Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse - Ancient Aliens - Illuminati fully exposed


Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse – Death, Famine, War, and Conquest, an 1887 painting by Viktor Vasnetsov. The Lamb is visible at the top.

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are described in the last book of the New Testament of the Bible, called the Book of Revelation of Jesus Christ to John of Patmos, at 6:1-8. The chapter tells of a book or scroll in God's right hand that is sealed with seven seals. The Lamb of God opens the first four of the seven seals, which summons four beings that ride out on white, red, black, and pale horses. Though theologians and popular culture differ on the first horseman, the four riders are often seen as symbolizing Conquest[1] or Pestilence (and less frequently, the Christ or the Antichrist), War,[2] Famine,[3] and Death[citation needed]. The Christian apocalyptic vision is that the four horsemen are to set a divine apocalypse upon the world as harbingers of the Last Judgment.[1][4] One reading ties the four horsemen to the history of the Roman Empire subsequent to the era in which the Book of Revelation was written. That is, they are a symbolic prophecy of the subsequent history of the empire.[5]

There has been and still is a massive deception being played out on this entire world. The smart ones see this, others, simple don't care, or wont to live with their head in the sand, and deny what is going on around them. It is a spiritual war, it always has been, since almost time its self. It has played out through out history, the history books are full of this. Do your research, the truth is there. 
That spiritual war now in full force as end of days are upon us all. 
Not one single Government in the world is working for you. None of them. They are all part of this spiritual war. You are all puppets in it, you just didn't realize it. If you real open your eyes and face the truth head on, you will see this. That is truth people.

In our last video and articles we had already told the world some of what the Illuminati, Lucifer's army have done to the world, what they have done for decades, and you never knew about it. 
It can not be reversed, none of it. 
We told you we were leaked documents from inside of CERN institute from physicist who have worked there for decades, telling us, in great detail what the Illuminati had been doing for decades, what their plans for the Hydron hadron collider, to fired up fully on the 23rd September are.
It was made with the Ancient Aliens, who are the original Illuminati. 
Foremost it is a weapon, the largest weapon ever made in history of the world, ever. It has taken 18 years to make this weapon people, a fact you probably didn't know. 
It was made at the CERN institute, which is located in Switzerland. CERN is the ILLUMINATI another fact you may not have known.
CERN also developed the internet, and they also control it, another fact you were not aware of, because of the many dark actors playing games with you, distracting you from knowing the truth, and what is really going on in the world.
The Illuminati are the ones spying on you. They are the ones who control everything. 

Yes people Wikileaks are one of those dark actors we are talking about, they are the Illuminati, they always have been. And if you are one of those who wanted to wake up from you coma and brain washing, and know the truth, to which we have shown you since 2016, you would already know this. 
We even put the 100% proof with video evidence in a video to present to you. 

Since we produced that video, it has been made more than clear to us now, that Donald Trump is also one of those dark actors. 
We were not 100% sure at first, but now it has been made clear to us, and God is also showing us this. 
If you read from the links we gave you at the top of the article about the four horse man, it is made clear - Trump is one of these horse man, so is Obama, and Bush. 
The fourth, is the Pope, he is NOT working for God is working for Lucifer. 
Do not believe one word he has to say to you. We showed you the proof in the video in the links. 
He is coming before the world with a false savior, God does not take over another persons body people, that is not how God works. or Jesus Christ his son works. 
If you look at the poster you will see who each of the horseman represents. We never saw it until last night. That was what God was trying to show us, what we have missed.
God has been very persistent with his message to us. 
It is the same, you are either going to chose the lies of the dark actors playing games - of Lucifer and his army or 
you are going to choose the truth of  God and his  GUÄRDIÄŇS.
Or you can be one of those who just wants to bury their head in sand. 
God never lied to the world, nor can his GUÄRDIÄŇS.
Where on the other hand Lucifer - the Illuminati - his army, have done nothing but lie to you, deceived you, keep you as slaves. They are the very Governments in office - the Illuminati who control everything, including main stream media.

