Illuminati NWO

Social Media & mainstream media is owned and manipulated by the NWO -The Illuminati


Social media now completely in the hands of evil. The NWO, the Illuminati control it all.
Mainstream media, Hollywood film studios, the Music industry, controlled by the Illuminati. 
What you see in the main stream media it is pre-scripted. You are being lied to manipulated. Being dumbed down to what the Government and New World order, the Illuminati will allow you to see. 
This video so explosive youtube blocked it. Our team filed complaints to youtube.
it was only re-instated last week 15.4.2017
The last thing the Gov want is the truth getting out to people. They want to keep you as slaves, Control every aspect of your life. STOP listening to main stream media.
We would say on the average now, 90% of the accounts on twitter an google pus, are sock puppets. There are still sock puppets on other social media platforms, but now Twitter and Google plus have been taken over by them, that's because the CIA control those platforms. Breaking multiple federal laws, creating domestic Terrorism. 
We went after a few accounts yesterday the 29th March. The bullshit we saw being posted by these accounts, was criminal, designed to start a war with Russia. 
And there was lots of BS being pumped out about Clinton. HELLO wake up, she is bloody dead, she died years ago, they keep putting fakes in her place. One fake died in 2016 so they replaced IT, with another. 

Come on use your brains people, the Women or IT, should we say, is a bloody criminal, terrorist, any other person would be on death row, for a pin prick to what she did against the world.
Come on you steal a rump of beef, instantly you are in jail. 
All of these bastards should be in jail including Trump, he has committed the crimes people. Bribery, and he did some of these through Clinton, to get Licenses for his buildings. 
How do we know this? It's what we do, investigate. 
The NWO, Illuminati - Rape, child rape, sexual abuse, human trafficking, bribery, black mail, YEP that's your president you voted for. Then again all of the NWO and the Illuminati are demented, sick, evil monsters, belong to the ninth circle of hell. 

Wikileaks has the same hub, responsible for domestic terrorism.
All of these centers operating these hubs are illegal. 

Every person working as a sock puppet is breaking multiple federal laws also, contributing to domestic Terrorism, fucking up this world, Putting your kids in direct danger. 
The sock puppet accounts are well recognizable by the same constant crap they put out on politics. Yes these are sock puppets, manipulating what you know and see. 
Hell Government's are running these hubs, we see it on social media. It is Domestic Terrorism. They are all breaking at least 15 different federal Laws. Yes people they are your Terrorists. 

If your children are on social media, get them off now. Your children are the target of the NWO, the Illuminati. And social media is used to track your children, to have them kidnapped.
The NWO want your children, and not for good, only for evil intentions.
Millions of children have gone missing from all over the world. The Illuminati, the New World Order behind most of it.
Children are being used for medical experiments, for breeding, for the Illuminati's clone and super soldier programs, for food for alien entities. For sexual ritual abuse. 
Yes these sick bastards are big on sexual ritual abuse, and murder of children. 
We have warned the world more than once. We posted videos of what was being done to your children who are kidnapped, and trafficked. 
We posted graphic video's of entire families being taken by the Illuminati and Aliens.

People also need to wake UP, these social media hubs are we show you in both videos, they are breaking multiple federal laws. 
What ever Federal body operating them, private Corp, Government run entity operating them, are breaking multiple federal laws, committing, multiple felonies. 
 And readers, they exist, thousands of them. So who is protecting the people from this Terrorism. Because people it is a form or terrorism. 
You have the Government involved, Law enforcement involved. 
And it's just business as usual to them all. 
This is what the world has become. You, yes you out there, are the slave to the New World order, your children are their slaves. 
You and your children are their prey.

If you have a baby, especially a new baby; Doctors world wide have blow the lid open on how hospitals controlled by the NWO are RFD chipping your child without your knowledge. Just as a dog is microchiped, they are doing this to your child. 
People this is so your child can be tracked, every detail about you and your family monitored by pure evil, for evil intentions. 
If you have a new baby, we highly recommend you go to your local doctor and see if your child is RFD chipped. The video is below.

Watch the video below this is how social media works, how you are a pawn in the NWO game of deception and murder. 
We have also posted a link for the original video which youtube blocked, we recoded the video and they still blocked it. BUT, its not blocked in this link below. 
We have two video's the altered one on youtube, and the original in a link.

Social Media now in control of the NWO, the Illuminati

LINK to the Original video blocked by Youtube

 This is the video blocked by youtube, it is available in the link above or click to play on smaller screen. The link above will take you to full HD screen.

If you haven't seen the articles and links to the other videos we released in the last month, letting you know what is really going on, then we highly suggest you do. You have missed a lot. 

All of those links contain videos, articles, with information, and even top secret documents, showing you what is really going on. 
Data that you need to see. All of that data is back up by multiple sources. 

