Heroes dress in black #StandUP Warriors

ANONYMOUS : Heroes dress in black


Heroes throughout time have warn a mask, worn black to fight for the underdog, for justice for humanity. Heroes dress in black. 
Anonymous human rights activists like the heroes of the past, have always stood up for the underdog, for Humanity. We stand up to the monsters of this world preying on children. ANONYMOUS GUÄRDIÄŇ

Alien which are demons has been running our Governments for Decades. There is a hell of a lot more to reveal, that we have not even begun to tell you, some of it is in our other articles and our videos, and other it is yet to come in our next video. Some of it comes direct from Snowden. You need to watch this video and read this article HERE to learn more. 

We included Snowden's cryptic message to the world, we know what is means. 
And we have gone into small amounts of detail throughout the entire video and at the end of the video. 
The video is there for a reason, the way the entire video is produced. The message we are also telling the world in the video production we did on Heroes dress in Black. The video production is full of clues, it is a hidden message, with more than one message to the world. 

We have given the world small doses, because the truth is very scary to those who don't understand. It would cause world wide panic. 

Heroes dress in black. Warriors for Humanity. Guardians. 

Enjoy in the spirit it was intended. Lots of Metaphor's and messages, and an extra hero, we will let you figure them out, who the messages are directed at.  

Graphic - Video End Design - ANON GUÄRDIÄŇ - ANON PÄÑTHRØS - ANON Ḧḭṽḕ
Music selection - ANON PHØEÑIX
Music is Blues Saraceno - My Heroes dress in black
Screen Play in the works, already written, you would be seeing it now play out if you are paying attention.

ANONYMOUS Message to the world | The cyber Information war -Vault 7

Yes people Aliens are real, there are good and bad like everything in life. The good are the  GUÄRDIÄŇS of this world. They look just like you. And Vault 7 is not a vault in Sweden on Aliens like Wikileaks were sending out in tweets.
Wikileaks are using information about Alien life living amongst all of you, to black mail Governments. 
The only way Wikileaks can know about Alien intelligence living amongst the world, is being the CIA which they are. 
The only way Wikileaks can access Vault 7 is if the Shadow Gov of the Rothschilds or George Soros gave the CIA direct access to it. 
It can not be accessed from the outside. 
It can not be hacked, not even by Alien life who have technology thousands of years more advanced than humans. 
Even Alein's aren't Houdini. 

The Shadow Gov, deep state is breaking apart. George Soros wanted to rule the entire fucking world. He has used the Cabal, Massad, ISIS, CIA, Terrorist, evil bad alien life force to do this. He doesnt give a rats ass about any of those entities, he only cares about himself. Now he is taken out he still has an evil family to follow in his footsteps. 
Lots of evil, the cabal, pedophiles, have been taken out assassinated and you are none the wiser to what has gone down, who those evil bastards were. You might have seen a report that someone jumped off a bridge, or some shit. (getting the drift now)
President Trump has Soros arrested a week ago, now dead,  and all hell has broken loose in the Deep State Government.
Soros still has a nest of vipers that want control. 
The Shadow Government is broken into four sections Governments. 
Two of those sections one being the Rothschilds and Soros want the power, the other two Governments are trying to stop this. 
Wikileaks are being used to Black mail Trump and the other two parts of the Shadow Government.

Wikileaks right now, are blackmailing about Alien life in the US Government around the entire world. If you want to know about Alien life on earth just ask us. We are not here to black mail anyone. 
Yes people world wide. It is the bad Aliens, what we will refer to them to make it easier for people to understand, who are working with the evil in Government, who are also working with the Cabal. Just like the evil pieces of shit who run the entire Australian Government. The  GUÄRDIÄŇS have that sorted. Hell Fire is coming. 
There is an increase in spaceships right now, we we have given you video of from a few days ago in the article link, because the GUÄRDIÄŇS are fucking pissed at the evil and corruption that has taken over earth, they are here to stamp it out, before planet earth is gone for ever. 

