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4Chan beware of dark actors playing games.
The cyber Information war. There are no rules. There is no parley. There are no prisoners. There are no innocents. This is being orchestrated by George Soros, the Cabal.
And they don't give a shit who gets killed! or hurt in the process.

We are seeing the riots taking place in Sweden right now, orchestrated by George Soros and the Cabal. 

The destruction by Angela Markel, for the Cabal, for her master George Soros. 
In 2015 we begun exposing Markel, Soros and Clinton, the article is on our website time stamped. And every single thing we said would happen in 2015 has happened, all of it. If you want to read that article the link is HERE it directly relates to what has gone down with the Clinton foundation in 2016 and in 2017. 
We are a pretty smart bunch of people, many of us have multiple degrees, even in forensics. But you don't have to have degree's to be a smart, intelligent thinker, and activists. Nothing much gets passed our activists world wide, not even #OpDeathers and our special Anon Ops teams, and our team of hungry wolves.
The destruction left behind by the Obama Administration and Hillary Clinton, and especial George Soros - which is huge, and it has put us all in danger from Terrorists and the Cabal and our children's live's in threat to human traffickers.

BREAKING: George Soros Arrested And Charged With Hate Crimes Against America. That happened 24th Feb 2017 details here

George Soros and the Cabal are running Australia. 
And as promised our next video will be explosive to what is going on in Australia and the rest of the world, more of Operation Pandora. 
The Prime Minister of Australia Malcolm Turnbull is making enemies of many countries, and the United States of America and President Trump. The Turnbull Government in Australia is the cabal conspiring with terrorists. 

The Prime Minister of Australia, Malcolm Turnbull has put the entire country of Australia in danger, and he has also created a world wide threat, no wonder he had made enemies of super power nations now. He should be in jail, in a real world of justice he would be put on death row for his crimes against his own people, his country and the world. His crimes as bad as Hillary Clinton's, after all they are partners in crime. 

We need to add an update to this article. Since we produced this video and article below, Wikileaks and fake dead Assange have put out a bullshit video on vault 7. We cover Wikileaks bullshit on vault 7 in the video below.
People Dead, fake & bullshit Julian Assange's do not have access to Vault 7, nor does Wikileaks, or Snowden, or any activist or hackers. And when you listen to the video, what Vault 7 really is you will know why. 
The only way he would is if his ghost walked through the steel walls. LOL. 
Edward Snowden is not even associated with Wikileaks, he has actually publicly gone after them as well for their bullshit they pull on the world. 
Snowden publishes on Cryptome always has. He does not publish through Wikileaks, he never ever has. 
The vault dead Assange and Wikileaks=CIA are pushing is called Vault 999 - its where they shove all the bullshit from Wikileaks. 
Assange has risen from the grave yard, and now writing about Aliens. Had us all in fits of laughter when we read their crap.
Maybe that Alien intelligence dug him up and bought him back to life. LMAO. 
If you want to know about Alien's being on earth, hell we have a treasure trove on this. They have been here since 1945. 
NSA and Mi6 documents expose all of that, so does Edward Snowden, and he has put out a lot of documents on this for free.
We have documents emailed to us, we haven't even published yet on this as well. 
You can start here Secret Alien Intelligence Agenda Is Driving US Domestic And International Policy 
We also have another article on Alien intelligence being here, and we also have pictures of spaceships, pictures from email attachments that were intercepted from the Chinese and the USA. HERE
All Wikileaks are doing is going around stealing other activists data, that making up their own bullshit to feed the world.
Hell i have personally seen, with my entire family an Alien spaceship when i was a kid around 11 years of age. And my father also a pilot. We have a farm and it hovered above us, while we were outside on our tennis court then it disappeared. Next day we had marks in our crop paddocks, so did a few of our neighboring farms. 
My father had a huge radio operating system, he picked up signals that where not from this world. 
The Airforce even descended on our property, took soil samples, and wanted to know what we saw. We were told to not speak of this. Dead fake BS Assange, is not the only person in the world to see spaceships or aliens. But by the way they are pushing out their crap you would think he was. 
Assange is not the Messiah people, far from it. 
 Sibel Edmonds former intelligence officer even spoke of alien intelligence and how the US Government have been using this intelligence that is decades ahead of anything we have on this earth.
And Sibel Edmonds is not the only Intelligence officer in the world exposing this very thing.  

Mass Evacuation Of Antarctica as Special Ops And Military Moving In. Again this has zero to do with Wikileaks. Absolutely nothing. It has to do with the orbs below. The Guardians have had a gut full of the Governments destroying planet earth. Read Here

Breaking!Multiple Orbs/UFO'S Over Wyoming 1/27/17 and this has zero to do with Wikileaks and fake-dead - bullshit Assange, not unless they were behind the controls flying one of these flying saucers.

