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Julian Assange has been taken & Wikileaks Compromised


We have to update you readers world wide: Wikileaks is CIA. It belongs to the CIA, always has - Julian Assange is just the front man. All will be revealed as you read this report.
With one Tweet Wikileaks have confirmed Julian Assange was taken by the CIA. We have the tweet and more further in this article. Wikileaks sent out an SOS for help on the 14th October we have all those tweets with the hidden message as well. Now Wikileaks is fully compromised by the CIA - all accounts associated with Wikileaks are now in control by the CIA. 

All the details and where Julian has been taken are in this article compiled by a team of People - human rights activists  - Anonymous - Democracy Now Party world wide human rights organizations. Thank you to everyone for your dedicated hard work in setting the truth free. If media wont to use our hard work, please make sure you give us credit, we have spent over a month, thousands of hours work, and death threats, abuse, exposing all of this. Please link back to this article.

Edward Snowden has been dropping hints also for over a month something had gone down and Wikileaks was compromised, but it would seem as investigators and activists we were the only one's paying any attention to his hidden message.
Any one who is a dedicated human rights activist and investigator knows we all communicate in code and hidden messages inside a paragraph, comment etc . So does the CIA, FBI and other intelligence organizations. 
Pegasus Unit (controls 70% of the U.S. CIA and the United States Department of Justice) as the operational and financial lynchpin that coordinates worldwide terrorist networks and cells with an emphasis on western Europe, the Middle East, as well as the United States. (Ok readers our forensic investigators have been working on this for awhile now. This article is very detailed, and there is evidence in the videos in this article and much more we have not publish to protect the lives of individuals. But we do have more updates coming.) 

We have to update you readers world wide: Wikileaks is CIA. It belongs to the CIA and the Shadow Government, always has - Julian Assange is just the front man. All will be revealed as you read this report.  HERE

FYI the real Hillary Clinton was killed over 10 years ago. It has been fakes, clones and demons since
There is no Hillary Clinton. She is dead. Proven 100%. Leaked by black ops, who were sick of the
NWO - Illuminati's lies. Wikileaks are the Illuminati's bitch. 
They don't work for Russia they work for the USA, for the Illuminati. CIA still lying their ass off.  
Trump is Illuminati, and he is not the real President Pence is.
Article and Video HERE

WikiLeaks & Pegasus Unit 
  Pegasus Unit (controls 70% of the U.S. CIA and the United States Department of Justice) as the operational and financial lynchpin that coordinates worldwide terrorist networks and cells with an emphasis on western Europe, the Middle East, as well as the United States. (Ok readers our forensic investigators have been working on this for awhile now. This article is very detailed, and there is evidence in the videos in this article and much more we have not publish to protect the lives of individuals. But we do have more updates coming.)This is all part of the Shadow Government. Wikileaks has been one big spying Gov operation and used to entrap activists, then to charge them.
All will be revealed as you read this report.  HERE

Since Nov 2016 more in-depth forensic investigations by our world wide team has uncovered much more, and we will be putting this in a new Article on the World Wide Gov Con-job of Wikileaks and Julian Assange. Anonymous world wide, human rights activists and any one who has not been brainwashed by the Psyop of Wikileaks and Assange = CIA have black listed them for a reason.
Anonymous Global made a media statement in October and November 2016 they are going after Wikileaks, they do not support Wikileaks or the fake Assange's, those statements are in this article.

The real Assange died between 2011-2014 and since then fakes - they are called clones. 
Anonymous have shown the world how Wikileaks = CIA have been faking video of Assange in the past and they are still doing it in 2017. And so many have fallen for the CIA's conjob to the entire world. 

Proven people of the world, the US Gov emptied the bank accounts of Wikileaks = CIA on the 21st October 2016 for not doing as they were told. Over $2 million in bitcoin was drained from Wikileaks bank accounts. Them going in the media in 2017 offering these ridiculous rewards is a Honey Trap, A Psyop, they have no money, again this is being done to suck all the gullible still falling for Wikileaks = CIA crap into their net. 

