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Anonymous - Rise Up Warriors - We will not be slaves to the New World Order


Anonymous - Rise Up Warriors - We will not be slaves to the New World Order. We the 99% are in for the fight of our lives and for the future of our children, all of our families. 
Our Governments create Terrorism, the USA created ISIS - they fuel Tyranny and wars. 

The New World Order create Psyops and CIA Gov run Honey Traps and false flags to create more fear to citizens world wide.
We have all seen now how Wikileaks has been part of the Rothschilds New World order Psyop. Doing the New World orders bidding for them.

The Wikileaks Psyop - Secrets & Lies part 3 - FEAR IS THE MIND KILLER Full Article 

The latest anonymous message for 2017.
All people need to see this! This is how the Elite and USA are controlling the world! Vladimir Putin knows it, Donald Trump knows it, now it is time for you, the people, to know it! This is how the NWO rules the world! 

Are you ready for the truth? Well here it is!
What do CIA and the US Government use to control all these countries around the world?
Did you know that every Revolution since the end of the cold war has been a coup? We expose all these false flag operations and their true purpose.

We are Anonymous, we are Legion world wide. We do not have a leader, a dictator. We fight as Warriors for human rights - for freedom. Humanity needs us, they need you to fight for your freedom. 

Anonymous: Why We Hate Rockefeller The Elite And How UN Created the NWO

In this latest 2017 anonymous message, we expose the United Nations and how they created the new world order. We also tell you why we hate David Rockefeller and the Elite. As you saw in our other video, the end of David Rockefeller and the depopulation experiment, we hate him a lot. 

Question is, after Donald Trump gets into office, will he do something to end the new world order or will he simply be part of it too?

Will the Elites, the Rothschild family, the Rockefeller family be able to get Donald Trump, future president of the United States, to cooperate with the Elite?

In this video you will see what symbols the illuminati use and how the new world order was created and who runs it now. 

Anonymous updates you so you can be awake and informed. The end of the elite and the new world order might come sooner than expected. However, economic collapse could also happen in 2017.

Anonymous (Ṫḧḕ Ḧḭṽḕ)Wikileaks and the Rothschild connection
and their Psyop to the world. 

Who really runs the USA & Australia. Australia became the ownership of the USA in 1975. Under the Shadow Government.
Now they are completely taken over by the Shadow Government of George Soros and his foot soldiers of evil, Lucifer's army.
Pauline Hanson from One Nation is the Liberal Party, she is funded by George Soros, and from her bullshit that spews from her mouth and how much she hates her fellow man, women, and child if they are not the elite, we don't even think she is human like the rest of the Reptilians who have taken over our world. 

Here is a challenge citizens of the world, to help Australia rid them of the evil that rules over them. Anonymous is up for the task and OP Australia has begun, President Trump, and President Putin are with us. 

Yesterday and today the 14th January 2017, depending what part of the world time zone you live in, the cleansing of the world begun by the Archangels, to rid the world of Lucifer and his dark foot soldiers. 
To rid this earth of the Cabal, the evil. 
Lucifer's foot hold on Australia is a strong, as the light we can destroy the darkness together. 
The Cabal are fleeing to New Zealand and Australia. Watch for significant events happening in these two countries readers in the weeks to come.
Arrests have already begun at the Issue of President Trump and President Putin in Australia - Against the Turnbull Soros Gov, against corruption - bankers and corporations, this is just the beginning of God's work.

The Archangels are upon us - the 14th Jan 2017 last day to choose light or darkness - watch - read and learn Gods plan is already in motion.


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  1. Thank you Nathan, great work, great work always from Anonymous Activists world wide.


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