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Will Donald Trump exonerate Julian Assange - Wikileaks


That is the billion dollar question isn't it. Is Donald Trump going to set Julian and Wikileaks free, drop all charges, exonerate him from all criminal charges? 
In doing so Trump would have to over throw the Terrorism laws in the USA.
He would have to also exonerate anyone who has been charged with Terrorism or Espionage who did so to expose, a crime, or something the Government was doing against citizens of the USA & world without their consent or knowledge. That would also extend to Gov and non Gov persons, also black hat hackers & activists. He would have to exonerate and free JEREMY HAMMOND, Barrott Brown - STRATFOR leaks. They went to prison and Julian left the country. Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning for NSA leaks. Chelsea Manning so far life in prison, no trail date has been set. 
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Something has become clearer than ever after studying all of these laws and Legislation's that Obama has been making behind closed doors, with zero transparency, and the thousands of hours of video footage we have watched of him speaking.
He makes up his own crap as he goes alone, just as he has done with the indefinite incineration of Chelsea Manning.
Through our association with Anonymous we came across a video of Obama speaking showing this very thing.

We have to update you readers world wide: Wikileaks is CIA. It belongs to the CIA and the Shadow Government, always has - Julian Assange is just the front man. All will be revealed as you read this report.  HERE

WikiLeaks & Pegasus Unit 
  Pegasus Unit (controls 70% of the U.S. CIA and the United States Department of Justice) as the operational and financial lynchpin that coordinates worldwide terrorist networks and cells with an emphasis on western Europe, the Middle East, as well as the United States. (Ok readers our forensic investigators have been working on this for awhile now. This article is very detailed, and there is evidence in the videos in this article and much more we have not publish to protect the lives of individuals. But we do have more updates coming.)This is all part of the Shadow Government. Wikileaks has been one big spying Gov operation and used to entrap activists, then to charge them.
All will be revealed as you read this report.  HERE

How man of you knew there is a gov organization set up called the espionage court in East Virginia location, who are the ones going over these cases, they decide on the charges. People there was never ever any danger of Julian Assange or any of the staff at Wikileaks who don't forget people would have to be charged also with crimes, as they were also complicit.
And that has never happened. The CIA, NSA could have gone in with their black ops team any time since 2009 and arrested them all, thrown them all in a cell like the CIA did with Bradley-Chelsea Manning and throw away the key, and that has never ever happened. And when you watch the videos and read the article you will know why. Because Wikileaks is a CIA Gov operation. Yes readers the entire world has fallen for the CIA "HONEY TRAP"

When you start reading this article, we lay out some of the sentences for Espionage and Treason, which there have only been a few cases in the USA history where charges were bought. Most faced only suspended sentences or house arrest.
But the US Government have thrown into the mix cyber crimes when charging for espionage. 
But in saying this, they are over looking the facts here, Gov agencies are committing acts of Treason and federal crimes under the USA guidelines and yet they are ignored. Again we are seeing a complete abuse of power by the Government.
It doesn't quite add up, On July 15 Thomas Drake, was sentenced to one year of probation and 240 hours of community service for one of the biggest cases in US history next to Daniel Ellsberg. 
Chelsea Manning still waiting trial, so far life and won't face the death penalty. Hammond 10 years for the STRATFOR leaks and STRATCAP EMAILS which uncovered not only Government corruption and corporate corruption, but saved the USA and the World from and economic disaster as the result of the contents of the leaks.  

Julian said in three video interview that Trump would not win the Presidency we told him he would. Clinton would not win, we have always said she will be indited, this is why Obama is trying to instill martial law, he is trying to over throw the newly elected Trump before he is even sworn in. The Clinton's and Obama admin are not going down without a fight, they are still trying to over throw the newly elected President Trump from being sworn in and the CIA is Clinton and Obama's greatest weapon to do this with.  

Trump having to pardon Wikileaks - well we think President Trump was as fooled as the rest of the world was by Wikileaks. 

Role of Journalists: Criticism toward WikiLeaks latest publication also emerged from those who share similar values. The NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, who once described WikiLeaks as fearless journalism that they “run towards the risks everyone else runs away from”, weighed in after release of the DNC emails this summer: Democratizing information has never been more vital, and @Wikileaks has helped. But their hostility to even modest curation is a mistake. — Edward Snowden (@Snowden) July 28, 2016.

The majority of the data Wikileaks has obtained comes from Anonymous - hacktivists, Julian admitted this in a video recently released by RT media. DID YOU AS A READER KNOW THIS?
We certainly did as activists. 
But was we know have discovered Wikileaks was also the CIA's golden child to also leaked miss information that was designed to over throw Governments, start wars, cripple the worlds economies and banks. People beware of the CIA "HONEY TRAP"

Cryptome was setting the truth free years before Wikileaks CIA Gov project came on the scene and is still going to this very day in 2016 and is used by Whistleblowers world wide. You only have to read a small list in this article and the end of this article to see the whistle-blowers who have been setting truth free for decades, over 60 years to know this. 

