#Vault7 Aliens -The Illuminati

CERN - Aliens = Fallen Angels -The Illuminati - Chaos & Evil


 Matthew 9:26-27 - NONE SO BLIND AS THOSE WHO DO NOT SEE! People you can not deny the truth any longer. 
Your Government's world wide have hid the secret for centuries, and right now in 2017. #Vault7 Aliens who are DEMONS are here, living here amongst all of us. THEY ARE DEMONS. And they all have one thing in common, they are fallen ones, fallen angles.  They can take on many forms. 
For easy reference we will call them aliens. ALIENS are DEMONS, we need to make that very clear.

The evil ones - DEMONS are the Illuminati, they control  governments all over the world. 

They are the ones so rich they could never spend their money in many life times. 
Made rich because of being Alien - DEMON entities. And those who are not the entities made rich by helping these evil ones destroy the lives of many. 
There is an alien - DEMON invasion going on right now people, you have the right to know. Evil Aliens - DEMONS are trying to take over the universe. There are millions of these aliens all over our world. They are battling our worlds military right now. More exposed further as you read, watch and follow the links.

The worlds richest people, their wealth all based on a lie.
They are the Ancient Aliens, the Illuminati.
Evil, destruction, greed, death to planet earth. 
You are these Alien life force, and those that control the elite - you are slaves - drones. Disposable. LINK HERE 

Remember people evil, lies, corruption, greed, tyranny is chaos. That is the work of evil, pure evil.
Good, and righteous is a straight path, truth, unselfish acts, having humanity for all, self-serving to mankind is the path of Gods true disciples, who are invited into his kingdom.

#EdwardSnowden Its Time -The Great Alien Deception #Vault7 watch, really watch. 

All of our videos have lots of coded messages in them, in the music, the video, pictures and all three. Our Heroes wear black video there is a 100 messages in that one video. They are there for different people, they are also there for the world. The smart people, really paying attention figure them out. 

 We are the Guardians of the 6th Seal. 
Ask President Trump what that is, he knows. Wikileaks CIA working for the Illuminati. All exposed not only by Russian Documents, but also video, posted last week.

Wikileaks = CIA working for the Illuminati continue to cover - up the crimes of deep state, they are covering up Aliens, they are covering up murder, and murder and human trafficking, rape of children. They continue to cover up Vault 7. They are a fucking terrorist organization.  They are exposed red handed. Video and article details here. Watch this video, they got caught red handed on video.

Many Anonymous human rights activists have God in their hearts, are Christians. We don't go around converting people. And very rarely do we even write about it in our articles, but right now everything that is going on is connected to Religion.
Evil is trying to destroy God, he defeated evil before, and with all of us he can do this again. Time is short people. There is so much happening in the world right now. And a lot of it, is not even from our world.

Video 2 is to follow, we had to show you this first before we expose what is to come, we have to break you in slowly what is really going on.
So you could let it all sink in.
Our message of truth we set free to the world, is having an impact, because now we are being shadowed, to stop people seeing the truth. 

We have all seen so much with the work we do, so much you never ever get to see, or know about. And the reason we don't show you is because it would scare the absolute shit out of you all.
Today all of our team are feeling quite despondent, since we have seen the destruction still that is now to come to our world because of the Psychopaths in charge of it. 
There is an alien battle going on people, as we said many different alien species and they have their own battle going on, to control this world, and universe, and the Illuminati have decided to help the evil, that they are take it over.
Lots of Alien activity over and in Australia as well. The media have been told not to report on it, the Australian Government lying to the world about fire bombs and weather. Same as the USA.

In the next 30 days the USA Government are going to make an announcement, Aliens are here. Planet earth is ending. 
ALIENS are DEMONS, more than proven for over 50 years. 
Lots happening in Antarctica, and it has a lot to do with the weather and flooding. We had already posted the emails in 2016 from the USA Gov that were intercepted. If you were paying attention you read them. If not you will remain in your coma, in denial to the truth going on around you. 
We are like God, we lead very simple lives, we have no wealth or riches. Nor did God, he did not bath himself in riches and wealth.
We have god in our hearts, we have faith in God, the battle for our very survival has begun. Kiss your children, and do not let them out of your sight.
There is an alien species who prey on children, they are kidnapping them from everywhere.
There are also a species feeding of humans. They are animal looking, walking with 2 legs. We have pictures sent to us from black ops, and they will go in the next video with the Russian files.   
People if you have pets, keep them inside. There is an alien invasion going on right now. Don't let your children go anywhere by themselves.  

