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Domestic Violence — More of a Threat than Terrorism


Seven dead in the last week from Domestic violence this includes children. Twenty nine dead in the last six months, two women a week, die from Domestic Violence in Australia Because of a failed system, because police are not listening the court system not listening, victims still invisible to the law. Nothing is going to change, we are going to continue to see more deaths from Domestic Violence, until victims are really seen and heard. 
Every two minutes women are a victim of domestic violence. 
Domestic Violence victims are 85% women.
We need to also remember children are also victims of domestic own child was, my baby girl. 

(We have had to re-post our article that was published in September 2015, due to technical problems, our article disappeared) Its the same article with a few up dates.We have now recovered the original article which is Here

The United Nations defines torture as any act by which severe, pain or suffering, weather that be physical or emotional, is intentionally inflicted on a person. (unborn-baby, babies, children, women, men)

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Men are also the victims of domestic violence. (yes, so all those dam "men hating" feminists get of your high horses and listen to the data, the professionals who specialize in abuse who see the victims, the doctors who treat them. More on this further in this article) These women are on social media, also standing on their soapboxes saying "Abuse, domestic violence is ONLY committed by men" When in absolute fact that is not true, and they are misleading people and misleading our youth with their very words. They are also on social media abusing men and women who will not agree with their one side ways.You can read the article Abuse Does Not Discriminate here

There are many forms of abuse and domestic violence. One area we don't even touch on in this article but very prevalent is sibling abuse. Siblings abusing another in the family, domestic violence, abuse, sexual abuse and many children also lose their lives through this type of abuse. Sibling abuse effects millions of children world wide, but no one talks about this, except for those who specialize in abuse.
That sibling abuse starts from an early age and can continue right through adult hood.
We also have teens living on the streets who become homeless because they are escaping a life of abuse, either sexual abuse, sibling abuse or domestic violence.All of this is abuse.

We are told by abuse organizations, advocates, law centers, world leaders, victims and survivors of abuse, journalists, media outlets, the public our articles on abuse, and our other articles are the best they have read. The comments left are on our site and our social media pages. We have over 16 million readers world wide. We are also international speakers on abuse.

These words are the same words a domestic violence, sexual abuse abuser will also use on their victims. Abusers will slander their victims, use intimidation, gasslighting.

Sibling abusers can go on to be domestic violence or even sexual abuse - abusers in a relationship.
The victim of sibling abuse, suffers a life time of health and psychological problems as that sibling abuse continues through child hood and adult hood. Low self esteem and  anxiety.

Child hood spats and sibling abuse are not the same thing. READ MORE HERE

Our world wide campaign for Domestic Violence, sexual abuse, abuse; our site named after this #AbuseHasManyShades #RiseUp Warrior #BreakTheChains  #SilenceHidesViolence #AbuseLeavesInvisibleScars Our campaign has gone global and is already making huge changes world wide. We have over 16 millions readers and we belong to world wide organizations to make this change world wide. We are Australian as well as International Speakers, abuse advocates, activists, Professionals, many of us Domestic Violence and sexual abuse survivors.  We belong to world wide organizations to stop abuse.

(Hi Alexandria, I am still finding my way through the articles and the website. You women are absolutely brilliant for coming up with it and the graphics, exposure, rawness, use of language keeps it REAL. I can fight this fight with you all and have read your story and it is raw, triggering a lot of similarities, that is why what you ladies are accomplishing is so very valuable to humanity and it's survival. Please allow me to extend my deepest and heartfelt sorrow for your experiences and a smile for your truth in sharing your journey, a wink and thumbs up for your courage and determination to leave our planet a better place for speaking out and for not being silenced. ❤ Jesse )
This is just of one of many comments we get on our social media pages about our website and the articles on domestic violence.

All of our articles are complied by a team of people; men and women, we have professionals and advocates from all over Australia and the world, and we also belong to world wide organizations. We are Humanitarians and Warriors.
You are all brave Warriors who have endured abuse, all abuse, we can be warriors together; you are never alone. #RiseUp #Warriors lets break the chains together

Update 5.5.2016 Miss Rosie Batty is back in the media with the Fairfax- Rupert Murdoch owned media pinching once again from our articles, this time as well about our information in our articles and links on law reform which she was dead against, our words, our hard work and using them as her own.
We have had a gut full Miss Batty. You are a liar and we are exposing you as just that. We have contacted the Women's Legal Center, the media, the Daily Mail where we saw your article with our words you stole from us and taking full credit for our work. Our people have a number of speaking engagements on their calender's and we will keep exposing you Miss Batty. Miss Batty has also lied to a radio station in an interview, we were just told today. We are getting the name of the radio station to contact them, exposing Miss Battie's lies once more. 

 This was sent to us in communications on social media 
today. We are always being sent communications against Miss Batty from women. They want her stopped, she is misrepresenting domestic violence and abuse and abusing victims.  Rosie Batty has done a complete 360. She has always
maintained in the media and in her speaking "Domestic Violence is only committed by men" Now she is doing a Malcolm Turnbull because we have exposed her in our articles. We say in our articles abuse, sexual abuse, domestic violence does not discriminate. It effects women, men, children, gays, transgenders, all races, all religions, all social statures, even the family pet. Abuse does not respect Gender.
Our articles our posters all convey this message, our social media, our twitter, website, our own newspapers, everywhere conveys this message, all of our article links convey this message and have done for over a decade. 
You are going to want to read the latest rubbish from Miss Batty May 2016. It is UN-believable. Read Here

At the end of this article there is a medical symposium that was held in Capital Hill Washington last year by the best in their fields. Members from Congress also there. This medical symposium was addressing the public health crisis of abuse world wide.
The medical video with hundreds of published medical studies from medical professionals do not support Rosie Battie's words. Her words are so damaging to the entire world. When you watch this video and listen to all the medical specialties you will see why.
We have links to published medical studies in all of our articles and none of them support Miss Battie's words.  
Stop talking Miss Batty because you are misleading the world about domestic violence and abuse. Those medical studies don't even support Malcolm Turnbull.