We already exposed to you, who the top players in the Illuminati are. Is HERE in this article where we exposed star gates. Yes people the Illuminati have stargates, not just one, but many, have done for centuries, and have using them to travel back and forth to other worlds and dimensions.  We have pictures of the stargates. NASA just recently leaked video footage of other stargates taken with their satellites of spaceships going in and out of these gates. 
Yes people NASA, they want you to see the truth the Illuminati who control Gov, who are you Government, have been hiding from you.  NASA leaked to our Blackops teams, VIDEO of a huge spaceship cloaking. Official video people from NASA satellites. 
This is what the Illuminati and Wikileaks have tried to hide from you, what they are distracting you with, the lies and crap they have put out since their conception by the Illuminati. 
We highly suggest you real this article and the evidence collected, which can not be disputed.   Iraq StarGate Key to 911 and Bush controlled by the Illuminati  LINK HERE

For those who know the real bible, and scripture know this. 
The Catholic church also want all to denounce all other religions, and the Catholic church - Lucifer be the only religion in the world.
People incase you are still not listening, the Catholic church don't prey to Jesus Christ, God, they prey to Lucifer, they are in fact the Illuminati, they always have, they have just fooled you that's all. 

Who the Illuminati's anti Christ Lucifer is, will be made clearer when you read this, and the other two articles and videos. 
We had to lay everything out this way, as God had shown us to do. 
People you have to watch these 2 videos, the 2nd its long but we go back in time, way back in time to show you what started centuries ago, to plan for all that has taken place by the Illuminati. 

Exposed Illuminati "Temple of Lucifer" will shock you! (R$E)

The video explains a lot of what is going on, what as transpired, please watch from start to finish, if you want
to know the truth. Otherwise you will continue to live in a coma, and reject truth for the rest of existence.
And we tell you start to finish for a reason.
God was the one who showed us how to lay this video out this way.
We tried 3 times to do it differently, and he wouldn't let us. 
Which we explain what happened at the end of this article. 
To to make this perfectly clear. No one is paying us, we make zero money, and we mean zero money off telling you the truth.
We are not pushing a book to sell, or anything. 
God wants us to tell you the truth, and that's what we are doing. 

 God is not a corporation, he had no wealth, he did not bath himself in Gold, live in a mighty castle, live in luxury, nor did his son Jesus Christ, nor did Mary or any of his Guardians, or disciples. God had no church. His church was your living room, under a tree. It is where ever you want to have God in your heart, and life.
The Catholic Church has made a complete mockery of God and his representation. 
I was actually Christened a Catholic, i was bought up Catholic, until i chose my own path, after being shown the truth by God. 
Yes people God showed me the truth. 
He has shown me the way my entire life, some signs i may have missed, not really knowing what they meant. God never gave up on me.
I denounced the Catholic Church and became a Christian.  
All i can say from a personally level is, have faith in God. 
He does exist, have faith. You don't have to be in a church to have faith in God, do it in your own home.

Now we are going to tell you the rest of it, but we have to lay out this information this way to tell you.We have put this in videos to explain in detail.
We have already published two of the videos. Here are two more, with more following. We have published the top secret documents, exposing the Lies of the Governments world wide, the videos also expose this. Part one is in the beginning of the article, there is also another we already published. HERE on the real Vault 7, explaining in great detail what the vault contains. It also exposes Wikileaks working for Deep State - The Illuminati - being CIA. In the Videos below we expose more of their lies and post Assange who is now dead, CIA details.

