Clinton Foundation Human Trafficking

Clinton Foundation Human Sex Trafficking & Organ Trafficking of Children


The Clinton Foundation Human Sex Trafficking & Organ Trafficking of Children has been blown wide open and there is dead silence. Media black out world wide.
 (Real Anon) Anonymous OP's: Informer >> Sex rings are popular
in all governments, but pedophilia is primarily in British
parliament & Saudi Arabia, and that’s why HRC and BC love
foreign donors so much. They get paid in children as well as
money. Dig deep and you can find it. It will sicken you.

More from Informer >> Clinton bomb shell to
come they are involved in human organ trafficking ring.
The Clinton Foundation is up to their neck with
Jiang’s vile regime in China. This is what is on Clinton's server
Russia is about to expose world wide everything.

This is the real Anonymous not the fake Anon that has now been taken over mostly by evil intelligence agencies because of a traitor named SABU. 

Our Guardian website and who we are 
This is the evil of human trafficking - organ trafficking - murder of a human life your evil demon Governments who have no authority are in bed with. All of them are in bed with this evil - this evil is happening universal, not just in China. It is evil that was happening in every country, including USA - Australia - Europe - Asia - Africa - everywhere, because these bastards can make that much money of the killing of human life. Your child - a human life means nothing to this evil. As Guardians we have been exposing this evil for decades, and still you have turned a blind eye to these atrocities taking place.This is what Wikileaks CIA in bed with all of this evil tried to cover up. The Illuminati evil are part of all of this.
 (click on any poster for larger view, they are high resolution posters)

This email is screen shot from the CIA=Wikileaks website, we have the raw files with all the meta data as well. We will not be posting the email id to protect the email. The CIA are removing incriminating emails of the human trafficking of children. 
They are directly interfering with a criminal investigation of the Clinton foundation. 
Yes Julian Assange  - Wikileaks you traitor to humanity. This was only released as a means to black mail and extortion with in the Illuminati demon evil who Julian Assange is part of. 
When this email and others were released Julian Assange was already dead.
Assange was a product of DOLCE - an Illuminati child of evil - created by the Illuminati as one of their evil super soldiers. It was the Rothchilds and Illuminati who pushed them into stardom - on media owned and run by the Rothchilds and Illuminati called FRONTLINE media. The Illuminati by 2014 now owned all the media. The Washington times and others fell into the hands of evil in 2011-2014

Jiang’s vile regime in China Human Organ Trafficking is a 1,000 plus times more evil than Wikileaks / Julian Assange / CIA / Illuminati demon assets ever told the world. Once again Wikileaks was running a Pysop - prescripted BS on the entire planet - in the aims of extortion and blackmail for their own financial gain. 

Babies are being born to be killed as part of the organ trafficking in China - yes babies, it is a huge market of evil.
Face creams used by the elite have baby parts in these creams - these evil parasites also kill babies to eat them - they evil ways say it gives them eternal youth. NO People they are demons - that's it, the rest is just pure evil. 
 The Washington Times - Tuesday, November 3, 2009
A San Francisco cosmetics company has ignited an outcry among pro-lifers for including an unexpected ingredient in its anti-aging creams: skin-cell proteins from an aborted fetus.
Children of God for Life, a watchdog group that monitors the use of fetal material in medical products, called last week for a boycott of all treatments manufactured by Neocutis Inc., which acknowledges that the key ingredient in its product line was developed from an aborted boy.
“There’s just no excuse for using aborted babies in skin-care products,” said Debi Vinnedge, executive director of Children of God for Life, a 10-year-old organization based in Murfreesboro, Tenn. “The reaction, the shock and anger I’ve seen is incredible.”
In a statement released Friday, in response to a wave of condemnation from pro-life and religious blogs, Neocutis defended the use of its trademarked ingredient, Processed Skin Cell Proteins, or PSP, arguing that the fetal cell line was harvested in a responsible, ethical manner for use in treating severe dermatological injuries.
The company compared its situation to that of researchers who used fetal kidney cells to develop the polio vaccine.

Aborted fetus cells used in beauty creams article link here

Falun Gong 'Live' Organ Harvesting (ITNJ Seating)warning - graphic video footage of organ - human trafficking.