It doesn't matter that black hat hackers, Anonymous and activists, whistle-blowers basically did hand Trump the Presidency by exposing decades of corruption in the Government of the USA, in the Oligarchy, in Multi-corporations, and exposed the Clinton's crime Syndicate and even murders, sex-trafficking of children and funding ISIS, creating ISIS a terrorist organization.
There is a lot at stake here. Today we are told Julian was threatened to back off not publish any more material. 
Julian wanted out and he went off script to do so. 
We know full well how the threats and intimidation work.
We have people on our team, Alexandria who is nominated for Australian of the Year award 2017, advocate and activist for over 20 years, had her life torn apart, beaten up, her children threatened for being a whistle-blower, and she never had to hack anyone to do this. No help from anyone, especially not Wikileaks, or her Government. And she is still threatened to this very day, constantly on social media. 

And of course justice should prevail, and charges bought against all the Clinton's and parties involved, and other Government bodies world wide, as there are a lot of them who have committed Treason against their own country and people as well as hundreds of felonies and made themselves personally filthy rich along the way at the cost of millions of lives world wide. Not doing so would be the greatest miscarriage of justice in the world, and also showing the people of the World that Government can never ever be trusted. 

Anonymous News just shared this: Britain's interior minister on Monday ordered the extradition to the United States of a man accused of hacking into thousands of US government computers. Lauri Love, 31, faces three separate charges for allegedly hacking into the networks of the US Federal Reserve, US Army and NASA, among others, in 2012 and 2013. Interior Minister Amber Rudd paved the way for his extradition nearly two months after a British court ruled he could be sent for trial in the US. 
This is the sort of thing we are talking about, where is the line drawn.

Below in this poster are the words of Trey Gowdy who is being considered for the position of Attorney General for the Donald Trump President elect. Trey Gowdy words are 100% correct.
The Constitution of the USA and Rule of Law, Democracy has been trashed by the FBI, CIA, NSA, by the Obama Administration, By the Clinton's, going all the way back to the Bush administration and even further. 

In the poster is a section from the Espionage Act of 1917 & 1918, please read it to 
understand a little more on the laws and what is the basics of this act.
Click on any poster for lager view. These posters compiled by our
graphic team are high resolution posters. 

In the two posters above named the Stratfor files black hat hackers also human rights activists for Anonymous and whistle-blowers, exposed criminal activities of corporations, of Government bodies, they also exposed a massive spying surveillance program that had been set up by the Government to spy on all Americans. 
With out these activists & whistle-blowers and hackers these crimes would have gone on undisclosed and had devastating effects not only in the USA but world wide. So in fact these hackers, whistle-blowers, activist are Heroes in the eyes of the world.

People take note Wikileaks has been exposed in 2016 as always being a CIA Government operation. It was also used as a Honey Trap. It was Anonymous human right world wide organization who's activists went to jail. Wikileaks and Assange have never ever been arrested for this or even prosecuted. And yet the CIA - NSA could have taken down Wikileaks and Assange at the snap of a finger and have never ever done this. Makes more sense why now people.
Barret has just been released from Prison update 29 Nov 2016

Jeremy Hammond who is a hacker hacktivists who obtained the Stratcap emails going back ten years. 
Hammond was caught and went to jail for 10 years. 
Barrett Brown for the Stratfor hack was facing 105 years and received 63 months for the Trapwire emails. Julian fled the country.
▀▄♞ÄÑØŇYMØUS♝▀▄  Help #FreeJeremy ►JEREMY HAMMOND - STRATFOR leaks #FreeAnons salute you for your courage  
Please go to that link to help fund Jeremy legal fund. 
He is one of the many faces of activism, of Warriors and Heroes you don't hear about, yet if not for him and other activists the STRATFOR Hack Trapwire emails would never have been disclosed to the world. 
Arron Swartz activists committed suicide in March 2013. Arron had no reason to take his own life.

 You have now see how Wikileaks who is a CIA Gov operative organization has been used to entrap whistleblowers, activists and hacktivists. And Julian Assange was part of that operation.
 Now the real Anonymous world wide are being discredited from exposing all of this and our people are being abused and attacked, threatened. We have gotten lots of abuse and threats from fake ANON. The fakes have been exposed working for the Government, sucking a lot of people in their Psyops. 

Wikileaks and Julian Assange have been puppets of the CIA for many years. Wikileaks themselves confirmed they have been working with the CIA. Our video exclusive from inside information from ex black ops has confirmed this, Please watch the video
Wikileaks have confirmed Julian Assange was taken by the CIA in a black ops operation on the 16th October 2016.
Julian did not do as he was told, don't forget people who these people are, they kill their own operatives.