 The Great Illuminati Alien deception part 2-The 4 Horsemen 

ANONYMOUS GUÄRDIÄŇ: Our OPs teams are exposing people who have infiltrate into the Anonymous family. 
They are posing as Anonymous, when in fact they are NOT. They are either FBI or CIA. They are trying to get the names of our OPs teams and individuals. 
We don't give out names to anyone. NO ONE. 
Our OPs teams are that for a reason. They also have more than one account, and they operate in stealth. To expose the crimes of Government, to expose the Illuminati. To expose the dark actors, just like Wikileaks who are the fucking CIA and Illuminati. Wake the Fuck up, if you are still in your love fest for them. 
As we have said in the video we don't have all the answers either, but when we do, we will certainly let you know. 
You have a bloody right to know what is really going on.
You have the right to protect your family from Aliens who have taken over planet earth. Do not lay down your arms. That is what the Gov who is now being run by Aliens wants you to do. You will be defenses against them.

The Australian Government already made up bullshit to get the citizens of Australia to give up their weapons under false pretenses. 
Here is a giant BOMB. The Gov- CIA-Illuminati were behind The Port Arthur massacre of 28–29 April 1996 in which 35 people were killed and 23 wounded. More people are killed by the Government every single day, than guns. 
The Government wanted their citizens vulnerable, and this was their way of doing this. Yes people the massacre was orchestrated by the Australian Government. Just like the US Government CIA, Illuminati were behind Paris attacks, and all other attacks in the USA and what has gone down in Syria. We have posted enough forensic evidence on this. So wake up to the truth instead of the lies of your Governments. 
Just remember Independence day with Will Smith and the Alien invasion. Well people, fiction is now bloody reality. Or was the movie actually such fiction after all, was someone trying to tell the world something. WE SAY YES.
Hell we just bloody exposed to you the Governments super solider programs, with Alien DNA, and we are about to share military footage, yes fucking military footage of the Governments, Alien super soldiers. 

And this is what our OPs do, we investigate, and we can get into into all the dark corners, you can't get.
Don't forget our people are also ex military. If you 'know what the word military is, then go and bloody look it up FFS. 
We know the Governments dark secrets they hide from the world. 
There is a huge Alien war going on, and real humans are going to be whipped from this earth. Wake up, or go and crawl under you bed and hide. 
And yes the 23rd September 2017 is D-Day. We didn't set this information free to the world for nothing. We set it free so you can know the truth.

A few weeks back ANON OPs teams exposed accounts saying they are the only official Anon sites. We exposed those fake accounts who are supporting the lies of Wikileaks and the Illuminati.
The Illuminati have tried to infiltrate Anonymous for years.
They have put the real Anon family and OPs teams, our families in great danger. In the past Anonymous family have lost their lives, exposing the truth to the world. 
The FBI and CIA have accounts set up, trying to stop the truth being shown to the world. 
We have now become highly suspicious of any accounts that try to discredit the truth being set free.
Here is the file of those Anon accounts our special Ops Teams including Op DeathEaters exposed. We also cover this in video 2 above in more detail.

The GOV just made an announcement through NASA that Aliens are here, and they have been working with Aliens for years.
Our Ops teams told the Government, they were posting the documents, to show how the Gov are lying to the entire world. The Governments still have not told you the truth. They are still lying to you. Do not give up your weapons. The Government are going to announce a weapon round up.  
You will have no way to defend yourself from Aliens taken over earth. There is a huge Alien war going on. Alien species are fighting each other for a take over of universes. Also people are disappearing for food to certain alien species that feed off humans. 

The Gov through NASA have just announced Aliens are here, Gov have been communicated with them for years. But the Gov are not telling you the truth. Our ANON ops told the Gov we were publishing documents. They had no choice but to make an announcement. But they are still telling you a massive lie. The really really bad Aliens are the Ancient Aliens, the Illuminati. They are the ones taking people, children, destroying planet earth. We had more to tell you. But youtube blocked the videos, But we are putting them back up now, through other sites, we will share the links as soon as they are uploaded.

We told the world what is happening, but its even worse. There is something huge happening in Antarctica right now, and all around the world. All of the Pyramids which are actually part of the Aliens cities are heating up. Videos 3 and 4 taken down from youtube tell you why, and we show you. And its not good news. 

