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Canberra Government thieves The real burden to Australia


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Breaking News July 2016. The USA State Department are coming after the Australian Government. There is a video of the Press Release. Read the article and watch the press release here 

 Australia is the Dumping ground for dirty money from Asia 💰💵💸
The LNP Malcolm Turnbull Government are aiding and abetting in fraud, corruption, money laundering. Malcolm Turnbull is sanctioning these crimes. We have carried out our own investigations for over 10 years made many reports to the AFP, ASIO, FBI, to the Wickenby Task Force. 

These people are world wide Federal Crimes, crimes which are about to indite Hillary Clinton; and Malcolm Turnbull and key members of the LNP party will be next, as will be Corporations who played their game of corruption. 

The worlds eyes have been watching for some time, especially world wide Federal Task forces. 
The FBI have already begun arresting key players, it is on their own website.

 Anti-corruption experts in the US and Europe have urged Australia to properly resource and empower its anti-bribery regime as Australia emerges as the "dumping ground" for dirty money from Asia. Details HERE
More details of this are further in this article, including naming a Corporation in Australia, who owns a number of business, used for organized crime, offices in Australia and Asia,  who is doing this.

The company that bribed the world 

It was the company with jet-set style and dirty hands. From the tiny principality of Monaco, Unaoil reached across the globe to pay multi-million dollar bribes in oil rich states. The beneficiaries? Some of the biggest companies in England, Europe, America and Australia. Full Investigative article link HERE. And trust us you are going to want to read these three articles. Blowing open world wide corruption, bribes and cover-ups by our world Governments, including Australia. 

Unaoil: How the West bought Iraq Article link HERE

Australia is neck deep in corruption, bribes; all world wide, Federal crimes.
Politicians their hands out taking bribes making themselves filthy rich of bribes.
This is a world wide bribe scandal, crimes that has been fully exposed through length investigations.
We are talking trillions of dollars world wide 

UN declares online freedom to be a human right that must be protected.

Please watch this exclusive world documentary
which exposed your entire Governments world wide hijacked by the Illuminati New World order. Three men died getting this evidence out to the world, assassinated by the NWO, which is well detailed in this video. 

A new resolution from the UN condemns countries that deliberately disrupt the internet access of their citizen's.
Iceland: New law and legislation passed for freedom of the press New law aims to make Iceland a haven for press freedom.  July 28th 2016. As Thursday was dawning in the Icelandic capital of Reykjavik, legislators passed a law that they hope will protect the freedom of the press around the world.The law, passed unanimously during Icelandic parliament's last session for the year, provides more protection for journalists and their sources than any other such law in the world, say its creators. 
 The law protects anonymous sources who communicate with journalists, places strict limits on pre-publication censorship, and provides immunity for telecommunications and internet providers who merely act as conduits for the publication of news and information. The move has already earned praise from journalism and human rights groups*. Aidan White, the General Secretary of the International Federation of Journalists, called it "groundbreaking" protection for people who wanted to expose wrong doing and corruption. News Link HERE

In Australia Malcolm Turnbull has so much to hide, not only from Australia, but the world. He is bringing marshal law, illegal laws, to suppress freedom of the press, and after you have read this article you will know why. He is eye ball deep in corruption and organized crime. Malcolm Turnbull and the LNP have said a big Fuck YOU many times to the United Nations. Breaking International laws.

The real burden to Australia our Rogue corrupt greedy Government. Win news today salaries for some politicians in 2015 went from $62K a year to $500K a year, that is criminal how is this even legal at the expense of the Australian taxpayers, when so many are homeless, living in poverty, because of outright greed, theft and corruption by our Government.
The salaries of Politicians is out right theft to the Australian people.....here is an example Canberra thieves over 400k salary with that of Switzerland 62k per year that is more than three times the amount of Switzerland.
Switzerland politicians do not get big fat pensions either. READ HERE

 TPP TTIP TISA - A Wolf In Sheeps Clothing Article and Videos. You can not afford not to watch these videos, read this article. This is a global article and videos. We expose the truth on the three TPP's that our Governments and media have hidden from you. This is being shared world wide. Please keep sharing world wide, by not signing, the stop the TPP and sharing the article, you are saying you support corruption on a global scale.  Please watch, listen and read, and stop the TPP before it is too late for everyone on our planet. Article link HERE

This article has been updated since it was written in 2015, we have other artciles on our websites, as we have more than one - exposing in great detail the Treason, corruption and felonies by the Australian Gov. It will show you the corruption in our faces of the LNP and Malcolm Turnbull. Humanitarians, Human Rights activist to stop abuse, violence, sexual abuse, child abuse, domestic abuse, child pornography and corruption. Last year in Australia our people were nominated for a humanitarian award. 

Tax evasion is illegal and still a crime. Do not listen to Malcolm Turnbull, he is deflecting from his own criminal activities,
his own $200 million plus and rising, he has stashed away in off shore accounts, avoiding tax, avoiding the question, how much of your money is from bribes, illegal deals, stolen from Australia??

 Malcolm Turnbull is already making a killing of the TPP's as are other ministers. They did no join politics for their country, they joined to get rich, by ripping off, stealing from Australia.

Laws are further in this article. Australia wake the hell up, we all have rights, there are legal rights for all of us. The Liberal party can not hold office. They absolutely can not. Under the law they have to be removed from office, a legal fact every Australian needs to know.The Senate you work for the Australian people, so do your job and removed them from office. 
If the best legal minds QC, Law Professors, say that Malcolm Turnbull and the LNP can not hold office in Australia, why aren't you listening, and removing them from office? Do your jobs you are paid for by the Australian people to do. 

We are working to have Malcolm Turnbull removed from office along with the entire Liberal party. We have the laws to make this happen. 

The 2016 Elections are invalid, illegal and have to be completely void under the law. Letters have already been written to the AEC to make this happen and to Parliament. Under the law, the absolutely law, the entire 2016 election was not only illegal it was election fraud. Malcolm Turnbull you are not the PM of Australia, you are illegally holding office as is the entire LNP party, and have to immediately removed. 

TPP TTIP TISA - A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing - Global Devistation

 Corporations want to control everything.
The US strategy to create a new global legal and economic system: TPP, TTIP, TISA. Australia and the world is screwed, unless we get rid of the TPP.  Please watch this short video explaining how Corporations want to control everything, including the global banking system. There is a second video which is a much more indepth video into the entire package of the three TPP's and the secret laws the Government leaders and the Multinationals have made. This second video is an absolutely must video, its shows you the devastation on a global scale of the Corporations and the TPP's

Every right we have will be stripped from us. We will basically be slaves. You have to watch this video. This is what Malcolm Turnbull is going to do, has already started to do to Australia, what other world leaders have been planing in secret to do to their countries people. Corporations will control everything.

Article Link Here

This article has now gone global, viral around the world to millions of people. This is a very detailed article and is quite long. Go and make yourself a coffee, and sit down and take it all in, have your eyes opened to the corruption of the LNP.  
The AFP, Federal Task forces, The Australian Electoral commission, The Australian Senate, Bill Shorten, The Labor Party, The Liberal Party, Malcolm Turnbull have this article written in 2015 and updated. 
You will read direct quote from Rupert Murdoch and what he had to say at a Liberal Fundraiser at the IPA's 70th Anniversary Dinner 2015, he has a huge control of the LNP Politics in Australia. 
You will read from the from the King of Ass himself further in this article.
We read on social media July 1st 2016 That The Australian Electoral commission are investigating Rupert Murdoch.

This article by Political Journalist Barry Tucker outlines in great detail how Rupert Murdoch has a huge ownership, and control stake in the Liberal party Politics in Australia, which includes the days of reign by John Howard. 
If Rupert Murdoch says jump, the LNP say how how would you like me to jump.
Full article here, and trust us you are going to want to read this.

 The Australian Constitution laws and act can not be changed with out a Referendum by the people. That is the law of Australia. Currently our Government are in violation, have broken that law, and can not act or Govern in Australia. That is absolute law. Tony Abbott, Malcolm Turnbull, George Brandis are illegally holding office. They are breaking Federal laws by doing so.
Openness and transparency are vital and we don't need or want, and cannot tolerate an MP or any Government in breach of the founding laws of our country - the only set of laws of Australia that cannot be changed by the Government of the day.

Why do we even have an Australian Constitution, Parliamentary Act, Rule of law if they are going to be ignored and disregarded by our Government, by the courts. Our laws in Australia are based around Rule of Law, yet rule of law is basically ignore in Australia. It is certainly ignored, disregarded, has no respect for by Attorney General George Brands, by Malcolm Turnbull, the the LNP, by our Government. Our Democracy and Rule of Law has been incinerated by the LNP and Malcolm Turnbull, in their eyes it does not exist.

The Australian Constitution being changed in secret, secret legislation's being made, secret Parliamentary Acts being created, with out the consent of the people. All of this is illegal to do. 
Yes people it is illegal. Laws were put into place to protect the people of Australia, those laws have never been overturned, they remain in place to this very day, something out Government needed to be reminded off. Ask any law professor, any high court Judge that's not on the take,  they will confirm this very thing. 
So how can we even have democracy in Australia when this is taking place. We simply can't. 

People need to wake up: Multinationals put Malcolm Turnbull into office, they are the one's who have made him rich. Dirty money, as a former USA President said: "You don't get rich in politics unless you are dirty and corrupt". The multinational corporations are the TPP's, its their TPP, their global domination. Without Malcolm Turnbull and the LNP at the help it is dead in the water. Multinationals = ownership of Malcolm Turnbull and the LNP = ownership of the TPP's.   

The 2016 election was a rigged vote, it was brought for by the multinationals for the LNP and Malcolm Turnbull. Vote rigging, racketeering, corruption on a grand scale. 
The 2016 Election is illegal under ever law in Australia and has to be vacated immediately. Malcolm Turnbull and the LNP removed from office, and arrested. 

Malcolm Turnbull made himself Emperor, and said stuff you Australia, i make the law, i make the rules, i am Australia's Judge, Jury and Executioner. 
Well Australia has news for you Malcolm Turnbull, Australia voted, and we voted your ass and the LNP ass out, and into a Federal ICAC investigation. Australia demands justice for all your crimes against Australia, that is our absolute legal right. 

Right now documents have been sent to the AEC making election fraud allegations. Under the absolute law the 2016 Election results are invalid. The LNP have to be immediately removed from office. That is absolute law and by not doing so the AEC are ignoring has no regard for rule of law.  

They need to be reminded they work for the Australian people, not themselves, to line their own pockets and make themselves rich. Not for corporations, not for lobbyists. The people we elect work for us, and its about dam time they were given a bolt to remind themselves of this. We can easily vote them out, sack them. 
Under the law they work on a contract to the Australian people
Yes it is under law a contract. If they break the contract to the people, they can be fired also by the people. Lots of law covered in this article, so we can take back control of our country from greed and corruption. (laws further in the article)

The Australian people would like a copy of the documents, we signed allowing you Mr Turnbull and the Liberal party to rip off Australia. I have never signed any document, i have never signed or given my permission for you to be interim PM of Australia, i have never give you permission for you salary. I never gave you permission for the TPP, nor did the rest of Australia. You Malcolm Turnbull made an illegal Trade deal. It is illegal under the law.

