Heroes dress in black #StandUP Warriors

ANONYMOUS : Heroes dress in black

Water is Life Stop DAPL

Anonymous Stands with Standing Rock - Water is life - Stop DAPL

George Soros Arrested in the USA

BREAKING: George Soros Arrested And Charged With Hate Crimes Against America

The cyber Information war -Vault 7 truths

ANONYMOUS Message to the world | The cyber Information war -Vault 7

Sharia Law -The Cabal - Muslim Brotherhood

Sharia Law | Rape - Abuse - Torture - Terrorism - Muslim Brotherhood


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Videos Illuminati evil demons

David Icke's Real Face. He is a Demon. We have to thank our fellow Christian Brother EyeSpy for this.

Much more on his youtube channel.

We have many more reveals, and many more to come.

World leaders, Presidents, Hillary Clinton, media, actors all exposed. They are DEMONS. Many Picture reveals at this link

Elon Musk's Real Face. He is a DEMON

Joe Biden's Real Face. It is a DEMON

Hillary Clintons' Real Face. It is not human

it is a DEMON.

Barack Obama's Real Face

Kim Kardashian's Real Face / Body. It is not human it is a DEMON, it cant have babies. It has a scrotum.

All of the Kardashians are DEMONS.

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