Our team have decoded cryptic messages from Julian Assange. The Ecuadorian Embassy also has a serious of secret tunnels underneath, going all the way to the tower, giving Assange free access to anywhere he wanted to go.
This is real this is not made up, faked in anyway. You are being fooled and manipulated by the CIA and their operation which is Wikileaks - it belongs to the CIA, it always has, we have all been fooled including the Wikileaks party set up in 2013; Julian Assange is just a front man - a spook. We even have his CIA ID NO. 
The Wikileaks Psyop - meaning -
military operations usually aimed at influencing the enemy's state of mind through non-combative means, which is exactly what Wikileaks who is CIA and project Pegasus has done, which has more than been proven. And people are still being sucked in by the CIA-Wikileaks Honey Trap. Lots of sheepish followers in the world.

Any video or Audio you have heard from Julian Assange since the 16th October 2016 will be completely fabricated. Anonymous global human rights organization who we are part of show you have this is done, and how Wikileaks = CIA have been doing it even prior to Julian Assange being taken by a CIA- Pegasus black ops task-force. 
We show you in the video in the article timeline of events exactly how they have altered and fabricated video of Julian Assange in a RT media interview. We caught them red handed.  It is a technique used by the CIA and other Intelligence agencies.  

 I suspect you are being shadow banned. None of your tweets are coming thru. I had to search for you to make sure you were around. 
So now our accounts are being suppressed so this data doesn't get out. WOW. Over 20 years as an investigator human rights activist just by myself; our entire team thousands of years experience, we know you don't do that unless you are trying to hide something - something huge and its is only A Federal Agency who has the power to do this. 

In four hours today the 7th December team of investigators find two more foundations with links to pedophiles - human trafficking - child brides - Podesta & Clinton foundation and you couldn't find any of this. 
And here is the kicker, one of the person in one of the foundations has been arrested and charged by Homeland Security and also on their watch list. And you couldn't find any of this, but you send to trills to our social media pages over night to abuse the absolute shit out of us, for exposing pizza gate, human trafficking, Wikileaks = CIA and Wikileaks links to Rothschild and the media faking news. 
It is amazing as well how egos are in the way of the Truth being set free. 

We see people with egos so dam big it's amazing they fit their heads through the door. Those people can not handle the truth so they make up their own version of it. 
We saw a video on youtube, of some guy who took word for word from out timeline video below which took weeks to put the time line together then days to put it in writing for the video to be made. He then takes our timeline and makes us complete and utter crap to what happened - no forensics - no documentation like this forensic investigation sets out. 

Wikileaks and Julian Assange have been puppets of the CIA for many years. Wikileaks themselves confirmed they have been working with the CIA. Our video exclusive from inside information from ex black ops has confirmed this, Please watch the video
Wikileaks have confirmed Julian Assange was taken by the CIA in a black ops operation on the 16th October 2016.
Julian did not do as he was told, don't forget people who these people are, they kill their own operatives. The coded messages our team of investigators have found going back nearly six months Assange wanted out. And no one else could get off their ass again and find these coded messages, except for our investigators. Incredible.

 UPDATE December 3 2016 : Our team world wide have found more coded messages going back to May 2016. SOS for Help and other messages. These messages have been embedded into songs, videos and articles. From the data we have gathered we have ascertained Staff at Wikileaks were under duress to comply with the CIA. On one of the messages found in a video from Julian Assange says. MANY DARK ACTORS PLAYING GAMES
The CIA are the ones pulling all the strings, controlling Wikileaks and Julian Assange. They are in control of Wikileaks. This was all in the coded messages we found.
We will do a second video to show this data.
Julian as some point wanted out of all of this, our team of investigators have found the evidence.
The first video of Wikileaks - Assange connections to Rothschilds talks about the shadow Government. The Shadow government is very powerful, they also control many law enforcement agencies. Hillary Clinton is a tool and puppet of the Shadow Government. 
There are still a lot of people who don't know how the Shadow Government works, the first video explains this in very simple terms how it exactly controls Government's, world leaders, banking, etc.     

An SOS for help was sent out by Wikileaks in a series of coded messages on the 14th of Oct, and more in the following days. Full details of the black ops take down of Assange from the Embassy in the UK, pictures which all has gone viral, and in the hands of the UK media for an exclusive from our hard work from all of our activists, are in this exclusive article.