International Tribunal for Natural Justice

  Please go to the Facebook post to see the forensics of more of these evil demon murderers killing children - killing humanity.
This evil right here nothing more than clones/ demons / 7 D holograms - all guilty of crimes against all of humanity. This right here are your terrorists - killers - murderers - human traffickers - criminals on a scale never seen before in history - wake up fools - because if you are promoting - supporting this evil then you are an enemy of God - you are working for evil and against all of humanity. 
Your demon Government have zero legal authority so stop giving it to them, stop worshiping demons, stop listening to your demon run media, all your TV presenters sold their souls, they are nothing more now that holograms, avatars and demons - demons hiding behind holograms and avatars, because the human is dead. 
Your TV presenters - your demon run media - your demons run corporations, demons run Governments are responsible for the downfall and death of humanity, and your world.

holograms - demons and clones playing you all and doing it all from another dimension. click on the images to bring to full size to see the full forensics

We have to update you readers world wide: Wikileaks is CIA. It belongs to the CIA and the Illuminati Government, always has - Julian Assange is just the front man. All will be revealed as you read this report.  HERE

ILLUMINATI - NWO are behind all the Human trafficking, kidnapping of children, all of the sexual ritual abuse, organ trafficking, child pornography. And we mean all of it.

Wikileaks works for the Illuminati, the Illuminati - Rothschilds, the head of the Illuminati in the USA created Wikileaks. It has always been an Illuminati operation. Article link here. If you want the truth watch the videos, read the articles.

GAME OVER WIKILEAKS. Assange caught red handed working the Hillary Clinton Psyop
Working for the CIA - Illuminati - NWO

FYI the real Hillary Clinton was killed over 10 years ago. It has been fakes, clones and demons since. Trump dead - demons/ clones and 7 D holograms playing you all. All the Trump family are dead - sold their souls to evil, so God destroyed them all.
There is no Hillary Clinton. She is dead. Proven 100%. Leaked by black ops, who were sick of the
NWO - Illuminati's lies. Wikileaks are the Illuminati's bitch. 
They don't work for Russia they work for the USA, for the Illuminati. CIA still lying their ass off. 

WikiLeaks & Pegasus Unit 
  Pegasus Unit (controls 70% of the U.S. CIA and the United States Department of Justice) as the operational and financial lynchpin that coordinates worldwide terrorist networks and cells with an emphasis on western Europe, the Middle East, as well as the United States. (Ok readers our forensic investigators have been working on this for awhile now. This article is very detailed, and there is evidence in the videos in this article and much more we have not publish to protect the lives of individuals. But we do have more updates coming.)This is all part of the Shadow Government. Wikileaks has been one big spying Gov operation and used to entrap activists, then to charge them.
All will be revealed as you read this report.  HERE

 We also have emails that Wikileaks have not published. We were asking why once. But now we know the answer WHY, because they are CIA and none of these mails were meant to be published. 
Russia has the entire server so do 4 other countries. That is 5 countries in all. 

This came from the FBI today. And you can see from our artcile we begun to expose this in 2016 through our own investigations.
"REAL" ANONYMOUS human rights activists and Humanitarians.
A huge win for activists and most of all for all the children.

“There are internal and nefarious forces attempting to thwart the operation. The cesspool called DC is one big extortion arena. Our politicians are either being extorted for being pedophiles, or they are in the pocket of Bankers, Big Oil, Israel or Saudi Arabia.”
“If Israel and the Saudis can no longer extort politicians for their sexual deviance, where do they make their money and wield their influence?”
“If bankers cannot stop the destruction of their puppet politicians, how do they keep the “fix” in place? Our alphabet agencies are compromised. Our homeland security and defense apparatus has become politically corrupted. How can we stand by while our powerful leaders impose law on one hand, and sexually abuse our children with another?”

There are Internal and nefarious forces attempting to thwart the operation. The cesspool called DC is one big extortion arena. Our politicians are either being extorted for being pedophiles, or they are in the pocket of Bankers, Big Oil, Israel or Saudi Arabia.”
“If Israel and the Saudis can no longer extort politicians for their sexual deviance, where do they make their money and wield their influence?”
“If bankers cannot stop the destruction of their puppet politicians, how do they keep the “fix” in place? Our alphabet agencies are compromised. Our homeland security and defense apparatus has become politically corrupted.How can we stand by while our powerful leaders impose law on one hand, and sexually abuse our children with another?” This came from the FBI today. And you can see from our artcile we begun to expose this in 2016 through our own investigations. 
A huge win for activists and most of all for all the children.