Another Hero and Warrior of Activism Matt DeHart that you don't know or hear about, who take all the risks to set truth free to the world, of an in-justice being committed that has been covered up. 
►We ask you 4 support his family #Anonymous#FreeMattDehart #FreeAnons  @PaulJDeHart

Donate now!
Matt DeHart, a 30-year-old former US Air National Guard drone team member, alleged WikiLeaks courier and Anonymous activist is a beneficiary of the Courage Foundation.
Matt’s defense fund is run by the Courage Foundation. If you wish to donate to Courage to support its work in protecting truth-tellers and the public’s right to know worldwide. (Even $10 can make a huge difference, any amount you can spare is much appreciated)

FULL VIDEO – Edward Snowden on German TV – US Media Blackout
 German Television Channel NDR does an exclusive interview with Edward Snowden. You need to make a coffee, and sit down and watch this video documentary, you need to hear what our Governments are doing. Spying, Breaking Federal Laws, and the Iraq war. Mr Snowden is a former employee of the US National Security Agency (NSA) who exposed global surveillance program's in 2013. The world needed to know the truth, he was persecuted by Governments for doing so.
Edward Snowden another world wide Warrior and Hero for the people. All the information he acquired he gave to free to the people.
This video comes from our article on the Iraq war lie and cover-up and the decimation and genocide in Syria. Edward thanked us for our article and words and for sharing his words to the world. Full Article Here

This investigative report which has taken us years of investigating and shared by Anonymous News and other Human rights organizations who want the truth set free, also exposes the Clinton foundation to the Iraq war and what is taking place in Syria right now. Exposing a multitude of cover-ups and other persons and Government bodies who are in bed with the Clinton's foundation making a killing of the decimation of Syria and genocide of its people. 
The link goes all the way to Australia. Edward Snowden has thanked us for exposing this and also follows out work and posts on all social media platforms and our website. 
What is in this article on the Iraq war and a company called Genie Energy and its directors needs to be exposed to the world.

Hillary Clinton will never be President, the worlds eyes have been opened these are our words in July 2016. That is when we publish the Iraq War article and our words are in that article. 

Sabu hacker and troll hacker turned on Anonymous to avoid a 26 yr jail sentence and only served 12 months. He became an FBI informer so they could infiltrate Anonymous organization world wide. Now no member of Anonymous is safe because of this. Sabu turning on his own hacktivists, black hat hackers to save his own ass. 

Whistle-blower Thomas Drake a former senior executive of the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA), a decorated United States Air Force and United States Navy veteran, and a whistle-blower. In 2010 the government alleged that Drake mishandled documents, one of the few such Espionage Act cases in U.S. history. He  was facing 35 years in prison.
Hillary Clinton committed thousands of counts of treason and espionage, and the Obama 
Government tries to sweep it under the rug, Hillary Clinton is running a world wide money laundering and criminal organization and funding terrorism, Clinton lies under oath to the FBI and Congress multiple times.
There are a lot of parties involved in this corruption, the FBI made a press statement in July 2016 they were going after the Clinton foundation then they made two more press releases in October and November 2016. 

 U.S. CODE 2071: Hillary R. Clinton is disqualified from holding any public office in the United States Government.
Please readers see for yourself, This comes from the US Law library. Yet Hillary Clinton still thinks she is above the Law and those around her and Obama support her breaking just about every Federal Law in the USA and them some. LAW DOC HERE

The Treason and criminal activities of Government involving the Clinton's goes all the way back to the Bush Administration.
Obama would have to be also tried for Treason and Perjury, as would many other Elite and Corporations, and heads of other Governments, such as the UK and Australia. 
You are not seeing the big picture here, and you have to see the entire picture and the cesspool of corruption joining all of the dots. 

The Drake case loomed as the biggest leak prosecution since the trial of Daniel Ellsberg four decades ago. The indictment against him included not only five counts of violating the Espionage Act, but also one charge of obstruction of justice and four counts of making false statements to the FBI while he was under investigation. 

Barack Obama took the position that whistle-blowing by government employees was an act “of courage and patriotism” that “should be encouraged rather than stifled.” But Drake’s indictment was only one in an extraordinary string of leak investigations, arrests and prosecutions undertaken by the Obama administration.
Obama has gone in the media saying Julian Assange, Edward Snowden are traitors to not only to the USA, but to the world. 
And we have also seen the threats made in public by Government officials to their lives, dead or alive.
We know now as far as the words spoken by Obama in regards to Assange a CIA agent were BS, a puppet show for the world.

