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Dakota Johnson a naive 25 year girl-women, still living in a Hollywood fantasy land


Dakota Johnson a naive 25 year girl, still living in a fantasy land of Hollywood.....Dakota has just opened herself up to a barrage of criticism with an interview she has done with Cosmopolitan Magazine. 

"She knows the BDSM world" The book and movie Fifty Shades of Grey was not BDSM, it is abuse for one.........go to our website posts to read more from experts.

This young woman lives in a dream land with her head in the sand.......she does not have a clue about abuse because has never experienced it, been a victim of it, have a degree in Psychology, a Doctor, a BDSM expert.

Heads up visiting the sleazy sex dungeons for research, seriously. What they do in those sleazy places is not BDSM it is Extreme Sadomasochism, abuse, sleaze, degrading of women and dangerous.



It's always good to see more people tackling this abomination of Fifty Shades of Grey. I wanted to point out a few things:
So once again E L James miss lead millions of people, with bad research and medical information, endangering lives. No wonder a young innocent girl died because of these abuse books and movie.
E L James created her Psychopath Christian Grey to keep sex slaves to sexually, psychologically abuse them, just as he did Anastasia Steel and was still doing so in book 3.

Jamie Dornan is quoted as saying "he couldn't deal with not being a proper Alpha when he was with Knightly because "men are meant to be more successful and earn more" than a woman.

Same guy who said The Fall didn't glamorize sexual violence against women because the women victims are professional women "not lap dancers"  obviously, lap dancers are fair game in Jamies eyes, they don't matter.
Same guy who says it's just "intellectual snobs" who criticize Fifty Shades of Grey.

Jamie is also quoted as saying he went to the sleazy sex dungeons to do his research for Fifty Shades of Grey. WHY?? What they do there in those places is not BDSM it is sadomasochism to the extreme, and very dangerous and sleazy.

"Then you went home to your wife and baby and had to have a shower and scrub yourself before you could touch them".

Poor research on your part Jamie you are researching the wrong things. 
No wonder the pair of them are taking a hammering in the press with the comments that comes out of their mouths. 
Jamie Dornan says he is a feminist at heart.....really Jamie with quotes like this.

 “Fifty Shades of Grey legitimizes and glamorizes violence against women,” NCSE Executive Director Dawn Hawkins said in an email. “The story promotes torture as sexually gratifying and normalizes domestic violence.”

Dakota Johnson has been slammed by critics and the public for her poor acting and chemistry with Jamie Dornan and critics and the public have spoken up, that Dakota only got the role 1) because of who who parents are.....2) because no one else wanted it. 

Sam Taylor Johnson has already said no other female was offered the role only Dakota....which Sam thought also very strange.

Dakota Johnson has heard the critics who believe Fifty Shades of Grey promotes emotional abuse in relationships, but she is not having it. In a new interview with journalist Kjersti Flaa, Dakota fielded a question about what she thinks of claims that Christian and Ana's unconventional courtship borders on domestic violence [via ONTD]. "I think that is sort of an uneducated opinion," Dakota said. "Maybe because I know more about the BDSM world, so it makes sense to me, but everything that these characters do, they make the decision to do it." Which is true, yes, but fails to address some critics' assertions that Ana's "decisions" are actually the result of coercion by Christian.
And she doesn't want her parents to see it. "Are you fucking kidding me". 

The Character Anastasia Steel in the movie Fifty Shades of Grey.....  Ana. She's the poster child for no self-esteem.
Erica James has Anastasia portrayed as an absolute dimwit, a lip biting dimwit.
Hell my own daughter is younger than Anastasia with more brains, and sense, intelligence.

You have just opened yourself up to a barrage of criticism Dakota, from medical professionals who do have degrees and specialize in abuse, see the victims every single day......you have opened yourself up to a barrage of fury from the actual BDSM world, who have already come out attaching Fifty Shades of Grey....and victims of actual abuse. 

The abuse victims and survivors of abuse are already posting on social media, furious at the latest interview by Dakota Johnson.

