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Fifty Shades of Grey is fucked up when they do an episode of Criminal Minds about the same scenario


"Fifty Shades of Grey is glamorizing sexual abuse"
Since when has rape, sexual abuse, abuse, domestic violence, stalking, control, demeaning of a women, sadomasochism, treating women as sex slaves, being lied to to, manipulated classed as romantic, sexy, fun a turn on???......None of those things are...... they are dangerous. But to the author E L James they are fun and a turn on, romantic sexy.  

Millions of abuse, sexual abuse victims have their lives shattered destroyed because of sexual abuse, abuse, domestic violence, stalking.  There are articles on line by leading magazines to how Fifty Shades of Grey is now destroying relationships, marriages. Hell we have them on our site.

It sends the wrong message to young adults that this is a normal relationship when it just isn't.  It is not OK for anyone to treat another as a sex slave, to abuse, sexually abuse, stalk or threaten someone. To mark your body because you belong to them. That is not love, that is abuse, and is not a fairy-tail romance.

If you are a young person or adult trapped in an abusive relationship, too scared to leave or to speak up; you are not alone, there are support groups around the world who you can contact.
 https://twitter.com/PixelProject  you can find contact numbers for your country on their twitter page

The Pixel Project
The Pixel Project is a complete virtual, volunteer-led global 501(c)3 nonprofit organisation whose mission is to raise awareness, funds and volunteer power for the cause to end violence against women (VAW) using social media, online strategies and new technologies. Our team of over 50 volunteers is currently scattered across 4 continents, 12 timezones and over 15 cities worldwide, proving that there are no cultural or social barriers when it comes to this issue.

 The entire book series Fifty Shades of Grey are novels about abuse, Christian Grey a text book Psychopath, sexual abuser megalomaniac.
Anastasia Steel the poster child for low self esteem,  the way James has portrayed the character Anastasia....the perfect target for a Psychopath.
In reality this is exactly the type of person a Psychopath targets.

It's always good to see more people tackling this abomination of Fifty Shades of Grey. I wanted to point out a few things:
So once again E L James miss lead millions of people, with bad research and medical information, endangering lives. No wonder a young innocent girl died because of these abuse books and movie.
E L James created her Psychopath Christian Grey to keep sex slaves to sexually, psychologically abuse them, just as he did Anastasia Steel and was still doing so in book 3. 

 “Violence is violence. Abuse is Abuse, Sexual violence is worse and has no base to exist in any type of relationship.” Fifty Shades of Grey is glamorizing sexual violence as being a normal loving relationship, when it just isn't.

Criminal minds TV series season 10 ep 17 has just done a story on the copycat murderer using the Fifty Shades of Grey books to murder victims. The team is looking for an attractive, charismatic 30-something male. He’s using the popularity of the book to lure women into re-creating it with him. Once they are vulnerable, he finishes them off.

One girl on twitter said ( You know 50 Shades of Grey is fucked up when they do an episode of Criminal Minds about the same scenario)

This is the joke on Fifty Shades of grey at the moment  Fifty shades of grey is romantic only because the guy is a billionaire. If he was living in a trailer it would be a Criminal minds episode. ( and now there is an episode of criminal minds)

This is from another website chat  The general interpretation around O-Deck is that 50 Shades of Grey is actually a tale of abuse masquerading as a romance. 

 I watched this full episode last night, very powerful message, the makers of Criminal Minds recognized the Psychopath, stalker, sexual abuser themselves, the character Christian Grey, and made an episode about the dangers of the book series. 

They had to change the name calling the book another name "Bare Reflections" which you will see in the full episode. They have also used almost word for word quotes from the book Fifty Shades of Grey "my inner tigress" instead of my "inner goddess" They even make reference to the baby one's jumpsuit "nine months ago my mummy read Bare Reflections" instead of "nine months ago my mummy read Fifty Shades of Grey". Criminal minds even makes reference to the line of marketing products. 