The opposite is in fact true, Assange, Snowden, Manning, Hammond, Brown, Swartz, Drake, Ellsberg and many more names, are like all the other activists who have been incarcerated, or charged for exposing an injustice, cover-up, or Treason by our own Government, they are Warriors and Heroes to the world. 
And there are a lot of those heroes, whistle-blowers, activists that you don't hear their names, know their faces, who are warriors and heroes. They don't seek fame or financial glory for what they do, they just seek to exposes an injustice, crimes.  
We have all seen what a liar the Obama administration is, and their word could never be trusted. 

On July 15 Thomas Drake, was sentenced to one year of probation and 240 hours of community service.
Despite that outcome, the Drake case will have broad implications for the relationship between the government and the press. And it did not settle the broader question that overshadowed the proceedings:
Are employees of sensitive agencies like the NSA, the CIA and the FBI who leak information to the news media patriotic whistle-blowers who expose government abuses—or lawbreakers who should be punished for endangering national security?
full article is here 

These are just a handful of people that would have to have all their charges dismissed and their names cleared from acts of Treason and espionage. 
William Binney former NSA for 30 yrs whistle-blower
Thomas Tamm FBI
Daniel Ellsberg former United States military analyst
Mark Klein is a former AT&T technician and whistle-blower
Chelsea Elizabeth Manning is a United States Army soldier
Russ Tice NSA Whistle-blower 
Edward Snowden former NSA whistle-blower
Jeffrey Alexander Sterling is an American lawyer and former CIA employee who was arrested, charged, and convicted of violating the Espionage Act
Thomas Drake a former senior executive of the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA), a decorated United States Air Force and United States Navy veteran, and a whistle-blower.
Then you have all the black hat hackers, and hacktivists, whistle-blowers.

One of the most important things to remember here is: All of these people, either Government or non Government employees, exposed crimes and cover-ups of Governments. They did not harm, in fact they did the opposite, and they all paid the ultimate price for their patriotism to their country, for you as a citizen of the world.

One things remains to be seen, is President elect Donald Trump who did win the presidency by more than 600,000 votes even with Soros rigging the voting machines for Hillary Clinton, which people is a criminal act. 
Is President Trump going to up hold his word and put Hillary Clinton in prison, charge her with treason and Espionage and all the other parties in the USA and around the world who are part of her criminal organization. 

Is Trump going to be a president for the people, of his word, is he going to stamp out the damage of the Obama administration with its ridiculous Terrorism laws he created, as a way of just controlling any person in America from having a voice, for anyone who exposes a crime of any magnitude. 
In America under the dictatorship and regime of Obama; Donald Trump would also be seen as a Terrorist, so would you reading this article - your five your old child, your 80 yr old Grandparents for standing up for their rights, for Democracy, for Truth. 
That is what The Obama and Clinton terrorist organization and their Oligarchy and New World Order want to prevent you as a person born free from doing.     

UPDATE Nov 25th 2016:
 We don't believe Julian is in the Embassy anymore, and may be dead, and we have been silenced from reporting this, but here it is, as we are sick to death of being dictated to to what we can write. Julian had a twitter message sent to me hours after the dead man switch was activated to say he was OK. It's on my twitter page. Then a black ops team dressed in black stormed the Embassy and removed a man. The man had a black sack over his head.

They then escorted the man away. I have not heard from Julian since, his private twitter account is shut down. Other persons in Wikileaks had their phones and computers taken. Julian is not the one publishing for starters since there is no internet at the Embassy where he was or is.

When i posted on Wikileaks they removed my post, info-wars removed my post, The Real Strategy removed my post about Assange. No one inside; what we are being dictated to is the inner sanctum - are telling the rest of Wikileaks anything, all we get is lies.

It has been reported by more than one witness at the embassy outside that are activists and hacktivists, and this is also on A thread on 4chan that Julian was taken by a black opps team and may even be dead. We have private PM's from sanction as they call themselves abusing us for asking questions. we screen shot everything. It was also posted Wikileaks is compromised.

We have written in the link below what we were told we were allowed. There has been zero proof of live by Wikileaks. The recording of a man speaking last month and that's it, that voice was not Julian, the voice in the recording pronounces his words different to Julian, an actor groomed to impersonate him.

On Saturday one of our team gets a twitter message from a person from the Clinton camp. Julian Assange is dead so is Wikileaks.
As for Embassy cat, a black OP's team is not going to bundle that little cat up and take with them, come on people, you have seen the movies, as close to real life as you will get. Someone is looking after the cat in the embassy. You never see Julian with the cat anymore. And any footage of the cat is not time stamped for proof either.
Embassy cat may have social media pages that is for show and to sell items from the Wikileaks shop, it doesn't quite work does it if Julian is official announced gone, taken or dead, does it.
It was a very odd message to be put on our page. Two person directly linked to Wikileaks have died just recently under suspicious circumstances, lawyer and his producer.

Here is the video. FYI people the cover pic you are seeing below is a very old pic from earlier this year, we have the pic.

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