UPDATE: And still in the world we have dumb ass, irresponsible so called celebrities - (not in our eyes they aren't celebrities). They are still supporting a women who has children kidnapped, sold into human trafficking - murdered for their organs. Sold off like they are fucking cattle to be slaughtered. 
You are talking babies, toddlers, children of all ages. And there is dead fucking silence.
Children sold off - traded to be raped by fully grown men, is that sinking in yet. A child, a little child - raped up to 40 times a day. 
Children are traded for political donations through the Clinton foundation. All of this on Hillary Clinton's server, it is NSA, Mi6 documents. 
Our people - our family are Anonymous - human rights activists humanitarians, we have been exposing and investigating these crimes for over a decade and as activists for 20 yrs. 
And here we have these fucking dumb as shit singers, actors supporting the evil slaughter of children. What the fuck is wrong with you all.  

UPDATE 22 Jan 2017: Two days ago we were sent data that came from MI6 and NSA on the CIA. The CIA involved in conducting experiments on children. Children being kidnapped.
This was given to us, to set free to the world.
It was not given to Wikileaks, because the source who gave us this material knows Wikileaks are CIA, they are the Government's bitch, doing their work of deception.
We will be doing so through our Anonymous activist family world wide. First we have to go through all the data, because there is a lot to digest.

FYI people the emails were given to Wikileaks by Anon activists - they are also the ones who exposed Pizzagate (which is the ritual and sexual abuse of children - the human trafficking - the organ trafficking - Anon people not bloody Wikileaks = CIA before they were exposed as CIA. . Wikileaks = CIA have never ever published the full content of the emails.

The ritual sexual abuse - trafficking of children has been going on for centuries and for decades it has been exposed by the victims.
Wikileaks did not expose anything, they were used as tool of distraction, to actually discredit the real data that was being hidden.
If you know forensic Psychology and what a Honey Trap is then you would know how this works.
Anonymous has been exposing, investigating and trying to save children from sexual and ritual abuse for over a decade, not Wikileaks.
Anonymous has special task-forces set up to investigate child sexual abuse. Anyone who knows Anonymous would know this. 

Wikileaks has never once acknowledged the work Anonymous does ever. Instead they use the media as their whore to take credit once more for something, and distract the world- deceive the world.

The child sexual abuse of children has been exposed in Royal Commissions into sexual abuse and trafficking and killing of children. 
Sure didn't see Wikileaks there, and we sure as hell never saw Wikileaks expose any of this, or set free to the world the names of the elite and former Presidents and Gov staff and Politicians named by victims, but Anonymous world wide activists have, we support the victims, we are trying to get justice for them. Wikileaks is doing the opposite, they are trying to cover this up for the elite and Government. 


Wikileaks = CIA Gov operation could have done the right thing by the entire world, and published everything. But NO they didn't, instead all they do is play games, political black mail its called, while children are still being kidnapped and dying.
What people are failing to comprehend and we have dedicated two articles and a serious of videos to this, from forensic investigations. These emails were not mean to see the light of day. Assange defied his bosses at the CIA and published for reason we go into in the articles. 

Pedophiles are sex traffickers everywhere. Many politicians trade girls like cattle (From informer)

Under Federal Subpoena to hand over all of her Clinton Foundation emails, and devices, Hillary Clinton bought in tech specialists and bleach bit her drives, devices,  then the rest were taken to with a hammer. That is how much she has to hide, how the entire Clinton Foundation is one big world wide criminal organization. 
People world wide the answers are in the Clinton foundation, the donors, and all of their foundations, in Hillary Clinton's own daughter's emails. Clinton has also being using her daughter to conduct criminal activities. 

To anyone finding emails with what has been called "pizza gate" or human trafficking, and you post online do not include the email id, screen shoot from Wikileaks download the source files and any attachments and save. We are talking real data people, not the bullshit Wikileaks have distracted the world with. 
There is material to be found, Wikileaks=CIA have missed quite a bit they never got rid of. But by now in 2017 this would all be gone, because they are cleaning house. 
As we keep telling the world and always have the real evidence is in the Clinton Foundation, and you will not find that evidence on Wikileaks=CIA website because it implicates the CIA. 
Wikileaks are child sexual abuse enablers.

Please note the CIA or and FEDS are destroying the online emails. They have been removed from Wikileaks = CIA all social media and website. We have to update you readers world wide: Wikileaks is CIA. It belongs to the CIA, always has - Julian Assange is just the front man. All will be revealed as you read this report. ARTICLE & VIDEOS HERE

What it a child worth dead or alive. To Hillary Clinton she sees children as a business opportunity only, sell to the highest bidder, to be sold into the Human trafficking trade, to be raped, abuse, tortured, their organs stolen to sell on the black market, on silk road, then when they no longer any value, they are killed and disposed of like garbage.That is how Hillary Clinton and her entire foundation and its contributors, and investors see a child, which could easily be your child. Readers this is Global all the way to Australia, with not only the corruption but human trafficking. 