Obviously Criminal Minds creators had to change the name for legal reasons. In the episode they even make reference to the book not being BDSM and very dangerous and the BDSM community outraged because of the book promoting the wrong thing. ( i have  up loaded the full episode below for our readers. A must watch for everyone. Such a powerful episode.) 

A sheltered young woman Amber (Anastasia) falls for a handsome man Carson Bare, (Christian Grey) who forces her into a submissive role. Carson(Christian) introduces Amber (Anastasia) to what he calls BDSM binding her wrists to the bed with red cord rope where he has rough sex with her. 
Despite her initial worries Amber (Anastasia) finds she cant live with out Carson (Christian), (his warts and all-meaning his sexual abuse ways.)

sorry our video has been blocked by disney through youtube typical, you can still watch it
right away by clicking our google doc link below
click this link to view the video through google Docs
we uploaded the entire episode there to watch in full screen HD
A Psychopath sexual abuser can embed themselves into every day communities, they can be family men, or even women, with families. They can also be committing sexual abuse crimes, right under the nose of family, and friends without detection for years. They have a type they prey on, they will stalk their victims. Their urges do not go away they are always there, sometimes those urges become stronger over time triggered by factors around them.

Dr. Haim Ginott said: Children are like wet cement, what ever falls on them makes an impression.

Thirteen year old girls and under 18 year old children are reading the books Fifty Shades of Grey because of marketing pushing this book series, and movie onto minors. E J James is quoted in a live TV interview she does not want her teenage sons reading the books. But it would seem E L James doesn't have a problem with other children reading them. (of course  if it is bringing in the money)

A 13 year old girl died when two 13 year old minors acted out a scene from Fifty Shades of Grey, she bleed to death from her severe injuries that were inflicted upon her.  
A women was raped another two women were lured to a home by a rapist who was going to rape them using the book series scenarios to carry out his sexual assault.

The makers of the TV series Criminal minds have show viewers how dangerous this book series is doing an episode on it.
We have a serious problem when a book series and movie series that promotes sexual abuse, rape, stalking, domestic violence and has been seen as being all of that and much more by university studies and leading health professionals is allowed into our society and is seen as by the Author as romance and nothing more. This abuse to the Author E L James is romance, a loving relationship based on her life experiences.

When the lives of millions of vulnerable human beings are being put at risk because money, greed takes precedent over human life then we seriously do have a problem.

  “Fifty Shades of Grey legitimizes and glamorizes violence against women,” NCSE Executive Director Dawn Hawkins said in an email. “The story promotes torture as sexually gratifying and normalizes domestic violence.”

The only people…and we stress "the only people" who keep going back for more of this sexual violence dribble, and support Erica James in her quest for sexual gratification with sexual violence, have a very serious mental disorder. They have delusional fantasies, just like Erica James. Turned on by sexual abuse, sexual violence, and yes there is such a disorder, and starts quite young. These types of people dangerous to our society.

E L James would have the readers and non readers believe this is just a romance novel with sex.
This in fact is not the case.... the books are sexual abuse, stalking, rape, extreme sadomasochism not BDSM, a how to guide for a Psychopath and sexual abuser. 

We have other post with articles from experts in BDSM who also have PHD is sociology have said the books series, movie is not BDSM but out right abuse, and so dangerous, Christian Grey is a Psychopath. The contract is not a BDSM contract but a master and slave contract, a sex slave contract. (you can find those articles on our website in other posts through links in this article)

A new study, conducted by Amy Bonomi of Michigan State University and two additional researchers from Ohio State, has found that E.L James’  Fifty Shades of Grey promotes sexual abuse. The study concentrated on guidelines for what constitutes partner abuse, citing stalking, isolation, humiliation, and a lack of boundaries as elements of Fifty Shades of Grey.

Fifty Shades of Grey  has medical experts and psychologists having a huge problem with the books and movie as does the BDSM community and victims of abuse. So they should have.