 #Wikileaks has been black listed world wide. It has been taken over completely by the CIA. The CIA are in control of everything, including all their social media, bank accounts, the Wikileaks shop they have been since the 16th October 2016. The entire Wikileaks infrastructure is now in the hands of the CIA. 
Julian Assange was taken by the CIA on the 16th October 2016.
Possibly now dead.
Whistle-blowers do not use Wikileaks drop box, the CIA will use it to track you down and prosecute you. 
Wikileaks has been used to entrap human-rights activist, hacktivists, Anonymous members, to hunt them down and prosecute them. 
People this is real, we are Anonymous. Do not buy from the Wikileaks shop unless you want to support the CIA retirement fund.
Wikileaks bank accounts were drained on the 21st Oct 2016 by the State Department and Obama admin.

Since giving data to Anon Hive from an International Surveillance report which was given to one of our activists, which exposed who exactly Project Pegasus is, we have had many threats. This information was never meant to be made public to the world. After all it was the Governments best kept secret.
Details about Project Pegasus that we could share with you are also in the top part of this article, there is also data we could not share. 
The person who gave us the report who's identity we will not reveal, did tell us to be careful as we were opening Pandora's box of secrets. There is a lot more to Project Pegasus which is also not in this video above. They are 75% more powerful than the CIA.  

Our activists world wide were the only ones who were interested in finding out the truth, and sharing with the entire world for free. We make no money off this readers ZERO. We have had threats continuously along the way and abuse, even abuse from Wikileaks. And we are also from Wikileaks party. But like us they were also kept in the dark to the real truth what was going on. 
I think Edward Snowden and other activists world wide and Chelsea Manning would be rather pissed by now.

Yesterday Anonymous HQ had its servers hacked and all the pizza gate files were deleted from the server- taken. Julian and Wikileaks knew all the top people in Anon's IP, phone numbers and server details, now they get hacked, to remove Pizza gate. Come on too much of a coincident. And Julian was taken by the CIA, he went off CIA script because his Immunity deal went south, so he releases the data given to him by Anon. Then Julian goes missing taken, SOS goes out by Wikileaks.  Lucky for all activists we back up everything off line as well. There is more on this further in the article. 

People world wide Pizza gate it real, the code in the emails, talking about pizza, is code, the FBI, and any Psychologist who work on sexual abuse, pedophile, child porn cases know this, and we have such persons on our team of activists. There are also many other words of code used.  The FBI have on their own dam websites this very thing telling people the code used by pedophiles and on child porn sites. We have specialists who have worked child abuse cases for decades, who know how this sick world of these men and yes women works.
 How the satanic rituals all works. How the elite conduct their abuse and killing of children, and how Gov clean up - and cover - up this abuse, and use black mail to do this. Black mail is the number one tool used to control and manipulate these sick individuals. 

For those who have already starting to ask us about the time line being sped up in the video with Julian's escape plan. He went off script, his deal fell through when he published the email dump and pizza gate given to him for FREE FREE by Anonymous human rights activists. That was not mean to happen. Everything went haywire hence the SOS from Wikileaks for HELP. And the rest of the take down that followed. Full details are in our world exclusive.
The dead mans switch was activated the codes were sent out, and our entire team world wide know exactly where, which we will not be sharing with anyone. 
For those who keep coming to our social media pages asking for our sources. STOP, you will be blocked. That is a dead given away you are either a troll, or you work for a Gov Agency. 
Sacred rule in activism you never ever give away your sources. Anyone in activism knows this.

Good to know Wikileaks all of our donations have been going to the CIA. Just received my husbands Wikileaks T-shit today, took a FKNG month, cost $50, YEP i just supported the CIA retirement fund. FUCK YOU. 

We protect all of our sources where our Intel comes from, some comes from Gov sources, and other from black ops. We have sources from all of the world who do risk their lives getting data to us to share with you, so you know the truth. 

From what we can work out time line; Wikileaks in its entirety became compromised between the 16th - 20th October now being run by the CIA. And their full infrastructure taken over by the 20th October 2016

We also wanted to let people know Hillary Clinton's server is in the hands of 5 countries, one of those is Russia. We have been told by reliable sources, Hillary Clinton had the FBI destroy the entire server in the USA. That is a Federal crime right there, and Treason readers. We have been told Russia is going to dump the contents of Clinton's server on the net for the entire world to see. Bring it on President Putin, i think the world will throw you the biggest party you have ever seen if you do.