The CIA and Rupert Murdoch: An Australian Coup (Documentary Clip) Rupert Murdoch who is the Illuminati, part of the New World Ordder runs, and controls one of the biggest criminal networks in the world. He helps control Australia for the NWO and Illuminati. 

Donald Trump the NWO and Illuminati has given Murdoch full control of the media in America and Australia.

CIA MI6 ASIO - The Death of Democracy in Australia. 

The Pegasus unit - NWO - Terrorism - Wikileaks  
Domestic and International Terrorism unit exposed


RFD chipping your child and humans world wide. Please watch the video. Much is exposed.

Watch for yourself have your eyes opened. Australia, this is for you as well. Australia is well detailed in this video.

Lawsuit Accusing Donald Trump of Raping a 13-Year-Old Girl with Bill Clinton’s Billionaire Sex Buddy.

The Bilderberg Group the Illuminati, and CERN. Pure EVIL beyond anything you can even imagine. Last month they had a meeting in Australia. The PM of Australia threw a luxurious party, which the Australian tax payers paid for, for the NWO, for the players in the Bilderberg Group. Rupert Murdoch flew into the country for this meeting. Mining Magnates in Australia, media entities, Corporations, the Roman Catholic Church, Israel PM all part of the Bilderberg group, the Illuminati, the cabal, Terrorist organization. The New World Order the Illuminati. 
The Genocide by the New World order has already begun, full force in Australia. 

Proof Donald Trump Is Shill for the New World Order Vatican Jesuits. An absolute must watch video. This video exposes a lot. And we mean a lot. Watch for yourself have your eyes opened. Australia, this is for you as well. Australia is well detailed in this video.

NEW!!! Q-CAST: Rockefeller's Control of the Media and the NWO's Hand Revealed!

The NWO - The Illuminati kidnapping children, going back decades. David Gosch pictured on the bed, one of the millions of children kidnapped, part of the Illuminati's sexual ritual abuse, murder of children, never seen again. 
Actually we need to alter that statement, he was seen
again with George Bush. He was Bush's sex slave. And yes people
there are pictures. Bush came all the way to Australia, to sexually 
abuse, 5 year old children. They were also put in crates and flown 
to the USA, to the Presidents home at the white house and other 
homes of the Illuminati, and ninth circle of hell, to be raped and tortured. All of this was well detailed in a current Royal Commission into child sexual abuse which is still being held in Australia. 

The Australian Government, who are the Illuminati, have covered this up for the White-house, for the New World Order, for the Ninth Circle of hell and for the Roman Catholic Church. This has also been well detailed. So explosive was the Royal Commission, that the Government under Tony Abbott, then under the current Illuminati Government of Malcolm Turnbull, tried to stop the Royal Commission from proceeding any further. 
Witness's had their lives threatened, their families threatened, Officials conducting the Commission also threatened.
They have committed multiple felonies, not only in 2017, but going back decades. 
Children have been murdered, raped, tortured by these bastards, and for the Church, Government and NWO, they don't seem to have a problem with this and their wicked, evil crimes. 


The Archangels are upon us - the 14th Jan 2017 last day to choose light or darkness. The true God - his son Jesus Christ are starting new, wiping, evil, corruption, greed, gluttony from his Kingdom. Days of Noah as it is written are upon us all.  

End of days are upon us all. Just as it is written in the bible. And you can slag off the bible as much as you want, and what has transpired already in history. 
All of it is taking place right now. Just as God wrote. 
Just as it is written in the scripture.
We are not forcing you to have religion. 
But do not abuse us, because we have God in our lives, and see the truth before us. 

Matthew 9. 26. 27 -  None so blind as those who do not see.

The one true God is Jesus Christ. It is not the false God of Lucifer of the Illuminati. 

For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through Him. John 3-17.

These words spake Jesus, and lifted up his eyes to heaven, and said, Father, the hour is come; glorify thy Son, that thy Son also may glorify thee. As thou hast given him power over all flesh, that he should give eternal life to as many as thou hast given him. And this is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent. I have glorified thee on the earth: I have finished the work which thou gavest me to do. And now, O Father, glorify thou me with thine own self with the glory which I had with thee before the world was. John 17.

Again the high priest asked Him, and said to Him:  Art Thou the Christ the Son of the blessed God?  And Jesus said to him:  I am.  And you shall see the Son of man sitting on the right hand of the power of God, and coming with the clouds of Heaven.  Then the high priest rending his garments, saith:  What need we any further witnesses?  You have heard the blasphemy.  What think you?  Who all condemned Him to be guilty of death."  (Mark 14 . 61 . 64) .

We are ANONYMOUS - we are The Guardians - we are Legion world wide - we do not forget and we do not forgive. So you can expect us. From anywhere in the Universe. 

