Ark of Hope For Children child abuse

Ark of Hope for Children Give a Child of Abuse, Humantrafficking, bullying HOPE


Ark of Hope for Children You can not afford to ignore Ark of Hope for Children, be a world wide advocate like me like our people are.  Children that have become the victims of human trafficking for sex and prostitution.....Child sexual abuse.
October 2015 myself and our advocates saved two 13 year old girls from human-sex-trafficking. They had been kidnapped and then sold into prostitution. Because of the work we do two 13 year old girls were given hope of being rescued, and they were. What we did made world wide news.

Out of 1,000 children kidnapped and sold into prostitution only 100 are rescued. many children are killed or sold over and over.
So many have lost *Hope* of being saved....we as a society need to give children hope.....hope is a very powerful word.
All victims of abuse, sexual abuse, human-trafficking need hope, victims and survivors hang onto that Hope because quite often that is all they have.
The Fight to save Children from Human Trafficking
You can read more here 

Ark of Hope for Children   Ark of Hope for Children is empowering advocates and donors to bring care and awareness to those victimized as children by human trafficking, child abuse and bullying. Ark of Hope is a human rights umbrella organization using a trauma informed approach to serve survivors through our various programs.

Even the world wide organization Ark of Hope for abused kids and Human-trafficking agrees with our words and shares our articles, supports our work, and recommends us as one of their top people to follow @Goddess300 Alexandria
We belong to Ark of Hope. 

The horrific realities of modern-day slavery, where children are kidnapped and exploited by traffickers. 
Social media is used as a source, a hunting ground for traffickers to lure children into trafficking. The video and documentaries in the link above are eye opening and a must watch for every single parent, every single person.
This could easily be your child, it can happen that simply.
We have reported to Federal Authorities numerous accounts used for trafficking, sexual abuse of children and prostitution.
Facebook, twitter, Google plus all used to lure children into trafficking.

Once a child is lured and meets up with who they think is a 12 year old boy, or a 12 year old girl....who in fact is an adult, they are taken, in minutes a child is taken for human-trafficking. We have the data from Federal Authorities READ MORE HERE

Now there is a new threat to our children through social media, especially through Facebook. 
ISIS are setting up numerous fake accounts in children's names to lure children into joining ISIS, luring girls who will be used as sex slaves, human trafficked and killed. This is the reality, this is what happens. READ FULL ARTICLE FROM ABC HERE

Well known cricket player whos wife and him abused this 11 year old girl a slave. you can watch the video from the CNN Freedom network here
The cricket player and his wife both arrested and charged, taking on the 11 year olds case through a human rights lawyer. He still remains in custody.

Children of Assam forced into labor, prostitution Children are being trafficked into forced labor and sexual exploitation in large numbers from Assam state.

 Guwahati, India - Draped in a loincloth and ankle deep in mud, Kandana Mormu stood in front of his house, confused by the mention of Sukurmoni Mormu, his 14-year-old daughter. It took some time before he admitted that he had last seen her seven months ago. READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE

Let's make this happen if you give a Dam, and care about Domestic violence, Sexual Violence, PTSD and abuse then please sign and share Michelle Obama has signed, The Billion Women against violence has signed so have many other end violence organizations. We would love to make this happen to coincide with the The Orange The World Day against violence in 2016


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