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Say NO to Nuclear Storage and the TPP's in Australia


Right now in Australia, and more importantly in South Australia has a very important issue going on and decision to make. The storage of Nuclear waste from the USA. We are actually surprised at how many people had no idea about this, not only environmental issue, health issue, and economic issue, going on right now. 
Yes it has been in the media in South Australia, but not all the negatives issues are being reported on why this should not happen, the devastating effect this will have not only on South Australia but the rest of Australia as well. This is a death warrant for Australia.

If you think this does effect you because you might live on the other side of Australia, think again. It effects every living thing in Australia, our environment, our animals, our water, everyone of our lives, your children future. 

This all falls under the Multi-corporations and the TPP's. And there is a reason you don't hear about the TPP's in Australia is because of the media being controlled by the Multi-corporations, who control the leaders of our Governments. 
For those who don't know about the TPP's, Wikileaks is the only human rights organization in the world to expose the contents of the TPP's to the entire world, the control of a new world order by the Multi-nationals under the Trade agreements. 
Under the TPP's everything is being privatized. 
Our people are involved in stopping this, and will be at a meeting in SA in a few weeks to expose why this should never happen here in Australia. What the Government won't tell you.

Please go to this article and the videos of the TPP's. It explains the TPP's in full detail. The videos and article by Wikileaks and our people form the Wikileaks Party. Article and videos you must watch. Have your eyes fully opened to what his happening not only in Australia but also the rest of the world with the TPP's.
The TPP's are a massive Trojan Horse, and world wide devastation. Article links are underlined or highlighted

 Wikileaks has uncovered an extensive amount of Hillary Clinton’s emails pertaining to her communications with John Podesta, the Clinton campaign chairman, concerning “nuclear energy, and media handling over donations to the Clinton Foundation from mining and nuclear interests.” This directly relates to Australia, since it is a USA based company wanting to dump its nuclear waste in Australia. Link to the Wikileaks Podesta emails is here

ECO Watch Report:
Nuclear Power Rapidly Losing Race With Renewable Energy
Two new reports from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) confirm that nuclear power is rapidly losing the race with renewable energy sources. Article link Here

Royal Commission has confirmed that building a nuclear waste dump in South Australia could bring in an extra $100 billion over 120 years, it will be up to citizens to decide whether the money will be worth the risk. How could the Royal Commission even know this, since this all falls under Trade Agreements the three TPP's and the Royal Commission would not even know the contents of the TPP. 
This information from the RC is wrong and very misleading.
For the Royal Commission to have made such a finding, they would have had to also released the full contents of all the TPP's all the new laws being created by the Multinationals.
All the secret deals Malcolm Turnbull and the LNP Gov are conspiring behind closed doors, which is destroying Australia.  And the Royal Commission did none of that. We have the transcripts of the RC and none of this is revealed in the transcripts from court and not one single mention of the TPP's.
Some of our people are on the jury and we have been involved in this case from day one. 

The South Australian Government are trying to sell South Australians, this will bring in hundreds of jobs.
No it wont, because again this is a Trade Agreement, TPP's and jobs go to foreign cheap unskilled labor. This is happening right now in Australia, skilled workers are loosing their jobs to unskilled foreign workers for slave wages. 

The Multinationals can change the terms of their contract at any time they like, they can change anything, and there is not a dam thing the SA Government, the high courts will be able to do about it. 
Under the TPP's the Multi-nationals are setting up their own court their own laws. It is their law, and any other law does not exist. 
So this would mean the state of South Australia or Australia, would powerless in every-way to stop them. 
They would operate with zero oversight, its the way the trade agreements under the TPP's are written. 
This would fall under the TiSA. 
This is a death warrant for Australia and
🌏World Wide

At the moment South Australia is a Fracking free zone, and Victoria has just become one. But this can also change in the blink of an eye if the Multinationals want to frack the land. 
It has happened in NSW and Queensland. And the high courts have not been able to stop them.
These two states alone have numerous environmental issues because of fracking. Gas has leaked into the water, poising the water. 

Now scientific research has stated that fracking increases earth quakes 100 fold. It has in the USA and would also be the case in Australia. 
So we have nuclear waste being stored in an unstable environment, at risk of earth quakes. Risks of nuclear leaks into the ground and into under ground water. 
This is a huge risk and one also confirmed by the worlds leading scientists. 

We also need to be reminded of Chernobyl nuclear disaster and the after effects of survivors onto the sarcophagus of the damaged reactor in Chernobyl, Ukraine. Those effects still being felt to this very day.

Fukushima: the Extinction-Level Event that no one is Talking About. This was cause by an earth quake in 2011 and in 2016 they are still living through the devastation, the environmental impact on their land, water, animals, people. This could easily be Australia.

Full article the Australian media don't tell you HERE

The SA Government and the Multinationals are also trying to sell this nuclear waste as being used as a power source. 
World wide the power is turning to solar, wind power not nuclear. Nuclear power is being phased out for cheaper solar power. We posted above how wind power farms are our future, how countries world wide are doing away with fossil fuel, nuclear.
Nuclear Power will not be cheaper, this has already been proven by Wikileaks investigations, which is detailed in the TPP's article links.

Under privatization in 32 OCD countries investigated including Australia power is 23% more expensive under privatization and this is going to keep increasing under the TPP's.
Gas is 60 % more expensive in Australia than the price we export it for to Japan and China. So we pay 60% more for gas being produced right here in Australia, than foreign countries pay for it which also has to be shipped overseas. 

Australia is on an economic hit list. Our TPP article explains this in much more detail, including a video on what an economic hit-list is.  
It has already started in Australia, and this Nuclear waste is just another part of that plan for Australia once its being stripped of all its assets and resources by the Multi-corporations who control the LNP Government and politics also in the USA.. 
There are 51 Multi-corporations in the world, 47 are USA based, and they control our world leaders, including the USA and Australia.

There is no benefit to SA or to Australia from having the USA Multinationals store their nuclear waste in SA or any part of Australia.
What's more they have their desert in the USA, millions of acres of it. They can store their own waste there.
There is more going on here people than your Government is telling you, and the Multinationals are certainly not going to tell you.
In Britain and the US, they have been blocked because of opposition and many of the failures have been blamed on community fears. So it's blocked in the USA and they now want to bring their dangerous dirty business to Australia's door.
It has been highly suggested this nuclear waste will be used to make weapons, this is what all this is about. 

The USA is on the verge of war with Russia. China wants war with Australia.
NEWS UPDATE: China has officially told their citizens to prepare for the start of World War 3. News release Here
The Chinese and Russians are in talks to team up together against the USA and Australia. 
It is highly probable this is about the USA using Australia as their storage facility for nuclear material for weapons. 
Australia will become one giant time bomb waiting to go off. 

Here is an update from Wikileaks ‏@wikileaks 9h9 hours ago
Hillary Clinton threatens war with Russia (should WikiLeaks keep publishing true information about her campaign) Clinton also slams Chinese Government.
Two countries who wont stand for the bullshit of the USA or Australia. 

Clinton says in the video, her words "if elected she will go to war with Russia" The USA love painting Russia and Putin as demons when that is not the case. Main stream media have a complete black out on this. 
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