  UPDATE READERS: we have caught Wikileaks red handed going to our website, to our artciles with the evidence we have personally collected, with proof of aliens and spaceships, then they have grandstanded and claimed it as theirs. Our data is time stamped, we have records of when we collect it all, when we publish it.

Wikileaks and Assange had been working for McCain and John Kerry. The same traitor who has just been exposed. We have posted enough times the information about Wikileaks Kerry and McCain.
Kutcher also sits on the board of Mc Caine's institute.
We haven't seen Wikileaks post anything about children being trafficked by McCain and Kerry, for medical experiments in Antarctica. 
Wikileaks tried to cover-up the human trafficking of children, we exposed this in 2015. We gave you the reader the link above with Markel teaming up with human traffickers, and in this link here as well, which is different link because they are also connected in what is going on with trafficking of children. Clinton Foundation Human Sex Trafficking & Organ Trafficking of Children
Our website is full of data and articles on human trafficking, because it is a big part of what we do as activists. 

They tried to cover this up for the CIA, because the CIA are apart of all of this. 
We begun exposing this years ago, to actually save the lives of children, not to use for black mail like Wikileaks have been doing.
Wikileaks distracted you away from what was really taking place with children and they are still doing so in 2017.

If you are still falling for the bullshit of Wikileaks=CIA, then you are well and truly brainwashed by the CIA.
Wikileaks=CIA pay for followers, likes, they have bot accounts all over social media on youtube. We have seen the accounts, pumping out their utter crap. And you are all falling for it. Brianwashing people.
At Anonymous Anon Ops, and OpDeathEaters, we save children's lives, we don't throw them to the dogs, and to terrorists to be slaughtered. 
And that is exactly what Assange did when he was alive in 2011 and what Wikileaks are still doing in 2017. Not many saw the video, because Wikileaks=CIA don't want you to see it. We have that video and we have posted it. The video was from 2010-2011. It was the demise of the real Julian Assange, when he was taken out as well, replaced with fakes and green screen.  The video is here unedited, this is the full version. Also shared by our Anon youtube channels

Take note readers, Wikileaks=CIA have never once gone after their bosses, they have never gone after the Rothschilds, or the Australian Government being the Cabal, the Australian Government under ownership of George Soros, the Cabal and terrorists. That is because people now dead Assange made a deal with the Aus Government, part of his deal to keep him out of jail. 
Are people really that blind or silly to forget just five months ago Wikileaks and Assange now listed as a Terrorist organization, wanted dead or alive. 

ANON Guardian: We have never seen Wikileaks go after Fox news for their media being 80% lies and fake news bullshit. We have never seen Wikileaks go after Rupert Murdoch and Genie Energy, responsible for genocide, human trafficking, sexual abuse, pedophilia, murder, corruption. In business with the Rothschild's and the Clinton foundation and Israel and the Cabal. 
We have exposed all of this, listed the company directors in Genie Energie a front for out right corruption and Terrorism. We put this in articles, in our videos.
Where is the rest of the world's media on this. 
Too busy fucking covering up these crimes to humanity and children, destroying our world. 
You need to wake the fuck up, right now we are all living on our planet on borrowed time. 

Where the fuck is your sense of right President Trump when you can allow the crimes of Rupert Murdoch to continue. The guy should be in a dark pit in fucking hell. 
You said to Anonymous our people, you were going to clean up human trafficking and Pedophiles, and corruption; well start with Rupert Murdoch and the Prime Minister of Australia and his entire Cabal bunch of terrorist, Angela Markel, and arrest the bastards.  
Where the fuck is your sense of right when you allow yourself to be blackmailed to allow the Dakota Pipeline to go ahead. Do you think we are stupid, we know this is about black mail.
You have the wrong people on your team, the wrong people who you think are looking out for you, when they are looking for every oportunity to black mail you. Look at Pence, we know all about him and the blackmail. 

George Soros, his family control both CNN and Fox media. Soros might have been arrested and most likely dead by now, but he still has more vipers in control of his nest.
And FYP people of the world, Hillary Clinton - the real one is fucking dead. She was knocked off at the beginning of the year. She was replaced with a fake. You can more than see the difference in the fake and the previous Clinton when she was alive. 
David Rockerfellow dead, part of the 7th floor which is detailed in the video below on Vault 7. 
We are the Guardians of the 6th Seal. We are watching, you better start doing the right fucking thing by us all. You know the Guardians have the ability to rain down hell fire on the entire world. 