 Possible timeline of Assange rendition to Antarctica -Nabster used our data we gave to him two days ago to create a time line for Assassination of Assange. Thank us for our data which we posted on twitter.

When you start getting all the pieces the dots start to form the entire picture. Kerry is a key player in all of this. Activist's know how names are changes when referring to a person, place or thing. Codes are used, codes are used to describe, just like you would actually see in a spy movie. Yes as some one said straight out of Born Identity, Jason Bourne. Same thing, since it was based on ops. 

We have pictures of the take down by the CIA, they are in this article. 
We have personally got threats to be silent, to go away, which we reported constantly for a month now.
I last received contact from Julian a few hours after the dead mans switch was activated. I have had zero contact with him since. It has been confirmed by activists who witnessed this. Black ops team stormed the embassy last month took away a man with a black hood over his head.
Yes Wikileaks is compromised have the tweets from them to prove this.

Wikileaks which is really being run by the CIA now don't give a shit about Julian the man who started Wikileaks in 2004.

Staff from Wikileaks have sent out SOS's via 4Chan they are on the run, fear for their lives and Wikileaks is compromised now by the CIA, and these communications are real they are not a hoaks, they are further in this article.

This tweet from Wikileaks Task Force had us laughing our asses off. 
Photos, news paper with date on are used all the time for proof of life. But Wikileaks are trying to Bullshit the world saying its not proof of life. They better sent a message to the US military that its not proof of life since you are suggesting with your BS they don't know either.  LMFAO.
Wikileaks are trying to Bullshit the entire world that not one single 
person could take a picture with Julian, that visited him, 
not even his lawyer. Pull the other leg is plays jingle bells. 
But some how the bloody cat was able to have his photo taken in the embassy window, OH shit that must have been the POL. The bloody cat. 
The cat Embassy cat his his own twitter page pupping out tweets, to go to the Wikileaks shop and buy, buy, buy.  That's one highly skilled cat.
So who the FUCK is running Embassy cat's account if "Julian has not internet. Well we all know why he has no dam internet, because he is not in the Embassy anymore, and he hasn't been for almost a month. Wikileaks are trying to tell us Julian has gone camera shy and no longer willing to go to the window and wave to people. 
YEH RIGHT. People Julian is not in the Embassy, the CIA took him.
Embassy Cat hidden message C is Clinton =chicken t is trump =turkey right cat =embassy and canary=Assange. BUT the question is since Julian was taken from the Embassy 
on the 16th October this message has most likely
been sent out by the CIA. Saying Julian is the Canary they caught. This picture of his cat was when it was a kitten, look at the picture dated Nov 14 2016 below this one, much bigger and fatter cat.  

Please take not of the curtains, heavy backed curtains drawn in the middle of the day, they have been since Julian was taken from the Embassy on the 16th October. Present day now they are not. Only sheer curtain on the windows heavy back curtains drawn.  This is a very important detail when gathering a time line picture of evidence. 
More coded messages from Embassy cat started in May 26th 2016 Needing help at the Embassy. We have found others. Also from Wikileaks main accounts. 

The Swedish Persecutor Ingrid Isgren flew all the way to the UK to take a video statement from Julian Assange on the 14th November 2016. Keep in mind people it has been confirmed even by Wikileaks themselves that Julian was taken from the Embassy on the 16th October 2016 by their own tweets they sent out.

To keep up the charade the CIA had Swedish Prosecutor do her illusionists show to the world. The press were all gathered out side, none the wiser to what had gone down last month.

She then emerges seven hour later, with an hour for lunch saying "It was illegal to question Julian Assange at the Embassy, so she couldn't take his statement." WTF right.

Actually people that is a complete lie that she fabricated. It is not illegal, we did check with our own team of lawyers and QC's. 
A fact she did know, other wise she would not have wasted the flight going to the Ecuador Embassy in the UK in the first place.
It was planned people, she had been alerted, and part of what went down, and she had to be part of the puppet show and keep up the charade for the CIA in front of the media.

