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SEXUAL ASSAULT AWARENESS MONTH APRIL 2016 — Shatter the silence of sexual assault, rape and abuse. These crimes do not discriminate —  they happen to children, teens, young and older adults, women and men — all races, all social statues.
Sexual assault happens in relationship and marriages — it can happen to anyone at any time.
An abuser, a rapist will use threats, intimidation to keep their victims silent from speaking out. They are then free to keep on abusing another victim; and they will. And the nightmare begins all over again for another victim, or for you, the same victim, who is sexually abused over an over again inside a relationship.
Shatter the silence, take back your power over your abuser, don't hide in the darkness any more, come into the light.

 Most victims first experienced sexual violence before age 25.

We live in a society where books such as Fifty Shades of Grey is glamorizing sexual abuse, rape, stalking, abuse, control as romance, as an acceptable practice — when it is not. These are all crimes and should be treated as just this.
The education for prevention has to start with us as a society, teaching right and wrong to our children, make our children aware to the dangers of abuse.
Our media has to stop promoting sexual abuse, rape, abuse as a fairy- tale hearts and flowers love story when its not.

When you sexual violence you make the violence invisible to society. 

Sexual abuse, abuse, rape, being stalked by your abuser, being a victim of these terrible crimes destroys lives, takes lives of the victim.
The victim is left with a life time sentence. 
Our society needs to wake up to the epidemic of abuse, sexual abuse-violence sweeping our nations, a public health crisis. 

Books and movies such as Fifty Shades of Grey is teaching violence against women, children, teens.
Children — teens — adults are learning sexual violence from video games, from pornography which is streaming free into peoples homes. (external article links are highlighted)
Eight year old children are raping another child, from watching porn full article link Here
Colleges in the USA removed Fifty Shades of Grey from their libraries because of rapes — the books and then the movie became a how to guide to rape, sexual abuse, stalk, violate, abuse another person.
Keeping women, or anyone as sex slaves is sexual abuse, abuse and the actions of a Sociopath and Psychopath.

Yesterday i wrote an article about this very thing, abuse, sexual violence; Sociopaths and Psychopaths. A great percentage of abusers do have these type of personalities, they share the same traits, and are the master of lies and deception when they are caught or when they are preying on their next victim. They have a type they prey on the vulnerable and innocence.
Please read this article, the information could just save your life, save you from a life of abuse, or being sexually abused.
I was a victim of sexual abuse and abuse with inside a marriage, my own story of the hell i lived is in that article, the same hell that thousands of woman, children, men and victims world wide go through ever single day from sexual abuse, abuse. SEDUCED BY THE DARK SIDE article link Here

I see the victims of abuse, sexual abuse, violence — including children, i can relate and connect to exactly what they are going through have been though, because i have been through it myself.

Victims of abuse, sexual violence, suffer PTSD, anorexia, OCD, anxiety, heart related issues, high blood pressure, headaches,chronic pain, Psychological issues, agoraphobia, sexually transmitted diseases, problems trusting others. Anger and stress can lead to eating disorders, depression, and even suicidal thoughts. . All of these symptoms can manifest because of abuse, sexual violence, including to children.

 Pornography A Public Health Crisis US Capitol Hill Symposium.
This is a medial symposium the top medical people in the world who specialize in the field of abuse, sexual violence. Our people attended the symposium. Hundreds of published medical findings
studies has definitively found pornography is contributing, teaching domestic violence, sexual abuse, rape, disrespect to women, girls.
Psychologist call internet pornography the new crack cocaine.
The studies also found the higher Psychopath scores were from boys and men who were addicted to pornography, teaching young boys to act like Psychopaths.
This video, the vital medical information it contains is what our Governments of not want exposed; our Governments around the world make billions of the porn industry, money of the rape of babies, children, adults, the sexual abuse and domestic violence of human beings.

Many Victims Do Not Disclose Sexual Violence, not even to family and friends. 
Victims of abuse, sexual violence feel shame, when they have done nothing wrong, they are the victim of these crimes. Unreported the abuser will keep abusing.

Sexual violence also includes:

    Unwanted sexual contact, and
    Non-contact unwanted sexual experiences (such as verbal sexual harassment)

Sexual violence can be committed by anyone:

    A current or former intimate partner
    A family member
    A person in position of power or trust
    A friend or acquaintance
    A stranger, or someone known only by sight

Australia hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE
Contact the Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network (RAINN) hotline at 1-800-656-HOPE. 
You can also call 911 in the USA or 000 in Australia to seek immediate police assistance. 
Help is free, confidential, and available 24/7

Diaries of a woman, don't be seduced by the dark side. It is not a romance novel Read Article

Our book which is in the side bar and in article links Shades of Grey 
— addressing this very thing, abuse, and sexual violence, rape. You can go to the website to read more about the book and also part pages from chapter one. Book link is in the eternal links
Shades of Grey

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