❤️"Dakota did you actually read properly all three books in the Fifty Shades of Grey series??" obviously not.
❤️"Did you understand all three books??" obviously not.

Our abuse websites have 16 year old girls commenting on our social media who read the three books, and were furious, disgusted at the abuse, sexual abuse, stalking and control, in the book series Fifty Shades of Grey. You are 25 years old Dakota, and you don't see it.....or is it more that you do see it, but hell i am getting paid a lot of money here to do this abuse movie, so i better say good things about it, and Fuck the abuse victims, and victims that are still to come, because of this crap from the books.

You were from media reports paid $US 800,000 to do this one movie, and want a pay rise to do anymore. Fuck, no one paid me a cent to be abused, sexually abused, and beaten, i received not one cent in compensation, zero, and i have scars for the rest of my life, like the millions of other victims in the world. 

Millions of women every year across the world and children have their lives destroyed because of abuse, they end up in shelters, in hiding, or on the street. Many have to hide for the rest of their lives, change their name, walk away from their homes, their possessions, escaping with the clothes on their backs, or one suitcase with their children's and their possessions. That is the reality of abuse, abuse destroys whole families.

Dakota makes that stupid thoughtless comment that impacts on the lives of millions of innocent young girls, and women, and then flies off to Mexico for a luxury holiday with her mother and Chris kardashian Jenner. Oh we should all be so lucky to have money and free time to lounge around in Mexico at a five star resort.

I was reading comments on line this morning from the fall out of what Dakota said, the majority of people thought she was a stupid naive young women, and they would take the word and advice of professionals who actually know what they are talking about when it comes to abuse and BDSM and the dangers of the Fifty Shades of Grey books and the contents, than her any day. 
She makes one movie which was shocking anyway, and now she is an expert in BDSM. The majority of the public were just as angry as us at what she had to say....and rightly so. 

The only people…and we stress "the only people" who keep going back for more of this sexual violence dribble, and support Erica James in her quest for sexual gratification with sexual violence, have a very serious mental disorder. They have delusional fantasies, just like Erica James. Turned on by sexual abuse, sexual violence, and yes there is such a disorder, and starts quite young. These types of people dangerous to our society.

 The king of erotic, sensual movies was Zalman King who passed away in his 70's, he knew how to make erotic movies. He has been making these movies since the 1970's for thirty years....he made nine and a half weeks, Wild Orchid. Pleasure or Pain watched this movie of King's just a day ago, beautifully done.

The two lead guys have it all over Jamie Dornan for looks, body, acting and chemistry with their leading lady. Both of these men Christos Vasilopoulos and Daniel Sobieray have a huge list of movie and TV credits to their name, and do nudity, they would have killed as a Christian Grey character, obviously FSOG franchise who owns the rights to the books, and studio couldn't afford anyone decent, like these guys, they have to go with bottom of the line, which was Dornan. Daniel Sobieray was also a top male model.

We see that E L James obviously read the books and saw the movies that Zalman produced, directed and wrote because there are one liners in his movies made well before FSOG crap that appear in FSOG movie and books. So not only did E L James steal from all the movies Zalman directed and produced, and the books of those movies but also from the movie Secretary. 

Not so original after all James, and certainly not based on your life story, as you have said in an interview on Youtube.

❤️"Class" = not auditioning for this in the first place Dakota. 
❤️"Sense" = not signing the contract when offered the part when no other women with sense wanted it, and ran running for the hills. (thats right no other women was offered the part according to Sam Taylor Johnson...which Sam also thought was very sus.)
❤️"Love" = not dragging your mother to a red carpet event, then in front of the world slam her for not seeing the movie, and not wanting to see it. (spoilt brat)
❤️"Soul"= selling yours to the Devil...the Devil being money, greed and Hollywood.  
❤️"Conscience"= a person's moral sense of right and wrong, viewed as acting as a guide to one's behavior. Obviously doesn't have one.
❤️"Respect"= would have been not doing the movie in the first place, supporting victims of sexual abuse.
❤️"Good"= is critics and the public slamming you for the poor acting and lack of chemistry with your leading man, then you make excuses when the bad reviews hit home. 
❤️"Better roles" = not likely....your acting was shocking anyway.
❤️"Bravo" = very slow hand clap, that is if the audience haven't left the cinema already, as so many did...demanding their money back.
❤️"so it should"= worst reviews in history, and receiving unprecedented negative publicity, because of it highlighting abuse and the negative impact on so many young innocent and naive young women....shocking acting by the two leads, zero chemistry, rubbish script, badly produced, film students could have done a better job Dana Brunetti.