Under law it is actually illegal in such a high profile rape case to give a dubbed audio testimony, it would not wash in any court room. Video link up with lawyers present, or in person is the only way a testimony would be excepted.
Don't forget people Sweden have been trying to get Assange back to Sweden in person to give evidence. They have bent over back wards trying to make this happen.
Now all of a sudden a dubbed audio version a weeks later, with no Prosecutor present is acceptable. Who the Fuck are they trying to fool here. Only the dumb people and the zombie media who reported utter lies and rubbish, considering Julian never ever gave a statement, a fact confirmed by the Prosecutor. And Julian wasn't even in the Embassy, all that has been confirmed even by Wikileaks and all the Intel gathered, the pictures of the siege of the CIA taking Julian and putting him on a plane back to the USA, FFS. 

Wikileaks Email server compromised

 Now Readers read this. Julian Assange his words - direct quote. I did not Verify documents, i did not have time, released unverified documents to the entire world, which also had devastating effect. 
Wikileaks - Julian Assange links to Rothschild too many to be ignored. Its like a covert operation

Edward Snowden also confirmed in a recent media statement and also on his social media pages : Wikileaks are holding back years of data give to them by activists and Whistle-blowers, they are even holding back the data he risked everything for - gave to Wikileaks and the entire world for FREE that Wikileaks are getting paid - charging to publish. That data was given to theme for free which they are now charging to release. 
That data belongs to the world not Wikileaks, and should be give to the world not when Wikileaks decided the price is right to give it.
When we say charging to publish, they source out who is willing to pay for the dump of the data - highest bidder. It is done all the time on silk road, on the dark net, where everything is for sale. 

Readers who are not familiar to how investigations and collecting forensic evidence works. It is in the detail you cant see, joining dots of times lines. It is also in detail staring you in the face when put together forms an entire picture.

We know personally the amount of data given too Wikileaks to publish over many many years that has never ever seen the light of day. Anything from child pornography, human trafficking, child ritual abuse, corruption, money laundering. And all of this was as verified as anything Wikileaks has published to date. Snowden said in man statements that Wikileaks are holding onto years of data that has never seen the light of day, data he gave to them for FREE, what he risked his career, his freedom over. They are now charging to publish data. 

The Clinton - Podesta - Soros - Pizza Gate dump, given to Wikileaks for FREE to publish all of it to the world, and they have not done that. They rushed through, and there is now way in hell that they validated what they published, not with the amount of data sent. And for 100% validation you need the sever where it came from, screen shots from the server, that is how it is done in forensics. Clinton's team know this what is why she had the FBI destroy her server. But she wasn't aware the persons who did the hack gave that server to 5 other countries for insurance.
Wikileaks are posting on their twitter account more to come December 1st. How many times have we heard more to come. Nothing has come.

Sorry that data was given to WIKILEAKS for FREE, the hacktivists took all the risks to make sure the world saw this corruption the sexual abuse of children. Now Wikileaks are playing GOD with that data, with the lives of Children. People Wikileaks is being run by the CIA now, reason why there is no new data. They will only release what causes the most damage to what elite as a way of threats and black mail.   

The New data dump on the 28th Nov 2016 from cable hacks, is not new data, it is years old hung on too by Wikileaks, until someone gave them the right price to release them. So if you want to look at it from another way, they are deliberately obstructing justice, obstructing and controlling what you and me see and know about.

Wikileaks go on about validation; how can anything in the entire world be really validated unless you were physically there with a camera in your hand filming. Evidence in court is dismissed as that because it can not be 100% verified unless you were filming the event that took place.
As some of our legal professionals can testify to they have been in cases where a person has been asked by subpoena to bring their passport too court in a criminal case. Then when presented with the passport and asked to verify their name date of birth etc they turn around and say "I cant validate or verify that is me or my passport and the court accepts this total crap, miscarriage of justice. We have dozens of court transcripts where this happens.
As for all of Wikileaks email dumps given to them for FREE by activist and whistle-blowers, to validate and hold up in a court of law you would need the server. Otherwise none of this can be 100% validated, legal fact readers, that is how forensics works. 

So please do not go on about validation. So far Wikileaks has given zero validation Julian Assange is alive, and has not been taken by the CIA, zero evidence, in fact they are deflecting from being asked for proof, lying, abusing people who want to know the truth. And their own twitter page which we can't validate even through it does say it is their validated twitter page on their profile, does not give a flying shit about Julian Assange, the tweets are in this article FFS. But again we cant not validate 100% that is the account of Wikileaks, and not that of the CIA. Without video proof we can not validate.