It should be clear to any and all readers that sexual abuse can stretch far beyond the bedroom, and clearly does if the plot of Fifty Shades of Grey is any sort of indicator.

It is now that millions of women, men, young girls the media are waking up now seeing past the glamor advertising, that the books and movie are abuse.

How this rubbish ever got picked up by a very small publishing house in Australia when E L James is not Australian and doesn't even live in Australia, then published is beyond anyone's comprehension. 
No other publisher in the world wanted this utter garbage...but Australia????? I think the real story here should be why....there is a hell of a lot more to this, that Erica James and this small publishing house in Australia is keeping quite about, a secret.

Erica James books, idea stolen from the movie "SECRETARY" with James Spader, Maggie Gyllenhaal  2002 movie his name in the movie...... Edward Grey into sadomasochism, you really need to get the movie out to see about 75% of the book stolen from a movie not from Twilight. 
James even stole the name Mr Grey from the movie Secretary and his whole fetish. Then you have book three when Christian and Anna have a son they call the baby boy Theodore Grey.  Seeing a pattern here.

How millions of desperate women can get turned on by a young 21 year old women Anastasia being raped, stalked, abused, degraded, controlled, sexually abuse is also beyond comprehension. In reality for any person who has been through this sort of abuse, it is terrifying, the scars last a life time.

 The king of erotic, sensual movies was Zalman King who passed away in his 70's, he knew how to make erotic movies. He has been making these movies since the 1970's for thirty years....he made nine and a half weeks, Wild Orchid. Pleasure or Pain watched this movie of King's just a day ago, beautifully done

The two lead guys have it all over Jamie Dornan for looks, body, acting and chemistry with their leading lady. Both of these men Christos Vasilopoulos and Daniel Sobieray have a huge list of movie and TV credits to their name and do nudity, they would have killed as a Christian Grey character, obviously FSOG franchise who owns the rights to the books and studio couldn't afford anyone decent like these guys they have to go with bottom of the line, which was Dornan. Daniel Sobieray was also a top male model.

We see that E L James obviously read the books and saw the movies that Zalman produced, directed and wrote because there are one liners in his movies made well before FSOG crap that appear in FSOG movie and books. So not only did E L James steal from all the movies Zalman directed and produced and the books of those movies but also from the movie Secretary. Not so original after all James, and certainly not based on your life story as you have said in an interview on Youtube.

This video is up and working Anastasia getting beaten by Christian in the red room. The edit comes from the full movie, the subtitles  blurred out. Rated R. does not contain any full frontal nudity.

This in the video from the movie Fifty Shades of Grey is not BDSM. This is extreme Sadomasochism, out right sexual abuse, abuse

It's always good to see more people tackling this abomination. I wanted to point out a few things:

1) Subs IRL can end the relationship at any time. This contract says that ana can "submit a request" if she isn't exploring her sexuality (Christian pulls the "I have more experience so I know your body better than you" card), she is sick (he'd just call a doctor), he doesn't fulfill his part of the contract (he lies constantly and moves the goalposts so that Ana always falls short), or he endangers her (*sarcastic laughter*).
2) The "hard limits" list are the things he absolutely refuses. HL mean "NO, and that's not negotiable". He gives her a list of possible activities to consent/set as soft limits(I want to try, but with caution)/hard limits, but he steamrolls her reserves on caning and anal.
3) This isn't a Dom/sub contract. Ketmakura on Das-Sporking pointed out that this is a Master/Slave relationship- it extends outside the bedroom and the slave has far less rights. And even then, the slave can leave the relationship at any time.
4) Speaking of contracts, they aren't legally binding. In real-life BDSM, they're basically roleplay props. Yet Ana thinks it's legal. She later discovers that it's not, and in chapter 13 she confronts Christian and asks him when he would've told her so. He never gives a straight answer.