#CERN - The End Of The World Is On SEPTEMBER 23RD, 2017.
Kiss your loved ones, not one is going to be able to stop this from happening.
 Dr Edward Mantill a physicist at CERN, who has been part of the project from day one. Has now left, he saw what has happened, what is going to happen to the world. 
In 2008 when they fired up the Hydron hadron collider, at a fraction of what it will be fired up in September, it opened up a porthole to another universe and let evil entities into ours. 
Cern is a gateway, just as you would have seen in Star Gate the TV series. its the same thing.  

click on the picture for full size

People have been seeing these entities all over the world, they are DEMONS. Just like you will see in the opening seen in our video. People have been filming these demon entities, we some some footage just days ago. 
It also allows you to see into the future, not into our world through, an alternative universe. It shows what happens. 
He has also said Aliens = DEMONS and FALLEN ONES showed them how to build this machine. Without them they could never have built it. These are the evil DEMONS people, the Illuminati. 

The elite - Illuminati - demons, have destroyed our planet with their greed and gluttony, now they are going to destroy it for good on
SEPTEMBER 23RD, 2017. This is not a theory people, it is reality.

Another dimension, another world just like ours, and guess what people we are not invited. Two of his videos, of his words are below. We also have a spoken transcript of people being destroyed by Darfur matter, and other weird things happening he wrote about.
Those who have god in their hearts will be invited into God's Kingdom of glory.  
Everything we have exposed for years has happened. All of it. We don't publish lies, we don't publish bullshit, only truth, that is all. We do Gods work, not the work of Lucifer.

The video was produced the way it was for a reason. We expose further in the video how the Illuminati are behind all of this. The Illuminati are evil its self. We have footage from the 1950's and their satanic worshiping in area 51. There are videos from 2016-2017 below of the Satanic worship with the Cern Opera for the opening of Cern. We needed people to see how this is all connected. The Illuminati are Aliens = DEMONS. They are opening this port hole to allow evil from another dimension to enter. We are talking evil Aliens - DEMONS here people.
Watch people it is going to explain a little more what the #Illuminati are doing. And it's not good. They are fucking with our lives and planet earth. This has to to with Aliens, the elite and their bullshit.

The US military have been fighting Aliens in the mountains in the USA. In Syria, the Russians have been fighting Aliens in the caves in Iraq. There are bad Aliens trying to take over our world. 
All these war ships of the South China sea has to do with Aliens - DEMONS. We are under DEMON invasion. Our data comes direct from the USA, black Ops. This is real, it is happening right now. 
You are being lied to by your Governments. The media is lying to you, they are distracting you from knowing the truth. Look how they have hidden Cern, hidden Aliens - DEMONS, they are told what to put in the media. They are part of the lying to the masses, we are sheep to the slaughter. Well you might be, if you don't wake up, but Anonymous are not. 
Wikileaks were all part of that massive lie and deception to you and the world. Now their fake accounts in the thousands are disappearing from the internet, in the last week since our last video exposing them all. 

 The Cern Institute who have developed the Hydron hadron collider, have done so with the aid of Alien - DEMON intelligence. It is an ancient weapon of the Gods. 
This weapon is going to open up a port hole to another dimension, but in saying that the top scientists in the world who have quit the project said it will destroy planet earth. 
The Government are lying to you what it's true purpose is. Like everything in the world they lie to you about. 
We are disposable garbage to them.

The last words of Dr Edward Mantill a physicist at CERN. Please watch, he tells you the world is going to end. He worked on the project, he saw what it did, and it wasnt even fired up on full power, no where near it.

 Cern has open a doorway in to the unknown, strange creatures, interview with Dr edward Mantill. Please watch.

People the  Hydron hadron collider is the most expensive piece of technology every made. It cost trillions of dollars. We paid for this, world wide, money was stolen from our countries to pay for this bullshit.

The Russian secret Gov documents are in the next video upload.
Some important material landed on our desks today, we took the documents out of this video so we could put this new data with the documents, as it all fits in together.

We are trying to create a timeline here people. A lot of careful production has gone into this video, into all of our videos.
It is a huge team of Activists. And thousands of hours of work.
We do not get paid for the work we do, Nothing to set the truth free, to be defenders of truth, to be Guardians of this planet.
But plenty are paid millions, and billions to fuck it up, to lie to you, hide the truth from you, play silly games, costing many lives along the way. 

ANONYMOUS : Wikileaks CIA Deep State Gov Conjob - Alien Intelligence controlling Government

 Denounce these fake idols - DEMONS. They don't not represent anything from the true God, and his son Jesus Christ. Mary did not dress in gold, she did not parade around like a queen. Beyonce a DEMON is telling the world she is with child's to the new antichrists. 
People that is a load of crap.
People IT is a demon, and pregnant with demon babies. She hasn't aged a day in 18 years.
Beyonce's is a demon - her God is lucifer, she is part of the Illuminati = demons.