All you can do in any investigation is present the facts, the overwhelming about of data, facts, evidence as it builds up and present a case. This is how it is done in the legal system all over the world.

Wikileaks account 4 days ago stop asking for proof
of life. Yes people the CIA are now running their accounts

UPDATE: It has been confirmed by sources there was no video only audio, which seems dubbed for Julian Assange High profile rape case in Sweden. We have a team of legal professionals right up to QC's on our team. For such a high profile case for one, video or in person is the only acceptable way evidence would be accepted. Not by phone. That is not how high profile cases are conducted, that is a legal fact. Sweden have been trying to get Julian back to Sweden to give evidence, now all of a sudden Sweden chief prosecutor is going to accept a phone recording. Don't make us laugh, would never happen. 

The pod cast audio from today is proof of nothing except Julian is not in the embassy and most like being tortured by the CIA.

Facts known
We know Julian was taken by black ops team that was witnessed.
We know people in Wikileaks had their phones and computers seized and were threatened.
We know Wikileaks twitter and its accounts Free Assange Wikileaks Task-force are compromised, taken over by the CIA.
We know Julian is not in the embassy anymore, and we know Embassy cat is still there, and there is no way Julian would leave is beloved cat behind if he left on his own free will.

Dead Mans switch was activated on the 16th October 2015 3:08PM then again for second Key 3:25PM.  
All of our time line pics of the op all match up. 
 From what we can work out time line; Wikileaks in its entirety became compromised between the 16th - 20th October now being run by the CIA. And their full infrastructure taken over by the 20th October 2016

 This above comes from out google plus page

Thanks To Anonymous human rights activist world wide organization we have a new UPDATE.
Julian Assange has been captured and sent on a rendition flight to Charlotte, North Carolina aboard a United States military plane known as the Guantanamo Bay Express.
 Using FlightRadar the plane was tracked by Redditors as it made its way across the Atlantic towards the United States. There was speculation the plane was heading straight for Guantanamo Bay, however after an eight hour journey the military jet began descending towards Smithfield airbase, near Charlotte, North Carolina. (we also found hidden code in tweets giving clues that's where Julian had been sent, embassy cat told us wiki is compromised in the Cuba trip / means he's going to Guantanamo Bay detention camp)

Today's PODCAST is proof of nothing except: this was done in a cement walled room, you could hear the echo bouncing off the walls. So it could be CIA room somewhere.
We know Julian could have easily done a video to proof he is safe and not taken, that never happened.
We know that the last video last month was not proof of life, it was not even Julian, his words pronounced differently.

We know that Obama had now classed Julian Assange and Wikileaks organization as a terrorist organization, wanted dead or alive. That announcement was made approx 3 weeks ago by Obama.
We have the video.

This article post comes from our social media pages we posted weeks ago.

That would give the CIA the power to take Julian from embassy.
 Description of the take down by the CIA. They do have Julian
Click on any poster for a large resolution full size picture. All of our pictures are high resolution.

 This is the CIA op that went down, we have sat on data since last month. Now we have the pictures to put it all together with the raid on the Embassy where Julian Assange was removed. Showing you people the readers further proof that Wikileaks is compromised and has been taken over by the CIA.
Update: we do apologize we have realized one of our data pieces is not in the article, its an important piece, it looks as though it may have been filed in the wrong file location, we have thousands of files to go through now; so as soon as we find it we will add it to this section. 

Host of @StoneColdTruth, , New York Times Bestselling Author of @ClintonsWar and @BushCrimes, rabble rouser, Libertarian conservative.

People have been threatened over these pictures and also the take down of Julian being removed from the embassy. We have whiteout the identification on our data to protect our sources.
And our lives are in danger by sharing this with you and the entire world. 

 Identities have been whitened out to protect the source

This is the media statement we made in public two weeks ago because we were so sick and tired of the lies and abuse we were getting from what they call themselves as being the inner "sanctum of Wikileaks".
Click on any poster for a large resolution full size picture. All of our pictures are high resolution.
Here is where the written statement about Julian being taken by black ops team, came from, this article in the link. It has also been shared by tens of thousands of people all of social media world wide.

