Abuse abusive

Fifty Shades of Grey stalk me like you do


Fifty Shades of Stalk me like you do, control me like you do, lie to me like you do, fuck me like you do, whip me like you do (Umm no thanks) Hell NO NO NO NO

The contract Christian had drawn up for Anastasia was not a BDSM contract it was a Master & Slave (sex slave) contract. Christian wanted Anastasia to be his and only his sex slave. Extends beyond the bedroom. He constantly lies to her, to control and manipulate her. Christian Grey- megalomaniac-Psychopath

 "why am I here?"         

"I want you to surrender yourself to me, in all things"
Why would I do that?
To please me
To please you
for my pleasure
I shall punish you

“Will you hurt me?”  YES
“I will punish you when you require it, and it will be painful.”  

“You’re a sadist?”
Yes Anastasia i am, a sadomasochistic megalomaniac, Psychopath


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  1. Love it so much gets the message out also with a lot of humor. So well done. Watched the movie Fifty Shades of Grey once that was enough. Watched your video Ros three times so far.
    Stalk me like you do, control me like you do, lie to me like you do, fuck me like you do, whip me like you do (Umm no thanks) Hell NOoooooooooooooooooooo

  2. that parody video had me laughing my ass off. Hell it was better than the movie. Those young adults did a bloody good job. Your website is 1) stunning to look at 2) informative 3) shows us the abuse in the book Fifty Shades of Grey 4) showing awareness to young people that this is not a healthy normal relationship. E L James has taken no care in showing this to anyone, she is all about the money. Thank you for shedding the light on abuse, I know there are others who do this also, but visually and for articles your site is the best I have seen. it shows the work you have put into your site also. I thought the Fifty Shades of Grey books were utter rubbish, like your articles show Christian just wanted Anna for a sex slave, what the fuck was E L James thinking about writing this and taking no care in her writing also. Young people and stupid women think this is real life this is a normal relationship. I cringe every time I watched that video of Christian hitting Anna in the red room, oww, That right there shows the abuse, where the fuck is the love, romance there. If he loved her cared for her he would never have done that. He just wants to own her, he does that all the way through the series, he never stops wanting to own her, not even in the last book, he is still cruel in his behaviour. She may have changed him some by book 3 but his entire behaviour his treatment of her is still abuse, control, manipulation. If those dumb fucking women out there cant see that, then they are just stupid and well and truly sucked in by all the Fifty Shades of Grey crap. They need to go out in the real world and see abuse and control, and get a fucking life.

  3. fucking funny shit, couldn't stop laughing watching this video. the article perfect once more, gets the message well and truly bought forward. The worst movie I have ever seen, ever my wife said the same thing. She is not a fan or this crap one bit. The movie people sucked us in though out of curiosity only not out of being fans of the author or the books. My wife hated them, from what I read don't blame her complete trash. must be some desperate sick women out there to have got their jollies off watching and reading this crap.


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