Abuse fifty shades of abuse

Abuse is abuse there is no in between


Please feel free to leave a comment about the Fifty Shades of Grey .....abuse. Please do not go abusing anyone who was a victim of abuse. No one can walk in the shoes of a victim of abuse or rape until they have been through this violent crime themselves, so please do not abuse those who have, scars, bruises do not have to be physical to be abuse, the Psychological scars last a life time also.

The Hardest thing any victim of any sort of abuse will have to do is find the courage and strength to leave an abusive and controlling relationship.

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  1. so very true and anyone who says any different is living with their head up their ass. i see victims in the court system everyday in my job. It is shocking, rape, sexual abuse from relationships, abuse just in general. I know how toxic the book Fifty Shades of Grey is to so many women, young and the more mature. It is a shame that E L James cant see past the dollar signs of her bank account.
    Some people are motivated by greed and money, i see it all the time and she falls into that category.

  2. Before I start I have to say what a brilliant website. a lot of thought has gone into it. your article-post was so brilliantly written. I loved it and will be sharing it with my friends. I agree with all of your words 100% and the pictures also. I really don't need to ramble on because you said it all so beautifully.
    I have children and we have discussed the Fifty Shades of Grey stuff that is going on and the books. They are just as concerned as me as to the negative impact this movie and the books are having on so many young women and girls. I know the young ones around the 16 year old age group thinks this is so cool for this character Christian Grey to do what he does.
    Thank go I have never been through abuse but I know others who have, I support anyone that has, there is just no need for any man or young man to treat a woman or young girl like this.
    It sickens and appals me that E L James wrote about this and glamorizes it as a normal relationship.
    I wont go on any more, because your words say it all.
    going to check out your other websites and books now.


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