Rosie Batty is not an advocate of domestic violence, she is an advocate for herself only. She would have to be the worst advocate for domestic violence in the world with her dangerous thinking, her words. Keep reading we expose more of Rosie Batty in this article.
We have contacted the Daily Mail and other media outlets and all over social media showing how Rosie Batty has lied how she is stealing from our articles. Our own work product, dates times etc show how Miss Batty is stealing from our articles then claiming them as hers. She gives zero credit to us, just to herself. The characteristics of a complete narcissists.
Our people have speaking engagements on our calender's including Internationally and we will keep exposing Miss Batty in our engagements, because we are like the rest of Australia; pissed and had enough of Miss Batty.   

Do you know who Bill Shorten has as his representative for Domestic Violence and Abuse; A Psychologist Rosie Batty, just like us. We have written to Bill Shorten many many times, he has all of our articles, and he has vowed to address Domestic Violence and abuse Miss Batty because of our hard dedicated work, over a decade of work. Not from you Miss Batty whop talks utter rubbish and who's words are dangerous to our entire world. 

Update 24.1.2016 We first used the words domestic violence terrorism in our article way back at the beginning of 2015 on our site and years before that on social media. Rossie Batty who we have confronted many times and again tonight, continues to steal from our words, articles and then claims those words as her own when they are not. You can read more about what Miss Batty has done further in this article. Read the comments left on our site. They do not support Miss Batty in the slightest. 
We do not support Miss Batty and never will, she is miss informing people about abuse, domestic violence, he words and thinking dangerous to society and to the world. Today she says "its going to take decades to change society. I don't think we have started in earnest before." 

Miss Batty is also quoted in her talks in the media, all on record "Domestic Violence is only committed by men" Absolutely wrong.
"Committed by men only using drugs and alcohol"Absolutely wrong. Abuse Does Not Discriminate Article
What utter crap. Professionals, Psychologist, sociologist, doctors, have worked for decades, they have published papers, we have those papers, we even have the videos on our site what has been for decades is being done right now, you are just not listening Miss Batty, because you have no idea what you are talking about and the published medical studies also support you have no clue what you are talking about.

If we stood in the media and said Domestic Violence is only committed by men, and men using drugs and alcohol we would be bloody crucified for it. Miss Batty clearly should stop talking, stop miss-informing people about abuse and Australia agrees with us. 
She needs to stop taking credit for the decades of hard work by medical professionals and advocates who have worked tirelessly for decades to combat these crimes, who are also International speakers like our people are. There are a lot of very pissed off people at Rosie Batty and this entire article and the comments at the end of this article shows you the reasons why.

Miss Batty is also quoted at her talks saying "I don't know much about domestic violence because i am not a professional"
Miss Batty works for the Liberal party, for Malcolm Turnbull, paid $500K plus by him, and is now on his campaign trail, being paid to speak for him. Trying to get votes back for him he lost from every single domestic violence, sexual abuse victims, survivor and their families.
Miss Batty, Malcolm Turnbull, His Minister for women if that's what you call her since all she does is abuse women, by her actions and words; They have this article. They are all sent our articles on abuse when we write them. We have asked all three of these people who know nothing about abuse, domestic violence to sit down and talk to us, have a debate and they have declined every single time we have ask to even respond to us.

We would love to hear from our readers, if Malcolm Turnbull gave you $500K or any money for being a victim of domestic violence sexual abuse. He certainly didn't give me or any victims or survivors we know a dam cent, and we don't know another person who he gave $500K to who have gone through the worst living hell you could imagine.

As a victim of abuse, did you run out hire a publicists, start a foundation, write a book all in the first few months and pay yourself a hefty salary, while abuse services were cut from all over Australia. Foundations are very expensive to set up; so who paid for Rosie Batty's? Domestic violence victims don't have anything, they are left to live on the streets, every thing is stolen from them by their abuser.

No you didn't, because people simply don't do that sort of thing, and they certainly don't have the money to do that, or hire a publicists, so who is bank rolling Miss Batty, is the question every one should be asking, and people all over Australia are asking this very questions. Its public record Turnbull gave Miss Batty $500,000 just a few months ago and now she is working for him.
If you check the media Mr Turnbull confirmed this $500,000 on live TV, a matter of public record. 

Our people have spent over a decade campaigning as advocates, activists, have degree's specialize in abuse, work with victims and we have not be given a dam cent. 
So Malcolm Turnbull abuses every single victim and survivor of abuse in Australia, but he gives his puppet who works for him and his elitists friends $500K while so many victims and children suffer. What  planet does that seem even remotely fair, or pass a sniff test; it doesn't.

Plenty of women sell out for money and power, hell the Liberal party has an entire team of these women, and Turnbull has just added another. Degradation Article
Rosie Batty does not and never will speak for victims of abuse in Australia or the professionals who specialize in abuse, they have made that clear on our site, on social media. This is about her now entering politics for the Liberal party. 

The Liberal party go in the media and tell victims and survivors of abuse, our nations poor, who are the victims of these crimes to get a better job, they have no sympathy for you at all. What job would that be one of a corrupt politician, CEO, corporation who are ripping of our  country, hiding their money and assets in offshore accounts, abusing all victims and survivors every single day because of this corruption. Malcolm Turnbull and his band of puppets are on that list.

Being made Australian of the year; which was a joke to start with, was politically motivated by Malcolm Turnbull. And thousands of people expressed this very thing all over social media.
It had nothing what so ever to do with the decades of work a person does to deserve this title. Yes readers people spend decades earning these titles, not bloody five minutes of self pity. One of our own people's father's was given this award for the decades of work he did selflessly, using his own money.