 Over 50,000 people lots their jobs to date from the illegal Trade Deal signed against the consent of the Australian people. It is forecast that 60% of Australia's will have lost their job in 4 yrs time. The TPP is dead, and Australian's want it cremated, so it can not rise from the ashes. 
We are taking back our country from the greed of the LNP, from Malcolm Turnbull, his brought and paid for Corporation's and lobbyist. (more on the TPP further in this article. (A break down of a 6,000 page document into 22 pages)

Article Link Here

THE MPs’ expenses scandal is growing 
increasingly fraught, but many politicians just don’t understand what they’ve done wrong as we’re repeatedly told its within the rules.
With their base salaries set at a world-leading $195,130, Australian MPs appear to have been dipping deeper into the public purse with their unaccountably, high spending. READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE

 Turnbull the ringmaster of the greatest illusionist show on earth. He puts on an a show every time he is in the media. 
If you believe his act then you have just joined his line of puppets, his own jesters with their own show of deception to the world.  If their lips are moving, you know they are lying.
The  rich oligarchs  circus - that can make  the middle class disappear, climate change disappear and refugees disappear. What's next Medicare? You Got it, he wants that gone as well. Read on for the plans he has to make the rest of Australia disappear as well.... but not the rich and corrupt corporations destroying lives, destroying our once great nations...his actions his words.

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Andrew Wilki is an hero of Australia. We have shared this video on social media, including the article relating to the lie and cover-up by John Howard and the lie and cover-up by Malcolm Turnbull which is going on right now. 
LNP Government of Howard lied to Australia, Bishop lied to Australia, Malcolm Turnbull is still lying to Australia. Under our laws in Australia, they have to immediately removed from office. Not doing so is, disregarding, having no respect for Rule of Law in Australia and world wide.
It bloody disgusts us as humanitarians and human-rights activists and the work we do also exposing crimes in Australia.

Article Link Here

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Right now Turnbull is still lying to Australia about the war in Iraq, Syria. Rollingstone magazine article exposing this very thing.
Rupert Murdoch and his business partners Chaney, Rothchild in Genie Energy should be brought up up criminal charges and internationals criminal charges. The Iraq war was about oil rights, for these men's company Genie Energy.
They are breaking International Law which the article explains, and there are documents supporting all of that. By Rolling stone Magazine. The main stream media have kept quite on this, will not report in Australia, but Rolling-stone magazine did. They exposed it all. Sick of the lies, sick of the corruption of the Governments, just like we are. article links are in this link Here

After the United Nations was formed in 1945, it became illegal under international law for one country to officially declare war on another without UN approval.

John Howard went to war based on a lie.

SimonvCreanvMp press release denouncing war . Julie Bishop deceptively 'forgets' the then Labor leader, Crean; denounced the Iraq invasion before it began.
Andrew Wilkie Press statement July 7 2016 Iraq war was a lie. The Australian Liberal Gov is still lying to the world. The USA and UK are still lying to the world. Please watch the press statement.

That lie has cost trillions of dollars to our economies, to real people's lives, it has also cost lives and will continue to do so, unless our past and present Governments are made accountable, for their lies, their deception and corruption that continues to this very day. 

As it stands right now, under our laws in Australia, under the act of Parliament, under the Australian Constitution, and Rule of Law, our Government has to be dissolved, can not pass any legislation, any acts, any laws. The Governor General of Australia has to dissolve parliament. That is not going to happen because he works for the Liberal party. But in not doing so, he is breaking Federal laws.

World Governments can find trillions of dollars to fund a war that was based on a lie by them in the first place, but they can find money to help people of their own countries, who are dying. #RiseUp people. 
World Wide class action laws suits against our Governments lies. Class action law suits have already begun in the USA against Hillary Clinton.

Chilcot Inquiry into the Iraq War : “The evidence is in and it’s clearer than ever. Mr Wilkie said. Then Prime Minister John Howard took Australia to war on the basis of a lie and stands accused of war crimes. Under our LAWS in Australia, John Howard should be immediately arrested on war crimes. Malcolm Turnbull, Julie Bishop, Rupert Murdoch arrested for war crimes. 
We have laws in Australia and world wide, to do just this, so why haven't these people been arrested. Why hasn't Peter Dutton been arrested? The International Court are going after Peter Dutton and the Australian LNP Government for Human rights violations.
Right now the State Department are going after Hillary Clinton. 
CIA Intelligence Officer, Whistle-blower Speaks Out On Phony Iraq Pre-War Intelligence. USA went to war on a lie. Video Documentary HERE
Whistle Blowers risk their lives , just as we do, as activists and humanitarians and whistle-blowers, in exposing corruption. 

We get death threats, we are beaten up, stalked, our families are threatened, all done by Government bodies to silence us, for exposing the truth.

Right now we are working with Senators exposing more corruption and more coverups, of the LNP Gov and with in the Court system, justice system of Australia and world wide.

A very inelegant world wide activists said this, and he is 100% correct "There is a real split between journalists who are working to reveal information and truth and journalists who are propagandists" (Murdoch Media, Koch Bros media, propagandists)
The world see's first hand with what our Governments do to people, just like Andrew Wilkie who tell and expose the truth. They hunt you down and persecute you for it. 

We do this because we love our country, this is our country our grandfathers all help build, went to wars to fight for. 
And we are sick to death of greed, corporations, corruption within our government from destroying it. We want there to be a future for our children, for your children, for all Australians, for all in the world. but when corruption and greed flourishes that future for Australians is taken away. #AustralianLivesMatter  #AllLivesMatter

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Like we said the greatest illusionist on earth. Turnbull had the media lapping up his bullshit. This man who is barely-human will lie and deceive the world, he has no conciseness.

Criminal Intent People. Fraud, tax fraud, criminal offenses.

Time for the ICAC, CCC, ASIO, CIA, FBI, NSA, FEDERAL POLICE, THE SENATE to come after these criminals. They are out right criminals.

Our PM playing dress up, is one of them. Committing as many criminal offenses as they want, sanctioned by the Government of Australia, Governments around the world, with zero accountability. These criminals are laundering money, even laundering money for terrorists around the world. All of this is a federal offense, crimes against our nations.

NO MORE. The people demand justice now.

This is the corrupt clown that is running our country Malcolm Turnbull. A man not one single Australian voted for. He was placed into the leadership by corporations. This was all set up for Turnbull to take the helm. He works for corporations, the banks. Facilitated a $5 billion collapse of the USA economy when he worked for Goldman Sachs USA in 2009. Was paid tens of millions of dollars to keep quite about it. 

The FBI should be targeting this parasite demon, like there are now targeting other Goldman Sachs bankers right now. God and his army of angels are certainly targeting these demons. 

Millions of people in the USA were left homeless, with out jobs, even lost their lives because of this demon parasite Malcolm Turnbull playing dress-up as a human and PM of Australia. 
Now this demon is setting out to do the same thing in Australia. 
This is a very strong message to the world, if you see this demon in the media, if his lips are moving it is lying.

The highest paid politicians in the free world, paid even more than the USA President he earns $400 K a year. These are the salaries they pay themselves to rip off Australia, destroy our country. Our right criminal. 

July 2016 Headlines of today's paper NSW Government have given themselves huge pay rises.
  💸 with 12% bonuses💰 while Australians die News Article HERE

Domestic Violence- Child Abuse Terrorism V Government Terrorism The Real Cost   Article HERE

Pauline Hanson  demon, not even human, exposed by God and his Guardians as a lying stinking demon. It can not hold office of anything. Send this thing to hell and prison. Joyce sold its evil soul also to demons. Not human anymore, now all demons. 

You need to be reminded people Malcolm Turnbull demon, PM was not elected by the people. We never voted for this parasite. 
He and the Liberal party are owned brought and paid for by corporations, billionaires who want to own Australia. 
You can not afford as a member of society of this world not to read this article. 
To be informed, to be made aware what is happening right under your nose. Australians have to take back our country from corruption, from corporations. You have to take a stand before its too late.  
There is no Future for the 99% of Australian's, our children, our elderly, disability, under the Liberal Government, they have put us last every single time.

In NSW the Liberal Party is corrupt.' Says former Howard government minister, Jackie Kelly. Brought and paid for by Corporations and Lobbyists. Watch the video. You have to watch this video. It also refers to possible election fraud, coercive control of the due process of Elections. We have already contacted the Australian Electoral Commission over this and have asked for a full investigation.

This article outlines exactly what Jackie Kelly has confirmed as a former minister. 

Please readers read the article from Adele Ferguson Sydney Morning Herald and watch the video. You are going to want to see this. Banking Whistle-blower, banking corruption. How the LNP and Malcolm Turnbull are protecting banking corruption at the cost of lives of real children, real Australian's, adults and families, at the cost of our country. Why would anyone in their right mind vote for a man or Government who would do this. Only a traitor to Australia would. Video and Article Here

Banking Whistle-blowers speech by Adele Ferguson Sydney Morning Herald VIDEO

We contacted the shadow ATG Dreyfus over this in 2015. It is a federal crime what Turnbull is doing. Malcolm Turnbull is complicit in covering up multiple federal crimes. That is called criminal intent. Come on, this is getting beyond the joke. He has to be arrested now. The FBI are already arresting Bankers world wide for banking fraud and corruption. 

The wheels on the buss go round and round. In Turnbulls and the LNP case, they got bogged in a cesspool of greed and corruption

read the full article here

We have spoken to pensioners. They once had homes now they are gone taken by our Government. They live in extreme poverty. One- two meals a day only. A very limited diet. They can only afford to bath once a week. Wear the same clothes all week because they cant afford to buy new clothes, or the water for washing. Many cant even afford electricity anymore.
They cant afford heating in the winter, cooling in the extreme heat of Australian summers. All of this goes for disability pensioners as well. 
This, all of this, then puts extra pressure on medical services, other services, because people get sick when you are forced to live like this. This is what our Government is doing to people who helped build Australia, doing so a millionaire- billionaire, a corrupt politician can have more. The poor are subsidizing the lifestyles of the rich, the million, billionaires and your entire greedy demon  Government.

A petition was formed, and signed and will be going to the Senate to stop this welfare raughting by non serving Politicians, just like Bishop, who is ripping off Australia, while an pensioner is struggling to live on $450 a week. Under the law of Australia, and there has never ever been a referendum to change this, we all own 1% of Australia. That is land and mining rights. We should absolutely not have people living in absolute poverty in Australia, that is criminal.
Have you received your mining dividends? NO we haven't. Gina Rinehart has, she lives on $33 million a day. She has stolen your 1% ownership of Australia. 

This not only refers to aged pensions this is also disability pensions, all pensions 

Senator Bernie Sanders 2016

The Australian people who Turnbull works for, pays his wages which none of us consented to' say, lets cut Government spending, take away their fat cat pensions, fat cat salaries, welfare is paying for. Lets start means testing politicians to $33K. No more company cars, no more private flights, first class flights, no more overseas and interstate trips ripping off tax payers, no travel allowances for family. Pensioners, the rest of Australia don't get these massive raughts, all which welfare pays for, ripping off Australia. You are screwed Malcolm Turnbull.

Lets stop corps funding politicians campaigns.

The Australian tax payers have made these corrupt politicians millions, they have been ripping off Australians, they have been creating poverty, creating homeless. Australia says enough, now we are taking back our country from you Malcolm Turnbull and your band of corrupt puppets who are living it up on tax payers money.

Australians are forced to pay into the Malcolm Turnbull millionaire retirement fund, while millions of people in Australia live in poverty.  

Look who are the welfare bludgers now, you are Malcolm Turnbull. 

There is a lot more on Gina the tax fraud, Welfare queen further in this article.
What Gina wants, Gina gets, and she wanted the keys to the Kingdom.
The Kingdom being our Australia.

In South Australia the SA Government are illegally selling of State Housing for pensioners and low income families. This is one of the ways they are raising revenue to pay for this.
Illegally giving themselves pay rises, when a pensioner in Australia cant live, lives in poverty on $19K a year....when the pension, disability pension has to be $30K a year so people can afford to live and not die. 
This is covered further in this article...the illegal selling of assets, and pollies illegal pensions, belonging to the Australians people. 

