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FIFTY SHADES OF GREY "NO MORE" The how to guide for a Psychopath, an abuser, sexual assault, stalking


College Libraries are already pulling the Fifty Shades of Grey book series from their shelves. They see the dangers that these books represent. There has already been one rape of a young women that was based on the Fifty Shades of Grey books, books which are full of abuse.
  “Fifty Shades of Grey legitimizes and glamorizes violence against women,” NCSE Executive Director Dawn Hawkins said in an email. “The story promotes torture as sexually gratifying and normalizes domestic violence.”

If you are a parent like me (i have two daughters) would you let your young daughter date a man like Christian Grey. "NO" you wouldn't.
Would you get turned on by him stalking your daughter, abusing her, beating her, isolating her, threatening her, demeaning her, lying to her repeatedly, wanting her to be a Sex Slave for a Megalomaniac Psychopath. "Hell No" you wouldn't.

But yet so many women did get turned on by this, E L James the Author of this trash did, hell this was obviously her abuse fantasy, she is quoted, she wrote herself into the books.

How the fuck can any couple have their sex life light up in the bedroom reading books about a young innocent women get abused and the shit beaten out of her??????????????????? If you are one of those men-women-couples who were turned on by this abuse, you need extensive therapy.
E L James is in a video interview on Youtube......"Well i don't know what to say about that....I am honored i could do that for couples". Are you fucking series. So you would not have a problem with one of your sons treating a woman like this, if they were dating a virgin. 

For... 1) E L James does have a clue what Romance is.. 2) what erotic sex is... 3) what BDSM is, or the contract... 4) she has no clue about orgasms... 5) tracking a persons cell phone without a warrant is illegal and the technology is not available over the internet especially with the old phone Anna has.... 6) the laws on what constitutes stalking, Christian is what is classed as a stalker a Psychopath.... 7) what constitutes abuse, Christian is a serial abuser... 8) What constitutes rape, Christian undressed Anna into her underwear then slept in bed with her while she was out cold, with out her consent, refused to stop sexually torturing, punishing Anna because she did something he didn't like 9) in one of the books Christian says, he would find Anna if she tried to run, track her down and find her. 10) hacking someones bank account to find out their banking details is also a criminal offense and technology only available to a bloody good hacker. (ringing any alarm bells yet).
How to guide for Psychopath and abuser  Read More

Fifty Shades of Grey "Master and Slave contract" not a BDSM contract as E L James would have you believe. Read More

I came across the conversation of a 13 years old girl on google plus just a few days ago. Yes a 13 year old child is reading Fifty Shades of Grey---abuse, trash. This young girl is caught in the fantasy "this is just so loving though, it was Anna's fault she didn't safe word". Here are the screen shots of the comments she posted when she was questioned by a responsible adult about her reading these R rated books for one and not understanding the real content on the books for another.

 The words of a child, well supposedly. A 13 year old.

Fifty Shades of Grey franchise have been caught on social media, drumming up business amongst the children. Some one in their franchise who has access to the Fifty Shades of Grey R rated movie is making short video of the full sex scenes, unedited sharing them with minors on social media. Making sex posters from the movie with slogans "I fuck Hard" sharing them on social media. I counted and saved, screen shot 20 videos and lost count of the pictures, saved and screen shot, then reported to the FBI. This people is a criminal offense, soliciting of a minor, sharing pornography with a minor. They are encouraging these kids to share with each other. 

All of this done for greed and money, to push their R rated movie with minors children, telling them to get mum to buy them the DVD. In Australia if you pre-order your DVD now on bluray you get your name put on the video for free.(Australia how special do we feel pushing this abuse crap of Fifty Shades of Grey) They are pushing the hell out of this on social media. 

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