The BDSM community have left comments on our website and in an article for us, what E L James calls in her books BDSM and a BDSM contract are in fact not, far from it. E L James has mislead millions of readers into thinking this is in fact what happens in BDSM when it is not. James said the contract in her books and movie is a BDSM contract when it is not.....it is a Master and Slave contract, sex slave contract. This isn't a Dom/sub contract. Ketmakura on Das-Sporking pointed out that this is a Master/Slave relationship- it extends outside the bedroom and the slave has far 
less rights.

Fifty Shades of Grey, Grey, books; movie are the rape and delusional fantasies of Erica James. Erica wrote her fantasies down in those four books. And by the sounds of book 4, Grey, her husband Noel also joined her. ( Now i have this permanent image edged into my mind of Noel in Erica and their sex room. Noel in faded blue jeans, no shirt with his beer belly hanging out over the top, Erica bent over the table, with Noel, whip in hand ready to give it to her……jeeze the nightmares.)

Erica James wrote herself into her own books as one of the characters, and wait for it people, she is going to be in the next movie. (what the fuck as, child molesting Mrs Robinson Elena) 

Erica James people is in video interviews which are on youtube for whoever wants to watch as saying. “Fifty Shades of Grey is based on her life experiences, her life in other words.”

In the same videos Erica James can be heard saying “She wrote herself into the books as one of the characters…..She is going to be in the next movie.”

“Yes it got very hot and heavy, very steamy watching sex scenes with Jamie Dornan.” 

Again, we have this Narcissist women, who is turned on by sexual abuse, turned on by watching Jamie Dornan, sexual abuse, psychologically abuse Dakota Johnson, and whip the shit out of a body double in the red room of pain. And by the look on Jamie Dornan’s face and his body language he was enjoying it a little too much also.

A man, Dana Brunetti, a so called film producer for Universal studios, says, “When he saw this story, he couldn't wait to make this incredible love story and bring to the screen.” What the fuck………on what fucking planet is this a romantic love story????? You quite obviously suffer from the same delusions as Erica James, and your fantasies are also watching women being sexual abused, degraded.

The same Dana Brunetti we engaged into conversation with on social media. (yes people we screen shot the conversations) Who said “The Oscars are over rated.”

Fifty Shades of Grey franchise said on social media with Dana Brunetti also in the mix of the conversation, that “Fifty Shades of Grey was going to win an Oscar” (we couldn’t stop laughing like the other people watching the conversation unfold)

We said “Fifty Shades of Grey was shocking sexual abuse, so dangerous to everyone”. “The only award it was going to win was a Razzy, for the worst film to be made ever, the worst acting by two leading parts from the actors.”

Jamie Dornan is quoted in live interviews and interviews he has done in sit down for with a reporter-journalist......"he couldn't deal with not being a proper Alpha when he was with Knightly because "men are meant to be more successful and earn more" than a woman.

"The Fall didn't glamorize sexual violence against women because the women victims are professional women" "not lap dancers"  obviously, lap dancers or sex workers are fair game in Jamie's eyes, they don't matter.

"It's just "intellectual snobs" who criticize Fifty Shades of Grey". So people if you have an education and a brain you are in Jamie Dornan's eyes and intellectual snob and we don't know what we are talking about.

"I went to the sleazy sex dungeons for my research for Fifty Shades of grey, when i came home i couldn't touch my wife and baby, i had to have a shower and scrub myself". The question myself, other medical professionals, the BDSM community ask is why the hell would you go to a sleazy sex dungeon to do research on BDSM. What they do in those sex dungeons is extreme sadomasochism, sleaze and very dangerous, it is not BDSM.

"I stalked a women for my research in playing a Psychopath in the Fall" You broke the law Jamie and terrified a women a victim, how would you like it if your wife was stalked?? you wouldn't, but you saw it fit to do it to another women and break the law.

