Cecil Cecil the lion

Justice for Cecil the Lion gunned down


Please sign and share this petition. Cecil was gunned down by greedy men with money and power for their own pleasure sport. Cecil the lion is famous, being raised as a cub, a documentary was made years ago about his life. Now his life has been taken from him, so these greedy men can enjoy for their own pleasure and fun, murder of this innocent beautiful creature....a blood sport of the wealthy.
 This needs to top. Too many animals dying senselessly because of greed, so men can have pleasure in killing...they have no humanity.
When they had finished showing off their kill, bragging. They cut off Cecil's head and he was skinned, so these men could have their trophy. 


Cecil the lion's killer revealed as American dentist. Cecil is not the first animal this man with no humanity has killed. Pictures have surfaced of him with a cheetah, he killed, showing off his trophy kill. These men pay $50K each to kill these animals for their blood sport. They could donate that money to saving the animals of Africa instead. They have all this money to throw away on a blood sport, but they wont donate that money to save them instead. No humanity, absolutely none.

EXCLUSIVE: A Minnesota father of two is discovered to be the hunter who shot dead Cecil – one of Zimbabwe's most loved lions    Read Here

'Evidence indicates killing Cecil the lion was illegal' - president of SOAZ. Parks and recreations are saying this was an illegal kill and the lion was protected inside a protected park. The matter is now before the courts. Cecil was a research animal, the hunters lured the lion out of the park so they could kill that lion.
Now there is also questions to how many hundreds of thousands of other kills have also been illegal. You are going to want to listen to this live interview.
Listen to the live interview Here

Sign the petition....over 649,436 people have signed outraged at this act of murder. Give a Dam and care and sign this world wide petition.  http://www.thepetitionsite.com/821/738/351/demand-justice-for-cecil-the-lion-in-zimbambwe/

Footage of Cecil the iconic lion of Hwange with his pride. Tragically killed illegally in July 2015. R.I.P Cecil

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