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Fifty Shades of Grey promotes sexual abuse


A new study, conducted by Amy Bonomi of Michigan State University and two additional researchers from Ohio State, has found that E.L James’  Fifty Shades of Grey promotes sexual abuse. The study concentrated on guidelines for what constitutes partner abuse, citing stalking, isolation, humiliation, and a lack of boundaries as elements of Fifty Shades of Grey.

E.L James, the author of Fifty Shades of Grey, has said, “People who think that are sort of demonizing women who actually enjoy these kinds of relationships. What people get up to behind closed doors, providing it is safe, sane, consensual and legal, is completely up to them and it’s not for you, I or anybody to judge.”

E.L James’ defense of her novel believes  that it is the kinky sex in her book that people are reacting to negatively, yet the study gives no indication of such. The study is taking issue with incidences of humiliation, isolation, and stalking shown in the book, none of which are present in the more risqué sex scenes between Ana and Christian. It’s not the BDSM relationship that is at fault — it is the haunting emotional trauma that plagues Ana as she weeps, frets, and obsesses her way through their entire relationship. (it is not the kinky sex in the books we are objecting to, hell i have done kink, erotic and still do, i would know more about that then E L James ever could. She is quoted in a live interview, which is on youtube for anyone to see; the books are based on her life experiences. "fucking please" She is making a mockery of abuse victims who have actually been abused in this type of relationship, most of us unwilling also, trapped thinking we had to do this.) E L James would have us believe then that she was tied up, beaten with whips, a leather belt, fucked seven shades of Sunday, abused, controlled, manipulated, told what to do, who she could see, stalked, isolated from her family, threatened.....and this is just all part of any normal loving relationship.) YEH..... right E L James

E L James would have everyone believe she did extensive research into her book into BDSM and even enclosed a contract which she states is a BDSM contract when in fact it is not. Experts in the field of BDSM have told our websites and their comments are in a post detailing this for everyone to read the contract is in fact a Master and Slave contract, giving the submissive little rights. The slave and master contract extends outside of the bedroom like the one Christian wants Anna to enter into with him.....he wants to control every aspect of her life.

What has got millions of women coming out, speaking up about is the negative impact of these books, it is not the sex, it is the way Christian Grey treats women, abuses them and most of all Anastasia. How these books glamorize abuse dressing it up as false romance and love. He constantly abuses her, lies to her, manipulates her, isolates her. Still doing this in book three.
He makes her sign a non disclosure agreement so she cant discuss her relationship in any form with anyone. He is taking advantage of her innocence, of course she is going to have questions, want to talk to someone, he prevents her from doing this, he makes it so he is the only one Anna can ask. When she does ask him about things he lies to her, manipulates her, he even lies to her about the sex slave contract, at one point Anna thinks it is legally binding and Christian does nothing to dispel her from those beliefs.
His isolates her from her friends, her family, doesn't want Anna to go to Savannah to see her own mother, then she is gone one day and he stalks her, fly's 3,000 miles to stalk her. He doesn't do it out of love, he does it because he wants to control her, she is the only one who hasn't just done what he wants at the drop at a finger.  He gets into her apartment sells her car without telling her, has all of her banking details. Tracks her phone, says he would find her where she was, so she would not be able to hide from him. And this is all in book one, it gets worse as the books progress.

Another attribute of a Psychopath........ Manipulation, Control, Liars, A pathological desire to win at all cost, having to hurt people, either physically or emotionally, thrill seeks.  I was married to Psychopath, i know all the attributes all so well. 

For millions of women this is reality, this is the abuse they are either living now or have escaped from in the past. I am one of those women. I was married for 18 years i was Anastasia i was married to a Christian Grey, so i know all about this type of abuse relationship, hell i could write a dam book on it.

I was exactly like Anna, i left and i was drawn back in by the charms, then forced to stay by threats, i left more than once, then finally i found the strength and courage to leave for good. I did it for my children as much as for myself. But is was not easy it was incredibly hard, the hardest thing i have ever had to do. I was isolated my family thousands of miles away. The abuse didn't stop there, when i left i was abused again, in fact i was four months pregnant when i left the final time, my husband at the time beat me up, fractured my cheek bone, cuts and bruises and i suffered a miscarriage. Because he has money and power as well as connections, he got away with  beating the crap out of me and killing our unborn child, abusing our own children. Broke VRO's 57 times, videoed, recorded, witnessed......but when you are powerful, have money and Judges in your pocket and cops, you are above the law and can do what ever the fuck you want, even murder.

My husband being a CEO traveled overseas a lot. I learned a lot after i left, he was visiting sex dungeons in Europe and China having sex with underage girls and even men, boys. That was devastating for me to find out. He also left evidence of his perverse lifestyle, his other life outside of our own on our computer. Full computer evidence he was involved and has a membership with a pedophile club, they would bid on children to be raped....the highest bidder wins to watch sick fucked up men do this to innocent children. I still have all of his computer records, the evidence he was part of this then, and still would be. (stored away safely in a safe) He had corrupt cops break into my home which was all videoed on security cameras to try and steal this damning evidence on him. Those cops and my then husband got away with everything because of corruption.  (pedophiles never stop abusing children, they cant it is a sickness, a perverted disease in them that never goes away, it is there for life.)

I see the comments young girls of 16 years of age, what they are saying about Fifty Shades of Grey, the books and movie. Yes 16 year olds have been getting into the movies to see a R rated movie about abuse. They say Christian treats Anna like this beats the crap out of her because he loves her, he is showing he loves her. "Are you fucking serious." These girls have been caught up in this net of deception to what a real loving relationship entails. They think what E L James has written is gospel because of marketing pushing it down their throats as being so loving, so romantic, hearts and flowers. (give me the vomit bag now please) I have daughters thank god they are not buying this shit but many other young girls and women are.

The movie studios tamed down the movie from the books....hell even they recognized the abuse in the books. They also recognized what an asshole Christian Grey was and gave him a sweet persona in the movie than the books.....once again trying to suck that target audience into this false love romance shit which is really abuse wrapped up in this garden of bullshit.

 Christian Grey is an abusive stalker Psychopath  packaged as a romantic hero.

It is reality, then Fifty Shades of Grey has already done immeasurable damage, especially when you have 16 year old girls falling for the false love and romance in these books and thinking the abusive behavior is all part of a normal relationship.

Fifty Shades of Grey  has medical experts and psychologists having a huge problem with the books and movie as does the BDSM community and victims of abuse. So they should have.

It should be clear to any and all readers that sexual abuse can stretch far beyond the bedroom, and clearly does if the plot of Fifty Shades of Grey is any sort of indicator.

E L James has not taken any responsibility for what she has written, when abuse victims have contacted her she sends them to abuse hotlines.


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  1. bloody good article and website. hated the movie went with my wife for moral support, she hated it also. Lot of very unhappy people leaving the cinema that night. My wife and I hated the books for all the reasons you have already pointed out, so I wont rehash that. For this mob it is all about money, fans and abuse victims they don't get a fucking crap about. My wife is in a book club her club hated the books and picked them t pieces with the abuse in them. She would show me pages all the time asking my opinion. I couldn't agree more with her. And this rubbish they call a novel was made into a movie. Hell give me paper and pen now, I will start writing some trash also. Amazing what money will buy you, must have cost the author some money to get this crap noticed and into book stores.
    keep up the good work on your site, my wife and I are following, checking out your books now on your other websites.


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