TISA Trade Pacific Partnerships

TPP TTIP TISA - A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing - Global Devastation


 Our Governments have been by-passing the WTO. The World Trade Organization (WTO) deals with the global rules of trade between nations.
Our Government have been creating in secret, with Multinationals the biggest trade agreements, the world has ever seen. 
This has all been negotiated in complete secrecy, until recently.
They are called the three big T's. The TTP, TTIP, TiSA and the third still a massive secret is the TTIP, no one knows its secret contents.
The TiSA documents are supposed to remain secret for five years after the deal is finalized.

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 President of Russia said ‘TTIP is non-transparent, protectionist deal’: Putin interview ahead of India visit Published time: 13 Oct, 2016. He is the first Government leader to express the dangers of the TPP's. Russia and India are not part of the 51 Countries being bought into ownership of the Oligarchy under the TPP's. They are classed as super powers and wont be bullied by the USA.  

News Update: Trump elected by the Illuminati NWO - not the people USA President Donald Trump said he is  withdrawing America from the TPP's. He said it is nothing but disaster for America and all. And he is 100% rights. It is a world wide disaster it was created to only benefit Multi-corporations, and not the people. For the people it is decimation, no jobs, no food, no homes, no health care, decimation and death.
Now in April 2018 Trump has gone back on his word - whats new a born again liar - and is going to reintroduce the TPP's on the world.

UPDATE: The Australian Gov signed the TPP's the most damage lies in the TISA & TTIP. The devastation in Australia of the TPP's all three of them has ripped through Australia. Genocide of its people.

Gina Rinehart, pure evil mining magnate is suing the state of Victoria, for the right the frack the shit out of the state, and destroy its lands. This falls under the TISA of the TPP's. 
Victoria like South Australia are fracking free states, but under the TISA mining companies can now come in and destroy the land.
This has ended up in the courts, it will bankrupt Victoria. 
The Turnbull Gov of George Soros owned, has allowed slave labor to be used by Rinehart mining companies at $2 an hour, bringing in human trafficking, slave labor, unskilled, to be used and abuse for this greedy parasite.
How much of a kick back does Turnbull personally get from Rinehart put into his offshore accounts? 

We have had members of Government who have thanked us for this article, even they have been kept in the dark by Government leaders who are lying to everyone.

UPDATE on the TiSA: According to France & Germany #TTIP is dead. But it will return as #TiSA . All this means everything will be privatized. This release includes a previously unknown annex to the TiSA core chapter on "State Owned Enterprises" (SOEs), which imposes unprecedented restrictions on SOEs and will force majority owned SOEs to operate like private sector businesses. 

This corporatisation of public services - to nearly the same extent as demanded by the recently signed TPP - is a next step to privatization of SOEs on the neoliberal agenda behind the "Big Three" (TTIP, TiSA, TPP). There are a serious of videos below explaining all of this to you. 

The Gov of Australia involved in Terrorism, funding Terrorism, Treason on the highest level against their fellow man. Multiple felonies. As the poster from forensic investigation shows, over $460 million stolen from the Australian people in secret and then given to to a terrorism organization - The Clinton Foundation. The amount is closer to $1 trillion going back to the days of the Howard Government to the present Gov of Turnbull. 
This is on the Clinton Server, what main stream media will never tell you about. 
Arrest warrants have been issued world wide to leaders of Government, to corporations, to bankers, to individuals. This is just the start of justice by President Trump and President Putin.
We as Anonymous activists had to reach out to these two presidents to help all Australian's because of the corruption in the Australian Government. 
One Nation is the right arm of the LNP Gov, as destructive as the LNP, their lap dog hell bent on enslaving and destroying the middle class, low income, the vulnerable. 
(more to come in future articles, and HERE)

Read and watch, the global videos on the devastation of the TPP's that our government's world wide have been hiding from you.  We have broken down parts of the TPP in very simple terms, there are so many people asking us questions on social media, who don't understand the TPP, and don't know what Corporatocracy and globalization is. 
They come back thanking us for this article, and explaining it in a language they are able to understand. People are also visual so our posters and videos enclosed below also explain a lot of questions and also help keep shouting the truth around the world. We have millions of readers world wide.

The worlds biggest multinational corporations have been receiving VIP access, to all of the agreements. A huge influence into the writing of these secret, and illegal trade deals. Videos below from  investigative journalists further in the article.