❤️"Class" = not auditioning for this in the first Jamie...its now destroyed your reputation, as an actor, a man, a father, a decent human being.
❤️"Sense" = not signing the contract when offered the part last minute when the first guy ran after seeing sense. 
❤️"Love" = not dragging your then pregnant wife half way around the world to look after a new baby as you protect your modesty with a grape baggie in a Red Room.
❤️"Respect"= As for the actor not wanting to upset his wife by doing these graphic sex scenes in sadomasochism - well if he thought anything of her, he wouldn't have done the movie in the first place.
❤️"Conscience"= a person's moral sense of right and wrong, viewed as acting as a guide to one's behavior. Obviously doesn't have one.
❤️"Soul"= selling yours to the Devil...the Devil being money, greed and Hollywood. 
❤️"Good"= is not dragging her to Red Carpets 12 months on as you prepare to use her as an excuse when the bad reviews hit home. 
 ❤️"Better roles" = not likely but, if, will have to await fulfilling his contractual obligations OR a long recovery time from breaking contract as unprofessional....but we are sure if you really try, you could get out of it, there is always an out clause in contracts, your reputation already in taters.
❤️"Bravo" = very slow hand clap, that is if the audience haven't left the cinema already, as so many did...disgusted in your performance and the movie.
❤️"so it should"= worst reviews in history, and receiving unprecedented negative publicity, because of it highlighting abuse and the negative impact on so many young innocent and naive young women. Endangering children's lives.

❤️ ❤️❤️ Jamie Dornan is quoted as saying, "he never read the books". He signed on to do a movie about sadomasochism, false love, false romance, and a young woman getting abused, and the shit beaten out of her, and fucked seven shades of Sunday, and he didn't read the book, or understand the full impact of the character he was playing????  "Come on"❤️
❤️He is quoted as saying his wife reads all of his scripts, she green lights what he should do.
❤️So his wife Amelia read the script, but not the book??? knew what the movie entailed??? green lighted him to do the movie??? was fully aware it involved nudity, sex scenes, sadomasochism, having to beat the shit of a women with a whip in a sex room???? yet after he made the movie she was not OK with it??? doesn't want to see it??? still hasn't seen it??? yet she green lighted the movie in the first place. ❤️"Please" nothing more than a publicity stunt.

Now that it has received a hammering of bad press, bad reviews she is saying she is not OK with it "bla bla bla". Maybe the pair of them should have really thought about this movie before signing.

Have you seen a child under 18 under 16 under 12 under 5 years of age that has been abused, sexually abuse.....because we have, and it is heart breaking. 
Our Media have the power to keep abuse in the media, to shine the light on victims, the injustice for abuse victims, to a broken justice system, broken laws, that are meant to be there to protect victims, that are so broken, it is a crime itself.

Our Governments have the powers to make massive change for victims of abuse, laws that are put in place, and made to be upheld, compensation for victims who have their lives destroyed, harsher penalties for abusers, rapists, child abusers, pedophiles. Instead they sit on their hands.....victims and survivors keep getting abused over and over.

In Australia we have been fighting to have changes made for ten years, to have laws changed, and help for victims, written letters to Prime Ministers. Instead the problem in Australia has not get better for victims of abuse, it has got worse. 

In Australia if you are a women or child and a victim of abuse, and you go to the police or the courts for justice, you are sadly let down. In a lot of cases police in Australia end up abusing you, wanting you to fade off into the distance, so they don't have to do their job they get paid to do, so they don't have to do the paper work.