"I seem to be attracted to playing Psychopaths" 
Psychologist could have a field day with the quotes Jamie has made in the media, it says a lot about him...they would say you need therapy Jamie.

Jamie Dornan says "he is a feminist at heart".....really Jamie with quotes like this. You should have gone to a Psychologist, sex therapist, BDSM expert for your research since you are playing a Psychopath, sexual abuser, stalker in both the Fall and Fifty Shades of Grey.

Then we have Dakota Johnson coming out with comments in interviews.
Dakota Johnson has heard the critics who believe Fifty Shades of Grey promotes emotional abuse in relationships, but she is not having it. In a new interview with journalist Kjersti Flaa, Dakota fielded a question about what she thinks of claims that Christian and Ana's unconventional courtship borders on domestic violence [via ONTD]. "I think that is sort of an uneducated opinion," Dakota said. "Maybe because I know more about the BDSM world, so it makes sense to me, but everything that these characters do, they make the decision to do it." Which is true, yes, but fails to address some critics' assertions that Ana's "decisions" are actually the result of coercion by Christian. 
(So now Dakota Johnson is calling the medical professionals with degrees, who also may specialize in abuse uneducated and they don't know what they are talking about. The BDSM experts who have spoken out about the books and movie not being BDSM but being outright dangerous abuse don't know what they are talking about either, only Dakota Johnson does because this is her world at 25 years of age.) (Are you serious here, she is delusional, a bit of notoriety has gone to her head)

Just days ago the English Mail posted a story on Jamie Dornan a fluff piece as it is called trying to boost up his reputation and the reputation of the Fifty Shades of Grey Franchise. The Daily Mail called Jamie  'The Northern Irish Stud' ("are you referring to the horse racing Irish fraternity !" one person who commented said) ("he is no stud to me and to millions of other women either" another person said).
It was not half obvious reading through the article that is was a set up piece. Then when you started to read through the comments they were staged comments from Jamie's people or Fifty Shades of Grey people, publicists, it didn't take long for the general public to catch on either. Jamie was torn apart in the comments and so he should have been for his behavior of late and in the past. 

It has been suggested that Jamie had his people in the comments then come out an trash Kiera Knightly. It was obvious reading through the comments this was Jamie's people doing this. I was given a copy of the conversation that transpired which was screen shot....here it is.

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  1. Another fantastic article, glad to help with collecting those conversations. I was right in the middle of it. Fucking Jamie Dornan needs to go to a shrink, he obviously has a problem. He is his own worst enemy with the stupid shit he says. He is no blood feminist of supporter, no wonder him and Kiera Knightly broke up, he couldn't handle her success. I am in marketing and I can tell which are the publicists making comments, they were all over that article on the Daily Mail.
    The guy is a full on wanker and tool, lots of people dissing on him, not happy with him either.

    1. I agree with you Nathan, I live in the UK and a lot of people are not happy with Jamie. Stalking a women even for research is wrong, you don't do that and it is illegal.
      We love Keira in the UK and for him and his people to that, what was said in those comments was horrible, really disgusting, this was his fiancé once, he was going to marry her.
      I went to the story on the link for the Daily Mail and read the story and the comments. It was a fluff piece and you could see which comments were being left by his publicists or Fifty Shades of Grey.
      Jamie has gone downhill with the tings he says, but he was obviously saying things for awhile in quotes from articles. He is even a good actor or that good looking just average to me.
      Fifty Shades of Grey books should never have been made into one movie let alone any more, and Jamie and Dakota were really bad in the movie, as much chemistry as two chairs, neither of them can act. I agree with you Jamie obviously does have a huge problem.

