Abuse Anastasia

Fifty Shades of Grey is abuse


I had a meeting with a Psychologist today, we both said "The book and movie promotes abuse, giving young girls a false sense of what a normal and real relationship is. "Abuse is abuse, there is no and or but or in-between it is straight out abuse."

I am a mother, two daughters and a survivor of abuse for 18 years and study Psychology and i have studied law. I am a writer and i also write erotic fiction and have four books coming out.

I think i am more than qualified to comment on the abuse in the book and the negative impact on the young women who have read this garbage and are taking it for gospel that this is a normal relationship, how romantic "bla, bla"...."I want to be fucked like that"...."i want Christian Grey's baby" these are the comments i am seeing from 17 year old years who think this is an acceptable relationship. One girl said she was going to kill herself if they didn't make another movie.

Then you have the older mature women who lets face it should just know better for one, who should not be supporting an innocent women being manipulated, controlled and then subjected to being tied up and the shit beaten out of her and fucked seven shades of Sunday . BDSM is nothing like what was portrayed in the books, neither is erotic sex.
The fifty shades of Grey people are always trying to justify the abuse in the book saying it is a romantic love story. Then you have the millions of fans who also try and justify the abuse saying no abuse just a love story. "PLEASE"
I copied a conversation with the Fifty Shades of Grey People just yesterday.
They asked "What would you rather a movie that makes a lot of money or an Oscar?" 
 reply " An Oscar, respect, dignity and integrity, money cant by integrity or respect."
"Their reply "The Oscars are over rated."

So basically what they are saying they would rather make a movie about abuse that makes a bucket load of money and fuck anyone else. They don't care about the negative impact their movie is having on so many.
A young women was raped just a week ago based on the Fifty Shades of abuse movie.
The movie has received the worst reviews in history, article after article on how the book highlights abuse. The best movie reviewers in the world gave it a thumbs down and the worst reviews ever. But still to fifty shades of grey it is all about the money and how much money E L James and studios can rake in from so many desperate women who lined up to see it. Who are sucked in buying the merchandise from Fifty Shades of Grey shit, further supporting the bank account of E L James and her book of false love, romance and abuse of a young innocent women.

E L James is in a live interview which can be found on Youtube 2015 saying the books are based on her life experiences.
"So E L James is saying she was in a controlling, abusive, BDSM, Sadomasochism relationship with a man who beat the crap out of her on a regular basis and fucked her seven shades of Sunday. He controlled all aspects of her life just like Anastasia in her books and this was a normal and health relationship so she decided to write a book about it, well in fact a series of books to share this with the world. "PLEASE" 

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