We cover a lot of legal facts in this article, the rights of Australians, that you all should know about, be informed about. The Government does not want you to know any of this, but they are legal facts, your rights as Australians also.

New stats delivered just months ago, top Switzerland as being the top country in the world for how it looks after its pensions and disability pensions. Australia was 19 th, two from the third world countries. 
United Kingdom 10th, USA 9th, Denmark 11th, New Zealand 12th.
Australia, we all know how the Liberals treat pensions, they kick them to the gutter, Abbott holds them in contempt, Joe Hockey says they shouldn't vote, Turnbull, Morrison...be eradicated from Australia with his actions, and also non actions and then threaten to jail them when they try and stand up for their rights...abusing pensioners even more. (this is happening right now, using deflection...more on this further in the article)
Turnbull and his Government, would rather hide money in the Cayman Islands, help the millionaire billionaires avoid tax, and rip off Australians....committing countless criminal acts doing it.

The age of entitlement has to end right now for our Government, this is theft, our right theft and fraud to the Australian people, utter greed by these politicians. #NOMORE #abcnews #dailymail #60minutes #huffingtonpost #todayshow #Forbes #TheGuardian #WinNews #auspol

 TurnBulls Oz : Sacked. Then offered pay cuts of up to 65% to get job back ! This is bloody disgusting. The dictatorship of Malcolm Turnbull ends this Saturday on July 2 2016 when we kick their ass out of Government.

Fletch is 51, and a fitter by trade. He’s been employed at the Carlton United Breweries plant in Melbourne’s Abbotsford for 34 years – since he was 17. When I met him last Tuesday, it was in the street outside the brewery; here, amid the puddles of a rainy Melbourne winter, Fletch is one of a group of tradies camped out in a canvas army tent, maintaining a “community protest” next to the shut gates of the CUB compound. Full Article from The Guardian

HELL NO!!!! Vote Liberals out for good. Australia, families, the elderly, the poor can not and should not have to endure one more day governed by a man, a party who is owned by corporations, who has set out to destroy the lives of 80% of Australia, all so this corrupt puppet can have more, so the corporations who own him and his party can have more. Australian's say enough.  

The Liberal Government want to keep taking and taking from the struggling families, from the poor, from pensioners, and here we have our Government making up their own ridiculous salaries, pensions, while we have over 2 million people in Australia living in poverty.

 Even Bill Shorten knows the fact checks out.
The salvation army says they will be feeding 25,000 people just over Christmas alone.
The reason....people who have lost their jobs because of the Government, they cant afford their homes anymore, so now they are homeless with their families.
We absolutely should not have people living in poverty, homeless in Australia, this is simply not acceptable.
But here we have a Government living it up on the money of those very people they took the jobs from, stole from, and kicked out of their homes. Absolutely bloody disgusting greed by our Government, who work for us people...they work for us.

The Liberal Government led by interim PM Malcolm Turnbull a PM illegally holding office since not one single Australian voted for him to be there. He and the Liberal party want to commit GENOCIDE...of the old, weak and sick including children. Their actions with health care and now pensions 100% shows this. 

 Section 44 of the Australian Constitution forbids anyone holding dual citizenship sign the Petition This is not the first time this has come up, we cover this further in our article on Tony Abbott. George Brandis Attorney General Liberal party in 2014-15-2016 has refused to act. Abbott has and is illegally holding office.

The other political parties in Australia....stand up grow some balls, you are here to serve the people of Australia not yourselves. Not to make your selves millionaires, while 80% of Australia get poorer, loose their homes, their jobs, their lives.
People in Australia are dying, Australia is a disgrace to the rest of the world now. 
They do this to all pensioners and just weeks ago give themselves up to 160% pay rises. 
Time to cut Pollies wages and pensions, Australians have had enough of this ripping off Australia while so many in Australia suffer because of it.
Australians will not vote for a Government who does this to our old, to any person on a pension, disability or aged. This is a national disgrace, a disgrace to the world treating Australians like this. The Liberal party have already lost.

Watch and listen to the video HERE. The Government want to still tax the poor. Make them pay, not the criminals who caused the problem in the first place, the Corporations, million-billionaires, corrupt politicians who have been brought of by the corporations.

Kirribilli House is the secondary official residence of the Prime Minister of Australia playing dressup.The house belongs to the Australian people, we pay for this in every way, yet not one of use has even been invited to stay there, to visit a property we all own as Australians. 
The house is now vacant and should be turned into a domestic violence shelter for women and children of domestic violence. 
We need to do an update here. Malcolm Turnbull has undertaken a $50 million renovation of Kirribilli house that we never approved of. The House now looks like a Mexican drug dealers home. 
And still the Interim PM who is still playing dress up as PM, does not live there. This is criminal. 

The Liberal Government including Malcolm Turnbull demon closed domestic violence shelters all over Australia, stole, yes stole $300 million from the domestic violence budget, stop legal funding....abused victims and they children even more, creating more victims of domestic violence... more victims being killed including children.
Domestic Violence in Australia is more of a threat than terrorism .......every single day...... and this is what the Government of Australia do to the victims, to Australians, who are dying at a rate of two a week from domestic violence. READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE
At the UN, Australia incurred criticism over violence against women.

Domestic Violence victims, survivors get another kick in the guts READ ARTICLE HERE

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LNP are setting up to profit off abuse and domestic violence.
Rosie Batty demon works for Turnbull, profiting from abuse, now Turnbull wants to do the same thing. We wrote this in 2015, and now Labor who support us, have confirmed this very thing. 
We have nominated one of our own professionals for Australian of the Year 2017, Alexandria. You can read about Alexandria through the article links here
You can read the articles exposing this and exposing Miss Batty here and here

Now you have the entire picture why Domestic Violence, child abuse, sexual abuse and homelessness  is ignored in Australia by the LNP Government and Malcolm Turnbull. 
Why he and Tony Abbott ripped the $300 million from the domestic violence budget, closed shelters, took away legal funding, and the same funding was ripped away from mental health, and homeless. His Grand plan is to profit from these crimes, from the suffering of millions of people, the death of children and victims of abuse. 
 Two weeks ago The Guardian online paper did an article about "Foundations" and "Organizations" and "Individuals" profiting off abuse. We had sent them three article over the last six months, and finally they did a story exposing this.
Absolutely Disgraceful. 
Only a monster would do this, and more monsters supporting this disgusting greed.

The senate just released a list of almost 2,000 companies on a secret list of tax fraudsters, companies who have been given exemption from paying tax, that was all done in a secret illegal deal by our Government, hidden by the liberal Government, and Malcolm Turnbulls companies are on that list.
Our Government create this secret bill, allowing tax evasion, federal crimes.... by almost 2,000---- million and billionaires, and they now want the poor, the struggling families, health, medical, education services to pay for this utter deception, this utter greed by the rich, who are not Australians, you are not any way an Australian, or even a decent human being when you can do this.
Malcolm Turnbull has fought to block the senate from finding just how much these companies, his own companies have ripped off Australia for in tax fraud.

The ATO has released that you, a pensioner.... paid more tax last year than 600 Major Corporations, who's CEO's company Directors are all Multi-million....billionaires. Just one pensioner, one average working Australian....just one.... pays more tax than 600 companies will ever do in a lifetime.

Full transparency, the Australian people demand it now....no more secrecy bills, legislation's, no more bills and legislation to allow tax fraud, this has be squashed right now, not tomorrow right now.

In case you don't know....the Australian taxation office has a task force.....it is called the Wickenby Taskforce....the tax fraud task force who investigate tax fraud.  
They did it for the Alan Bond, Christopher Skase cases to name just two big tax fraud cases in Australia. The task force can not keep up with the tax fraud of the rich. But here's the problem now, our Government are now controlling the Task Force, telling them who they can let off.
The task force investigated Rupert Murdoch, found billions in tax fraud and Abbott and Turnbull said ....no let him go and then they cut thousands of tax workers jobs so they would not have the man power to investigate further tax fraud by the billionaire ripping off Australia....breaking the law every single day. So in legal terms people Tony Abbott, Malcolm Turnbull are complicit in covering up a criminal acts, a criminal, federal offense under the Australian law.

Project Wickenby, a multi-agency task-force, was established with the aim of protecting the integrity of Australian financial and regulatory systems. It aimed to prevent taxpayers from participating in the use of secret tax havens. That has now gone, with Governments now ignoring those laws put into place to stop this tax raughting and corruption. It is still a criminal offense something our Government needs to remember. This type of tax corruption is what is destroying our economy, bankrupting our county. READ MORE ON HISTORY TAX SYSTEM HERE
Here is the perspective on this readers, Australians....The Liberal Government, Lead by Tony Abbott, Malcolm Turnbull, Scott Morrison, Joe Hockey, George Brands, and others....sacked 4,400 people so they could commit $30 billion dollars in tax fraud....a Federal offense..which incurs up to 20 years prison. Australia demands justice. (That is called criminal intent) They criminally intended to commit fraud against the Australian people.

Here is an example of discrimination for tax....a person wrote to us....a struggling single mum who according to the tax office owed $80 in tax. 
She couldn't see how, but she had no choice but to pay...the taxation also threatened to have her drivers license suspended if the bill was not paid.
This is a lot of money to her struggling to make ends meat every day, to feed her children.
She entered into a payment agreement with the tax office, of $20 a month.
They told her if she missed a payment she would be charged 5% interest for every day the tax bill was not paid.
And here we have these million and billionaires committing billions and billions in tax fraud and getting away with it.
You do the maths....5% interest a day on $60 billion dollars   ( $60 billion x 365 days @ 5% interest = $23,980,500 in interest)  that is the amount of tax fraud our Government are allowing every single year from corporations, the top 1-20% and here we have the tax office going after a struggling single mother who lost everything because of her husband leaving and taking all the assets and money with him, leaving the women and her children with nothing.

There is the budget blow out people....Australians.... that Scott Morrison said was pensioners and the poor's fault on Win news today December 15 2015. 
You lying scumbag Morrison, Turnbull. 
Don't Forget readers, they haven't just done this for one year, they have done this for many years, hundreds of billions of dollars in tax fraud....federal offenses. 

Now our liberal Government have to juggle their fraudulent budget because they have allowed over $60 billion a year in tax fraud  by corporations and the top 1-20% of the rich, and they want the other 80% of Australia to pay for it.

Under the law Malcolm Turnbull can not even hold a position in office, because he has committed fraud.... tax fraud, criminal intent..... and should be immediately sacked and face criminal charges. 
Australians demand justice now, that is our absolute legal right. Australians demand an investigation into the Liberal Party, Malcolm Turnbull corruption, every single one of them would be arrested. Keep reading people the best is still to come.

 Even states that our Government, all of them including the PM, speaker of the house, Attorney General, Treasurer are not above the law. They can and should be make accountable for their fraud, lies, deception to the Australian people. We the Australian people are paying dearly for that deception. Bill Shorten has been reading our article even quoting legal pieces from it in the media. READ THE Australian Constitution HERE
Under our Constitution, the Parliamentary Act, the Government can not act without the consent of the people.  
If we do not consent the Australian Government can not act. But they have been, and being so in secret, changing legislation's, under handed deals, all illegal under the Australian Constitution

We have consulted with the top legal mind in Australia, a law professor, advocate, and former head of a Government investigation body, and like us, and 80% of Australians and the world.. sick to death of Government corruption on this. 
Malcolm Turnbull's Rap sheet..... the full details compliment of the website Kangaroo Court READ HERE
You can read more on this further down in this article. You are not going to want to miss this.