    2. Very true, I was there at the conversations, defending Kiera, I thought is was really low of them to do that. I am in marketing so I know how the whole publicity thing works, that was his people doing that. Him and his people have sunk to a whole new low.
      The joke is on him though his wife has never won or being nominated for any awards, she is not a high valued Hollywood actress, one of the highest paid in the world.
      She is not beautiful, classy, a goddess like Kiera is and he dam well knows it.
      Some of the shit his and Fifty Shades of Grey publicist were putting in comments was a whole new low of desperation. They were trying to plant stories in the comments.
      Kiera is going to have a baby and he has his people do this crap, not good Jamie not good, Kiera's people have a copy of the comments now.
      Kiera holds a lot of weight in the film industry, the people she knows can break Jamie, end his so called career. He cant act anyway, so he should start looking for a new line of work.

  2. Great article very informative like the rest of the posts. The books Fifty Shades of Grey made me so angry, i saw exactly what you have said in your articles, the books are just books on abuse and a Psychopath.
    I was a victim of abuse for many years, i was the same as Anastasia very low self esteem shy, naive and stupid at the time. I was made a target because of being that why. It has taken me years of therapy to see that i was sucked in by the man i was with his charms, his lies and deception. I used to beat myself up how stupid i was for falling for all that crap, not any more. Yes i still call myself stupid for falling for it all. I used to go to a support group for abuse and listen to all the women with their stories, they all say the same thing, stupid for falling for their deception. But at the time you don't see that.I don't go to those groups anymore, some of those women go there just for attention, their abuse is more important, they use those groups as a place to get attention, they actually start attacking other abuse victims, which is so wrong. I started to find the group i was in toxic. Now i go to a Psychologist just one on one, she sounds very much like what you say in your posts and has helped me so much, just as your articles have as well.
    I think it is so important now to make women aware of abusers, men who are sociopaths, psychopaths or even women who also target other women. Because you are right these abusers have a type, they look for the shy, isolated, venerable persons of course you don't see that at the time.
    I always look forward to your posts and i always take away something positive from them.
    I went to your book website and i have begun to read your book series, loving it, really good.

    1. I wanted to add to what I said in my comment. I did have an eating disorder because of the abuse went through, this is what trauma and abuse can do to you.
      I didn't trust men for a very long time but now I have a boyfriend, he I amazing, gentle and so kind, he has really helped me also. It has shown me there are some good men in the world still. I have also gone back to University this year to study, something I couldn't do before. I contribute some of the help you have given in your posts that have given me that push I needed with that also.
      I used to follow on twitter the abuse website in the UK since I am from there 50shadesofabuse which I know is not your twitter page. I un-followed them because they had abuse victims on their page actually abusing other victims.
      A lot of those abusive people who are or were victims were also dissing on professionals. I actually discussed with my Psychologist. She said those women are attention seeking, toxic to other victims and should not be on social media abusing others, which I could see also.
      I don't have Facebook because I find it so toxic full of people bullying others.
      I have discussed in length with my Psychologist the books of Fifty Shades of Grey, she read them for research since so many of her patients had also. She said the same thing full of abuse and very harmful to so many women and young girls, it promotes abuse. It points out how naïve Anastasia is and how Christian targets her because of this, he is a classic sexual abuser and Psychopath.
      I gave her the link for your website, she agreed with me very informative, very good articles, very helpful to victims of abuse or anyone, that point out signs of an abuser, the abuse in the books Fifty Shades of Grey.
      There was something you said in an earlier comment about victims not getting justice in the court system and then you get abused all over again. I went through that so did other victims in the support group I was once part off. The justice system let us down, our abusers got off scot free, we basically had to be dead laying in a ditch somewhere for justice to be served. That is really hard to deal with, knowing your abuser put you through all that abuse and you finally stand up to them to get justice and there is none.

      I think Jamie Dornan is sick in the head and needs therapy, I have been stalked and it is terrifying, you know someone is watching you, following you, you can sense it, but you don't know who. He said he did it for research. He would have done it more than once if it was for research, and it would have been the same women. It doesn't make it right that it was for research, he broke the law.
      Your right with what you said he wouldn't like his wife being stalked but he is OK to do it to another women. Like you said there are proper professional ways to do research and his way is not the way.
      Now he is trying to make excuses for what he did, just like when he went to a sex dungeon. He could have done that research the right way also. He has a problem alright, he is becoming the characters he plays, or maybe he always was, a sick Psychopath.