ANONYMOUS GUÄRDIÄŇ: #OpDeatheaters #OpOps #OPPandora
Warning to Citizens of the world. Warning to all Anon activists. 
Warning to all parents. 
You go to any rallies right now you will be arrested. The FBI and CIA have people posing as Anon putting up posters, this to entrap Anon Activists. They have FEMA waiting to arrest all of you.
We are seeing accounts, we have suspected for awhile as FBI or CIA putting up posters for banners. STOP. Online demonstrations yes. You turn up in person, to the dates and times that these people are putting on posters, to go to rallies,  it is a bloody death sentence. 
Wake the fuck up. We are ANON OPs we have just exposed this to people around the world in the video link FFS. If you are not warning people, you are sending Anon activists, and people and their families to their death.

Don't say we didn't warn you. We just released top secret documents. If you actually want to know the truth, then watch and read. Otherwise you will be another one who runs from it, and helping to fuck up the world. 

The real Anonymous Family and all Anon Ops do not support or promote the CIA, the Illuminati and Wikileaks. Wikileaks are all of these. Anon ops have proved this 1,000 fold. 

The Great Illuminati Alien Antarctica deception part 3
Youtube blocked the video, because it exposes too much truth.
They made up a BS reason. Anyway we have it up here
Click this link to watch, or click on the picture below to take you to the video. better graphics quality also than youtube offers. Youtube are also shadowing our other videos now.

 ANONYMOUS  GUÄRDIÄŇ: The Great Illuminati  Alien deception part 4 CERN - Lord Shiva - destruction.
Youtube blocked the video, because it exposes too much truth.
They made up a BS reason. Anyway we have it up here
Click this link to watch, or click on the picture below to take you to the video. better graphics quality also than youtube offers. Youtube are also shadowing our other videos now.


Youtube have blocked two of our videos. We will find another way to get them back up. We will do some re-coding in the video info to get them up again.
That is bullshit, we see videos all the time from docs, which are based on 100% fact up on youtube all the time. Youtube is full of them. This is the Illuminati who control over 60% of youtube trying to stop the truth from getting out.  When there is a will there is a way. 

We will find a way to get them back up. We have a pretty talented bunch of coders and video production team. We can do some re-coding. It is not the first time youtube, who is mostly controlled by the Illuminati have blocked out videos, and we have found other ways to get them back up, and we have used other sites also. 
Be patient, we have detailed evidence to share with you in those videos. The Illuminati control 100% of twitter, myspace, Facebook and over 60% of youtube, 100% of Google search engine. 
Our team have found another way to get the videos back up, while they do some creative re-coding to get them back on youtube. We will post the links as soon as the up-loads are done.

GUÄRDIÄŇS  we work for God. Jesus Christ son of God the only true Gods
God has been showing us the NUMBER 4 since a week before Christmas, and since one week after Christmas, he shows us the signs everywhere.
In a spiritual sense the number 4 means many things. We looked them up, as there are quite a few. 
Last night i had fallen asleep on the lounge, and i kept on being show flashes of things, they were so fast, like when you blink your eyes over and over, like a projection of images, that are blinking over and over. 
When i woke i thought i had been asleep for an hour or more as it felt that way, when i looked at my watch it was only fifteen minutes. 
Then last night when i went to sleep, God came to me again, showing me more in detail. 
I cant help what God shows, me,  it's there, and that's all i can say.

I saw what God was trying to show us with the number 4.

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, they are here. 
That is what has been unfolding before your very eyes now, and for years.
That is also what God was trying to show us. 

In this article link here ( which we ask you to please read and watch the videos there, as they will make things much clearer for you, which you will not be able to deny the evidence before you) and i will post again at the end of this article what has happened when God has sent us signs; i wrote about the strange event that took place the week before Christmas and the strange events when god whats to send us messages that have happened since that day.
When i look back on my life God has always been there.
I was born when the son of Christ was born, i was named after the bible. 
I have personally seen Gods miracles.  And they were miracles. 