Joe Hockey white collar criminal, tax fraud....instead of being sacked and brought up on criminal charges he is rewarded with a hefty pension, salary and new position as Ambassador to the USA.

Tony Abbott charged tax payers continuously for his luxury perks, so did Joe hockey so have Julia Bishop, Browyn Bishop, George Brandis and the list keeps going on and on.

This is the Liberal Party, Malcolm Turnbull, committing treason against Australia. Out of control dictatorship, willing to commit genocide. Liberal Party Malcolm Turnbull have sold out Australia to Billionaires and corporations. Arrest them now, there is more than enough evidence of their corruption to have them all arrested and criminally charged.

Australians are cracking down, cracking the whip, on VIP Government rip offs, fraud, tax evasion, salary and pension rip offs....blaten criminal Intent to rip off Australia. You have now been notified by the Australian people, and criminal investigations are under way. 

Right now the entire Liberal Government are on trial....criminal intent...yes under the law, they can all be charged with criminal intent, absolute legal fact. 
The Australian people are placing you all on trial.

Scott Morrison says he is coming after people on disability pensions, pensions, the poor and mums. 
Not the Corps, not the top 1-20% rich, corrupt politicians, committing billions in fraud, criminal acts. He is in the media threatening struggling families, poor, pensioners, mums instead, deflection from the real criminals.

 A classic Psychopath loves to hear themselves talk, loves playing god with peoples lives and emotions. 
They prey on the weak & vulnerable, physically, emotionally, take away all support. Control their victims to get that charge they crave.

The Australian people are coming after you Morrison...stand down now Morrison....you have now been notified. You can not hold office in Government, under the law and parliamentary act you have broken the law, fraud and criminal Intent....viscous Intent. 
We are demanding the Senate, the ICAC & the CCC remove the entire Liberal party from Government for fraud....criminal Intent against the Australian people, that is our absolute legal right under the law.

Millions of people today the 15th December 2015 are voicing their opinions all over social media, absolutely furious at the Liberal Government, their out right corruption and blatten disregard for the law. They like us want them removed from Government right now. 

Scott Morrison Malcolm Turnbull burdens to Australia, criminals....say they are going after people on disability pensions now, to raise revenue. What people don't realize is to get a disability pension you have to jump through hoops. It is only given to those who really need it.

That in its self is a criminal act what Morrison and Turnbull want to do, and a violation of human rights laws, your legal right as an Australian. A legal fact these two men, our Government do not want you to know about.

Now These two men illegally holding office, want to illegally take it away, to make people, homeless, live on the streets, die. 
But the real story here is the deflection.... the technique called the "Honey Trap" used by the CIA and  also used by Psychopaths, sociopaths... to deflect from the fraud and criminal acts of the liberal government, the fraud by the top 1-20% of the rich costing Australia billions....the approx figure is around $60 billion a year. The burden to Australia, criminals because that's what they are under the law....white collar criminals.
Leave Disability pensions, pensioners, the poor, low income families alone.

So far, Malcolm Turnbull has articulated two possible solutions.
The first is to increase the goods and services tax, which will hit pensioners and low-income earners harder than the wealthy. The second, even more worrying, is to attack the wages and conditions of average workers to boost corporate profits by, for example, abolishing Sunday penalty rates for workers in hospitality and tourism.

 Australians have Turnbull by the balls also, we demand he resign, be  arrested, charged. Looks like tension in the Liberal camp, the boys aren't playing nice in the sand pit anymore.

Scott Morrison, Malcolm Turnbull demons threatens disability pensioners, using an insidious form of abuse to do this called "gasslighting" a form of abuse used against victims of domestic violence, abuse, rape, sexual abuse. So now this scumbag has resorted to gasslighting the disability pensioners.  Australia demands justice now.

Tonight December 16 a post by Bill Shorten.... Turnbull had his trolls out on social media, on the post, now threatening to jail disability pensioners, pensioners, poor people...unbelievable...when he is the real bloody criminal who should have been in jail years ago.  Turnbulls trolls said the "rich committing tax fraud, criminal acts, federal offenses have done nothing wrong, they contribute to society, while pensions, the poor don't". Our right bloody criminal.

In-fact people, pensioners, disability pensioners, low income families are underpaid by by tens of thousands of dollars a year, they are in fact legally owed money by the Government.
The Government are the ones who have been overpaid, and owe hundreds of thousands in back money to the Australian people. That is a legal fact our Government don't want you to know about.
Morrison still a liar, still deflecting, still abusing, gasslighting the poor, pensioners, disability pensioners, victims, of domestic violence, sexual abuse. Below is a list of budget cuts, so people like Gina Rinehart can have more, so a billionaire can have more, while so many people in Australia suffer. She pays no tax. Time for our Government to go. The people need to stand up to this corruption, to this deception, utter greed.

LNP plan, kill off the old, weak, poor, sick, including children. all of what they r doing is leading to this. They plan to commit murder of Australians....genocide.

Turnbull's, the Liberal parties illegal cuts. The Senate and Australians are going to block the Liberals. We want them gone, Turnbull and his bunch of puppets gone. NO MORE Liberals

click on the poster to take you to full view

 Like the poster and words say, if Iceland can do it so can Australia

After economic collapse, here’s how Iceland rebuilt a powerful green economy READ FULL ARTICLE HERE

This is what we should have in Australia, there is no reason why this should not have been implemented years ago. The only reason is greed and corruption of corporations. Australia is a richer country than Norway, they are not riddled with a cesspool of greed and corruption like we are in Australia.

What responsible Government who is actually looking out for saving our planet, saving money, helping every person living on the planet not want to invest in solar energy for every person. WHY?
Because of greed and corruption by the corporations who control that Government, the mining industries, that's why. 
Every single house-hold in Australia should have "FREE" solar energy fitted to homes. The poor should not be paying for power.
Australia has the ability to do exactly what Africa and Germany are doing, and we should have done this many years ago, if it was not from greed and corruption. That is what greed and corruption is costing Australia, what it is costing the world. 

Turnbull and Morrison were compared to Kim Karadashian the other day online....all three narcissistic, greedy, parasites, who would sell their soul if the price was right.

This has to stop now, this is theft to the Australian people, fraud, greed while so many people in Australia suffer in poverty because of this deception to Australia.

If you google any of these CEO's company directors you will see they are either multimillionaires or billionaires, jut like Malcolm Turnbull because they have been ripping off Australia, Australians, tax evasion tax fraud and other criminal acts, offshore accounts to hide money from the tax department.....while the struggling families, the poor, the homeless, medical, Education, other services in Australia pay for this utter deception and fraud.
Just one average Australian, pensioner, in their lifetime, just one....will pay more tax than 600 corporations.  

 So why did you  @TurnbullMalcolm and  @ScottMorrisonMP  give yourselves a pay rise?

 What people don't realize is there are so many corporations involved in trafficking of human-beings, they are used as slaves. More on this further in the article, exposing some who are doing this.

This is a news update December 30th 2015. This information which can not be disputed was sent to us today. Australia has the right to know. We were shocked and disgusted and demand the immediate resignation of Malcolm Turnbull.
Australia’s current Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, has a long history of disturbing activities and associations with regard to sexual morality. As a result of a sympathetic left-wing media, this is something the broader Australian public knows nothing about.

Please read the entire article, evidence, information which is factual. Turnbull even attacked the police. 
When you read this irrefutable evidence, information you are going to be shocked, like we were. Turnbull represented pedophiles in court...supported child pornography as minister for communications.

In 1978, acting for his client, Australian Consolidated Press, supporting child pornography.

Supported Kinsey, a doctor who was outed for performing the most despicable sexual acts on children. Children that were taken from foster care and sexually abuse.

A few years ago 60 Minutes did an entire program on Kinsey, his sexually abusing children and how he was exposed. 
60 Minutes also covered briefly the book in the poster Spy Catcher.
Turnbull classes Kinsey as one of his best mates and also supports his work.
No wonder he supports Abbott in trying to silence victims of abuse, sexual abuse, domestic violence, and he continues to abuse victims, survivors to this very day.
Please read for yourselves ARTICLE LINK HERE

 Australians applaud your words Dick Smith. Well said
- Libs have stepped up their attack on older Australians. $1.8 bil cut from now.

Read the full Article from Western Australian and Yahoo Here

LNP plan, kill off the old, weak, poor, sick, including children. all of what they r doing is leading to this. They plan to commit murder of Australians. Ear, nose and throat surgeries and diagnostic imaging are among the first to face the axe in an overhaul of Medicare services says Health Minister Sussan Ley. 

Health Minister Sussan Ley has slated 23 items on the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) for removal in a major shake up, which she says cost $6.8 million in the past year when used 52,500 times.
Gastroenterology, obstetrics and thoratic medicine services have also been thrust onto the chopping block.
Ms Ley said a task force reviewing the 5700 MBS items would seek further advice before scrapping the first 23 items.

These are the top surgeries performed on children. These surgeries were used 52,500 times readers. Ears nose and throat. 
Ask any surgeon, these are the top surgeries performed on children, which the Government are now going to axe to save $6.8 million. Are you fucking kidding.

Pelvimetry: an assessment of the female pelvis in relation to a woman’s ability to deliver a baby. Axed by Liberals. 
So ladies, the Liberals have said, fuck you, if you want to have a baby, you can die as far as we are concerned in child birth. 
So the Liberal party to cut $6.8 million a year are willing to let millions of Australians, children, suffer and die.

Women's pap smear: no going to cost $30

But and here is the BUT....they will allow $60 billion a year in tax fraud by corporations, the top 1-20% of the rich, and help aid in $10.4 trillion dollars in tax fraud by million-billionaires and corrupt politicians..who are fucking criminals for fuck sake.....so these assholes can have more.....and they are willing to let millions of people, children suffer and die because of it. Our team of advocates also made up of medical professionals, we know this is what is going to happen, millions of people are going to die and suffer.

So basically right now the Liberal Party want to kill off our children, make them suffer in pain. HELL NO....Australians will not allow you to do this, nor will medical professionals.
Bill Shorten announced today 28 December 2015 that he is going to block the Liberal party so are the Senate.  

It would seem that Demon Turnbull and the demon Government are copying America with Medicare, Social Security cuts, tax cuts for corps, million-billionaires.

This is the way the rest of Australia feels also
Remember these companies directors, CEO's are
multi-billionaires-millionaires and live that way also.
While the poor live in poverty and die.
We are subsidizing the life styles of these greedy bastards

Press Release June 29 2016 Senator Glenn Lazarus Read the full Press Release Here

Malcolm Turnbull demon is spending $18 million dollars of tax payers money on an add campaign to make himself look good, to make it look like he is doing something, when he is doing nothing but cutting funding everywhere. More bullshit from Turnbull to cover up another bullshit lie he has told Australia.
And here is demon Turnbull, going to charge "women" $30 now for a pap smear. Here's the take on this ladies, you have to pay so this ass, this corrupt barely human being Turnbull, can spend $18 million on an add campaign for himself. (nothing can make you look good Malcolm, you sold out the day you stepped into politics)

Australians are sick to death of demon Turnbull using deflecting, slander, to take the spotlight of his own, and his party, slush funds, blatten corruption, fraud, off shore accounts, criminal acts. 
Australians will not forget, we demand a ICAC investigation into Liberal party corruption, your corruption, slush fund Turnbull, your corruption has cost Australia dearly. The evidence is in this entire article

Turnbulls  secret of getting rich is as old as the world. Just steal a little from persons who can't do anything about it. misogynistic, condescending, egotistical (barely) human being.
Michaelia Cash another lying puppet of the  demon Turnbull Government, who comes from the most corrupt state in Australia, Western Australia

Demon Scott Morrison, demon Malcolm Turnbull are blaming the poor, pensioners, disability pensioners, struggling families, mums, for this....not the corporations, the top 1-20% of tax fraudsters who are committing around $60 billion a year in tax fraud, who have ripped $60 billion a year out of the economy, lets deflect and blame the other 80% of Australia, the poor. 
Now these two white collar criminals are nowhere to be seen....using party members who are women....jeez that would have been a hide find right there...actual women in their party.