    2. Thank you for your wonderful comment, so glad you are taking positive thoughts away from the articles and they have been helping you. Great news about you going back to University.

      With your words about abuse victims abusing other victims, yes it is very wrong but it happens a lot. These victims become so angry they cant get pas their own anger and they start projecting it onto others, then in turn become abusers to others verbally, sometimes even physically i have seen it many times.
      It is attention seeking also sometimes. Actually just this morning i was abused by a women on twitter who follows 50shadesofabuse twitter page; yes it is not our website twitter page we don't have one we don't need to.
      I was accused in this article of calling abuse victims stupid by a women "gass-lighting" she called it. Which is just ridiculous, she then became quite abusive, then I blocked her on twitter.
      Some people should not be on social media of any kind this women was obviously one of those women.
      I don't have Facebook either as it is a playground for bullies. Psychologist, therapists, Councillors always steer their patients away from Facebook or toxic social media platforms, but Facebook is the worst one.

      I am glad your own Psychologist found our website informative as well and positive, i have studied been a Psychologist for many years, you are always studying learning new things, because i went through many years of shocking abuse myself i know what victims go through.
      Eating disorders can be very common with abuse victims or victims of any trauma and i am so glad you are now healing and are better and have found love again.
      I was the same it took me a long time to trust again also, now i have a wonderful husband, who has also supported me and helped me through healing also.

      Good to hear you are reading and liking my book series, i have had millions of people now reading the series and loving the book pages.

    3. That UK 50shadesofabuse twitter page I blocked their ass tonight for being so rude. I am Alexandria's agent for her book series now, no wonder they have people un following them after the way they behaved tonight on twitter.

    4. As one of the co-runners of this site i was bloody disgusted with Emma Tofi she runs that abuse twitter page its hers as well as other twitter pages, it was her this morning using one of her other accounts abusing Alexandria, i had my husband look into it, she obviously has mental problems we checked out her blog, rambling alright, then she has the nerve to go on to Alexandria's social media and abuse her for this article. Then she goes onto my twitter page and leaves some crap on my page.
      Emma get a dam life, how the hell can any one be bothered manning what 5 or 6 twitter accounts like you do and multiple other social media accounts, that is a sign of serious problems, attention seeking. Then you go abusing our authors of our abuse website for this article. You are blocked Emma and stop abusing abuse victims.

    5. I used to belong to that abuse website in the UK that Emma Toffi runs, not any more. We all know she has lots of accounts she hides behind, I don't even follow her on Twitter anymore or her other social media because of her antics, doesn't that say it all.
      I am from the UK I follow your site. Emma has a huge problem, jealous of other women and abuse sites, she is so angry at the world and what was done to her she cant get past her own veil of anger, she projects it onto anyone she wants to pick a fight with.
      She shouldn't be on any social media, she is plain nasty.

      Love your site, all the articles and graphic design. I work as a councillor in the UK and for information everything is spot on. I hope you don't mind I have copied some of your information and graphic design pictures for our office. We have had lots of comments on your graphics all saying how powerful they are, beautiful designs.
      I watched the criminal minds episode, my words also great episode, they really talked the issue of the books so well.
      I don't support the Fifty Shades of Grey books or movie I don't know one councillor who does.
      E L James is not popular in the UK like she was when the books first come out either is Jamie Dornan. Lot of very unhappy men and women here because of Jamie's actions, his entire behaviour and Dakota.
      I am all for erotic romance but I don't want Fifty Shades of Grey because it is nothing but abuse and is sending the wrong message to everyone.

      Please keep up the great work and fight against abuse, I for one support you and I know many others that also follow your site in the UK that do also.


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