And for the non believes i cant, we cant help your ignorance. 
At the same time, myself and others who are GUÄRDIÄŇS can not help what God shows us. He shows us these things for a reason, to tell the world, to prepare them.
We are not here to covert anyone to any religion, we have made that perfectly clear many times. 
We are not here to scare anyone, just truth as God wants us to show you that's all. 

We have quoted these passages from the bible in our last video. And that is another story of why those passages were chosen. 
We didn't choose them God did. Out of the thousands of passages and scriptures in the bible, God sent us to these. 

Matthew 9. 26. 27 -  None so blind as those who do not see.

The one true God is Jesus Christ. It is not the false God of Lucifer of the Illuminati. 

For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through Him. John 3-17.

These words spake Jesus, and lifted up his eyes to heaven, and said, Father, the hour is come; glorify thy Son, that thy Son also may glorify thee. As thou hast given him power over all flesh, that he should give eternal life to as many as thou hast given him. And this is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent. I have glorified thee on the earth: I have finished the work which thou gavest me to do. And now, O Father, glorify thou me with thine own self with the glory which I had with thee before the world was. John 17.

Again the high priest asked Him, and said to Him:  Art Thou the Christ the Son of the blessed God?  And Jesus said to him:  I am.  And you shall see the Son of man sitting on the right hand of the power of God, and coming with the clouds of Heaven.  Then the high priest rending his garments, saith:  What need we any further witnesses?  You have heard the blasphemy.  What think you?  Who all condemned Him to be guilty of death."  (Mark 14 . 61 . 64) .

Yesterday some time after i had woken from seeing what God had shown me. I went online. And again i had no control over this, and i had not even heard of this movie coming out. 
The movie company is Warner Brothers, the Illuminati and they have a new movie coming out called Geostorm. 
For those who know the bible, the scripture, the new testament, they will know this is what is written of the Apocalypse. 
I had never heard of the movie let alone seen the film clip until that very moment. I immediately contacted other Guardians showing them the clip, telling them of Gods message to me, what he was showing me was to come. 

The Illuminati agenda to stage a false Rapture R$E

We have more to come people, and more videos, being uploaded now, and still more to publish. 

I want to share something with you all, that other
GUÄRDIÄŇ Anon activists, our family and close friends already know of. Some thing that has personally happened to me and to other people in our GUÄRDIÄŇ Anon Family.

Many any things have happened to me my entire life. God has spoken to me many times, i have seen his miracles.
God came to be before December 2016. Actually, it was a week before Christmas. I had just had my watches serviced and new batteries put in them.
 My watch i was wearing in bed stopped at exactly the time God spoke to me.
Other events started to take place and are still taking place.
Four times my watch has stopped on the 4:00 . And each time something has happened.

The first time my watch stopped i reset it and it then begun to go backwards in time, not forward.
The watch maker said the watch was fine, nothing wrong with it, he couldn't explain to me why it was doing this.
It is an expensive watch, and only 3 years old.

The watch now has stopped on 4:00.
I have another watch a spare an older watch i wasn't wearing, that watch didn't stop working, but it did start going backwards in time also.
Only my watches in our family did this, no one else did.
I am now wearing my 2nd watch, which is now running the correct time.

I have to add something. I put the watch that has stopped working now on my work desk. Two times only since Christmas  it has worked, for only a brief time, only to stop on 4 O'clock again. Now it has permanently stopped on the 4 O'clock. So God is definitely telling me something. Because he kept showing me the number 4 until i got what he was trying to tell me.

The message to me from God when my watch stopped at 4:Am the first time was. "was all will be fine, we are starting over, turning back time".
He was telling me and a few of our team we have been chosen as Guardians.
None of us even knew what this meant, until he made it clear to us.