Malcolm Turnbull would have to give every single victim & survivor, of rape, sexual abuse, domestic violence, human-trafficking; every professional who has worked tirelessly for decades as advocates, activists, treating all victims, every soldier who ever went to war, died serving their country, or were lucky they survived that did return. Every single soldier who was wounded, have had their lives destroyed because of PTSD an award if this was the case. Did you get your award and $500K, or are you still waiting for it in the mail? 

This was about Malcolm Turnbull trying to gain grace, votes in the media for the countless acts of abuse he continued on behalf of Tony Abbott to all victims and survivors by his actions. This has already been written about by other journalists. One wrote this very thing on our social media pages months ago. Mark Latham also said it with his words and he is 100% correct. 

Our people do not get paid to be advocates of domestic violence, sexual abuse, human-trafficking. You do not exploit these crimes for your own financial and political gain. That is simply wrong.
We have contacted Rossie Batty numerous times for a debate on Domestic Violence sexual abuse, human-trafficking, pornography, sibling abuse, teen abuse, because all of these crimes are interlinked, she like Malcolm Turnbull is a coward and refused to reply to us. But she continues to work for Malcolm Turnbull, getting paid to miss-informing people about abuse. The Murdoch owned media keep publicizing her when no other media does, because like us they know the real agenda here.

New update 25.1.2016:
MSM, Murdoch and Turnbull's propaganda crew on twitter , came to our page and told us what we could write about domestic violence. 
We have to also add we do not support the Liberal Government, in what they are doing to Australians, the poor, victims of abuse. What they have done, is exposed in the Global article here
Bernie Sanders who is leading the election race for President of the Untied States, follows our work, congratulated us on our work, and articles on social media. Shares our articles, so do the other political parties in Australia, but not the Liberal Party, because we expose them, we go after them.. read more also in this article Liberal party kicking victims of abuse in the guts 
You will never hear Miss Batty going after the Liberal party because they are the hand that feeds her, she works for Malcolm Turnbull.
We told MSM to bugger off, we don't work for Murdoch, Turnbull and their bullshit ABC now owned by Murdoch, don't tell us what we can write, we don't write bullshit like you do. We write how it is, the realities of domestic violence sexual abuse, we specialize in it, we are the ones with the degrees. Unf***king believable. All because we have exposed Rossie Batty for stealing our articles and words and claiming them as hers. For not knowing what she is talking about, for misleading people about abuse, for working for Turnbull, for a bunch of elitists. 
When we speak including Internationally we expose miss Batty for Miss-leading people about abuse, for stealing our work and for being paid by Malcolm Turnbull. We also sent this article to Mark Latham.  

If you are on social media and you are confronted by a Troll, don't converse with them just block them. They want you to converse so they can abuse you even more, they feed of the attention, hurting others. Trolls will also try to discredit your words, you as a person. They love targeting women, but they will go after men as well. Trolls can be men and women.  

If you are a victim of abuse, sexual violence, PTSD, rape, trafficking, you are not allowed to talk about this, come forward, that has been made perfectly clear by the victims who have, from testimonies at the RC into child abuse, domestic violence. And we need to remember there are thousands of victims who have never come forward because of fear, fear from persecution, fear of being threatened, shamed.  Many victims of abuse knowledge they have been abused, but when it comes to talking about their abuse, they brings the pain and memories back for them they endured, that they have locked away, that pain and memories that has destroyed their lives
Hell our own people are threatened and abused because we dare expose the truth, we dare talk about these crimes.  

Yes people Domestic Violence, sexual abuse, rape, human-trafficking, pedophiles-child pornography are crimes, but you certainly wouldn't know it in Australia and world wide.
When a 6 yr old little girl in Queensland is raped and her rapists walks free with a slap on the wrist then you know the justice system is completely broken and corrupted. Don't see Malcolm Turnbull or any member of parliament in the media fighting for justice for a 6 yr old child who has just had her life destroyed by a violent crime. READ HERE
 'the legal system is infested with paedophiles and paedophile enablers''Senator Bill Heffernan 27/2/16.

Until our justice system is fixed, laws changed, and Domestic Violence  abuse, sexual abuse reports are taken seriously and victims are stopped being re-abused by police and a failed justice system, the Government start to also listen and act, nothing is going to really change, it will be just another bandade fix.
Right now Australia are seen as a joke to the rest of the world when it comes to dealing with domestic violence and sexual abuse.  

We have been sharing comments left my other professionals, journalists, advocates of abuse, victims of abuse all over our social media pages and in the comments at the end of this article. They are telling us Rosie Batty is now their abuser, Malcolm Turnbull is their abuser, the Fairfax media is now their abuser. By their words and their actions. And it is impossible to get the truth reported because Malcolm Turnbull Rupert Murdoch, Fairfax owned media controls most of it. 
Their puppet is Rosie Batty spurting untruths about abuse, domestic violence, and she lies to the public.  And she has teamed up with a bunch of elite Feminists, reporters who keeping spreading her abuse of victims, her lies, her and their uneducated one sided views on domestic violence and abuse.

We will not be silenced, you kicked us down, we got back up, you kicked us down again, tried to take away our hope.
The hardest thing any victim of domestic violence can do is leave, leave and never go back. 
You are not alone, shout as loud as you can to be heard, this is what is going to save your life, the life of your children. 
Take back the power from your abuser......speak up, shout as loud as you can....."NO you will not do that to me again" "Enough"

Domestic Violence victims, survivors get another kick in the guts article here

We want to share with our readers who come from all over the world, another story from a victim of domestic violence, PTSD, Psychological abuse, financial abuse along with her children. Julie a journalist lives in the USA and contacted us through our advocacy work with abuse, through an article we had posted from our site, which went global and viral. Here is Julie's letter addressing the injustices with abuse and the broken corrupted court system. READ HERE

 We are preparing an article about the broken corrupted court system world wide, this article only touches on this world wide issue and injustice, in the Family Court and Criminal court.We have added the new Family Court domestic violence bill further in this article, and its not good news. Family Court Article Here

 HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS Family Court Breaches fair trial, arbitrary detention minors, violence against women and children. Family Court are taking away children from a non violent parent and giving custody to the actual abuser, the violent parent. Breaking law after law in doing so. Abuse of Power. The Family Court has to be stopped.