Pizza Gate is the tip of the iceberg to what is going on with human trafficking and sex cult. We have more than one website and we have been putting the data on pizza gate out there including on all of our social media sites world wide.
All above is on Hillary Clinton's server confirmed by the FBI. This is just one of the many bombshells that is exploding world wide that our people published last night and we have a hell of a lot more to come.

 Now the real Anonymous world wide are being discredited from exposing all of this and our people are being abused and attacked, threatened.To Quote a coded message sent by Julian Assange on May 26th "Many Dark Actors Playing Games" that do not want any of this exposed.

If you using the dark net, know something about this, have information and evidence to help these children, put these monsters away behind bars in the darkest pit of hell, then contact us on our social media pages or on our website. Do not be an enabler of these vial crimes.
Come forward, we protect our sources.
We know there are more people out there with files that came from Clinton's server.

Edward Snowden, Guccifer team we need your help, these children all over the world need your help. We have a team from Anon, but we need more people.
At present, Wikileaks / demons who has now been confirmed at the CIA/ demonz are covering all of this up for the Demon Clinton Foundation, and all of their investors and contributors. We have had a gut full. Children are dying the most shocking deaths because of these vial vial monsters. Babies being raped, tortured and murdered, how can anyone live with themselves and allow this to continue.  

Our people are human rights activists, humanitarians from all over the world, we have been setting the truth free for over 20 years, we work with global organizations world wide in exposing human trafficking, child pornography and corruption.  We get nominated for awards. We are non profit, do don't get funding from anyone, not even the public. We use our own money and time, we have some very talented people on our team who bring their own set of skills to the table for the work we do. We get death threats, our families get threatened, and we get threatened by morons on social media for setting the truth free for just that FREE. Our audience is global and millions of readers including Russia, Saudi Arabia.

The Children who have been kidnapped world wide are screaming for help, we hear their screams, their cries, do you? 

Right now our people are furious and we are letting the world know. Are you listening World Leaders, Senators, Congress, Presidents, Kings & Queens, other human rights organizations, and you reading this and main stream zombie media, because it sure doesn't seem like you are. Right now our team of investigators are investigating other foundations and persons links to the Clinton Foundation - Tony Podesta - child brides and Human trafficking and boy have we come up with a Pandoras box and that took us 4 hours to do so, and we are still coming up with more. We will be writing a full report to give to Homeland Security sex trafficking and human trafficking division. The link is in the right side bar of our website. 

Today the 7th of December we were abuse for exposing more human trafficking and links to pedophiles and pedophile enablers. In fact abused is too gentle a word. Now that foundation is trying to also discredit the work of Anonymous human rights organization world wide and their work they do as advocates and activists in sex crimes against children, human trafficking and corruption.
 Ark ofHope ‏@AbusedKids ArkAngels Alexandria @Goddess300 Please join our #GivingTuesday team  to help #ChildAbuse survivors
 If you have any information of human trafficking of children or even suspect, please contact the Homeland Security human trafficking division the contact details are in the right bar on our website and at the end of this article. Everyone can give a child hope. Please help.

 How many more ways do we have to shout this: Courts - Gov are full of Demons / Clones / pedophiles and pedophile enablers - Abusers. Only Tyranny no Justice. They have no authority - now owned and controlled by the Illuminati demon evil.
We know there are millions of people who don't give a rats ass about children being kidnapped, sold, raped, tortured and killed. Hell they are sitting in your demon Governments, they are in our legal systems, highest levels of demon Government - justice. They are the abusers, the enablers, they are the vermin that walks amongst us.
They are media, every day people, who simply don't give a shit, they are even activists organizations. 

Recently we were TOLD we had to choose a side; the side was not to expose truth, to not expose crimes, and too not be Human Rights Activists. That was TOLD to us by a person in Wikileaks amongst other things, to which were screen shot. We were furious and absolutely disgusted. A big FKU was given to those persons who we now know is CIA. What we were TOLD to do, was not coming from Julian, is was coming from what we call piss ants inside of Wikileaks who we now expose as being CIA. Yes if you haven't read the article yet on our website Wikileaks belongs to the CIA they set it up, Julian Assange is CIA and just their front man. 
This post comes from our Facebook account from a post we made weeks ago. We have all the screen shots of the tweets, we copied the links for everyone to see for themselves.
Trump’s National Security Adviser: “Clinton Child Sex Crimes Are Real”
The retired general whom President-elect Donald Trump chose to advise him on matters of national security has urged Americans to learn about child sex crimes and money laundering allegedly committed by Hillary Clinton.

