ANONYMOUS a Phoenix Rising

ANØNYMØUS stand for Humanity | A Phoenix Rising


ANONYMOUS stand for Humanity and Human rights foremost. Since conception, the idea of  Anonymous has evolved. Anonymous is like the Phoenix - it is reborn stronger through it's Legion all over the world. 
Anonymous has no leader - we are a family. 
For many of the Legion and Family of Anonymous we have been Human-rights activists most of our adult lives.
As Anonymous has grown and evolved, so to has its family, now our children the younger generations have joined the family. 

We have many human rights issues we all fight for, and each one of the Legion has their own ways we can help do this. 
Children's rights  have always been a very big issue within Anonymous. 
Exposing child Pornography, Pedophiles, human trafficking, sex crimes against children. 
Then we have other human rights issues we also fight for - stand up for. Our environment, our planet as a whole.
Human rights issues - poverty - corruption - Animal rights issues.


We are also NON-Violent. With out Human Rights Activists our world we all share together would be even more Tyranny and destruction than there already is.

Anonymous is still given a bad rap, and it is usually paid trolls who work for some kind of Government entity who do this.
They have their paid hounds as we call them, sent into discredit our human rights work.
Anonymous has wolves and our wolves are a pack, across the globe.
When you start exposing crimes of Government and child sexual abuse crimes, those hounds to post their bullshit and try, to not only discredit Anonymous human rights activists, but they look for ways to intimidate and make threat to victims of these crimes, by their words and posts. 
Our Anon wolves will always fight back - stand up to the lies, and remember wolves travel in packs. 

ANONYMOUS exposed, and have bought down the biggest Pedophile ring, including Gov and the elite in history, in the world - and still the media will not acknowledge the work of Anonymous - our activists. Instead they try and bury this. 

People need to remember this - Anonymous Human rights activists, hacktivists we do not get paid to be Guardians of Truth. 
No one pays our Activists and special OP's teams to expose child sex crimes, or Government corruption against Humanity.
We are not rich, far from it, we don't get Government funding to save children's lives. We have to use our own money.
We are abused online, we get death threats, or just threats in general, from again the paid trolls, who want to disrupt Humanity, who are trying to stop the truth from being exposed to the world, who are part of the destruction to our planet we all share.

I am going to share some words from one of our post from a few days ago, some words i also said to the singer Lady Gaga in something i sent to her from just a few days ago on social media, which had a great response on Facebook and twitter. People agreeing and liking and sharing the words spoken. Here they are.  

  ANONYMOUS family went after #ladygaga on her supporting Hillary Clinton - a women who is involved in the most despicable crimes against children and our world we all live in.
Alexandria sent her this article on the Clinton Foundation and the Human sex trafficking and organ trafficking, rape and murder of little children.
We really hope this message has sunk in, she took the time to come out of her closed off world, to see what is being done to children.
Miss Gaga is one of many people who support this ridiculous spirit cooking party crap.
People of the world, you need to keep shouting this - share what is being done to our children all over the world.
Children are being used as sex toys for the elite, for Politicians, traded for political donations.
They are being kidnapped, sold into the sex - slave - organ trafficking trade.
You can not even begin to feel the pain these children suffer. Little children 4-5 yrs of age being raped 40 - 50 times a day.
People keep shouting NO MORE, keep shouting STOP, we will not tolerate these crimes anymore. Your voice world wide can make the difference to a child.
We just wanted to add something : We do not get paid for our work. We have no funding, nothing. It costs our people money. Our own money, our own time, our own time away from our families.
We are constantly abused and threatened for the work we do.
You start exposing child crimes, on the scale we do, and these people operating these global trafficking, child pornography rings, will kill to protect their secrets.
And then we have these actors and singers and Politicians getting paid a lot of money in the tens of millions to support the very criminals committing the crimes.
Some of these singers and actors and many Politicians are even perpetrators of these crimes.
They dont give us money to help fight human trafficking or child pornography - to save children. We have to do that with our own money. We are not rich.
We do it because we give a dam, we care, its been our lives work, children matter to us. Because we have Humanity.

ANØNYMØUS stand for Humanity | A Phoenix Rising

just my own Google plus account, i have over 3.6 million readers, when you start multiplying the millions of Anonymous human rights activists accounts up with millions of readers all over the world, we reach hundreds of millions of people, that is how strong our voice and actions are. No wonder main stream media who is controlled by the Shadow Government wants to silence us, through their paid media monkies and hounds.

We stand for Guardians of truth, not lies and propaganda like the majority of main stream is now, like the paid media accounts on social have become. We call out the lies and BS of those accounts online. They are the very people who are responsible for wars starting, for the destruction of our planet, for another child becoming the victim of a violent crime and murdered.  

ANØNYMØUS GUÄRDIÄŇ : Expect us Humanity - We are Legion - The storm

  Anonymous has millions in their Legion, we have thousands of websites in our Legion, and our message gets shouted out across the globe by our millions, on social media platforms, through the videos compiled by Anonymous activists, through the graphics in our posters, through the articles and our many news sources. 
Anonymous family come from all walks of life.

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