Government Terrorism -Victims of Trauma.

Victims of abuse & Trauma are being spied on by Government


Victims who have endured and suffered child abuse, child sexual abuse, rape, a violent crime, human trafficking, soldiers who went to war returned broken, rape victims, domestic violence victims are being spied on by your Government. This is being done through social media platforms.
If it isn't bad enough victims have endured, and still enduring any of the above,  now they have to endure their lives being invaded by more Government Terrorism.
Government are just re-traumatizing the victims all over again by their actions. (click on any of our posters for larger views)

The cruelty of Government bodies have this mentality - if your on social media your not a victim, you can't be suffering, you can't have PTSD, Anxiety, Anorexia, and other health related conditions due to what you have personally endured still enduring.

When you are the victim of any of these traumas i have mentioned, they don't just go away, with the snap of the finger. Abuse, PTSD and Anxiety lasts for life, and it effects ever aspect of your life.
Some days are good days and others, something will trigger the memories and that day becomes a living nightmare all over again.

Triggers are the worst for any victim of a trauma, they can turn light into darkness in a moment. 
Trauma, Anxiety, complex PTSD is something we have covered in great detail in previous articles.
The reason we are re-addressing this is because it was revealed to us by a Politician that the Government are now using paid accounts that are run by the Government bodies to spy on victims of trauma.
Some of it is to intimidate, make threats to, others who may be on some sort of disability support it is to destroy their lives. 
What people need to know is the Government is breaking the law, they are violating your civil liberties, they are violating your privacy. And the Supreme Court have even made it known they are on the victims side, not the Government's when it comes to your privacy and liberties as a victim of some sort of trauma. 

A new medical study that was conducted just last year in 2016 by leading Psychology Professors from Australia and the USA found that  Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. PTSD is a natural emotional reaction to a deeply shocking and disturbing experience. It is a normal reaction to an abnormal situation. Any human being has the potential to develop PTSD. The cause is external not internal.
It is a Psychiatric Injury not Mental Illness

So now our Government bodies are trying to destroy the lives of those who have suffered trauma, who have PTSD, and ANXIETY. 

It is not resulting from the individual’s personality. In fact, any human being has the potential to develop PTSD.
It is extremely stressful, and may lead to burnout or stress break-down - which is not the same as nervous or mental break-down; as stated above, everyone breaks down under the stress of a life altering trauma that is deeply wounding.
Thus individuals suffering PTSD are injured, not mentally ill.
Essentially it is an Anxiety reaction made up of a cluster of symptoms from trauma as detailed in this article. 
The full article and study including the video from the medical study is on our website in this article. HERE

click on any poster for larger view

People who can be suffering from PTSD or complex PTSD are children who have gone through the trauma of child abuse, domestic violence, child sexual abuse, trafficking, violence and adults who have been through the same including abuse and violence, including rape, car accident, industrial accident.
A solider at war, or who returns from war and any sort of trauma or violence.
Children and adults resort to self-harm — cutting when underlying emotions are overwhelming.

The world leading expert on PTSD and Anxiety says that trauma from Domestic Violence is as great, or not greater than being at war. The trauma lasts a life time, there is no quick fix, recovery can last a life time also. It can not be rushed.
You could make five steps forward, and trigger would set you back six steps.

You can also have heart problems from Anxiety and PTSD, and develop anorexia. People die from PTSD and Anxiety, they are serious conditions and are not to be treated like a sport by the Government bodies. Your actions are disgusting and criminal. 

No one chooses to be the victim of child sexual abuse, rape or domestic violence. And as its being exposed for decades, children who are now adults have been the victims of sexual abuse by a Government body, by Judges, Politicians, even Presidents.
Soldiers who fought for their countries, did so with honor representing their country to return to be treated like garbage by their governments. 
And lets not forget, the enablers of abuse, pedophiles, sexual abuse, rape, domestic violence. They are your Government bodies, they are your Judges. They are also your abusers, inflicting more trauma on you, and all victims, all around the world. 

Then we have those idiots, nut job Politicians, and yes you all know who we are talking about, who say: children make up sexual abuse, a baby makes up being raped, domestic violence victims make up abuse and having the shit beaten out of them, rape victims make up rape, and soldiers who went to war ; get over it. 
Yes we have all heard the cruelty of these Governments bodies. And the same time they are abusing victims, they are demanding a full security team, personal body guards costing the tax payers hundreds of thousands of dollars yearly. Hypocrisy.
They are your Government bodies of domestic Terrorism making the trauma for victims 1,000 times worse.  

Victims will not tolerate your Government Terrorism. We will not tolerate you taking the life of another victim of Trauma.  

Our activists and advocates, are Professionals, speakers, they are parents, they are also victims of Trauma, they are former soldiers, they every day human beings, they come from all walks of life. 

We belong to world wide organizations to address abuse and violence. 
All of our articles are complied by a team of people, our website is shared by our activists world wide.
We have a very generous graphics design team who donate their time and services for for all of our beautiful posters and videos. Our team of people do not get paid; we are non profit. We use our own money and time as advocates and activists.
We connect with an audience of tens of millions across the globe. 

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