I have had other messages. So has our other team members, when we have been making our videos, to get the truth out.
And i am talking very very weird stuff. God is sending his message to us, how he wants us to tell the world his message, so that is exactly what we are doing. In the order God has shown us the way to.

We have had electrical signals coming through our speakers.
Four times asleep in bed and next thing the computer starts playing a video.
It has woken us all up.
But what is significant is the videos that were playing.

Even our dogs feel his presence. They have been showing us things as well.
All true, and very very weird at how God has been communicating with us.

Here is some weird that has happened not just to me, but others in our team and producing the videos.

OK so this has happened now 4 times. Things are happening in fours. We didn't really see the connection until we did some research of our own.

The Heroes wear black video. We had to start that video production over 4 times.
No lie here. We had done parts of the video, in sections. Saved the designs so it could all be put together.
Even the music i was sent a sign to find. I had never even heard of that song or that band before, ever.
Our pre productions, disappeared from our computers. And i mean gone, no sign of them.
And these was a lot of electrical inference coming through our sound systems while we were designing as well.

So we had to start all over again. 3 times we had to do this. The 4th time was obviously mean to be.
Each time we redid the video productions, we changed them slightly.

Then we had the deep state video with Assange weird stuff as well. Someone was telling us how these videos had to be laid out.
As silly as that may sound, its what was happening.

Then our video going up today, same thing 4 times, we had to start over. The guys lost weeks of video production work.
And each time, we all restarted the production we did it different.
Something was guiding us to lay all the information that the world had to see, in a particular sequence, so that is what we have done.
We tried to do it differently, and some force was telling us, no, this is the way.

We have had our watches going crazy, electrical interference's, videos playing by themselves to give us a message.
Being woken up at certain times as well.
Weird things happening in the weather as well when all of this above is taking place.
Our dogs have been acting weird also, trying to show us things.

God works in mysterious ways. I have seen that my entire life.

We are ANONYMOUS - we are The Guardians - we are Legion world wide - we do not forget and we do not forgive. So you can expect us. From anywhere in the Universe. 
Many people may not know this, many of Anonymous human rights activists, humanitarians are actual Christians. The majority of the Ops groups within Anonymous are Christians. OPDeathEaters, OPblackOps, and many others. It reflects in the work we do for humanity. 

Anonymous and the Guardians has millions in their Legion, we have thousands of websites in our Legion, and our message gets shouted out across the globe by our millions, on social media platforms, through the videos compiled by Anonymous activists, through the graphics, video productions, in our posters, through the articles and our many news sources. 
Anonymous family come from all walks of life. 
Right now Humanity needs our prayers, evil and greed has taken over the world, and now it is up to us all to banish it from our world. 
If we do not work in unity together, there will be nothing left for anyone, and certainly not our children. 

 We do quite often up-date our articles after they are published. All of our articles are complied by a team of people. 
Another author may come in and add to the article. 
 Our websites, and social media are shared  by many activists, world wide.

We have an amazing graphics design team who grace us with our videos and posters.

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  1. Anyone who send me shit in private, or public making threats to me, my family, or anyone i know, i will bloody report you. Piss off back to your troll cave.
    ANONYMOUS Operations on twitter have shared with the world a list of Fake Anonymous accounts, posing, and our Fed accounts for weeks now. Now they those fake accounts are sending out threats to people on social media.

    It is the most childish behavior i have seen for a very long time. Grow UP. Stop going around making threats to people and their families. What the fuck is wrong with you. You show all the signs of being a Psychopath.

  2. Anyone who send me shit in private, or public making threats to me, my family, or anyone i know, i will bloody report you. Piss off back to your troll cave.
    ANONYMOUS Operations on twitter have shared with the world a list of Fake Anonymous accounts, posing, and really Fed accounts for weeks now. Now they those fake accounts are sending out threats to people on social media who share the list.

    It is the most childish behavior i have seen for a very long time. Grow UP. Stop going around making threats to people and their families. What the fuck is wrong with you. You show all the signs of being a Psychopath.


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