John Kerry who Wikileaks work for has been conducting alien experiments on children in Antarctica.
Children are being kidnapped from all over the world trafficked for the purpose of this as well. We did tell the world this in 2016, its in our articles on our websites, in our videos. 
Wikileaks tried to cover up all of this, and are still doing so in 2017. 
So has the Australian Government in Pine Gap, we had already told the world weeks ago we were exposing something huge, and it also involves the CIA. 
This is what this is all about.  That is a short explanation.  

Anonymous (Ṫḧḕ Ḧḭṽḕ)Phase 1 #OpOpec

ANONYMOUS wants to make this perfectly clear. We are not associated with Wikileaks, we denounced Wikileaks. They are CIA , they work for the Shadow Government of the Rothschilds. This was only made clear to us through a thorough investigation six months ago. 
We do not promote Wikileaks. 
There are fake video channels starting up in 2017 using Anonymous to promote Wikileaks, and they are using the voice generated sound of Anonymous to do this. A voice that has been associated with Anonymous for years.

You will notice none of these Channels share the work of Anonymous exposing Assange and Wikileaks as CIA and full of crap.

Unfortunately Anonymous was fooled like the rest of the world in regards to Wikileaks and Assange. There was a lot of events playing out that you the public never saw, those events started to trigger alarm bells through Anonymous world wide. Activists lost their lives because of Wikileaks and Assange, their actions being the CIA. And Assange words were "OH Well" 
You will notice none of these Channels give Anonymous any credit for exposing the biggest child - sex- organ human trafficking net work in the world.
They do not give Anonymous any credit, or even recognize the work of Anonymous for exposing the biggest child porn and pedophile ring in the world and for the 180,000 websites Anonymous Operations have taken down. 
They do not give Anonymous any recognition for exposing the biggest corruption in the world. In stead they distract you with more of dead Assange and fake Assange and Wikileaks bullshit. 
People they are running a fucking black mail Psyop, and you have been brainwashed by them to even see this. 

No human rights activists of even the GUÄRDIÄŇS are associated with Wikileaks and fake Assange's. The real Assange is dead, wake the fuck UP. He is dead and he isn't coming back.
Hillary Clinton is dead, she has been dead since December, now fakes in the media. She is as dead, as Hitler.  
David Rockefeller dead. 
George Soros, Now Dead. 
Wikileaks who is the CIA and work for the Rothschilds and deep state Government have been using green screen in the media and fake Assanges to keep up their deception to the entire world. 
They are black mailing Governments and Corporations, they get paid a lot of money to do this. 

Wikileaks is full of pedophiles, child sexual abusers and human traffickers. The dead Assange was a rapist proven. All proven. 
Wikileaks has blood on his hands.
There is an ANON video which we have, and are going to publish, video with Julian Assange from back in 2011 with his Lawyer Sarah Harrison who is on retainer, calling Hillary Clinton waring her of the diplomatic cables were going to be published by the New York Times and the UK Guardian. Some one leaked the video. We published the full and shorter version of this months ago. Now this lost footage has surfaced, showing what a lying piece of shit Assange and his Lawyer Harrison actually are, working with Hillary Clinton.
The video was taken from an estate owned by the Rothschilds.
If you watch the video Anon Hive published in 2016 you will see the estate. 

Wikileaks does not expose pedophiles and human traffickers, they help cover this up for the CIA, who are involved in crimes against humanity against children.
So Wikileaks when your done suing CNN are you going to sue every activists on this world and the outer world as well. We are talking Aliens you fuckheads. You are going to have a big list of people and aliens to sue, any one who exposes your crap and lies, you threaten to sue them
Take note people no law suits against FOX media which is 80% bullshit and lies. It's where truth goes to die. 
Take note how Trump has Murdoch and his empire by his little balls. 
Does the Clinton foundation and being in business with terrorists and being the cabal start ringing alarm bells people, or didn't you all know that. Anonymous has exposed it enough times, published the documents. 
So President Trump, you are obviously overlooking the criminal activities of Rupert Murdoch we publish, how he is involved in terrorism, murder, genocide, and in general being an all round evil bastard. Rupert Murdoch a corrupt piece of  shit.  
Wikileaks have been used to distract you and police the internet. 
John Young from Cryptome exposed Assange and Wikileaks in 2011. 