The deals will give Corporations the power to do what ever they want, run wild, with no oversight. They can sue who ever they like, over the smallest things. Even over a demonstration. The will dictate your wages, lower the wages, your working conditions and there is not a dam thing you can do about this. This is the power of the Multinationals and the TTP trade agreements, and what our Governments leaders are allowing them to do. They are allowing these multinationals to rewrite the laws. This is what your Governments world wide do not want you to know. 

There are 51 Multinational Corporations in the world, 47 of those are USA based, and control most of the worlds politics, including Australia. They are what is know as Oligarchs, and is Corporatocracy and Geo Politics. Those Oligarchs control political leaders, they put them into office to control, they own them, and politics. So they are the ones pulling all the strings in Government, really making all the decisions, destroying countries and the lives of billions of people world wide, for greed and power. The politicians placed into power by the Oligarchs, make themselves filthy rich taking bribes, and back handed deals. 

The TPP's are going to devastate climate change, destroy our planet, the Corporations want, and will under the TPP's control all of our internet, privacy-there will be none. This is all covered in video 2 & 3 of the TPP's A wolf in Sheep Clothing. It will be global domination by the USA and corporations. 

There is growing evidence that the privatization of state-owned companies leads to an increase in costs for consumers. In the 34 OECD countries, for example, the average price for energy charged by private companies is 23.1 percent higher than the price charged by public companies.  
The increase in Energy prices has zero to do with wind farms, and everything to do with privatization, and complete and utter greed by Corporations and your own Government. So all the articles you see about wind farms being responsible for energy prices increase, are false, and total rubbish. 

Australian gas 40% and 60% cheaper in Japan and China than in Australia despite export costs, Australia exports gas to China. Exporting has left fewer companies selling in Australia so gas prices have risen sharply, in turn pushing up electricity prices, says analyst. The real cost for increase is privatization, prices are sky-rocketing because of greed and Privatization. It is going to be even worse under the TPP's. 

It is making living unsustainable, people cant afford to live because of this greed. People have to now make a choice between food, medical and electricity. Many people in Australia have no electricity, they use candles, gas cooking, because energy is now so expensive, especially for low income, the elderly, and pensioners. This is criminal. 

Done forget readers corporations control the media but they don't control Anonymous or the Democracy Now Party. 

The Multinationals are setting up their own court system. The laws written for them. Law suits will go to their court, not the high court. It is the Multinationals laws, and law system. They have the power to sue our Government's for tens-hundreds of billions of dollars. And they have, not so long ago; which is well detailed in video two on the TPP's laws and much more.  

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 These trade deals violate our basic human rights, we simply wont have any. They will violate our constitutions, our sovereignty, our Rule of Law, all of our laws. We will have no power to defend our-selves against them, none. 

Our world leaders have been negotiating with many of these Multinational Corporations, who are also lobbyists, and donate to their political parties, hell they own those political parties. 

These companies are already set up by our Governments in office, to making a killing off the Trade Pacific Partnerships.
Politicians are already making themselves filthy rich taking bank handed deals from Corporations. All illegal readers. 
And has been on the watch of the FBI's world wide task force for some time. They are coming after those politicians and Corporations.  FBI press release July 2016 is HERE

And we do mean killings in both sense of the word, financially and lives. It will be genocide on a mass scale across the globe to the Elderly, disability, children, the vulnerable; anyone who can not afford private health care will die. 

Please keep sharing world wide, by not signing, the stop the TPP and sharing this article, you are saying you support corruption on a global scale.  Please watch, listen and read, and stop the TPP before it is too late for everyone on our planet. 

This is what our Governments and them media, do not want you to read and see. The main stream media is owned and controlled by Corporations, who either fund political parties or own them. They  do not want the truth to be exposed to the world. 

It has already begun in Australia, Malcolm Turnbull has secretly begun negotiating to privatize everything, he is Australia's economic hit-man sent in by his bosses he works for at Goldman Sachs, and those contracts go to all the Corporations who donated to the  the Liberal party Corruption. Corruption article that you are going to want to read, and have your eyes fully open for the very first time.
Once medicare is Privatized it can not be reversed, the privatization contract have been written this way. 

