Anais Nin dribble

E L James Grey manuscript found, full story here


Erica James has once again been caught copying Stephenie Meyers-twilights book.
Come on lets face it who hasn't Erica James copied, and ripped off. We have the list below, Hello Erica James Copyright infringement, and one of those you ripped off is a lawyer.

 Meyer rewrote the first book from Edward’s point of view, and called it Midnight Sun. James rewrote Fifty Shades from Christian’s point of view and called it Grey.

And now? Now! Oh, folks, now. Midnight Sun was leaked, so legitimately leaked that Meyer decided to not even finish it. What are the chances that Grey, James’s Midnight Sun, would now be leaked as well? If you guessed 100, you are correct.

But here’s where things get interesting.  Rather than report on the supposed theft and leak, the media is questioning the truth of this.  CPI UK, the company that has confirmed it’s printing copies, has gone on the record with a representative stating.

"They doubted it had gone missing because they certainly hadn't hear about it. "

 But the police have found no evidence any leak actually happened.  Very likely, this was a publicity stunt. Of course the publisher denies that this was a publicity stunt, but it doesn’t pass the sniff test.  Due to the complete lack of evidence, and EL James’s penchant for copying everything about Stephenie Meyer, I think that the police should investigate this as a crime.  If you’re going to claim a theft, you should have evidence that leads you to believe that a theft happened.  Guess that.  That’s evidence!  Yet none exists.  No theft happened.  It was a lie.

Erica seems quiet obsessed with her Christian Grey sticking things in girls asses, or is that Erica James fetish and fantasy???.....she wrote it people, she is obsessed with sexual violence, the more violent and nasty, the better for Erica. 

Also she has her sexual Psychopath sexual abuser Christian grey, her own special messiah, obsessed with pubic hair.....what the fuck Erica. 

It also seems very coincidental also that our site also sent Erica James a link to our website Shades of Grey by Edward Grey....the untold story, for our new book tackling abuse.
 We did this a long time before E L James made any statement she was writing another piece of dribble, crap, abuse she was going to pass off as romance giving her Sexual abusing Psychopath Christian Grey permission to sexual and Psychologically abuse women, young women i should add.

Lets see Erica, we  know we would have missed a few Authors out here, forgive us, but the list is just so long.......

Erica James, copied-stole from the Movie
"Secretary" Mr Grey, the original Mr Grey- James Spader-2002 movie about a sadomasochistic very rich lawyer (psychological thriller-erotic romance, with sadomasochism DBSM). being your biggest that you stole from, people if you haven't seen the movie, then I suggest you get it out, you will see what I am talking about.
 Twilight-Stephanie Myers, 
Delta of Venus-Anais Nin, 
Zalmin King-Nine &a half weeks, Mr King died a few years ago sadly at the age of 72 years old, one of the most famous directors and producers of erotic, sensual romance, he won many awards for his work.
Sylvia Day
Jackie Collins are just a few.
There are more people we keep updating the list.
New update we have been send a message that   EL James has copied (or should it be stated as “borrowed”) A LOT from The Black Dagger Brotherhood series by J.R. Ward. J.R. Ward is a lawyer, hummm, copy write infringement?

Yes and news update...Stephanie Myers husband name is Christian, wow Erica James is there no end to your copying people. You are certainly obsessed with Stephanie Myers...and you have the Gaul to try and claim claim to the name Christian and the surname Grey. Like we have said Erica is is delusions of Grandeur.
Just to let you know my husbands name is Aaron Edward, just in case you want to copy his name next.

A study was done and yes there is an article on the web about this people; 85% of people would rather watch the movie "Secretary" than read or watch Fifty Shades of Grey.

Now you give it a fourth try at trying to write a book and you still copy it from others stealing from  Twilight-Stephanie Myers all over again.....have you no shame women....obviously not, you must have Dakota Johnson's affliction.

I have to give it to you Erica you did try "somewhat" lets face it you didn't try at all, what 4 times now, and you still didn't get it right. Still reads like a five year old wrote them, still full of abuse, sexual violence, domestic violence putting lives in danger, with no literary content at all, full of spelling and grammar mistakes like your other crap books of abuse. Yes i know Erica book one had over 500 mistakes.

Then readers, Erica James has the audacity to come out and say every author in the world is copying her. I will give you a diagnosis now Erica its called psychotic delusion of grandeur, also narcissism.No one wants to copy your sick fucking twisted sexual violence, that is based on your own rape fantasies, your sex life with your get over yourself.

The only people…and we stress "the only people" who keep going back for more of this sexual violence dribble, and support Erica James in her quest for sexual gratification with sexual violence, have a very serious mental disorder. They have delusional fantasies, just like Erica James. Turned on by sexual abuse, sexual violence, and yes there is such a disorder, and starts quite young. These types of people dangerous to our society.

Whats that Erica James....the youtube videos are correct, that is you Erica James saying your abuse books are based on your life. "Hang on a minute while i pick myself off the ground with laughter." 

Yes you heard it "I did write myself into the Fifty Shades of Grey books as one of the characters"
Yes thats right, "i am going to be in the next movie" 

Fifty Shades of Grey, Grey, books; movie are the rape and delusional fantasies of Erica James. Erica wrote her fantasies down in those four books. And by the sounds of book 4, Grey, her husband Noel also joined her. ( Now i have this permanent image edged into my mind of Noel and Erica and their sex room. Noel in faded blue jeans, no shirt, with his beer belly hanging out over the top, Erica bent over the table, with Noel, whip in hand ready to give it to her……jeeze the nightmares.)