These men are now using women to do their dirty work in the media so they can avoid the real question here. 
"why did you hide this from Australians...why did you criminally intend to deceive, steal, defraud the Australian people, make millions of families live in poverty, let them die, when you were helping the top rich corporations commit billions in tax fraud". 
"Why are you on the list of tax fraudsters, criminals ripping off Australia, why have you got offshore accounts."

"Why have you underpaid millions of Australian pensioners, disability pensioners, low income families". Yes people they have been underpaid under the law...not overpaid as Morriscum & Turnbull are trying to convince everyone using Rupert Murdoch's paper to do this.

This people under the law is called criminal intent, and yes under the law right now every one of these men in the Liberal party who took part in the fraud can be criminally charged by the ICAC, the Senate, the Australian Federal Police, and they dam well know it.

Always deflecting, never ever do you hear them say one single word about those corporations and top 1-20% tax fraudsters who the Liberal party let off paying tax, not once, of the corrupt politicians who are ripping off Australia committing Federal offenses, you never will either, because Morrison and Turnbull are on that list....they always using the deflection process and blame everyone else. 

And Morrison and Turnbull want to arrest poor people, come after the poor, people on disability pensions, pensions, mums... not the rich, those millionaires, billionaires, corrupt politicians, who have committed tax fraud, fraud, other criminal acts, money laundering, federal offenses, complicate in billions of dollars in tax fraud. "He says "those people contribute to society, the poor don't." Yes that was Turnbulls people last night on social media. Still trying to deflect from the real criminal, him being one of those criminals.

Thank you Mr Eisenhower we certainly agree with you words 

 Morrison and Turnbull now making threats to jail mums
struggling mums, who may also be the victims of
domestic violence, who have lost every single thing....abusing, threatening Australians...gasslighting them... to deflect 
from the fraud of the rich, the corporations. This is not only appalling but bloody criminal.

The Turnbull Government gave victims and survivors of Domestic Violence another kick in the guts today announcing claims for up to $75K for those effected by the Paris Bombings. (read the article in that highlighted link, you are not going to want to miss it)
But zero, not once cent has ever been offered for victims, survivors of domestic violence has suffered shocking violence, trauma, have lost every single thing, their homes possessions, even their children. Domestic Violence Terrorism in Australia.
Again Turnbull shows how he feels about helping victims and survivors of Domestic violence....he doesn't give a shit. 
Turnbull needs to put his money where his mouth is instead of hiding it in the Cayman islands.

While  the United States are doing something to combat domestic violence, our Government led by an interim demon leader Malcolm Turnbull,(A man who under the law can not even hold office, let alone be PM of Australia) and previously by demon PM Tony Abbott who have done nothing to make major changes to do anything about Domestic Violence in Australia....except for steal hundreds of millions of dollars from the domestic violence budget, close shelters, take away legal funding, illegally selling off state housing where victims of violence and sexual abuse live, making them and their children homeless once more.

Just more abuse, gasslighting by our Australian Government, who don't give a dam about victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse, PTSD, suicide, Rape, Psychological abuse in Australia. Our Government should be bloody ashamed of themselves.  READ MORE HERE

 The Family Court: Another corporation, yes readers the Family Court is a Government Corporation. Illegal. The corporation, it is a cesspool of corruption, Broken laws and justice world wide. 
It is so broken that it is costing the lives of children, of families, of men and women, world wide. 
It is costing our economies world wide, trillions of dollars. Please read the article Family Court broken Justice and the world wide campaign to stop the Family Court. We have whistle-blowers on our team, who have blown the whistle on Family Court corruption in Australia and world wide.
People on our team death threats, abuse, threats to our families, stalking, and even beaten up, for standing up for truth and justice. We are working with Senators world wide to expose this. Article HERE

Degradation of Women a World Wide Disgrace Article

The President and first lady of the USA read our articles, even supporting our campaign we launched around the world. You can read the campaign that has gone global through this link...signed by the first lady of the United States

But not our Australian Government, not one ounce of support. They are an embarrassment to the rest of the world.

Thank you our graphic design team for this badge
if you want to share and use feel free, our team made this for all who feel the same way. It is a PNG file with a clear transparent background so it can be put into any art work.
you can also re-tweet this so everyone can read this article and be informed, 3 million people have read and been informed had their eyes opened. 

The demon LNP and demon Malcolm Turnbull need to learn to read their own Government Dictionary, and know the means of the words
they had printed, otherwise it was a huge waste of trees and energy that they flushed down the toilet. 

Our Government needs to be reminded they work for us the Australian people, they answer to us.
 Right now we have a Government who refuse to listen to the Australian people, the people that employ them. Breaking the law, the oath and contract they took with the Australian people.

Every single Australian owns one share each of Australia, that is mining rights, everything, this is a legal fact, the Australian Government do not want Australians to know.
We are still waiting for our dividends from mining, like the rest of Australia who has never received them. Don't worry our Government has, put into their off shore accounts, through bribes.
Every single Australian also also entitled to a pension, the same amount our politicians in Parliament are given...legal fact the Government don't want you to know about, not the pittens of $19K they are forced to live on...living in poverty dying because you cant live on it. The Government now want to take away $5,000 of this a year, making the pension now $12,000 a year. (genocide)
Pensioners, disability pensioners are living in poverty because of the theft by our Government, the theft of the top 1-20%, the corporations who are committing tax fraud in the tune of hundreds of billions-trillions of dollars. 

They are stealing from Australia, so the rest of Australia suffers. These corps like demon Gina Rinehart the 2nd biggest welfare recipient in Australia and she lives on $33 million a day, yes a day while a pensioner lives in extreme poverty. (Rupert Murdoch is no 1 welfare recipient in Australia)
And the Liberal Government allows this, supports this. 
Australia has become a joke, a disgrace to the rest of the world.
The Government do not want us to know our rights...our legal rights as Australians.
Australia is being lead by a dictatorship who have committed treason against Australia.

The Howard/Costello-Hockey self-imposed deficit

People in Government hiding assets in off shore accounts, and here we have demon Malcolm Turnbull who's entire fortune of over $200 million dollars is now under scrutiny to how he made this, because right now because investigations are now showing  it was not made legally. 
You can read more on this further down in this article. You are not going to want to miss this.
And he wants to invest in the Cayman Islands so he can hide more assets, more money and aid the other top 1-20% of the tax fraudsters into doing this also.
Greed, utter greed and corruption, white collar criminal, we have white collar criminals running our country, who are also funded by the mafia.

This is the way the original constitution was set up and there has never ever been a referendum to change this. 
Under the law the absolutely law of the Magnacarta, the real Australian constitution our Government can not make any changes with out a referendum, that is law.
They can not sell off the assets of Australia without a referendum that is law...legal fact.

But right now, and this has been going on for decades, they are selling off our assets, assets that belong to you, me, every Australian.

Right now our state Governments are selling off state housing, to raise revenue, creating more homeless. Under the law they have no right to do this, that housing belongs to you and me, not to the Government who has never sought permission from the Australian people to sell it.

Any Government member who ignores the law, breaches the law is not fit to run in Government and has in tern broken the law, and is also subjected to criminal charges.
Right now our own demon Attorney General Brandis is under criminal investigation facing charges, he under the law can not hold office when this is taking place.
All demons -Tony Abbott, Joe Hockey, Malcolm Turnbull, Scott Morrison, Bronwyn Bishop, Julie Bishop, the entire demon Liberal party have all broken the law and can not hold office because of it....and that is just the short list of politicians in Government who have right now broken the law and have not faced any criminal charges as yet.

We are contacting the Senate to have them all removed from office, under the law they have to be, for criminal intent against the Australian people, fraud.
Under the law, a person holding any Government position, Politician, police officers, Prime Minister, Judge etc....who has broken the law, under investigation, facing criminal charges can not hold that Government position and must be immediately removed and stood down from that position, with or with our pay....also can not be transferred, or hold any other Government position. That is the law absolute law.
Under the law, they have to be also stripped of their jobs and pensions.

The demon Government, the demon Attorney General has no respect for the rule of law, they have completely ignored and acted with criminal intent against the Australian people...the evidence is absolutely irrefutable and well detailed in this article, in the links and the media article that follow below.
The Senate have already found the Attorney General George Brands unfit to be in office.
 We have consulted on the top legal mind in Australia, a law professor, advocate and former head of a Government investigation body, and like us and 80% of Australians and the world sick to death of Government corruption on this.

The Australian Parliament & Legal System Is Invalid! Read laws and article HERE

The Parliamentary act works on consent of the people, this is how it works....
if the people do not consent to anything, then our corrupt Government can not do it. They have to have consent of the people to do it....legal fact the Government do not want you to know.
Every single individual in Australia has to give consent.
If we take back our consent for anything, the Government can not act. That is law....absolute law.
The Government does not have my consent to do anything. I took back my consent as an Australian years ago.
The Government enters into a contract with the Australian people, they have in-fact broken that contact they agreed to, there fore legally can no longer hold office, have to be removed....that is absolute law.
Legal fact any laws, legislation passed since 1911 by our Government is illegal so stop obeying them. 
Australians demand justice now, that is our absolute legal right. 
The "illegal legislation's and laws" that have been created by the Government are enslaving the people. 

Australians neither want or trust a Government, a person who can deceive, steal from other Australians like this, watch millions suffer because of greed and corruption.
Hell i don't, none of us do, and you are certainly not on the list of dinner guests welcome at our homes, or in the homes of other Australians just as furious and voicing so all over social media.

We have millions of people who read and share our articles, the work we do, please keep sharing and relay this very strong message, Australians will not tolerate a Government we can not trust, a Government  who forces families into poverty, pensioners into poverty so the rich can have more so corrupt politicians can have more, we will not tolerate this, we are taking back our country from the greed that has taken it over.

If you scroll down to the article pictures  taken from the media you will see for yourselves the corruption of our Government, these people lining their own pockets through blaten corruption, breaking the law, every single day, and still not one single one of them has been bought before the court to face criminal charges. That in tern is a criminal act itself.

When we have an Attorney General who is under investigation himself for corruption, facing criminal charges, what hope has Australia, getting justice when we have this going on.
The Attorney General office should be voted by the people, not the Government. The people, just like they do in the USA.
We need to keep the highest law maker in the land honest, with out honesty, integrity, then what the hell have we got in a law maker, we in real terms.... have a dishonest, corrupt, human being, breaking the law to suit themselves...... Right now that's all we have.

Brandis has been found unfit to hold office a motion agreed to by the Australian Senate.
Australians demand justice now, that is our absolute legal right. 

As it stands right now every single Australian could file a class action law suite against our Australian Government and Joe Hockey, Tony Abbott, Malcolm Turnbull Scott Morrison.....Criminal Provision  under TORTUROUS acts and criminal intent.

Let’s shout this loud and clear: Our government works for us, the Australian people.... not just a hand full of billionaires.