In the UK, the Gov are trying to privatize their health care system as well. Investigative journalists and our activists, found out the content of the privatization, it can never be reversed, it is the exact same thing for Australia. Genocide on a global scale. 
Malcolm Turnbull stood in the media and lied just last week about this. He has already done the deal to privatize everything in Australia, he has been working in secret with Multinational corporations. It will be death to Australia. 
Article Link Here

Malcolm Turnbull and LNP have already setting up their Corporations to privatize domestic violence and homeless services. Malcolm Turnbull plans to profit from these crimes, from the suffering of children and adults. Full Article HERE and HERE

On the 31st October 2016 Alex and our team came under fire by the Turnbull LNP Government. They are now using thuggery to try to silence Alex and our team for exposing the real data on child abuse & domestic violence and all health related issues. The privatization of all these services including medicare under the TPP's. You can read the full data we have exposed in this LINK. Information the Government does not want you to know, because they are making a killing of these crimes. 

Privatization the TPP's in Australia by Malcolm Turnbull has begun in the job sector, over 50,000 Australian's have lost their jobs in a short few months, because of the TPP.
In 4 years over 40 % of Australian's will loose their jobs because of the TPP's to cheap foreign imported unskilled workers.
All those contracts have gone to the LNP Liberal party Multinational corporations who own the LNP party. 

 Under the TPP's constitutions don't exist the USA constitution is gone and the TPP's laws trump everything, all constitutions, Rule of Law is gone under the control of the TPP's.
The Multi-corporations want unions gone, so workers will have no rights what so ever. These Corporations will operate with zero oversight, not even Government can tell them what to do.
What Government would agree to this fascism, this world domination, this take over, the Governments put into office by the Multi-corporations the Oligarchy for this very purpose to take control for them.

George Soros Bribed People for Stronger Internet Regulations in TPP TiSA. A leaked document from George Soros’s Open Society Foundations reveals the organization was seeking to influence the positions of Latin American governments in negotiating the Transpacific Partnership Agreement, or TTP. Read full details here Soros’s organization does not appear to support the TPP outright, but expressed interest in influencing the sweeping internationalist treaty, including the treaty’s positions on Internet regulation.
The Soros US Shadow Gov now runs Australia, and the genocide and Tyranny has begun to the middle class, the poor and the vulnerable. 

TurnBulls Oz : Sacked. Then offered pay cuts of up to 65% to get job back ! This is bloody disgusting. The dictatorship of Malcolm Turnbull and the Multi-Corporations.
Fletch is 51, and a fitter by trade. He’s been employed at the Carlton United Breweries plant in Melbourne’s Abbotsford for 34 years – since he was 17. When I met him last Tuesday, it was in the street outside the brewery; here, amid the puddles of a rainy Melbourne winter, Fletch is one of a group of tradies camped out in a canvas army tent, maintaining a “community protest” next to the shut gates of the CUB compound. Full Article from The Guardian

You have to watch these videos below, to see how our Governments world wide, and in Australia are lying to everyone. The media that is owned by these multinationals do not want you to know the truth, they have been hiding the truth from you. Now here it is, time to wake up everyone. Anonymous we are Legion world wide.

Every right we have will be stripped from us. We will basically be slaves. You have to watch this video. This is what Malcolm Turnbull is going to do to Australia, what other world leaders have been planing in secret to do to their countries people. Corporations will control everything. 

We have been exposing Australia being on an Economic hit list for years, and this has been fast tracked with the Oligarchy placing their puppet for Goldman Sachs into office as PM. He and his parties to which there are two of them LNP & One Nation are decimating the vulnerable and poor people of Australia and our country. The most deceitful corrupt Government in the history of Australia. And they are bringing a number of Senators along for the ride with them.

 These Senators have sold their soul, and sold out their country, to the vampire suckers of the Oligarchy. (Video below of what an economic hit-man does by former CIA economic hit-man John Perkins , and he confirms Australia is on the list) 

The signs Australia has been and is on a hit list are everywhere, even leading economist are saying the same thing. 
Syria was on a hit list still is for its natural resources and look what has happened to their country, there are African nations same thing was done, now they are left decimated, with no recovery.
This is what will happen to Australia, we are heading for the same path of destruction under the hit.