Erica James wrote herself into her own books as one of the characters, and wait for it people, she is going to be in the next movie. (what the fuck as, child molesting Mrs Robinson Elena) 

Erica James people is in video interviews which are on youtube for whoever wants to watch as saying. “Fifty Shades of Grey is based on her life experiences, her life in other words.” (fucking crap Erica, what utter fucking crap.) You have just spat in the face of every abuse victim including children, you ice cold delusional narcissist. 

In the same videos Erica James can be heard saying “She wrote herself into the books as one of the characters…..She is going to be in the next movie.”

“Yes it got very hot and heavy, very steamy watching sex scenes with Jamie Dornan.” 

Again, we have this Narcissist women, who is turned on by sexual abuse, turned on by watching Jamie Dornan, sexual abuse, psychologically abuse Dakota Johnson, and whip the shit out of a body double in the red room of pain. And by the look on Jamie Dornan’s face and his body language he was enjoying it a little too much also.

A man, Dana Brunetti, a so called film producer for Universal studios, says, “When he saw this story, he couldn't wait to make this incredible love story and bring to the screen.” What the fuck………on what fucking planet is this a romantic love story????? You quite obviously suffer from the same delusions as Erica James, and your fantasies are also watching women being sexual abused, degraded.

The same Dana Brunetti we engaged into conversation with on social media. (yes people we screen shot the conversations) Who said “The Oscars are over rated.”

Fifty Shades of Grey franchise said on social media with Dana Brunetti also in the mix of the conversation, that “Fifty Shades of Grey was going to win an Oscar” (we couldn’t stop laughing like the other people watching the conversation unfold)

We said “Fifty Shades of Grey was shocking sexual abuse, so dangerous to everyone”. “The only award it was going to win was a Razzy, for the worst film to be made ever, the worst acting by two leading parts from the actors.”

Erica seems quiet obsessed with her Christian Grey sticking things in girls asses, or is that Erica James fetish and fantasy???.....she wrote it people, she is obsessed with sexual violence, the more violent and nasty, the better for Erica. 

Also she has her sexual Psychopath sexual abuser Christian grey, her own special messiah, obsessed with pubic hair.....what the fuck are one sick, fucked up narcissist, ice cold, fucking sick women.


 This is our book co-written with Edward Grey and Alexandria
to raise money for abuse charities. You need to go to the website to read what the book is about, there are pages there to read also.
This book is no way Fifty Shades of Grey, not copied, no names the same, nothing. The website explains more.
We sent our books link, website to E L James way before she even announced she was writing another trash piece of abuse. She has now been attacking us for doing so, slandering our book. Our book has already gone global, and the proceeds are going to charity, to raise as much money as we can for abuse charities, which E l James is dead against us doing.

Now it would seem Erica James is laying claims to owning the rights to the Oxford English Dictionary, and all the words that it also contains.
Well she gave an indication of this, with her latest rant, of dribble and slander against our book Shades of Grey 

♦Meaning of "shades of grey" -Cambridge English Dictionary shades of grey› the fact of it not being clear in a situation what is right and wrong: a straightforward choice between good and evil, with no shades of grey.

Now we could be wrong here, but last we checked, Erica James did not  the the rights to the  Oxford English Dictionary, thank god she didn't write it. Fuck could you imagine the mayhem if she did.

Watch out parents who named their babies, or adults living or dead,------ Edward, Christian, Anastasia, Teddy, any one with surname Grey, Erica is claiming you stole the name from her.

Edward Grey is the name of:  Edward Grey, 1st Viscount Grey of Fallodon (1862–1933), British Liberal statesman & foreign minister    Edward Grey, 1st Viscount Lisle (died 1492), English nobleman who was created Viscount Lisle in 1483    Edward Grey (policeman), (1918-2004), Sri Lankan sportsman and police officer    Edward Grey (bishop) (1782–1837), Anglican clergyman    Edward Grey (died 1676) (1611–1676), English politician    
Sir Edward Grey, a fictional character in the Hellboy universe.
fictional character in the movie "Secretary"Edward E Grey

Edward Grey in the book Shades of Edward Grey.... the untold story. 

 The name "Christian" comes from the Greek "kristos", meaning "anointed one", and is older than Jesus Christ. It's not a Hebrew name. It can also be a girls name and used widely around the world for centuries. Christian means "a follower of Christ." The first historical usage of this name dates back to the 1st century, in the book of Acts in the Bible. Again is E L James claiming she own the rights to the name Christian??  Did she write the bible??? God... is Christian Grey the second coming , is he the messiah??? Fuck i hope not for every ones sake and safety.
 Now hang on Erica have you been fooling the world, are you older than the tricky dicky Erica, you fooled us all.

 Its called Delusions of Grandeur, Narcissism, Erica; unfortunately there is no help for you. Erica does not want our book to succeed, to raise money for abuse charities, to send out the message of abuse, sexual violence, love, which our book contains. She does not want the co-author Alexandria, a survivor of abuse and a professional, to tell Edwards story about abuse, supporting abuse victims, including children around the world. This could be anyone of their stories, of abuse, we are trying to make people aware, how abuse effects entire families.

National Center on Sexual Exploitation Slams 'Fifty Shades' Spinoff 'Grey': "An Irresponsible Rationalization of Domestic Abuse" story here

 Erica James has already come our slandering our book with vexatious slanderous comments at the Hollywood Reporter
This same article done by the Hollywood reporter also exposes Erica James who wrote the trash abuse dribble Fifty Shades of Grey books that are now lining the bottom of kitty litter trays around the world. 

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