Keep reading below, you will not want to miss what is to come

We will keep adding to this article because there is a hell of a lot more to say, and show the
Australian People.
Tony Abbott did it Malcolm Turnbull is doing it, controlling the media through Rupert Murdoch, trying to stop the media from printing the truth, he does not want Australian people to be informed to the greed, the corruption that is going on in our Government.
Malcolm Turnbull now wants to create another new secret deal, a new bill with out the consent of the Australian people so Rupert Murdoch can own more than 50% of the media.
 Update 12 Jan 2016 and there you have it, the article today in the age. What Rupert Murdoch wants, the NO 1 tax criminal in the world. Turnbull is making happen to own all the media in Australia. To control the media. Malcolm Turnbull probably just increases his wealth to billionaire after this. Gina Rinehart got her trade deal, Rupert Murdoch is getting his media deal, all compliments of corruption and back handed deals. Time for an ICAC Federal investigation and the Senate to block this and go after Turnbulls, Liberals, Murdoch and Rinehart for fraud, tax evasion. 

Years ago legislation was made so that no one person, corporation could own more than 50% of the media....but now a Prime Minister that not one single Australian even voted for, wants to aid the top tax raughter of Australia, committing billions in tax fraud own more than 50% of the media. HELL NO.
Australia says no we do not give your consent to do this.
This is how the law works readers, if you have enough money, dirty cops, Judges, politicians in your pocket, and you bribe the right people, you can do what ever the hell you want. 
The Australian people do not give consent for you to be even Prime Minister of Australia, you never got consent of Australia to do this.
So right now readers we have a PM playing dress up breaking laws, since none of us gave our consent. That is absolute law...we never gave our consent. Australia demands justice now.
Australians demand justice now, that is our absolute legal right. 

If you click on any of the pictures news articles below they will take you to full poster view

Who owns Malcolm TurnBull? Precipitates $5 Bn collapse. Resigns under a cloud...… #auspol #taxrort

Just a friendly reminder that Goldman-Sachs owns Malcolm Turnbull.

This is a #WINNEWS update December 15 2015. A $40 billion budget blowout and the Liberals
are blaming the pensioners, the poor. Are you fu****king kidding us Australia.

So why did you & @TurnbullMalcolm give yourselves a pay rise? @ScottMorrisonMP  

Bill Shorten said the government’s own “report card” projected a future of higher deficits and lower growth, while ACTU ACTU president Ged Kearney accused it of having “overlooked the fiscal elephant in the room” by cutting welfare instead of raising taxes on the wealthy.

Greens treasury spokesman Adam Bandt said the report reinforced the need to get rid of unfair tax breaks for the rich.

Treasurer Scott Morrison compared the path back to surplus to a long holiday road trip, saying it was important to pick a “safe and careful route” that does “not put at risk our jobs and growth”.
“We have adopted a measured approach that avoids extreme responses that would place a handbrake on household consumption and business investment growth and unnecessarily threaten the fresh new momentum emerging in our transitioning economy,” he said in Perth.

Come on guys...get your balls out of your handbags and start blocking, and going after the Liberals and Malcolm Turnbull.
Turnbull is out of control, he sold out the day he stepped into politics. A traitor to Australia, treason, by his own actions, his words. Someone arrest this traitor right now.
Australia demands action now....Australia demands the Liberal party be removed from office for fraud, criminal intent against the Australian people. Letters are being prepared to the Senate to put forward in Government. Australia demands the Senate go after the $60 billion in tax fraud by Turnbulls companies, the corporations the top 1-20% who are the ones who have blow out the budget, who the Liberals want to let off and make pensions, poor and low income families pay for.
HELL NO.............................read more from the ABC HERE

Adani is the Business partner of Gina Rhinehart  
Has the Government ever given us a $5 billion interest free loan. HELL NO. These ass's are corrupt billionaires, paying no tax. They have brought of Turnbull, Abbott, the entire Liberal party. These corrupt billionaires have been given the keys to Australia, by Turnbull.

 Not a notion it is reality, in Australia and the rest of the world.

The ultimate leaner. Greediest pig of all. LNP love & worship her. Goddess of selfishness who hates the vulnerable.

Gina Rinehart struggles to live on $33 million a day...yes people a day. She is Malcolm Turnbulls tax fraud mate, she pays either no tax or little tax compliments of Malcolm, and her buddy Malcolm gives her what ever the hell she wants, like the trade deal with cheap overseas workers, slaves that she can exploit so she can get richer and sack the Australian workers, making them and their families homeless. 
This is what Malcolm made happen for his tax fraud buddy Gina. Now the tax office are going after Gina who has been ripping off Australia for years for billions of dollars, no fucking wonder she is the richest person in Australia and hordes her cash....she pays no bloody tax for fuck sake. 
Imagine how much money we could all save to if we didn't have to pay tax.
Our people would rather take those billions and do something about poverty and families being made homeless by the Liberal Government than live like bloody millionaires or billionaires, we have a heart and humanity, not like these greedy bastards who keep ripping off Australia who have no humanity or heart...people like Malcolm Turnbull.

Net Worth As of 12/17/15; $9.1 Billion; 
Remember people Gina Inherited her wealth from her father, she grew up with a silver spoon in her mouth. She has never been hungry, homeless but she is quite happy to make as many people in Australia this way, Ripping off Australians day by day.
Malcolm Has given Gina keys to the kingdom....the kingdom being Australia.

If Labor doesn't join with the Greens and block the enabling TPP legislation, this deal could:

  • Hike up the price of medicines and health products

  • Allow foreign corporations to sue our government for decisions they make that are in our public interest but hurt the big corporation's bottom line

  • Undermine our environmental protections

  • Cut digital rights

We have to update this article 18.1.2016  Greens to preference the Liberals ahead of the Labor. So they are now basically the left wing of the Liberals? #auspol
This is now all over twitter, confirmed the Greens have sold out to the Liberals.
 The #TPP affects every one of us. The problem is, the deal was negotiated in complete secrecy for 7 years, and when it was finally released, it numbered almost 6 THOUSAND pages!Luckily, this handy analysis identifies and explains (in only 25 pages) some of the most troubling provisions: https://t.co/qIQVxKkr41

Trudeau won't sign TPP until there's been a full national consultation 

 The ministers from the twelve countries who negotiated the the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) will sign it in New Zealand on 4 February, a government spokesperson from Chile has confirmed. - Read the full article here

An official who helped draft the TPP has resigned over bribery and corruption. How on earth can the TPP go ahead when this has been exposed.
Another article we posted yesterday on google plus, A list of Congressmen in the USA have been found to have been paid bribes to fast track the TPP through congress.
Again more corruption, so how can legally the TPP even go ahead when it has been drafted around corruption and being paid bribes. This world wide, including Australia.

This is why capitalism cannot be trusted to course correct itself. The greed inherent within these big corporations will literally kill our planet for short term profits if we let them.

 GreensMPs have found $79Bn tax revenue for Joe Hockey to think about. but Hockey said no. He wanted to come after the poor instead thats the Liberals policy. The rich walk the poor pay. The corruption keeps getting exposed. This was all hidden by the Liberals. This is criminal intent against Australia. a federal offense.

Tell the Turnbull Government: Get Real on economic reform 

Australia's taxpayers are being taken for ride. 

If the Liberal Party were serious about revenue,they would end the free ride for big business, big mining and the big four banks; crack down on the loopholes which allow sneaky tax avoidance rorts for the mega-rich; have a serious conversation about negative gearing and the 50% exemption from capital gains tax and stop corporate tax avoidance by multinational companies. read the full report and article here

No one does corruption better, tax fraudsters, criminals, Australia
demands justice, its our legal right.
James Packer's luxury mega yacht Arctic P. Yes we could all pool our money and buy a yacht just Likes James, or private jet, homes around the world, if we too didn't have to pay tax like him. 
Net Worth As of 12/17/15; $3.8 Billion
Remember James inherited his wealth from his father 
inherited a $5bn fortune when Kerry Packer died in 2005
Malcolm Has given James keys to the kingdom....the kingdom being Australia.

This is what demon Malcolm Turnbull and his band of puppets wants to create... more sex slaves in Australia more slaves for corporations like Gina Rinehart and her mining money pit.
Gina wants her best buddy Malcolm to relax the visa laws, trade agreement so she can bring in slaves, traffic in victims to work for slave wages, so she can become richer. 
Then her buddy Malcolm has exempt her from paying her fair of tax in Australia. 
The trade agreement, Malcolm has signed, a man who can not even run as PM....a man who signed a trader agreement against the consent of the Australian people, so the agreement can not be enforced..... will allow corporations to bring in slave labor, from Asia and also third world countries, pay then slave labor wages, treat them like slaves....with no liability.....take away the jobs from Australian people...create more unemployed in Australia, more homeless, more poverty, so the rich can get richer....that's the short explanation of this. 
The meat, wine industry are already doing this....have been doing it for over ten years, and here is the punch line readers....the Australian people are subsidizing the wages of these slaves, so these companies can get richer.   
We subsidize the wages of these people over 5 years.....jobs that are stolen from Australian people so these corporations, these companies can get richer.
Then on-top of this these PTY LTD companies get interest free loans from the Australian Government, they don't use their own profits, they use the tax payers money, given to these companies interest free, tens of millions of dollars.....the Australian people need to be made aware to what is going on right under theirs noses.

These two industries according to the FBI, Homeland Security the Australian Federal police on the top 50 list as industries to launder money, hide money through tax evasion. The countries used to do this....China, Ireland, Amsterdam, Norway, Sweden, England, Asian countries, Cayman Islands.

There is a hell of a lot of these workers, who cant speak English being bought in from overseas on false pretense to the job they were originally told they would be doing.
Here in this article is a PTY LTD company right here in Australia doing this very thing and a hell of a lot more.....trafficking sex slaves, trafficking slave labor, money laundering for terrorists.
This company's CEO's raided by Taskforce Cadena, owning sex bars in Australia.
 Now facing criminal charges by Federal Authorities....READ HERE

We work with Federal Authorities world wide exposing human-trafficking, we took the pledge to end human-trafficking, slaves READ ARTICLE HERE
We asked Malcolm to take the pledge, no reply...pigs might fly when this happens, for the reasons above. 

Malcolm Turnbull   new Illegal Trade deal, that Australians, never asked for, voted for, or wanted, Malcolm Turnbull announces a new legislation for a law he is having written By an Attorney General who can not hold office.
This the trade deal Gina Rinehart wanted Malcolm's tax fraud mate.
The law Malcolm is creating is to stop people being able to file class action or high-court law suits...this is the short explanation.
The trade deal stated that corporations could bring in unskilled workers to do the work of skilled workers here in Australia, forcing thousands of Australians of of jobs, and foreign workers and their companies could not be made accountable or liable. This is one of the main reasons for this new illegal law Turnbull and Brandis are creating.
They are also trying to stop victims of abuse, sexual abuse, domestic violence from seeking compensation from the Australian Government.
This trade deal does not benefit the every day Australian in the least, in-fact it is going to create more unemployment, more homeless, more poverty, while the companies and corporations and the politicians taking bribes get richer.

Under the law Turnbull can not hold office, he has to be immediately stood down
face criminal charges...that is law...absolute law. That $200 million was not made legally
this article exposes it all.

Not only is this laughable because this arrogant scumbag helped commit billions and billions of dollars in tax fraud, covering up fraud, federal offenses, corruption, took part in it..criminal intent. He broken the bloody law for fuck sake. 
Now he wants to waste millions of dollars hunting disability pensioners, pensioners, poor people, struggling mums, victims of domestic violence, sexual abuse....un-fucking believable. 
But not one mention of hunting down the rich the corporations who are the real criminals, ripping off Australia, costing Australia Billions and billions a year in fraud. 
Not one mention of hunting down the corrupt politicians who are ripping off Australia, brides, corruption, fraud...all federal offenses being a politician. 

