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If you are not a fan of Fifty Shades of Grey then here is a comedy taking the complete piss out of the movie. Fifty Shades of Black. It got really good reviews from the New York Times and The Guardian. Unlike the other dribble of Fifty Shades of Grey which took an absolute hammering in the press and by the best movie, film critics in the world. And was recently voted and won a Razzie award for the worst movie and leading actor and actress of 2015.
Even our people were asked to review Fifty Shades of Grey, and we hammered it for good reason as well we gave it a 0.5/10. The 0.5 was for Sam Taylor Johnson having to endure Erica James on set.

Fifty Shades of black was a complete send up, and funny as hell. You will laugh so much your cheeks will ache.
The movie made reference to Fifty Shades of Grey being written by a 3rd grader "who wrote this shit" Christian Black AKA Christian Grey says. Read the comment from one of our people who also say the movie with her husband. Score 10/10 they loved it. I think it will do very well on video because it is absolutely the best comedy we have all ever seen, its that good.
Christian Black he is "51 Shades of Fucked up"

Fifty Shades of Black even expose the lines Erica James stole from other movies that she used in her books and movie. One being from the movie "Jerry Maguire" Thew line about its you who is changing me. Word for word Erica James stole that from the movie Jerrie Maguire
If you want to know who Erica James actual stole and copied from and from last reports she was being sued for it. READ HERE

Fifty Shades of Black is the type of movie you can watch over and over and still have a good laugh, invite friends over and laugh together and take the piss out of the worst movie ever made, the worst books ever written; Fifty Shades of G̶r̶e̶y̶ Crap.

Fifty Shades of Grey is a movie you have to endure once, or like so many millions who saw it, left the cinema demanding their money back, booing through out the movie. And if you brought the DVD, seriously what the hell were you thinking?? Did you have a lobotomy, or just get sucked in and was one of the franchise's many suckers. We know you wont made the same mistake twice, you know better now.

Even with a $5 million budget they still blew it out of the park compared to that other complete load of crap of Fifty Shades of Grey, and they had a $20 million budget but it looked like they had $2. 
We are surprised they haven't been sued yet, the Franchise Fifty Shades of Grey sued Smash productions who made the XXX Fifty Shades of Grey and it didn't remotely resemble Fifty Shades of Grey at all. 
Where Fifty Shades of Black is an absolutely mimic, even word for word everything. Well time will tell if they get sued by the greedy franchise of Fifty Shades of Grey who in case you have been living on another planet for the last 18 months; was the movie of sexual abuse, rape, stalking and control, that destroyed relationships, cost the life of a child.
Just to let our 16 million readers  know; Fifty Shades of Black does none of that.
You will find in the link above and right here who Erica James stole and plagiarized from when trying to write her books.


Remember don't be seduced by the dark side and Boycott Fifty Shades of Grey,
do not support sexual violence, rape, violence against women and children.

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  1. I could not believe how much they sent up Fifty Shades of Grey. Fifty Shades of Black knocked it out of the park, they slam dunked it. My husband and i laughed our asses off, we were crying we were laughing so much.
    Identical penthouse, identical red room, identical office, identical board room; one thing that was bigger was the hotel room, thank God. Like someone wrote in a comment on a previous article, the hotel room which is meant to be a suite for a billionaire was a broom closet.
    The one liners in Fifty Shades of Black were killers. Fifty Shades of Black had 10 times the dialogue and they smashed it. They hammered Fifty Shades of Grey to bits.
    Even the writers, producer, directors saw what utter crap Fifty Shades of Grey is and they gave it a right hammering in Fifty Shades of Black.
    Screenplay: Marlon Wayans, Rick Alvarez and director Michael Tiddes .
    Marlon Wayans was Christian Black and Kali Hawk was Hanna Steel, thank bloody god this pair can act, and they absolutely nailed it. Jane Seymour plaid Christian Blacks mother, and she was so funny, nailed it. Florence Henderson plaid Mrs Robinson. Very funny cast through the entire movie, all of who can actually act. Not like Dakota Johnson who cant.
    I want Hanna Steels launderette she wore, really beautiful. The movie took the absolute piss out of Anastasia Steel, Christian Grey and Erica James. Referred to Hanna Steel (Anastasia Steel) dressing from the slavos homeless bin. And they were dead right.
    You have got to go and watch this movie, the best comedy you will ever watch; the best send up of Fifty Shades of Grey you will ever see in your life.
    Fifty Shades of Black should win comedy of the year. 10/10 Loved loved loved it.


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