This article has now gone global, viral around the world, to millions of people. We have a huge audience world wide. Thank you to all of our readers and supporters. Our growing Audience from our International speaking as well.
Our people attend symposiums on Domestic violence, we belong to world wide organizations against violence, abuse, domestic violence, pornography, human-trafficking. 

Anxiety from abuse, trauma The memories, the psychological abuse lasts a life time.
Anxiety, PTSD, anorexia, cutting, OCD, high bloody pressure, binge eating, heart attache, health problems, even cardiomyopathy which is a heart condition; from anxiety from being a victim of abuse. This sums up perfectly the symptoms, the effects of anxiety, we wanted to share this with any one who is suffering from anxiety. You are not alone and do not let anyone shame you for having anxiety. Anxiety can happen to adults and children even the family pet. Please seek medical attention from your doctor, if you are suffering from anxiety. Please read the article and new medical findings on PTSD and Anxiety Here

 Victims are not only victims of abuse, sexual abuse from their partner they are also abused by police and a failed justice system, systems run by men, laws made by men, who still do not really see, or hear victims of abuse. Our new campaign for Domestic Violence our site named after this #AbuseHasManyShades 
#Abuse is Abuse, there is No And or But or In-between

Domestic Violence & Child Abuse — leaves Invisible Scars

Abuse, Domestic Violence, sexual abuse, rape, child abuse, teen abuse, sibling abuse, human-trafficking is about control, control over another individual. All of these injustices all have one thing in common "CONTROL"
They are all done to women, children and men, all races, all sexes.

Over the weekend, you might have heard about the $1.8 trillion package that was passed by Congress on a bipartisan vote and signed into law by President Obama. While there were undoubtedly major compromises made by all, for FUTURES and our partners, there’s cause for celebration.

The bill reflects many of our top priorities, and we’re particularly proud that our ongoing advocacy can be seen in some tremendous gains. The new budget package will:
Increase funding for the Violence Against Women Act and related programs.

While we know this still remains insufficient to meet the need of all survivors and those who help them, we are taking a moment to recognize much success and progress. And mostly we’d like to thank you and our elected officials who have helped heal those hurt by violence and create a future without violence here at home and around the world. Read More Here

 This would never happen in Australia. 

In Ireland in 2015  a new child protection Bill.
that introduces sentences of up to 14 years for people who groom children for sexual purposes.

Child Grooming Bill. We need to have this same bill right here in Australia and everywhere around the world...this has to be done. Child abuse, sexual abuse has been covered up far too long.
  A person who uses any means to communication to entice a child to act in a way that “would constitute sexual exploitation of the child” could face up to 14 years in jail.

 "Depraving a child"
 “It will also be a separate offence to send a child sexually explicit material by means of information and communications technology. Familiarising a child with such material is a classic grooming technique which seeks to desensitise a child to sexual activity.”
Speaking about the Sexual Offences Bill, which will cover other aspects of sexual grooming, he said:
A person who, for the purpose of corrupting or depraving a child, causes that child to witness or watch sexual activity or view sexually-explicit material will commit an offence. It will also be an offence for a person, for their own sexual gratification, to cause a child to witness or watch sexual activity.
This Bill sends a very strong message to Child sexual abusers. This is just a small amount from the new Bill we have posted on our website last year. You can read more through this link HERE

While the USA and the President of the United States and the UK Prime-Minster and Ireland are doing something to combat domestic violence, sexual abuse, our Government led by an interim leader Malcolm Turnbull and previously by PM Tony Abbott who have done nothing to make major changes to do anything about Domestic Violence, sexual abuse, abuse in Australia....except for steal hundreds of millions of dollars from the domestic violence budget, close shelters, take away legal funding, illegally selling off state housing where victims of violence and sexual abuse live, making them and their children homeless once more. 

Australia is still living in the stone age, our laws are antiquated.
Just more abuse, gasslighting by our Australian Government, who don't give a dam about victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse, PTSD, suicide, Rape, Psychological abuse in Australia. Our Government should be bloody ashamed of themselves.

This is Scott Morrison's answer to Domestic Violence, abuse and unemployment, he really has no clue does he. The abuse by churches is rife, all churches.
The ignorance of this buffoon is evident every single day. I am catholic so was my husband the abuser; and it didn't stop him from beating the hell out of me and killing our child. Abuse does not discriminate, it effect all religions, all sexes, all genders, all social statues.
So what Scott are victims meant to be on their knees saying a prayer "please don't smack the shit out of my face, or hurt me or the children again. AMEN". Scott Morrison you are a complete moron for saying those words.  
There are no published medical studies who support this utter idiot for saying those words. The same as there are no published medical studies who support the ramblings of Rosie Batty or Malcolm Turnbull. We have links to published medical studies, medical symposium videos and they do not support any of these uneducated views of these people, who miss-inform the world about abuse and domestic violence, sexual abuse.

I also grew up with a very abusive mother. She is now in her seventies and still abusive. I grew up scared, fearful of my own mother because of how abusive she was and still is. 
My two brothers became abusive; sibling abuse, then abusive also as adults to their partners. 

My father was passive not abusive, too scared to stand up to my mother. He checked out of our lives when we were younger because of the abuse by my mother, she was also abusive to him. I grew up in a middle class family, Catholic. And prayer certainly does not stop abuse, or sexual abuse. 
My mother remarried and was abusive to her second husband and us children, the abuse never stopped.