NO.... lets just go after the poor, because they have nothing,  this is the Liberals way of intimidating, deflecting.... abusing the poor once again.
Australia and the Senate are hunting you down scumbag and we the Australian people are reporting you to the Senate, we the Australian people want you removed from office. You can not under the law even hold office, legal fact.

Criminal Intent People. Fraud, tax fraud, criminal offenses.
Time for the ICAC, CCC, ASIO, CIA, FBI, FEDERAL POLICE, THE SENATE to come after these criminals. 
Our PM playing dress up, is one of them. Committing as many criminal offenses as they want, sanctioned by the Government of Australia, Governments around the world, with zero accountability. These criminals are laundering money, even laundering money for terrorists around the world. All of this is a federal offense, crimes against our nations.
NO MORE. The people demand justice now.

The ATO's list, which came with heavy disclaimers about its reliability due to some omissions, shows the 579 local and foreign-based companies that paid no company tax in 2013-14 had combined turnover of $405.9 billion and taxable income of $4 billion. 
That is just ridiculous, that is pittens on $455.9 billion.
The "zero list" included companies that either paid no tax, had offsets against profits that reduced their tax to zero, or made a loss.
In other words people they used their accountants to beat the system but what ever means possible so they didn't pay tax. 
But they all still live it up as multi-million-billionaires.

That people is not the full list of tax fraudsters that is just a few of the corporations, not the other thousands of the top 1-20% ripping off Australia
Remember people there are almost 2,000 top companies then thousands of others committing millions in tax fraud the top 1-20% rich tax fraudsters.
These are the people the Wickenby task force...the Taxation's office task force go after.
Its not the poor committing this tax fraud its the rich....the poor can barely afford to live, while the rich tax fraudsters are living it up on the money they have stolen from Australia.
Remember readers Malcolm Turnbulls companies are on that list by the taxation office.
Don't forget..... just 10 corporations committed $30 billion in tax fraud in 2014 which cost the jobs of 4,400 Australians, sanctioned by the Liberal Government....that is called criminal intent.

Poor struggling Australians, pensioners, medical, education, other services all pay while these companies pay either no tax or very little....Don't forget these CEO, company directors are multi-millionaires or multi-billionaires....they are not struggling to make ends meat or homeless.

 The details revealed by the ATO as part of measures supported by Senator Xenophon, include:

Multi-national brewer SAB Miller paying zero tax on $2b income. “There is some irony in ‘big beer’ not even paying ‘small beer’ when it comes to their tax bill,” said Nick.

Nappy maker (the BabyLove brand) Unicharm Australasia Holdings Pty Ltd, bringing in $130m in sales, with a taxable income of just $10 and tax paid of $3. “On any measure that looks like a pretty crappy result for the ATO,” said Nick.

Apple Pty Ltd paying $74m in tax – a rate of 1.2 per cent on its total Australian income of $6.1b. “This Apple is sliced in a way that only a tiny sliver of its revenue comes back to Australia in taxes,” said Nick.

Search engine giant Google’s $357m in income led to tax payable of $9.2m – 2.6 per cent - believed to be in part due to offshoring arrangements. “If only our tax laws had as many effective hits as a Google search,” said Nick.

Senator Xenophon singled out New Zealand gambling giant Skycity – operators of the Adelaide Casino - which paid $6.8m in tax, just 2.5 per cent of its $271m in revenue and pokie machine giant IGT with $125m in income, which paid zero tax. READ MORE HERE

Cook added that he would ‘love to’ pay taxes on all its foreign earnings in the US but he could not because it would cost Apple too much money. ( The world are furious, because ever day pay people are not let off tax, we have to pay. 
These CEO's of Apple are billionaires and they live in that life style also, billion dollar yachts, $100 mill homes, just google some of the CEO's directors and you will see their abundance of wealth and greed..... when so many people go hungry and are homeless, but they don't think they should pay their right share off tax. This company hide hundreds of millions of dollars in Ireland FFS, in shelf companies, offshore companies to avoid taxes.)
He said: ‘It would cost me 40 per cent (in taxes) to bring it home. And I don’t think that’s a reasonable thing to do.

‘This is a tax code that was made for the industrial age, not the digital age. It’s backwards. It’s awful for America. (its awful for every country, not just the USA, England who are going through identical tax raughts by Corporations and the rich as Australia are)

‘It should have been fixed many years ago. It’s past time to get it done.’

Under Apple’s complex tax structure it funnels its profits through Ireland which enables it to declare losses or tiny profits in Britain and pay minimal corporation taxes. 

 Italy have won in court and gone after the money Apple owes in tax, about time Australia does the same thing. Families, children, services, health care suffer because of what this company, its billionaire owners do, like the other tax fraud corps do.
The settlement comes amid mounting controversy over the tax arrangements of multinational companies who use cross-border structures to reduce their tax bills, sometimes with the help of secret and potentially illegal 'sweetheart' deals. 
Just like the illegally deal the Liberal Government have made with apple and thousands of other corporations, which Australia now demands justice for. 

It is our legal right to have the Senate act on our behalf, to have the Liberal party brought up on fraud charges, criminal intent to the Australian people. Go after the tax that was defrauded from Australia, through the illegal deals made by the Liberal party Government and Malcolm Turnbull. 

The article below tells you about Apple and its shelf companies it has set up in Ireland to avoid tax. Companies set up with no employees....to hide hundreds of millions of dollars.
Companies from Australia are doing an Apple also, following in their footsteps, committing fraud, tax evasion. named and shamed below.

There are companies PTY LTD companies using Ireland to hide assets and profits, ask the tax office who are investing them
This is just one PTY LTD under investigation by the 
Wickenby Task Force for millions in tax fraud V&VWalsh PTY LTD meat export company in Western Australia.
Amelia Park wines-Margret river WA.
Amelia park racing stud-Vase WA
Trim & Tasty Meats- Bunbury WA
Jackson Restaurant- Perth WA
Brothels, night clubs in WA 
Beach resort Bali   (we even have the luxury pics of this tax raught)
One of the directors was paid $5mill to help a business man a mate of his in South Africa get $30 mill out of the country through illegal means.
The company directors, CEO's all rich living it up, why wouldn't they....they bring majority of their non skilled work force in from Asia on 5 year visas, that the Australia tax payers subsidies. 
Yes Australians subsidies this companies staff wages, who majority are non Australians, taking jobs that were once Australians so this company to make the most of the tax raught created by our Government and get rich. (tax raughters, criminals in other words)
That is just a few of the many companies this mob have and it does not include the off shore assets hiding from the Australian tax man.
 Hiding accounts in China, England, Ireland, Asia, Europe. 

According to the tax office and International Federal Authorities the Meat export industry and all those business above are widely used for money laundering, tax evasion in offshore accounts and there are legal documents supporting all of this from this company. Acquired through lengthy investigation. 
Not only is this company on the radar of the tax office, but also the Australian Federal Police and ASIO. 
Money Laundering, laundering money for terrorist.
The Corruption & Crimes Commission found criminal intent, perverting the course of justice, using Government officials, police, and courts.....thousands of accounts of fraud and purgery. 
One of the CEO's company directors a child sexual abuser and Domestic Violence abuser facing criminal charges.
There is more on this company in this article link as well. READ HERE

London is now the global money-laundering center for the drug trade, says crime expert

The proof is undeniable, even though Liberals have tried to hide the truth from the people, done through the media MSM. The ICAC federal investigation that is coming is going to have a field day.

Lets put that into perspective a little bit shall we. This ass this
non Australian, thinks its his god given right to rip off
Australia for over $500,000 on top of his cushy salary off $400k
and he calls pensions a burden. And yet the Australian people
are force against our consent, yes against our consent....we have
never consented to his salary or pension.
The minimum pension should be $30K...right now Australians 
are living in poverty, because you simply can not live on $19K a year.
Our politicians should immediately be placed on $19K a year no luxuries
no perks, no Government cars, houses, flights, meals and lets see them
starve, freeze and swelter in the summer. Live in poverty.

As Australian's, we follow USA politics because it also effects us in Australia...we are voting for Bernie to also get in as President, because it will cause some major shake ups with our corrupt Government here in Australia.
What is happening in the USA is identical to what is happening in Australia, and Bernie is doing something proactive to change it. But not in Australia, we the people, have no-one doing anything pro-active against a corrupt Liberal party. In Australia we need someone with real leadership to go up against the corruption, the corruption of the Liberal party & Malcolm Turnbull, to actually fight for the rights of the Australia people.
Australia has become a dictatorship led by Malcolm Turnbull enslaving the people of Australia.

What happens in the world effects us here in Australia, who is president of the USA effects us here in Australia.

Bernie Sanders is one man doing something, standing up for the rights of individuals. This is what we need a Bernie Sanders right here in Australia to stand up for the Australian people, take back our country from greed and corruption, corporations who have bought off the political system, bought off the Liberal Government.

Demon parasite Malcolm Turnbull's Rap sheet..... the full details compliment of the website Kangaroo Court READ HERE

 More Fraud by Tony Abbott....the Australian people demand justice. Under the law he could not even hold office, let alone be Prime Minister of Australia. Right now as it stands under the law he has to be stripped off his job and pension and face criminal charges. In the article Abbott says he could not live on the parliamentary salary. (FFS are you fucking kidding) But he thinks its OK for over 2 million people in Australia to live in poverty, so he can live a lifestyle he thinks he is entitled to, and he wants the Australian tax payers and the poor to pay for it. HELL NO.  READ ARTICLE HERE

Under the law this is marital assets owned by the both of them, 

Joe Hockey committed with his wife a banker,

tax fraud, they are both white collar criminals.

Joe obviously knows where the skeletons are to

be rewarded for breaking the law, theft,

tax fraud, criminal offenses, but no, he is rewarded.

Under the law he can not hold office, has to be stripped

of his pension and job, and criminally charged.

Australia demands justice now.
Into perspective Joe Hockey committed 9,490 days of tax fraud. The Australia Taxation office charges 5% a day for un-paid tax bills...so in real terms Joe Hockey owes the Australia people $450,3005. Joe committed 9,490 counts of tax fraud on this one case, the house, the legal marital assets he transferred to his wife's name, an investment banker, so he could commit tax fraud, rip off Australia on top of his $400,000 salary the Australians people have been forced against our consent to pay. Then Joe is rewarded with a new job, another pension for tax fraud. NO BLOODY WAY IS HE GETTING AWAY WITH THIS the Australian people demand justice now. This under the law is called criminal Intent.

 Our Government simply don't give a dam about the children in foster care, their conditions, the child sexual abuse that is covered up by this very Government. The words above are from a child in foster care...."Not feeling special in anyone's eyes" and here we have these rogue corrupt Government pollies lining their own pockets at the expense of these children....committing federal crimes...crimes...to do this. Australians demand justice now.
We are furious and we want the world to know it. (Our Government under the law are complicit in covering up child sexual abuse, abuse of children, a criminal offense) They ripped millions of dollars from the foster care budget, tried to bankrupt the Royal Commission into child abuse.....our own Attorney General complicit in covering up child sexual abuse and under federal investigation.

Abbott and Turnbull rip $300 million dollars from the domestic violence budget, close shelters, take away legal funding. Abusing domestic violence victims over and over. Nothing has changed to this very day, they still simply don't give a shit about victims of Domestic violence  READ HERE
 At the UN, Australia incurred criticism over violence against women, the rights of disabled people and respect for the rights of gay and transgender people, among other things. But two topics rang above all else, and the criticism on these is entirely valid.

The number one tax avoider in Australia says this, total bloody hypercritic. Costing 
Australian billions in tax fraud, corruption, controlling the media, involved in phone hacking.