 Our people are human rights activists, humanitarians from all over the world, we have been setting the truth free for over 20 years, we work with global organizations world wide in exposing human trafficking, child pornography and corruption.  We get nominated for awards. We are non profit, do don't get funding from anyone, not even the public. We use our own money and time, we have some very talented people on our team who bring their own set of skills to the table for the work we do. We get death threats, our families get threatened, and we get threatened by morons on social media for setting the truth free for just that FREE. Our audience is global and millions of readers including Russia, Saudi Arabia.

More updates on evidence of Corruption and human sex trafficking and other crimes of Clinton and other officials. More updates from Pizza gate

 Click on any poster for a large resolution full size picture. All of our pictures are high resolution.
The communications from an expert explaining how the message is a fake. Our source is special OP's expert in bitcoin and encryption. Was also tortured by the CIA for 6 days. 
We have spoken to other special forces and ex special forces who we personally know, they have all told us the same thing. CIA would have tortured Julian to comply with them. 
The pod cast by audio only clearly shows this. He could not provide a video as he has been taken by the CIA. 
All of our in-tell we have gathered from the October 2016 when the dead mans switch was activated and since communications sent alarm bells through our network that Julian had been taken and Wikileaks had been compromised which has now been confirmed.  

UPDATE: 29Oct 2016 we were just sent this. An SOS message in the tweet from Wikileaks account. help sent by Wikileaks on the 14 th October 2016.

The Free Assange Account linked to Wikileaks account
tweeted out on the 17th October the day after Julian 
Assange had been take by the CIA from the Embassy out of the UK
back to the USA. Making a direct threat to Hillary Clinton if they harmed Julian. Proof again people. Our time line shows Wikileaks accounts became taken over by the CIA around the 16th - 20th October.

Twitter messages and abuse from FreeAssange account which we are told is compromised. This account also runs Wikileaks and The Wikileaks taskforce accounts. There are 4 pages of tweets and we have a hell of a lot more. At this stage the account was now compromised. 20th October 2016 4 days after Julian Assnage was taken from the UK by the CIA

Those private PM's to one of our Wikileaks Party people on the 20 October 2016
We knew right off something was off. It was what was said.
This pissant Free Assange account who also runs other Wikileaks accounts, was trying to discredit the Wikileaks Party and its head Newt pressmen. It's in the message above. We caught him out on several lies in that message above.

Click on any poster for a large resolution full size picture. All of our pictures are high resolution.

 Anonymous Announcement they are severing ties with Wikileaks.
You will notice the Free Assange twitter account linked to Wikileaks main twitter account once again abusing people and trying to discredit Anonymous.

For those who don't know and it seems there are quite a few. Julian admitted in a media interview with RT media which is on youtube that all of the emails - data dump on Clinton - Podesta - Soros - Pizza gate - Gov came from Anon hacktivists. Without Anon Wikileaks would have nothing. Data given to Wikileaks for FREE which they have been charging to publish.

We have posted that video many times to social media all platforms and we also posted to Wikileaks main site more than once to remind them.

We have many more screen short of abuse from the Free Assange account who is also running the other accounts directly linked to Wikileaks.
He also went after anyone who had a degree a working professional in his public rants of tweets abusing them.
He has gone after Anonymous human rights activists organization many times in public.
All of his rants started to make us highly suspicious to what was going on. We knew Wikileaks had been compromised.


 Sex child scandals the day cable was cut to distract make him look like a bad guy of kids also found a comment in code about eating an Assange ham is never over cooked. We are fucked -David Soloff @davidsoloff
Click on the poster for larger view. 

It has been reported more than once that Wikileaks are being paid to publish. By who we do not know. 
We have words from Edward Snowden also confirming they are being paid to publish and are not publishing all the data given to them. The data was given to Wikileaks for free which they are now charging to publish . 
It was highly suspicious as well that more than one person in this thread after standing up to the Free Assange Wikileaks account were immediately locked out of their accounts, more than once in a row.  

People watch the video. The founder of Cryptome who is in his 70's now. Says Julian Assange learned his trade from his company. Wikileaks - he is suggesting is a Gov organization set up to deliberately release classified documents.
It was set up by the Government. Starting to make more and more sense to what we are uncovering. And to spy on people.
Listen to what he says about Manning, near the end of the video. Did not go down as Julian Assange says.
Manning took the fall.

We wanted to remind people of something very important - Activists - Whistle-blowers.

JEREMY HAMMOND, Barrott Brown - STRATFOR leaks, given to Wikileaks for FREE, without them they would have nothing. They went to prison and Julian left the country. 

Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning for NSA leaks, given to Wikileaks for FREE - to give to the world, and that has not happened. Chelsea Manning still indefinitely incarcerated - no trail date even set. Arron Swartz committed suicide.  Arron is also in the video above.

These all heroes and amazing people who fought, and still fight for freedom of information, who fight to you out there, they fight to expose in-justice that are being committed to you. They never ever sought fame or glory, or financially glory. And they all paid the ultimate price. 

Read the full article which shows the world as well the sacrifices whistle-blowers and activists make world wide, and their contribution that have made to the world setting the truth free, that you never knew about. Please support all activists and whistle blowers. It takes an army to set the truth free. No one person can do this alone. Article HERE

We thought we would up date readers for those who might not know about Statfor and the Statfor leaks and hacks.
The leaks were the biggest leaks which are on Wikileaks = CIA website.
They are listed under Global Intelligence files and Stratfor.
It was Anonymous human rights activists - hacktivists have risked their very lives and payed the ultimate price for obtaining this data as well.
Anon hacktivists - activists who we tell you about in this article were set up in a trap by Wikileaks=CIA.
Wikileaks committed millions of felonies by publishing the material and yet not one single charged was bought against them - ever - they never went to jail - Not even spook Julian Assange or any of the 15 staff at Wikileaks.
Only Anon hacktivists went to jail and one lost his life.
Here is the article and video on the Stratfor leaks…/will-donald-trump-…

You might want to start paying attention readers and start asking :
Why Wikileaks who we now know is a CIA - Gov Project Pegasus operation and has been since conception. And Assange is a spook - have never ever gone to jail for committing 10 million felonies, by their own admission they have published 10 million documents, every document a felony.
Under the law of Obama and other countries this also falls under Treason and Espionage and cyber crimes.
Yet not one charge has been bought against any of the Wikileaks staff still to this very day December 2016, and yet they have been publicly announce by the Obama admins many many times as criminals - their acts were acts of criminals and also wanted dead or alive. Yes people you guess it a conjob - those words by those who knew about Wikileaks being CIA and Obama and Clinton definitely knew, we have the evidence, was a con-job to boost up Assange Hero complex to the world. 

The only charge bought was against Assange for not using a condom in consensual sex, when he has sex with 2 different women. WTF right.
Hell people Sweden would have to arrest all the men in their country who have had sex if that was the case.
This was a Honey Trap and we all got fooled. This was done to build up the so called Hero Complex of Julian Assange Wikileaks CIA front man.
A huge Government Con Job. 

Readers you are talking about a black ops task-force Project Pegasus who Wikileaks was part of.
This task force controls over 70% of all special forces. Black ops specialists.

They go into countries in secret and murder people, set up operations like ISIS - FFS.
At any time over the last 10 yrs they could have gone in and taken Assange and all the staff at Wikileaks into custody.
Hell they did to Anon activists.
And they certainly did it to Assange and Wikileaks 15 staff on the 16th October 2016.
Massive raid by this black ops task-force because they disobeyed their directive - their orders, they went off script and Assange wanted out of all of this.
Assange was taken by a black ops task-force and now most likely dead.
The previous 15 staff gag orders, threatened, some on the run and now all staff at Wikileaks has been completely replaced by CIA. Over 40 new staff added to Wikileaks twitter accounts on the 17th October 2016.
Wikileaks - Assange own Lawyers were caught red handed lying to the entire world for them. 

Wikileaks Task-force account set up after Assange was taken.
We have seen how Wikileaks accounts all of them are fabricating likes, and shares and followers. When you have control of Twitter's infrastructure to also shadow ban people you can basically do anything inside of twitter.
Don't fall for one of the biggest CIA tricks in the book people their Honey Trap - is a Psychological game - warfare.
Our intelligence told us he would have died 4 days after being taken, after he was tortured.


We do quite often update articles after they are published.  It is worth coming back to check for updates or just subscribe to our website and comments.

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  1. The evil CIA has an Achilles Heel too. Someday God will punish them severely in Eternal Hellfire, unless they repent of their wicked ways. In the meantime, you can find their home addresses!!!


  2. I thought they were the NSA not the CIA. But thank you Anonymous for all you have done to expose this information and God Bless and protect you!


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