Australia has the 2nd highest natural resources in the world - worth over $220 billion a year in gas alone. But that money doesn't come back into the country, it goes off shore into a complex web of accounts to hide the profits, compliments of Malcolm Turnbull and the entire Gov. 
Don't forget readers, the entire Gov have allowed this deception to happen to continue, they have done nothing to stop the destruction to Australia, to its people. 
It is now up to activists to stop them, so there is a future for all, for your children and grandchildren. 
Malcolm Turnbull and his entire party of evil and corruption are making a killing from bribes, black-mail and back handed deals, every week something new is being exposed thanks to activists.  

Rupert Murdoch part of the Oligarchy and also one of the board members of a company called Genie Energy, set up to steal the resources of Syria, he is part of the hit squad and there is a list on it, we have the names and their positions, and Goldman Sachs once again on the board along with other Gov bodies. Want to read and know more, then here is our though investigative article which media in Australia don't want you to see. It has gone viral around the world, even covered in part by CNN. But not one Australian media outlet. Mmmm wonder why readers. Murdoch controlled media. Article Link Here 

People need to be reminded Malcolm Turnbull works for the same Oligrchy as Hillary Clinton and Obama, they were put into office to destroy their own countries the Soros Shadow Government. All which has been exposed by Anonymous, Democracy Now Party and all the people who are activists within these human rights organizations.
Remember people it takes a army of people to shout this truth to uncover these injustice's, not just one person - but hundreds, even thousands of people world wide. 
Leading Economist, University Professor - Michael Hudson explains how economic terms like capital gains are deployed to mislead the public about who is benefiting from economic policy and where wealth is going (must watch video). This relates to not only the US but to all countries, especially Australia since we are owned by the USA Oligarchy. 
The best video we have seen yet explaining in simple terms for all people how the Government is only working for the top 5%.
You will understand in simple terms why the top 5% the Oligarchy who own and control our Gov's created the TPP's in complete secrecy.
They only benefit the top 5% and no one else. 
The Gov who allows this is against Democracy.

Gina Rinehart is the reason dairy farmers are loosing their properties, forcing them into bankruptcy. She then swoops in and buys up their properties for nothing. She got a $500 million deal from the corrupt LNP Gov, dairy farmers got Bankruptcy.
Gina Rinehart a greedy parasite of the Corporatocracy, who is hell bent on the destruction of families, and lives in Australia.

In case you don't know, Gina Rinehart is one of the Corporatocracy who had a hand in the writing of the TPP's for herself. She has been receiving gold plated service to all of the TPP's, making herself even richer, at the expense of real families, forced into Bankruptcy and poverty.

She is just one of many elite behind the destruction of Australia, all of our services, she hates poor people. Yet she inherited all of her wealth. She was brought up with a sliver spoon in her mouth.
Again we are seeing a blaten miss direction and cover-up by the media to report the truth.

The TPP's have begun the world wide devastation, costing hard working Australians, farmers world wide, their lively hood, their legacy of generations by their families. 
This has now become the subject of an investigation. Government bodies working against all Australians, while making themselves filthy rich. 

Under our Governments world wide and especially Australia, everything is for sale. The sale of Australia begun years ago, now it has been fast tracked by the Corruption of the Turnbull Government for the New World Order of the Oligarchy. People Australia is part of the USA's new world order.

IRAQ WAR — Governments went to war on a lie Article you need to read. Corporations profiteering off a war, the death of children and human beings. Article Link Here

FULL VIDEO – Edward Snowden on German TV – US Media Blackout from Andy Gee on Vimeo.
 German Television Channel NDR does an exclusive interview with Edward Snowden. You need to make a coffee, and sit down and watch this video documentary, you need to hear what our Governments are doing. Spying, Breaking Federal Laws, and the Iraq war. Mr Snowden is a former employee of the US National Security Agency (NSA) who exposed global surveillance program's in 2013. The world needed to know the truth, he was persecuted by Governments for doing so.
But when Hillary Clinton breaks countless Federal laws, lies to the world, lies to Congress, commits war crimes, she gets to run for President. "HELL NO"  Edward Snowden should be the one running for President not Hillary for Prison. 
Hillary Clinton will never be President, the worlds eyes have been opened. The State Department are now going after Clinton, for her Federal crimes.

What the world needs to know about the Secret Laws, privacy, climate change, wages and much more covered in  the video of the TTP. You need to watch this video. It effects every person on the planet. 
You will see what your Gov have been negotiating in private, private laws. This video is an absolute must to watch. You have to watch this video. 
Alarm bells on ISDS are ringing this loud for a reason: ISDS allows foreign firms to bypass domestic courts and sue governments (hence citizens, through taxes) directly in private trade tribunals if they feel that a government’s action can unfairly diminish future returns on their investments.