  You Ass Rupert you pay no fucking tax you wanker, look who is the real scrounger
that welfare is propping up....You asshole...your fucking empire.
Australians don't want the likes of you in our country sucking us dry, stealing from our country from our people. 
Get the Fuck out and stay out.

Rupert Murdoch demon, demonic parasite, destroying all of humanity, hates the poor, 
goes after them every day in its bullshit rags. This demonic piece of 
demon garbage should be in hell and prison, as Guardians we are helping Gods army send it there. 
Click on the link to read the full article of his ass firmly planted in politics, not only in Australia but the rest of the world....total Psychopath.....controlling the Liberal party.
net worth of US$12.4 billion, no bloody wonder when he is not paying tax.
Malcolm Has given Rupert keys to the kingdom....the kingdom being Australia.

Rupert Murdoch caught out LYING that his companies pay taxes. They don't pay a single cent & knows it. #AusPol. Here is the evidence readers.

Here is the latest bullshit that demon Malcolm Turnbull has his criminal tax fraud mate write in his papers, to intimidate, make threats to low income families, pensioners. 
In fact under the law....yes the law.... pensioners, disability pensioners, low income are well under paid. 
Yes underpaid, and the Government owe these people thousands of dollars each for one year alone. 
Our Government, including Malcolm Turnbull have been over paid and owe back to the Australian people tens of thousands of dollars...yes....and Australians want that money back now.
The real tax fraudsters owning Australia money is in-fact Murdoch, he owes billions in back taxes.
Look who is the real scum bag criminal, tax criminal, gets the award of the Century for being a fucking deuce bag, Rupert Murdoch. Get the fuck out of Australia and never come back you wanker and take Turnbull with you.

Dick Cheney, Rupert Murdoch, and Lord Jacob Rothschild and their company Genie Energy are about to make a killing on oil - from the killing in Syria.
While Syria is torn apart by the warring of U.S. imperialists and Islamic fundamentalists—leaving its children to die of starvation—another country plans to take advantage of the chaos by stealing resources from Syria’s southern region. The theft will be carried out by the most notorious pushers of military hegemony, and they don’t care that it violates international law.
- See more at: http://bullhorn.nationofchange.org/cheney_rothschild_and_fox_news_murdoch_to_drill_for_oil_in_syria_violating_international_law#sthash.TWcuSCxR.bgYLF285.dpuf
Dick Cheney, Rupert Murdoch, and Lord Jacob Rothschild and their company Genie Energy are about to make a killing on oil - from the killing in Syria.
While Syria is torn apart by the warring of U.S. imperialists and Islamic fundamentalists—leaving its children to die of starvation—another country plans to take advantage of the chaos by stealing resources from Syria’s southern region. The theft will be carried out by the most notorious pushers of military hegemony, and they don’t care that it violates international law.
- See more at: http://bullhorn.nationofchange.org/cheney_rothschild_and_fox_news_murdoch_to_drill_for_oil_in_syria_violating_international_law#sthash.TWcuSCxR.bgYLF285.dpuf
While Syria is torn apart by the warring of U.S. imperialists and Islamic fundamentalists—leaving its children to die of starvation—another country plans to take advantage of the chaos by stealing resources from Syria’s southern region. The theft will be carried out by the most notorious pushers of military hegemony, and they don’t care that it violates international law. Read More Here
The Interim PM of Australia works for these men not Australians.

Pretty scary read. What the hell is wrong with these people who have to have this much power and money. Oh that's right they are bloody Psychopaths.

Rolling Stones ~”Conspiracy theorists of the world, believers in the hidden hands of the Rothschilds, the Masons and the Illuminati, we skeptics owe you an apology”.

The players may be a little different, but your basic premise is correct: The world is a rigged game. We found this out in recent months, when a series of related corruption stories spilled out of the financial sector, suggesting the world’s largest banks may be fixing the prices of, well, just about everything.  READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE

Sound Familiar does the definition above remind you of any of our Government,
or leaders. Psychopaths are also domestic violence, sexual abusers.
Key traits that sociopaths and psychopaths share include: 
  • A disregard for laws and social mores
  • A disregard for the rights of others
  • A failure to feel remorse or guilt
  • A tendency to display violent behavior
  •  Sociopaths tend to be nervous and easily agitated. They are volatile and prone to emotional outbursts, including fits of rage
  •  Psychopaths, on the other hand, are unable to form emotional attachments or feel real empathy with others, although they often have disarming or even charming personalities. Psychopaths are very manipulative and can easily gain people’s trust. They learn to mimic emotions, despite their inability to actually feel them, and will appear normal to unsuspecting people. Psychopaths are often well educated and hold steady jobs. Some are so good at manipulation and mimicry that they have families and other long-term relationships without those around them ever suspecting their true nature.
  •  psychopaths make excellent white-collar criminals and "con artists" due to their calm and charismatic natures.

We have the list of high Profile pedophiles also.

Extraordinary attempts were made to remove her from her position – from an offer of another senior legal role, to a push from government and some in media to pressure her to resign.

Yet through it all she appeared composed and resolute. She defended the work of the commission which so vexed the government – particularly the grave human rights concerns about children being held in mandatory immigration detention – and pushed on, determined to serve her full five year term. A lawyer of almost 50 years experience, who had also previously been a Dean of Law at the University of Sydney, Professor Triggs believed the commission's detailed inquiry into children in detention was sound. This confidence was only reinforced by the personal nature of the attacks on her.

Australia's awful failings on human rights

Earlier this week, more than 100 nations challenged Australia's record on human rights as part of a regular review at the UN – a review to which all member nations are subjected and in which all may participate. It is a rigorous process. A nation is reviewed by a panel of member nations, it is invited to respond in detail, and a forum is held at the UN during which any other member may make criticisms and suggestions for improvement.
That such criticism might be levelled by countries where the fundamental rights of liberty, justice and equality are abused daily – North Korea, Iran and Egypt come to mind – does not undermine the worthiness of the process. And Australians must never wave off deficiencies in our human rights record by adopting a relativist perspective, or by measuring our modest achievements against failures elsewhere.
At the UN, Australia incurred criticism over violence against women, the rights of disabled people and respect for the rights of gay and transgender people, among other things. But two topics rang above all else, and the criticism on these is entirely valid.
The first is Australia's indefinite detention of asylum seekers, its policy of turning away boats carrying asylum seekers, the detention of children and of people who have endured torture in their home countries, and the government's offshore detention policies that deny refugees any hope of being settled in Australia.

Tony Abbott in March railed at criticism of Australia's human rights record, saying this nation was "sick of being lectured by the United Nations". The then prime minister may well have been sick of it, but he certainly did not speak for the people of this nation. Human rights, and a nation's adherence to them, are not fashionable items to be adopted when it suits a government and discarded when they don't fit the domestic agenda.
Such rights are for all humanity. They must be promoted and defended so that they might endure despite war, despite despots and despite tin-eared prime ministers who might tire of such things. It is our government's duty to uphold them.

Human Rights Law... Both Rights and Obligations Human rights entail both rights and obligations. States assume obligations and duties under international law to respect, to protect and to fulfill human rights. The obligation to respect means that States must refrain from interfering with or curtailing the enjoyment of human rights. The obligation to protect requires States to protect individuals and groups against human rights abuses.
The obligation to fulfill means that States must take positive action to facilitate the enjoyment of basic human rights.

 Australians should be more terrified of the white collar criminals war mongers who are running and destroying our country and lives of Australian's than babies and children who need a home, need
safety, love; instead of being persecuted, abused and raped. Turnbull you should be disgusted in yourself as a barely-human being.

Senior Liberal party figures and donors, including the party's federal treasurer, have reaped multi-million windfalls from the former Baillieu government's signature urban renewal project in inner Melbourne.
An investigation into the controversial Fishermans Bend project has found Liberals' honorary treasurer Andrew Burnes is among a slew of party activists and donors who either bought into the renewal precinct before it was rezoned or were long-term property owners that pressed for redevelopment of the area.

This is just one of the reasons Australia is 3rd bottom in the world on climate change. Turnbull's policies the same as Abbott, he stood by Abbotts side and is still doing the same thing, ignoring world leaders who have fired at Australia for its lack of action against climate control. They would rather take bribes from the mining industry, line their own pockets, aid billionairs get richer than act against climate change.
Then they want the poor to pay extra tax, not the rich just the poor struggling families.

 Turnbull---- I got rich taking bribes from the mining industry, Rupert Murdoch, Gina, doggy land deals...of course it was all illegal.

Complicit in covering up child sexual abuse, a criminal offense.


Complicit in covering up child sexual abuse, a criminal offense. 

No where in the bible does it say it is OK to sexual abuse a child.

Australia demands justice for the cover-up of child abuse, justice for the victims who have a life time of  PTSD, and other medical conditions, for the victims who have lost their lives.
Here we have this man, no he is in no way a man of the coth when he can be complicit in child sexual abuse, committing criminal offenses. The victims are threatened to be silent to go away, intimidated, offered $5,000 in compensation years ago to be silent...to be silent for the life long sentence they have now been given because of being sexually abused....a crime and out right crime. And this man one of the men who helped with these crimes is rewarded for his part in these criminal acts.
Our Government and George Brands helping him cover up child sexual abuse, threats, murder, all criminal offenses, complicit in crimes. The entire lot of them should be on trial....Australia, the victims demand justice we all demand this now....this is our absolutely legal right.

Hallelujah and praise the lord, it is a fucking miracle.
Pell said he was too sick to fly on a luxury private jet to attend the Royal Commission into child abuse, to face criminal charges.
And here he is readers giving tours over Christmas, and yes we even have a video HERE

The Abbott government inflated the deficit during its first year in power by transferring $1.5bn to Victoria for the East West Link despite “clear advice” the payments were not yet needed, an audit report has found.
The government approved the funding even though it had received departmental warnings that neither stage of the Melbourne project had proceeded through a full assessment of its merits, the Australian National Audit Office (ANAO) said in the report issued on Monday.
The report raises serious questions about the federal government’s handling of the 18km project, which was also championed by the former Victorian Coalition government but was subsequently scrapped by the Andrews Labor administration.

More waste of the Australian tax payers money that thy have never sought permission to spend to waste. We have millions homeless, starving and they are going to spend $20 billion
of the Australians tax payers money to build a dam wine bar. HELL NO.
Australians do not give our consent when over 2 million people in Australia live
in poverty.

Rogue Nation. Mission Impossible. We hope Not. The mission Australia if you choose to accept....

we will keep adding to this article because there is a hell of a lot more to say, and show the
Australian People. Tony Abbott did it Malcolm Turnbull is doing it also,
controlling the media through Rupert Murdoch, trying to stop the media from
printing the truth, he does not want Australian people to be informed to the
greed, the corruption that is going on in our Government, what our Government
is doing to the people of Australia. Every day we are updating this article, please read be aware what is happening in Australia, in the USA around the world. What happens in the world effects us here in Australia, who is president of the USA effects us here in Australia.

Let's make this happen if you give a Dam, and care about Domestic violence, Sexual Violence, PTSD and abuse then please sign and share. Michelle Obama has signed, The Billion Women against violence has signed so have many other end violence organizations. We would love to make this happen to coincide with the The Orange The World Day against violence in 2016  https://www.change.org/p/world-wide-leaders-presidents-prime-ministers-for-the-survivors-victims-of-abuse-sexual-violence-suffer-through-out-our-world-we-need-change-now-we-need-a-world-wide-memorial-day-to-remember-those-who-lost-their-lives-to-domestic-sexual-abuse?recruiter=326657032&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=copylink&rp_sharecordion_checklist=control

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