My mother also turned a blind eye to sexual abuse, abuse. She simply didn't care enough to do anything. My mother a complete narcissist and sociopath, and still is to this very day. 
This is the story of millions of women, men and children world wide. 
Abusers, sexual abusers can also be elderly people and they can also have abuse happen to them by another elderly person, or by a younger person. There is no used by date for abuse.

Elderly people who might have endured abuse by their own partners have done so in many cases until they die. Their generation did not speak up about abuse and sexual abuse, it was swept under the rug. What has changed in the 21st century very little. It is still the same and it will remain this way because laws have to change to support victims. Justice has to support victims. Governments have to support victims. Society has to support victims. In our speaking we say this very thing, world wide.  

Street Smart women support our words above sharing them. Even the world wide organization Ark of Hope for abused kids and Human-trafficking agrees with our words and shares our articles, supports our work, and recommends us as one of their top people to follow @Goddess300 Alexandria
We belong to Ark of Hope. 

The President and first lady of the USA read our articles, even supporting our campaign we launched around the world. 
But not our Australian Government, not one ounce of support.

National women's anti-violence group loses funding, could close

 How low can the Liberal Government go?? Pretty bloody low. More cuts to domestic violence services. Lets see $300 million already cut, no legal funding, no shelters, now just cut $115 million to homeless services which make up a great percentage of abuse victims living on the streets. $40 million cut for legal services. You bloody heartless bastard Malcolm Turnbull. And you have your puppet Rosie Batty you gave $500,000 to just 2 months ago to go on your speaking trail for you, saying to Australia you are the best leader for Australia, you are the one doing something about abuse and Domestic Violence. You bloody liar Miss Batty, Malcolm Turnbull. The figures your actions speak for themselves.

 This is what our Government in Australia are doing to domestic violence. They don't care. The Australian Government would rather help criminals, millionaire-billionaires, corrupt politicians commit fraud...billions and trillions of tax fraud, help hide over 10 trillion dollars in off shore accounts than help victims, survivors of domestic violence, sexual abuse, abuse. READ HERE

Domestic Violence victims, survivors get another kick in the guts read here


Enough of shaming victims of Domestic Violence, sexual abuse, abuse, many women, and even some men, too frightened to speak out, to leave, so they live in silence with Domestic Violence, abuse, sexual abuse. (people say OH well its their fault because they didn't leave) No one knows what a victim of Domestic Violence, abuse, sexual abuse really goes through until you have lived it yourself. 
Many victims cant leave fore many reasons, two of the biggest fear, and financial abuse
They simply have no means to leave, and have been threatened, or the abuser threatens the children. (read comments at the end of this article)

Domestic Violence does not have to be physical 
it is also mental, Psychological, financial. 
Psychological abuse can even be much worse in many cases of Domestic Violence. The abuse lasts a life time.

The Greater the power the greater the abuse. 
That not only refers to the abuser who might be a corporate business person, but also refers to the police and the courts. We see this sort of abuse every single day. 
There is simply no justice for victims of Domestic violence until they are killed, or their children are killed, and then, some times not even then. 

 The justice system is so broken and so corrupted victims can not get justice. Many victims don't even follow through with the final orders for a VRO because of fear, threats, intimidation from their abuser. And the police and the courts and Government will do nothing to help the victims and their children.

Victims of domestic violence, abuse, sexual abuse, are threatened into silence. They are slandered, intimidation, verbal, physical threats, defamation, some times on a daily basis. This is not only done by the abuser, but the courts, the police, even Government, Lawyers who represent abusers. The victims are constantly abused. The court ignores the laws there to protect victims, the police and the Government also ignore these laws. 
Ignore, have no regard for Rule of law. There is simply no justice for victims.
Victims are fighting for justice against a system run and controlled by men, laws made by men.....misogynistic, condescending, egotistical men in many cases.
They are like the victims abuser, who like to have full control, and do not truly see or hear victims of abuse because of all of this.

This is what is done to victims and survivors of abuse, all forms of abuse, including children
The Honey Trap: The 4D's to Psychological abuse Article

When a victim leaves an abusive relationship they leave everything behind, they have no choice. They could have worked their entire life outside of the home, or even worked as the homemaker inside the home, still a job, that you do not get paid to do. 
When you try to go to court to get your assets that legally belong to you also, the court ignores the laws
Where are women, victims, who have escaped a life of violence meant to get the money for lawyers from? They have nothing.
Victims are telling us this very thing, i was one of those women, lost everything i worked for my entire life. 
My home i worked for, my clothes, my children also lost everything. 
Women, victims, loose hundreds of thousands in asset's, to millions in asset's, this is their future, their security to start a new life, now it is gone taken away from them. More abuse, by their abuser by the courts.
So once again they are abused by a broken justice system, once again run by men.

 Gaslighting victims
Gaslighting is an extremely dangerous form of emotional abuse.
Gaslighting is an insidious form of abuse.
GasLighting Definition and examples 

We see gaslighting not only used by the abuser on their victims, but by police, and the courts to victims of abuse, sexual abuse, domestic victims, breaking the law, breaking Human Rights Laws. We have video's court transcripts of this happening over and over
One of the most common words used in gasslighting victims of abuse is "they are mental in the head" 

Our professional team made up of  Psychologist PhD, Doctors, Sociologists, Lawyers, survivors of Domestic Violence, Human Trafficking, Sexual Abuse, specializing in Domestic Violence,  some of our people also speakers, and international speakers....we have been leading the way for over a decade to make our Government in Australia, world wide to do something about Domestic Violence, to change laws, to take this violation this injustice to Women and children, men, all victims, take seriously.