Until recently, ISDS provisions mostly featured in bilateral state-to-state investment treaties, and were designed to offer investors protection from actions by governments in countries with legal systems perceived to be poorly developed.

The European Commission has never finalised a trade agreement between the EU and third countries with ISDS. Currently 19 out of 28 EU member states, representing 93% of the EU economy, do not have ISDS provisions with the US. The nine that do only cover 7% of the EU’s GDP.

To date there are nine known claims in the EU-US relationship, all led by US investors. The majority of the claims involve investment in the primary sector: oil, gas and mining.

In its consultation the European Commission is trying to make ISDS look a bit more acceptable by changing a few things here and there as to how proceedings would works. In our submission we point out why none of these changes addresses any of the fundamental flaws of the system.

Breaking News July 14 2016 Scotland Just Banned Fracking Forever.
The Scottish Parliament voted to ban fracking countrywide on Wednesday, making a moratorium on the controversial technique a permanent affair. Scotland has been fighting to stop the TPP's as well. 
A big part of the contents of the TPP's is fracking. 
Multinationals will have control to frack where ever they want, with no oversight. You as a property owner would have no rights. 
Full article link to Scottish Parliament HERE
Scotland has shown that with a supportive Government, the people do have a voice and power to make changes that benefit them, not Government, and Multi-corporations. 

Breaking NEWS Press release July 20 2016 and video of the USA FBI State Department are coming after corruption, money laundering, and corporations and corrupt politicians taking bribes, involved in money laundering and corruption. They are coming after Malcolm Turnbull and the LNP in Australia Full Article and Videos Here
FBI announced October 30th they are going after the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton's. 

The Path to Total Dictatorship: America's Shadow Government and Its Silent Coup By John W. Whitehead October 24, 2016 Article LINK

John Perkins former CIA Economic Hitman. Classed as one of the worlds experts on Globalization Corporatocracy. You will hear what his job was world wide with the CIA. 
 Here is another link to one of his talks which we recommend Video Here
John Perkins 2015 “9/11 As Catalyst For 14 Years of US and Global Domination” Corporations were behind 9/11 Video Here
Highly recommended you watch this.

This is the new world order run by the Oligarchs, it has already begun. It is still happening right now. The oligarchs control government, the politicians, they own them. 
The TPP's are all part of the New World order, watch the video at 1.30.30 all part of the TPP, destroying low income, the poor. The proof is before your eyes. 
You need to watch this, or you can live with your head in the sand, and watch our world being destroyed, your life and your children's lives destroyed. 

This video relates to not only the USA but also to Australia. 
This is a full documentary into the Oligarchy controlling our countries, the USA take over of the world, destroying us, global cleansing under the TPP's. Professors of sociology, economics, these are the best minds in the world exposing what the Multi-Corporations the Oligarchy are doing to our world. A world for the elite only. You and me are not invited. (please this is a much watch documentary of the past, and present, and the future)

The only future is for the 1%-5% , they have written it this way. 
In Australia, Malcolm Turnbull is part of the New World order, he is owned by the Oligarchs, he doesn't give a shit about the rest of Australia, unless you are in the 1% - 5%, we are not part of the global elite, we don't fit into the plans of the New World order. 
We are seeing it world wide, the poor, disability, vulnerable are being abused, decimated and destroyed by mass genocide by our Governments. 

Humanitarians, Human Rights activist to stop abuse, violence, sexual abuse, child abuse, domestic abuse, child pornography, human-trafficking, and corruption. Last year in Australia our people were nominated for a humanitarian award. We do not get paid for our work as human rights activists. We use our own money, our own time to do so. 

Human-trafficking has become a global business, the selling of human beings and children. Please, we urge you, to be vigilant on all social media platforms. Human trafficking of children for the sex industry is taking place. If you see something, please, please report it to Homeland Security Trafficking division.(take a screen shot) Their contact details are in the rights side bar of our website. Your reporting and vigilance can save the lives of children, kidnapped, or being groomed for human-sex trafficking.  

A big thank you as always, to all our writers who contribute to our articles, and a big thank you to our graphic designers, who always come up with eye popping, fantastic, beautiful banners for our articles, which helps get the message in the article to the world. 

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