The Guardian have inside sources all over the world to what is really going on, and who is what, who is being blackmailed, and who has been drugged and had their pictures taken with children. Who has been knocked off, what terrorist attack was a CIA job.
Yes we have seen the black mail files, and if we wanted to we could easily black mail those persons as well and destroy a lot of lives in the process. We are not interested in doing that. That's what Wikileaks =CIA do, not Anonymous. 
We don't go around black mailing people. 
And we don't go around attacking Government bodies children in the media, that is bloody wrong on so many levels. 
The difference with us, we don't work for the fucking Government, we are not controlled by the Rothschilds or any other entity like Wikileaks are. Wikileaks are a front for the CIA, they always have been from day one. 

Are people forgetting, that every single activists, hacktivist, who were Anonymous human rights activists by the way, who leaked to Wikileaks before we all knew they were CIA, went to fucking prison, and one Aaron Swartz lost his life. Yes Wikileaks you have fucking blood on your hands from one of our own. 
Bradley Chelsea Manning went to prison because of Wikileaks Psyop and Honey Trap. They made him the fall guy. That is all well detailed in the info files on Wikileaks at the end of this article.
Even top investigative Journalists in the world have agreed with our words about Wikileaks and Manning. We have ex special forces, ex black ops guys in Anon who have said the same thing.  

Last we checked Terrorist are rounded up by black Ops special forces. They are not give a platform to keep up their terrorism.
If we all committed 10 million felonies, Espionage, Treason, and rape, i am pretty sure we would be sitting on death row right about now. But not if you are the bitch of the Rothschild's, who use Wikileaks to black mail with. And it's exactly what they have done since conception by the Rothschilds and are still doing in 2017.
Here is a message to Wikileaks, we work with the Guardians, the 6th Seal. You will know what that means, President Trump sure does. We know who you are trying to black mail with your latest crap.
We know all about Aliens, more than you ever will.  

Please people, if Black Op's can take down fake Osama bin Laden they can take down Wikileaks. Oh shit that's right they have already taken down the real Assange in 2011. And they replaced him with fakes to keep up the deception to the world. 
The real bin Laden is living his days in luxury on an island which the American tax payers pay for. That has already been exposed by the NSA. Watch the video exposing all of this, its only a few minutes long VIDEO

They are misleading the world what vault 7 is.  As we said it's an information war, and Wikileaks are still putting out crap, and they are still using it to blackmail with. Still making up fake emails, still publishing their UN-verified bullshit to the world, with the intention of using this to blackmail with.
Back when Assange was alive he was demanding $1million for interviews. That comes direct from producers who wanted to interview him way back in 2007 - 2008.
He was a right prick, and we even have video of the real Assange when he was alive showing what an utter bastard, and lying prick he was. His words, coming from his mouth.  
People Wikileaks = CIA don't get out of fucking bed unless they are paid. They get paid to put leaks out there, including the fake leaks.
Anonymous does not get paid, we are human rights activists, we work for Humanity not for the fucking Rothschilds like Wikileaks do. Wikileaks and the CIA Project Pegasus
There are more information files on Wikileaks below and we have lots also on this website.

Please watch the video, Anonymous has a very important message for the world. And we also tell you what secret Vault 7 is in the United States Government. 

ANONYMOUS: PHØEÑIX & GUÄRDIÄŇ - Love not hate & War. Stop Human trafficking. Our team spent months putting this video production and graphics together, also showing you human trafficking, what is being done to our children from all over the world.

ANONYMOUS PHØEÑIX & GUÄRDIÄŇ : Sharia Law | NO to Abuse - Terrorism and this Barbaric law. This law makes human trafficking, sexual abuse - rape of children legal. It makes pedophilia legal. Domestic abuse and Terrorism legal. Are you starting to wake up to what is going on. This is what Hillary Clinton and Obama tried to make legal in the USA. What Angela Markel has made legal in Europe with the help of George Soros. What the Prime Minister in Australia is trying to make legal. Please watch the video we expose a lot, read the article, because everything we have been telling you, exposing from Operation Pandora is all connected to years of deception and planning.  Full Article Here

Anonymous has millions in their Legion, we have thousands of websites in our Legion, and our message gets shouted out across the globe by our millions, on social media platforms, through the videos compiled by Anonymous activists, through the graphics, video productions, in our posters, through the articles and our many news sources. 
Anonymous family come from all walks of life. 
Right now Humanity needs our prayers, evil and greed has taken over the world, and now it is up to us all to banish it from our world. 
If we do not work in unity together, there will be nothing left for anyone, and certainly not our children. 

We are ANONYMOUS we are Legion world wide - we do not forget and we do not forgive. So you can expect us. From anywhere in the world. 

 We do quite often up-date our articles after they are published. All of our articles are complied by a team of people. 
Another author may come in and add to the article. 
 Our websites, and social media are shared  by many activists, world wide.
We have an amazing graphics design team who grace us with our videos and posters.

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