The abuse begins all over again, this time you have a new abuser, the law, the justice system, which is sadly broken. 

AUSTRALIAN women are being sexually assaulted at twice the rate of women worldwide. 
Rape Crisis Center executive officer Karen Willis says more than 70 per cent of these sexual assaults are carried out by family members, friends, work or school colleagues.
A further 29 per cent of rapes are perpetrated by someone the woman meets socially or occur on a date.

Just one per cent of rapes are committed by strangers, she said.
 One in six Australian women have been the victim of a sexual assault by a non-partner, compared to one in 14 women around the world, a new study shows.

These are shocking stats, Australia also has a shocking record with child abuse and child sexual abuse, a lot of it covered up by Government Departments, the lives of thousands of children destroyed forever.

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  1. Bloody brilliant article and the graphic posters kill so sick. At least your words are honest not like what you read in the media not wanting to tread on toes. You should be writing a column for one of the big magazines, i come here everyday to see if you have something new posted.
    I am sorry you had to have gone through your own abuse.
    You are right about abuse victims not receiving compensation for the hell they have had to go through and still go through. There is nothing for victims, no justice or compensation. I know there are laws awarding compensation for certain things but try getting that compensation it is either almost impossible or takes the next ten years of your life fighting to get it.
    Every country is different when it comes to this area also, some countries have no compensation.
    A lot of abuse victims stay silent also because they are abused even more when they do come forward, either from their abuser or by authorities, i have seen it, which in its self is shocking and more abuse again.
    Love your work please keep up the articles and fight against abuse. We need more people like you in the world.

  2. I read the article at Cosmopolitan, very silly young women, i say young women because she is just that, just turned twenty six, very naive to the real world out side of her bubble of Hollywood.
    I was pretty dam angry after i had read that piece she did the interview in, you are so right she doesn't have a clue about real BDSM, or abuse and what victims go through.
    All that interview has now done is destroy her credibility as a person and as an actress even more than it was.
    I am not surprised the abuse victims and the BDSM world are also fuming with her comments, very silly, naive absolutely.
    The backlash over the movie and books Fifty Shades of Grey and the leading actors is almost a comedy, it would be if it wasn't so series, and the issues surrounding the books and movie are real ones that effect millions of women, young girls.
    Fantastic article and graphics by the way.

  3. Agreed brilliant article and graphics. I was laughing also at the stupid stuff that comes out of some of these celebrities mouths. Well in her eyes she is a celebrity, not to me she isn't. What a dumb fucking thing to say on her behalf. She is misleading million's of young girls because of the crap that came out of her mouth.
    I am a therapist over forty years of age so have many years experience in this field. Dakota has shown over and over her immaturity, and this latest rubbish to come out of her mouth has just sealed it. Immature, naïve, spoilt, wrapped up in her own fantasy world alright.
    For god sake look who her parents are, not exactly role models for relationships.
    Your right she has been in two relationship's she is only 25 years old, hell at 25 you are so naïve to the world, there is no bloody way she knows the BDSM world intimately at 25 years old for a start, then you have it she has only had two boyfriends. Your so right she would no nothing about abuse, rape, sexual assault or what victims go through. I was wondering how much the Fifty Shades of Grey people or E L James paid her to come out and say what she said.
    She cant act I have see her in other parts where she has had small parts, the only reason she would have got the part in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie was because of her parents, no other sensible women wanted the role and Dakota was the only women who was willing to go full frontal nudity. She says she has no shame, got that right, no brains also.
    She will be washed up in five years or sooner.
    Love all of your posts and articles as well as the beautiful graphics, I have subscribed and put my friends on to your site as well. Very informative and we also get a laugh from time to time.
    I so agree with your words about abuse victims, the legal system and police, I have seen it also for myself and some days it is so hard to see victims being abused when they try to get justice for a crime that was committed against them.
    There needs to be a complete overhaul of the legal system for one and especially for victims of abuse, rape. Absolutely compensation, because right now the system is a complete joke.

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