Abusers are incredible liars and manipulators and will take out revenge on Domestic Violence or sexual abuse victims their children, when the victim speaks out or tries to leave.
Hurting the children is done for control over their victim, to abuse them even more, it is also about revenge.

Australia has the highest rates of Abuse, sexual abuse against women and girls in the free civilized world. 
Sexual abuse also happens within a relationship, marriage. It happens with teens in relationships and also adults, all genders, all sexes, all religions, all social statues.  

These are the new stats out. Our Government simply do not give a dam about Domestic violence, abuse, sexual abuse victims and survivors. If our Government did give a dam we would not be in an epidemic of domestic violence, sexual abuse right now....they would not have ripped $300 million out of the domestic violence budget, closed shelters for victims, cut funding for legal services, medical services. Taken away funding for sexual abuse, abuse, PTSD services.
We have letters from the current and former Prime Ministers, where we wrote to them to address, domestic violence and sexual abuse, abuse in Australia....they all just passed the buck.

Domestic Violence, sexual abuse, abuse is not something that has all of a sudden manifested, it has always been there, it has been ignored, hidden for decades, so victims and their children have had to keep suffering, keep dying because they have never been truly seen and heard. 

Victims to this very day, even survivors; are still too scared to speak up about their abuse. Or they might have spoken up tried to get help and knocked right back down again. 
This has happened for decades and still happening to this very day, and will continue to happen, because our Government in office right now the Liberal party do not give a shit. 
All words when you hear the PM speak, or write some bullshit message on his social media page. He is part of the problem, he is also your abuser by his in-actions. Even the United Nations made that clear. The Liberal party has an entire team who abuse victims and survivors of abuse on a daily basis. Scott Morrison did in the media and social media months ago and we exposed him for doing this HERE

We were abused by the Liberal Party paid trolls for sharing this article for exposing Miss Batty in it. They came to our social media pages and abused us. Told us all the articles including the medical studies, medical articles, news articles exposing abuse, sexual violence, rape, human trafficking, reports from Federal Authorities looked like a 5 yr old wrote them, our banners, art work, looked like a 5 yr old designed them. That's how threatened they are by our work, what we do. They came to our pages to abuse us, defame us, slander us. That's a typical Liberal party response when you write the truth about something. The Liberal party trolls failed to produce any 5 yr old old's with degrees, PhD, who compile medical studies and write published papers.

When you have suffered a life of abuse as a child it is easy to go on as an adult and marry an abuser, or have an abusive partner in your life. You become conditioned to that abuse, without even realizing it. And you don't see that abuse from a partner coming because abusers are the master at manipulation. READ THIS ARTICLE HERE
And just because you have suffered abuse as a child doesn't mean you will be an abuser as well. Yes some people do and also some people don't.
An abuser does not have to come from an abusive family background to be an abuser. 

An Abuser does not have to be on drugs or alcohol to abuse, that is total miss information. Abuse, domestic violence, all forms is about control and power over another individual. 
A great percentage of abusers are also sociopaths, Psychopaths, these are the ones who are the most violent and will kill, the most dangerous abuser of all, but all abusers are dangerous. 
When you add drugs and alcohol also taken by the rich, in fact the rich can afford much better drugs, then you have even greater abuse from the abuser. 

The greater the power the greater the abuse. 

 A classic Psychopath loves to hear themselves talk, loves playing god with peoples lives and emotions. 
They prey on the weak (vulnerable), physically, emotionally, take away all support. Control their victims to get that charge they crave.

 Key traits that sociopaths and psychopaths share include: 
  • A disregard for laws and social mores
  • A disregard for the rights of others
  • A failure to feel remorse or guilt
  • A tendency to display violent behavior
  •  Sociopaths tend to be nervous and easily agitated. They are volatile and prone to emotional outbursts, including fits of rage
  •  Psychopaths, on the other hand, are unable to form emotional attachments or feel real empathy with others, although they often have disarming or even charming personalities. Psychopaths are very manipulative and can easily gain people’s trust. They learn to mimic emotions, despite their inability to actually feel them, and will appear normal to unsuspecting people. Psychopaths are often well educated and hold steady jobs. Some are so good at manipulation and mimicry that they have families and other long-term relationships without those around them ever suspecting their true nature.
  •  psychopaths make excellent white-collar criminals and "con artists" due to their calm and charismatic natures.

The Spellbinding Bond to Narcissists and Psychopaths – Neurobiological and Psychological Contributors Dr. Rhonda Freeman a clinical neuropsychologist practicing within a neurology group. 
She is the creator and author of In her spare time, she volunteers for a non-profit organization dedicated to psychopathy awareness and support for trauma survivors.
Dr. Freeman also writes for Psychology Today and Aftermath - Surviving Psychopathy. 

In private practice, she sees a varied group of individuals with brain disorders that impact cognition, psychological status, and behavior. Please read the article through this link HERE

Rossie Batty is on public record saying "Domestic Violence is only committed by men" and she also said by men using drugs and alcohol; that is miss information to the public by Miss Batty, her information is 100% incorrect. 

Domestic violence is also committed against men and children. Sexual abuse in relationship is also part of domestic violence. Teens, boys and girls are also domestic violence abusers.
Children are also domestic violence abusers to another child in the family, sibling abuse; all still abuse and domestic violence.
Transgenders, gays are also subject to abuse and domestic violence.
Miss Batty has no training in domestic violence, sexual abuse, she does not specialize in it, and is miss informing people about domestic violence, abuse....we have seen the comments online and in the media, furious at miss Batty for her words. 