Many people may not know this, many of Anonymous human rights activists, humanitarians are actual Christians. The majority of the Ops groups within Anonymous are Christians. OPDeathEaters, OPblackOps, and many others. It reflects in the work we do for humanity. 
The only people we work for is God and Humanity. No one pays us to investigate, to have our lives threatened, our families threatened. 
We do God's work, we always have, and there are those out there trying to stop us from doing this. 

Anonymous and the Guardians has millions in their Legion, we have thousands of websites in our Legion, and our message gets shouted out across the globe by our millions, on social media platforms, through the videos compiled by Anonymous activists, through the graphics, video productions, in our posters, through the articles and our many news sources. 

Anonymous family come from all walks of life. 
Right now Humanity needs our prayers, evil and greed has taken over the world, and now it is up to us all to banish it from our world. 
If we do not work in unity together, there will be nothing left for anyone, and certainly not our children. 

 We do quite often up-date our articles after they are published. All of our articles are complied by a team of people. 
Another author may come in and add to the article. 
 Our websites, and social media are shared  by many activists, world wide.

We have an amazing graphics design team who grace us with our videos and posters

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  1. We had something happen at our home around 2am.
    We had a visit from evil.
    God chose me as one of his Guardians, he has always had a veil of protection over me my entire life.
    I wont go into detail, because its very long. I have died 4 times, and God has saved me each time. I have seen a new Kingdom. No poverty, no corruption, no greed. All are equal, no one dominates over another, like the world is now. Consumed by evil, greed and depravity, corruption. God does not recognized the Roman Catholic church, had made that clear to me when i was in my 20's. I was raised Catholic. I left the catholic faith and became a Christian.
    He has spoken to me many times, and more and more since December 2016.

    Anyway getting back to last night, or early this morning should i say.
    We were sound asleep.
    We were woken suddenly, the dogs who are inside with us, starting going silly, barking, wanting to get outside. They were even clawing at the door.
    We wouldn't let them out.

    What was out there, was loud, really loud, like giant footsteps. Like stop, stop amplified. What ever it was tried but couldn't get in out house, like some barrier was stopping it. It was the weirdest sensation.
    It was really frightening.
    I could feel God protecting us from what every was out there.

    Today what ever it was, or who ever it was, my vegi garden is trampled.
    We have 6-8ft high fences, security gates, padlocked all around our main house.

    When we got back to sleep, i think i had only been asleep for about 30 min. I very vivid image was placed in my thoughts, as if God was trying to show me something, it was a signature, a logo, it was similar to DARPA logo, but it also had red in the Logo. Then I was woken by a sudden noise. It was so weird i cant real describe the noise.
    It was like a siren going off. Like a warning siren, you get for air raids, similar to that. It was so loud, and i was the only one who heard it.
    So God was trying to tell me something.

    This morning when we get up and let the dogs out, we have standard poodles, they are going silly all over the yard sniffing everywhere. Standard Poodles are hunting dogs, and are the 2nd smartest dogs in the world.
    There was something outside last night, and it wasn't earthly or good.

    Something is coming next month, he has shown me the number 4 since the week before Christmas, and he keeps showing the number 4, over and over. Then last week i was shown the number 24. So is something coming on the 24th of next month. As well as the 24th September. From what God is showing me, i feel as though that is a Yes.
    I even wrote about it in these article links - Fifty Shades of Abuse: Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse - Ancient Aliens - Illuminati fully exposed

  2. The New Kingdom God has created, that he has shown me more than once. Has no presidents, no kings, Queens, princes, princess, PM's, no politics. No evil, no greed,no corruption.
    He is wiping all those who the above from his new Kingdom.
    God started the world anew thousands of years ago, when corruption, power, greed got out of control. Now he is back on earth to do the same again.
    God chooses who will be in his Kingdom, only those who are pure of heart for God, for Jesus Christ. Not the fakes you see in the world.
    As it is written days of Noah are here. God, the true God has spoken.

  3. Thank you ALEXANDRIA CM for sharing this INTEL. We are "Creator Beings" and very powerful. God has us here on a mission, and the Evil CERN 2.0 Director said they were building a portal to hell. I said "well God maybe wants a few folks to get a closer look at the place that soon may be their new home! ha! ha!" So we must stay connected and just know that I here and working hard to help with much good news to share. These bottom feeders have no power to create and we know we will continue on our "Soul Missions" here, as we are blessed to be able to see the danger, but know we have great protection and I am always here if you need help in any way?

    Mr. David Sweet, 2008 Emmy Award Winning Comedy “Ghost Writer”,
    Director, Producer & Creator of New http://PBC.Sexy ™ TV Network
    Now Casting Big Short 2™ movie, on


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