Yes people if you haven't woken from your coma and seduction by evil, Beyonce and Jay Z are dam demons, demonice entities, that is what the Guardians are tell you. 

Loads of Alien Refferences in this song. And these women have barely aged in 18 years.

I want to share something with you all, that other Anon activists, our family and close friends already know of. Some thing that has personally happened to me and to other people in our Anon Family.

Many any things have happened to me my entire life. God has spoken to me many times, i have seen his miracles.
God came to be before December 2016. Actually, it was a week before Christmas. I had just had my watches serviced and new batteries put in them.
 My watch i was wearing in bed stopped at exactly the time God spoke to me.
Other events started to take place and are still taking place.
Four times my watch has stopped on the 4:00 . And each time something has happened.

The first time my watch stopped i reset it and it then begun to go backwards in time, not forward.
The watch maker said the watch was fine, nothing wrong with it, he couldn't explain to me why it was doing this.
It is an expensive watch, and only 3 years old.

The watch now has stopped on 4:00.
I have another watch, that watch didnt stop working, but it did start going backwards in time also.
Only my watches in our family did this, no one elses did.
I am now wearing my 2nd watch, which is now running the correct time.

The message to me from God when my watch stopped at 4:Am the first time was. "was all will be fine, we are starting over, turning back time".
He was telling me and a few of our team we have been chose as Guardians of the 6th Seal.
None of us even knew what this meant, until he made it clear to us.

I have had other messages. So has our other team members when we have been making our videos, to get the truth out.
And i am talking very very weird stuff. God is sending his message to us, how he wants us to tell the world his message, so that is exactly what we are doing. In the order God has shown us the way to.

We have had electrical signals coming through our speakers.
Four times asleep in bed and next thing the computer starts playing a video.
It has woken us all up.
But what is significant is the videos that were playing.

Even our dogs feel his presence. They have been showing us things as well.
All true and very very weird at how God has been communicating with us.

Here is some weird that has happened not just to me, but others in our team and producing the videos.

OK so this has happened now 4 times. Things are happening in fours. We didn't really see the connection until we did some research of our own.

The Heroes wear black video. We had to start that video production over 4 times.
No lie here. We had done parts of the video, in sections. Saved the designs so it could all be put together.
Even the music i was sent a sign to find. I had never even heard of that song or that band before, ever.
Our pre productions, disappeared from our computers. And i mean gone, no sign of them.
And these was a lot of electrical inference coming through our sound systems while we were designing as well.

So we had to start all over again. 3 times we had to do this. The 4th time was obviously mean to be.
Each time we redid the video productions, we changed them slightly.

Then we had the deep state video with Assange weird stuff as well. Someone was telling us how these videos had to be laid out.
As silly as that may sound, its what was happening.

Then our video going up today, same thing 4 times, we had to start over. The guys lost weeks of video production work.
And each time, we all restarted the production we did it different.
Something was guiding us to lay all the information that the world had to see, in a particular sequence, so that is what we have done.
We tried to do it differently, and some force was telling us, no, this is the way.

We have had our watches going crazy, electrical interference's, videos playing by themselves to give us a message.
Being woken up at certain times as well.
Weird things happening in the weather as well when all of this above is taking place.
Our dogs have been acting weird also, trying to show us things.

God works in mysterious ways. I have seen that my entire life.

WARNING!!!!SHOCKING CERN TUNNEL OPENING RITUAL DELETED SCENES OPENING THE PORTAL. This is these elite lunatics worshiping Satan. Satan having sex. We do warn you about this video, it is very disturbing to watch, full of satanic rituals. 

Serious this is really messed up. This is the opera from Cern Tunnel. This is what a trillion dollars paid for. Utter evil.

We are ANONYMOUS - we are The Guardians - we are Legion world wide - we do not forget and we do not forgive. So you can expect us. From anywhere in the Universe.

Anonymous and the Guardians has millions in their Legion, we have thousands of websites in our Legion, and our message gets shouted out across the globe by our millions, on social media platforms, through the videos compiled by Anonymous activists, through the graphics, video productions, in our posters, through the articles and our many news sources. 
Anonymous family come from all walks of life. 
Right now Humanity needs our prayers, evil and greed has taken over the world, and now it is up to us all to banish it from our world. 
If we do not work in unity together, there will be nothing left for anyone, and certainly not our children. 

 We do quite often up-date our articles after they are published. All of our articles are complied by a team of people. 
Another author may come in and add to the article. 
 Our websites, and social media are shared  by many activists, world wide.

We have an amazing graphics design team who grace us with our videos and posters.

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