People you have been so distracted with Wikileaks bullshit, all their fake accounts all over social media, all their bots. They buy followers, likes and they buy media time.
Here are questions you all should be asking, 
"Where does the money come from to pay for all of this?"
"Who pays for all the staff wages, all the accounts, you need people to run these accounts?"
"Who pays for their servers, computers, phones, travel?"
"Who pays to have the lawyers on retainer 24/7 costing over a million dollars a year?"
The State Department on the 20th October 2016 emptied out the bank accounts of Wikileaks= CIA of over 2 million in bit coin. 
"How much does Wikileaks = CIA get for leaking and blackmailing to the world for the Rothschilds?"
"The cost of running a terrorism organization like Wikieleaks is in the millions a year. So who is paying for all of this?"
We already know the answer, track the money and bank accounts. Do you?
"Wikileaks are now on the Government's terrorism watch list, wanted dead or alive. Well they got one of them, Assange in 2011. So why are they allowed to keep up their Terrorism to the world, why haven't they been arrested after committing over 10 million felonies, Treason, Espionage, rape, and the crime list is long?
We already know the answer to all of this. Wikileaks a CIA front. 


Here is something for Wikileaks = CIA and Gov to ponder over. What happened a little over a week ago in Syria in the mountains in the caves, it has to do with lots of dead Russian Soldiers, Cabal and Aliens. 

ANONYMOUS human rights organization exposed the biggest pedophile human trafficking ring, Corruption ring in the world. Wikileaks are fooling the world trying to take credit for the work of thousands of Anonymous human rights activists and #OpDeathEaters and our other Ops task-forces. 
Our websites world wide are full of the data, our real Anonymous human rights activists video channels are full of the video content. 
Wikileaks didnt expose anything, they tried to cover up the real sex crimes taking place against children. Anonymous task-forces, #OpDeathEaters have been shouting this long enough. 

Clinton Foundation Human Sex Trafficking & Organ Trafficking of Children

This has zero to do with Wikileaks. Anonymous Ops task-forces have been exposing human trafficking, child sexual abuse, pedophiles, child porn for over a decade. Anonymous activists and task forces begun exposing the Clinton foundation in 2015. It's on our websites. And again our work had zero to do with Wikileaks. Wikileaks have gone out of their way to cover all of this up for their bosses, because they are all implicated. 

We expose the lies and bullshit of dead and the fake Assange's and Wikileaks, because they are costing the lives of millions world wide, they are aiding in the destruction of our world and every one who lives in it. 
You have well and truly been fooled if you think Wikileaks CIA are working for you. They work for the Rothschilds - the Deep State Government. 

ANONYMOUS: Wikileaks & Julian Assange Psyop to the world - 
We have lots of secrets 

The full Documentary video is here. Unedited, uncut. Wikileaks = CIA have made sure their version has been edited out. We uploaded this in 2016, exposing Wikileaks and Assange who are CIA

Anonymous (Ṫḧḕ Ḧḭṽḕ)The Root

Anonymous has millions in their Legion, we have thousands of websites in our Legion, and our message gets shouted out across the globe by our millions, on social media platforms, through the videos compiled by Anonymous activists, through the graphics, video productions, in our posters, through the articles and our many news sources. 
Anonymous family come from all walks of life. 
Right now Humanity needs our prayers, evil and greed has taken over the world, and now it is up to us all to banish it from our world. 
If we do not work in unity together, there will be nothing left for anyone, and certainly not our children. 

We are ANONYMOUS we are Legion world wide - we do not forget and we do not forgive. So you can expect us. From anywhere in the world. 

 We do quite often up-date our articles after they are published. All of our articles are complied by a team of people. 
Another author may come in and add to the article. 
 Our websites, and social media are shared  by many activists, world wide.
We have an amazing graphics design team who grace us with our videos and posters.

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