Did you as a person who lives on this planet - Earth, know : In 1991 The Porn industry used a lobbyist who worked for the US Defense department to lobby for them, to have laws changed to allow the sexual abuse of humans and children and for children to be trafficked, to be raped in the porn industry. If you didn't and would like to know, and do your part in helping a child then please read this. Main stream zombie media we dare you to read it and be educated. Article HERE

The Prime Minister of Australia, Malcolm Turnbull and quite a few of his Government and lobbyists are that far in bed with Hillary Clinton on all of this; in the child sex cult ring, sex trafficking of children, child pornography, prostitution, money laundering and a hell of a lot more, even murder.  The corruption is huge and all linked to Clinton and the USA. And has to be exposed. 
When Sally Anne Huckson investigative journalist got to close years ago with what she uncovered on Turnbull under world crime boss, kiddy porn and a hole lot of other deprave shit and corruption he had her killed. Ray Martin from 60 Min exposed this. There are a lot of people who have carried on Sally's work to make sure justice is done.
The bombs are going to start raining down on them all. 

A warning to President Putin and  President Donald Trump, run from this man Malcolm Turnbull and his entire minister of MP's, and don't look back, every word is FKNG lies that spews from his mouth. Black mail is his middle name. Be ware of the two headed snake one will bite the other will kill you. 
Turnbull is a Soros puppet, Clinton's bed fellow. 
This guy Turnbull, and his entire cabinet of MP's should be in a dark cell in hell with Hillary Clinton, never to be released that is how bad it is. 

Our site is full of articles and videos on human trafficking, child pornography even on the dark web and silk road.
Our world leaders have been helping to fund the Clinton Foundation, they knew full well what they were funding.
Australia alone stole from the Australian people over $450 million and gave to Clinton Foundation of corruption, and they did so while the fund has been under Federal investigation.
People that is Treason. They knew that money was going to fund ISIS. (click on any poster for larger view, they are high resolution posters)
Wikileaks now confirmed as being a CIA Demon Government operation

The Demon Australian Government stole over $460 million from the Australian people, and gave to the Demon Clinton foundation to help fund ISIS, and the sale and trafficking of children for sex and organ harvesting. That's what that $460 million plus bought.
You as a reader never knew this because it was all done in secret, and in doing so under ever law in Australia, including the laws the Demon Australian Gov make against the consent of the people, is called TREASON. Legal fact people. At the end of the day your country was hijacked by the Illuminati demons - demons - yes real demons - clones and 7 D Holograms.

The foundation is under Criminal - Federal Investigation by the FBI, CIA, NSA, for over twelve months. We even have the press release VIDEO from the FBI on our website to confirm this. Alternatively you can go to the State Department's website and view the written statement's and video's for yourself. There also videos and written statements from Congress confirming the Criminal investigation is not over until Congress says it over. Congress under US law has the power to over rule the FBI and the Demon fake President.At the end of the day it is just demons 7D Holograms playing you all - yes demons hijacked your world.
The foundation has been found by the FBI and the documents obtained by Real Human Rights Activists from Hillary Clinton's server to be a cesspool of corruption. And further documentation we have received and once again confirmed by the FBI, Gov leaders and anyone paying into this foundation knew it was corrupt to the core.
Money laundering, human sex trafficking of children, babies, human organ harvesting, funding ISIS, murder. Russia has all of what is on Clinton's server and from our sources, and they have begun releasing to the entire world the contents.

Julian Assange confirmed in a video interview with RT media which is on youtube that all the data dump from the emails came from Anonymous human rights group, if it wasn't for them they would not have anything. Anonymous gave all the emails to Wikileaks for FREE to publish far from it. Wikileaks now being confirmed as being a CIADemon Gov owned operation. A huge Demon Government con-job. FULL DETAILS HERE
All the data and emails have not been publish and as Edward Snowden recently said they should be. That data should be given to the world right now for FREE. And right now its not being, only 1% of what Snowden gave to Wikileaks was ever published by them. Snowden has been publishing the truth that Wikileaks did not want the world to see on other whistle-blower sites. Sites in existence way before Wikileaks ever were, and not owned by the CIA like Wikileaks has been exposed as being.