Rossie Batty is not only miss-informing, she is also undermining all the hard work professionals who specialize in abuse, sexual violence have done for decades. 

update 22.1/2016 We had man hating feminists, part of Miss Batty's crew come to our social media page and attack us because we would not agree with their one side, ridiculous views on violence.
One told me my profile picture was too glamours and demanded i change it. 
Quite obviously she wanted me to rub dirt on my face and have birds-nest hair to be a women that fitted into her genre.
That same women sent me a poster calling us a "stupid bitch".
Don't know the women, don't even follow the women on social media. This nut case came to our pages, stalking, then began the attack. Some of the rubbish these men hatting feminists spurt is just incredible, we always keep their conversations. 
 (Click on any one of our posters for larger full resolution view)
The tweet in the poster from Rosie Batty's crew because we would not hate men, and agree with their dangerous words. "Men are the only ones who commit abuse and domestic violence" (The words Rosie Batty lives by, preaches) We have other tweets from the same person and others from Rosie Batty's people, also abusive. Read full article Here

Miss Batty's crew said, the professionals who specialize in abuse, and this is world wide, don't have a clue what they are talking about. 
This is the dangerous thinking of Miss Batty and her man hatting feminist friends. They are actually inciting violence, and abuse in their words and actions. Many of these women complete narcissists, sending out a very negative image of women.  Those women are actually promoting violence against men and women, complete and utter hypercritics in their words and actions.
The attack on our people from from stalkers, trolls, is unwarranted, These people come to our pages, our website and leave their threats, and utter rubbish on our sites. They stalk our advocates our professionals who also have children. They also threaten us and the lives of our families. We will not tolerate this.

Twelve months ago we have to involve the cyber division of the Federal police. One of people was threatened, stalked, and threats were made to that persons family, through two persons, one being a women and one being a man. These people, nut cases and dangerous to all society when they do this. This is cyber violence, stalking.

Sorry if you don't like hearing the truth but Mark Latham is correct in those words above. And its not often we agree with Mark Latham, but his words above are true. We don't agree with ever word he said on the show, but those words above we do agree with, and so do thousands of other people in Australia, men and women, even domestic violence victims and are making it know all over social media.

 Please show us that Miss Batty has not teamed up with a bunch of Feminists, (and those bunch of feminists are now stalking and abusing other women who don't agree with their views) and is not now going into politics. Exploiting domestic violence for her own gain. Please show us Miss Batty was not paid $500K plus by Malcolm Turnbull. She spurts complete rubbish on her soap box, for her own self gratification. Now we have a bunch of feminists inciting abuse and violence, not only against men, but other women who wont agree with their views, their one side ways. What bloody planet does that pass the snip test, it simply doesn't.

Here is what can happen from a Psychological view when a person has gone through trauma. Some and we are not talking about "ALL" we are talking about some; they seek attention and sympathy, and then they feed of this attention. 
The more of an audience they can get, because now that attention has become an addiction, for self adulation. These people can develop a God like complex, and their words, their views, the only thing that matters.
They can be mentally unstable and dangerous to society. They develop a narcissistic personality, some have had this personality all along, now this personality en-heightened because of the attention. 

We read the comments online from community and from media are also questioning her, not happy at all with her remarks she is making, miss informing the public.
There was an article months ago about domestic violence online in Australia, thousands of people left comments and there were also thousands of people furious at Rossie Batty.
We have victims of domestic violence, abuse who have contacted Miss Batty, reaching out for help, she has ignored them totally. 
These victims comments are not only online but they have also contacted our site.

The Government have put in place recommendations we have sent to them in communications for domestic violence, not from Miss Batty. 
In fact Miss Batty is on public record again, against the recommendations which we have on our site and in this article, one of those being a registry for abusers. 
The Government is now putting this in place from our recommendations.
Miss Batty made in clear in a media statement "we do not need a registry".... Miss Batty you are 100% incorrect again, the Government are not listening to you, they have used recommendations put to them by professionals who actually specialize in domestic violence.

This Moving Norwegian Video about abuse- domestic violence, Sexual Violence and Rape has Gone Viral. If you care about these crimes, your children, women, human-beings then you will take the time to watch.
An emotional short video created by Care Norway is raising awareness about abuse, rape and sexual violence against girls and women by urging fathers to take a stand. The words in this video say it all. This video is shared around the world and used in schools, in Government offices. But not in Australia, WHY? It is the best video we have ever seen to show awareness to children about abuse and rape.

The Band Perry - If I Die Young (Domestic Violence Awareness Music Video)  The words and pictures, ring true for every victims of domestic violence, abuse sexual abuse, rape, sexual violence. Please take the time to watch.

We are the victims who are battered for years physically, emotionally, Psychologically, financially, along with our children, lost children also to domestic violence and abuse;
had to flee go into hiding, then stalked and abused all over again......because we have received zero justice from the police and courts, because our children and us have never been truly seen and heard by the police, by the courts by the heartless Government of Australia. 

No one gives us a medal, tells our stories, we are the silent victims of domestic violence and abuse, sexual violence. 
I am one of those women, as a professional, advocate of domestic violence and abuse who has gone through all of the above and so much more, and still in hiding because of no justice from the courts.
We will not be silenced, we are speaking out, speaking up, for those victims who cant, speaking out to get justice for the thousands of victims of domestic violence who have have also received zero justice, and who now have to hide from their abuser. 

Every victim, survivor of domestic violence and sexual abuse has the legal right to file a class action law suite against our Government  Criminal Provision  under TORTUROUS acts

U.N. Says #Cyber Violence Is Equivalent to Physical #Violence Against #Women 73% of women have experienced cyber violence, according to a new report.
#violenceagainstwomen #domesticviolence #humanrights #childabuse The United Nations have come out guns blazing attacking the Australian Government with its failings on Human Rights. We thank the United Nations, we have a Government in Australia that has gone completely Rogue, ignoring the human rights of children, human beings, abusing victims of domestic violence, sexual abuse, disability.
Australia's awful failings on human rights. 

We have put up the direct link to the United Nations because we were told by a Liberal political party troll we made this up, and women are making up domestic violence it doesn't happen. 
Yes twitter last night a complete moron from the Liberal party trolls said this to us on twitter in a number or rants abusing women who were or had been through domestic violence.

