Child Protection Child Sexual offenses Bill

Child Protection - Sexual offenses Bill


Child Protection Bill,‬ ‪‎Child Sexual offenses Bill‬. ‬ Our people are part of world wide organizations, and work with Federal Authorities world wide in stopping, reporting child grooming, for either sexual exploitation, human-sex-trafficking, or for other nefarious intentions.
Last year we were nominated for a Humanitarian Award, this year we have been nominate again. Our site is full of articles and data on abuse crimes, human trafficking, sexual abuse crimes and laws.
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In 2015 Ireland introduce a new bill for the protection of children. It is the strongest child protection bill in the free world. It covers child grooming, exploitation and also media. (We have a copy of the Bill)
We contacted the LNP Gov, asking them to introduce this bill in Australia; why on earth wouldn't you. Abbott, Turnbull and Brandis not interested.
They refused, still refusing to address child grooming, for crimes against children, or laws to protect children The link to the Bill is here in our world article on child grooming, human-trafficking.

It is a crime happening in all neighborhoods, and even in Australia. 
NO MORE Full Article and video and here you need to see

Sexual offences Bill tough on child exploitation – Minister for Justice Frances Fitzgerald. Ireland Minister says legislation will protect children online, with crimes carrying prison sentences. Wed, Sep 23, 2015. Minister for Justice Frances Fitzgerald has said new legislation lays down tough sentences for those who use the internet and social media to prey on children.

The legislation contains new criminal offences to protect children against grooming and fresh measures to protect children from online predators. (This is the Bill that Malcolm Turnbull and George Brandis rejected, to protect children from online predators, a Bill we have to have in Australia. ) Bill Link is Here

This Bill sends a very strong message to Child sexual abusers.
This is the Bill we presented to George Brandis and Malcolm Turnbull and to Tony Abbott, they all rejected the bill, to implement this same bill in Australia to protect children. 

We first found out about this Bill in 2014 when it went before the Irish Government because of our work we do world wide. The Bill was passed in 2015.
To address child grooming, child sexual abuse crimes, on line crimes to children. (A small section of the Bill listed below)

Children First Act 2015 a link to Ireland's website is also here. Something our Australian Government should be paying attention to, protecting children. Instead our Government is doing the complete opposite Website Here  

Here is another Bill passed by Ireland in 2015: In announcing the International Protection Bill on 19 th November 2015, the Minister for Justice, Frances Fitzgerald TD
“The introduction of the single procedure, together with other reforms in the proposed International Protection Bill, will allow us to efficiently grant international protection to those who are entitled to it. (Refugees) At the same time, it will identify, at a much earlier stage, persons who have no entitlement to stay in the State and who can safely return to their country of origin.”
Justice Link to the Bill Here  

Child Grooming Bill.
A person who uses any means to communication to entice a child to act in a way that “would constitute sexual exploitation of the child” could face up to 14 years in jail.
"Depraving a child"
It will also be a separate offense to send a child sexually explicit material by means of information and communications technology. Familiarizing a child with such material is a classic grooming technique which seeks to desensitize a child to sexual activity.”
Speaking about the Sexual Offenses Bill, which will cover other aspects of sexual grooming:

A person who, for the purpose of corrupting or depraving a child, causes that child to witness or watch sexual activity or view sexually-explicit material will commit an offense. It will also be an offense for a person, for their own sexual gratification, to cause a child to witness or watch sexual activity.

We need to have this same bill right here in Australia and everywhere around the world...this has to be done. Child abuse, sexual abuse has been covered up far too long. (this is only a very small section of the Bill, the Bill in its entirety is extensive in protecting children, of all ages.) 

We are still asking WHY the Australian Government rejected this Bill. It makes zero sense to reject this bill, other than the fact that people in Australia may not know. 
 The Australian Government make millions of dollars a year of the crimes committed against children. Australia is the only country in the free world to make it a crime to report child abuse. 
A crime to be a child, and have their civil rights stripped from them by the Australian Government. Under the law, you can sue your Government, and a Magistrate or Judge for breaching your civil liberties, your rights. 
Every attempt to have this bill implemented in Australia has been rejected. We are now having Senators take this Bill to Government, and put before Parliament. 


Please you are going to want to read these articles.  Have your eyes opened to what is going on in not only Australia, but world wide with crimes of abuse. We have the data and stats. You can not afford to bury your head in the sand. 
This is your children's lives we are talking about, the protection of anyone from the crimes of abuse, sexual abuse, domestic violence and Government Terrorism.

Human-Trafficking — Break the Chain World Article & Videos
Caged No More World Wide Article & Videos
Sexual Abuse a Public Health Crisis  World Article

Domestic Violence- Child Abuse Terrorism V Government Terrorism World Article
In these articles are videos, specially made documentaries that can be used in schools world wide, we have already been in contact with the film maker, who is also trying to make this happen. These videos are educational videos, drawing awareness to Internet grooming, by predators. 
These are videos we are going to also have our Senate in Australia put into schools, other organizations we work with world wide are already having schools put them into place. 
Australia seems to be the country fighting to NOT educate, draw attention to the dangers of internet predators, sexual exploitation of children.

We have media laws in Australia, just like other countries do, we have a copy of those laws, and the laws in the USA.  But here is the thing, our media break these laws over and over, putting millions of lives in danger. This has to stop.

We have found through our years of work, that Australia is the country who least wants to know as a society about child abuse, child grooming, and domestic violence. Society would rather ignore the issues, and just hope they disappear by themselves. 
Yet as soon as something terrible happens, they are on social media ranting about it, but not willing to actually do anything to make change. Those public health issues, which are now at crisis point, have always been there, and even more so with the internet. 
Of course education is needed, but first people have got to want to be educated, and sadly so many people do not want to be, especially our Government. 

Just a few weeks ago i had a very silly lady from the Seven Day Adventist church say she didn't care about child abuse, and any child abuse bill." And yet these people and their religion preach constantly their faith and God. The conversation cam about, when i was actually talking to another person about this, and this very rude women interrupted our conversation to say what she thought. This is the type of ignorance we have in our society. 

They are the least likely to share an article or poster on social media, they don't want to be touched by the stigma of abuse. Fact people, you may not like it, but its the facts. 
Then you have those on social media, who's narcissistic personalities take over, miss-informing the entire world for their own superficial attention seeking narcissism.  Those people actually become a huge problem when you are trying to address and and inform on real issues, which are crimes against humanity, which cause scars that last for life, and even death of adults and children. Most people don't see the victims of these crimes, because they simply don't want to. 
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We do quite often update articles after they are published. It is worth coming back to check for updates or just subscribe to our website and comments.
Our Professionals are international speakers and we belong to world wide organizations to address abuse and violence.

All of our articles are complied by a team of people, our website is used by all of our authors - professionals. We have professionals and advocates from all over Australia and the world; men and women, and we also belong to world wide organizations, and work with Federal Authorities world wide, exposing crimes of abuse, violence and corruption.
We have over 16 million readers who read our articles through our website and social media. We are always receiving wonderful feedback. Even saving lives.

We have a very generous graphics design team who donate their time and services for free for all of our beautiful posters.
Our team of people do not get paid; we are non profit. We do not make money of abuse, that is simply wrong.
We use our own money and time as advocates and activists. You do not profit from these crimes, that is simply wrong and unacceptable. 

Last year we were nominated for a Humanitarian Award and this year we have been nominated again for a 2017 award.This year one of our own Alexandria has been nominated for an Australian of the year award 2017.

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