Anonymous announced they have severed ties with Wikileaks.
Now our sources are telling us: Russia is going to set the entire sever free to the world.
Please President Putin for the sake of the world, and our children, and the children screaming out for help, please do so.
The world needs to know.  


Can you handle this?  Terrifying Story Of Abuse By Satanic Cult. We ask you to watch this video. This is real, this is what is being done to the children kidnapped and used for Satanic sexual abuse. And it is horrific. Through our work with sexual abuse of children, we have documents from Royal Commissions where victims have give evidence to this very thing happening, we even have names of Gov officials, right up to Presidents. None of these vermin, sexual abusers, child rapists, killers of children have been bought to justice. They use their money and power to evade being prosecuted.

 Pedophile Criminal Networks of the World Exposed. This is world wide readers, linked to USA - UK - Australia - Asia - Europe - Saudi Arabia, these sex cults - pedophiles - child sexual abusers - human traffickers of the Elite of Gov kidnap and trafficking these innocent little children even babies all over the world. Babies are killed and sacrifices as you will hear in the video. This video out lines a case recently in France of the Elite. Very confronting video but we really urge you to watch. Please do not watch these videos with children in the room. 

This is data that should be shown to the world, the world has a right to know what is being done behind closed doors, in secret, the corruption, treason, espionage, felonies by our Government, by Multi-Corporations, and by media Corporations. 
You are never going to hear about it in main stream media, because 5 Corporations - billionaires own the media globally in the free world, they control what you see, what you know. They lie to you, and steal the truth from you. And they work with Governments to try and discredit the truth when it is set free by activists around the world.

"REAL" Anonymous human rights activists have set up a justice task force world wide, to not only expose the Gov and elite pedophile sexual abuse rings, but also to expose the Corruption. People need to know that all of these crimes are interlinked, and they are interlinked around the world.
 Governments and Corrupt elite world wide are not going to investigate themselves, they have shown the world this. So now it is up to the people to instill our Democracy and rights for justice.
Now our entire justice system is compromised at the very top.
It doesn't matter who these elite are, Gov or non gov, they all have to be brought before the people and tried for their crimes. 
The people of the world have had a gut full.
And no Parliamentary privilege will not wash with us, you created this law without the consent of the people, your laws you create to cover-up your crimes, and avoid prosecution do not exist in the court of the people. 
If you are being black mailed from coming forward in any way with credible evidence of any of the crimes mentioned in this article, you can do so through OP-Anonymous and leave a comment on this article. 

Remember it is only a matter of time before you can no longer live with your lies, and enabling of these criminals, do the right thing now and come forward. 
If you are a victim of these crimes, you can contact us as well with any information you may have. 
 Your comment can be done Anonymously, all comments are moderated so no one will see your details, make sure to leave your email address.

We do have a lot more to share with the world for FREE, we are just really swamped at the moment with Activism and exposing human trafficking rings and closing them down. We are trying to save children, before it is too late. There is a lot going on behind the scenes readers that you don't know about. 

You might like to read this article which has gone global it will answer a lot of Questions being asked.

Will Donald Trump exonerate Julian Assange - Wikileaks who has now been exposed as being CIA Gov operation  Full Article HERE

We do quite often update articles after they are published.  It is worth coming back to check for updates or just subscribe to our website and comments.

We are the Guardians of Truth and Justice. Truth media matter to us.

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  1. I will share this. And post the importance of going viral. Great article and shocking to the core. Blessings to all who volunteer to help reveal the truth and fight for justice for humanity. Namaste'

  2. Rebloging this. Spreading this news far and wide. It needs to go viral. Shocking and revolting that this has been going on for so long and how deep the rabbit hole is. Thanks for all you do.

  3. Shared. This makes me sick. But we need to stand up for these precious souls. Thank you for all you do.


  5. Had camera hidden in mobile home and put naked online. Many perverts in Pemberton taunt me. Canada. Have been anti porn activist since 1970 s when put in porn at gunpoint by the late singer Leonard Cohen. I want convictions. Was told nobody would believe me and I would be buried on the land with other trash. Her name is Dale Fotsch a school teacher at black water school in Devine. She is 60 has been teaching 38 years. The native rez told me their children are buried on her 34 acres.
    We had a number of women found dismembered on pig farm outside of Vancouver BC. ???similar in Devine? It is a ring huge......what were are children used for?

  6. God Bless you all !!!!! God Speed to Justice for these Beautiful Children !!!!!


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