in new book Prostitution Narratives
Says she never had anything but contempt for former clients
Rachel Moran from Dublin who was a prostitute at 15 also shares story
Anja's 'letter to my Johns' opens by saying: 'If you think that I ever felt attracted to you, you are terribly mistaken. I have never had any desire to go to work, not once.'
She explains that she was never one turned on by her customers and that any impression otherwise was down to her being 'a great actress'.
'If you thought you were doing me a favor by paying me for 30 minutes or an hour, you were wrong. I would rather have had you in and out as fast as possible.

She spoke about being in constant physical pain and so tired that she has to be careful not to fall asleep while with a client.  
'If you thought you paid for loyalty or small talk, you need to think again. I had zero interest in your excuses. I did not care that your wife had pelvic pain, and that you just could not go without sex. Or when you offered any other pathetic excuse for coming to buy sex with me.

When you thought I understood you and had sympathy for you, it was all a lie. I had nothing but contempt for you, and at the same time you destroyed something inside of me.
'You sowed the seeds of doubt in me. Doubt as to whether all men were just as cynical and unfaithful as you were.
'When you praised my appearance, my body, or my sexual abilities, you could just as well have vomited on me. You did not see the person behind the mask. 
'You only saw that which confirmed your illusion of a raunchy woman with an unstoppable sex drive.
'In fact, you never said what you thought I wanted to hear. Instead, you said what you yourself wanted to hear. 

You can read more about the dangers of prostitution in our article we did last year. There are also letter from women who were once in the sex industry, now speaking out to how dangers the industry is. How women are raped and abuse. The escort, prostitution industry is now made of human-trafficking victims and young girls 13 years of age. There is a huge demand for this age group, including in the High Class Escort service for wealthy business men.

You can read more through this article link HERE

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