Human Rights Law... Both Rights and Obligations Human rights entail both rights and obligations. States assume obligations and duties under international law to respect, to protect and to fulfill human rights.

 Australia's awful failings on human rights At the UN, Australia incurred criticism over violence against women, the rights of disabled people and respect for the rights of gay and transgender people, among other things. But two topics rang above all else, and the criticism on these is entirely valid. READ MORE HERE direct from the United Nations report

We are calling right now for our Government to start taking domestic violence, sexual abuse, abuse seriously, for the police, the courts to start taking this crime against women, children, men, even the family pet seriously. (yes family pets can be the victims of domestic violence and there are also laws there to protect the pet from this very thing, even violence protection orders)

Laws have to change, and that change has to happen Australia wide not just in one state and then ignored by others. 
No more of courts ignoring victims of domestic violence, abuse, sexual abuse, gasslighting them.
We call for all cases of Domestic Violence, abuse, sexual abuse that have been ignored by the courts, no justice for women and their children to be readdressed. Family Court article

Victims of violence, sexual abuse, abuse need to know also that they matter, what was done to them is seen, and really heard. 
Part of the healing process of a victim, of any sort of abuse, is to know justice has prevailed for the shocking crime that has been committed against them. 

A national registry for abusers who commit DV, sexual abuse, abuse, will save lives, free up the justice system. 
The registry has been tried overseas and in Hawaii ,and 100% works, and now is in place is also now in place in other states in the USA.
Why hasn't the Australian Government adopted the National Registry for Domestic Violence offenders, abusers, that works, saves lives, saves money and frees up the court, helps to protect victims of violence?? before now, before our recommendations.

Our most pitiful excuse for Minister for Women Tony Abbott has done zero to make things better for Domestic Violence, sexual abuse victims, instead he has abused victims, and survivors even more.
Tony Abbott our Prime Minister a man...made himself Minister for Women and he then set out to abuse all women, by his words, his actions.
Taking away legal funding, housing, shelters....Tony Abbott immediately stripped $300 million dollars away from domestic violence budget, closed shelter, took away legal funding....his abuse did not stop to all women and children, not only of domestic violence, but also sexual abuse victims and survivors.
Women, their children, are dying because we have a system run by men, laws made by men, and a Minister for Women who has shown continuously he doesn't give a shit about victims of abuse, sexual violence.

We have written to Tony Abbott, some of the letters are on our site, Tony Abbott follows us on social media, we have asked for a sit down meeting with Tony Abbott to discuss the epidemic of Domestic Violence in Australia, he has ignore our requests. 

Malcolm Turnbull, stood by the side of Tony Abbott and helped him stripped away services and money from domestic violence, sexual abuse....nothing has changed really....victims and their children still being abused by our Government...the $300 million stripped from domestic services and those shelters closed, and legal support, still not returned.  
No laws have changed....still nothing more than words in the media from Malcolm Turnbull for political votes, not the true genuine concern for all victims, survivors and their children of domestic violence. 

Our now interim Prime Minister is more concerned about helping the top 1-20% of the rich and corporations hide tax fraud than genuinely help victims of domestic violence, and sexual abuse in Australia. Malcolm Turnbull's name, his companies, on the list that has just been released by the senate as one. 
This tax fraud costs Australia over $60 billion a year, services such as domestic violence, child abuse, sexual violence, health services, suffer because of this tax fraud.

This absolutely shows we have a Government and Prime Minister who simply do not give a shit about victims of abuse and violence, when a Government is more concerned about hiding the tax fraud of the wealthy, the greed, when so many innocent people suffer. 

When billionaires in Australia, committing tax fraud..while collar criminals, are forced to live on $33 million dollars a day, we are referring to Giana Rinheart here a tax fraudster in Australia, the richest person in Australia.....and domestic violence victims and their children are forced to live on the streets, in their cars, with nothing. That is what greed is costing Australia, it is costing the lives of real people, who are still not seen, or really heard.
You can read more on this issue HERE Canberra Government thieves

The Turnbull Government gave victims and survivors of Domestic Violence another kick in the guts today announcing claims for up to $75K  for those effected by the Paris Bombings. 
But zero, not once cent has ever been offered for victims, survivors of domestic violence, who have suffered shocking violence, trauma, have lost every single thing, their homes possessions, even their children. 
Again Turnbull shows how he feels about helping victims and survivors of Domestic violence....he doesn't give a shit. 
I was a victim, still a victim...i lost everything, left to live on the streets with my children, i had to flee to save our lives.

I lost millions of dollars in assets, we had a few suit cases of clothes that was it. Had to rely on charity for my children and myself, and one of my children had and still has a life threatening illness and we had to flee, otherwise we were dead.
Not once was i or any other victims, survivors, thousands of victims in Australia offered $75K or one single cent, and we have, and still are going through bloody hell and back. We went through terrorism, domestic violence terrorism.
We demand compensation, every single victims, survivor demands justice compensation for the absolute hell, the violence we all went through, still going through. READ ARTICLE HERE

Turnbull is flanked by security, when domestic violence victims are at more risk of being attacked than our PM would ever be... and we have nothing, no security to protect us.
 He is an absolute coward. 
But we all know this, the signs are in the media every single day....nothing is going to get better for Domestic Violence victims until we have a Government who genuinely care, and take real immediate action, not just words for election votes, to make himself look good, when in reality he isn't doing anything. 
All a photo opp and nothing more.

A bloody disgrace to the world, that is what our Government in office is...a bloody disgrace violating the rights of every single victim and survivor of domestic violence, sexual abuse, rape, abuse, including children.

Malcolm Turnbull Telling victims to install more security "What a joke" giving only victims of Domestic Violence "Men" perceive to be in immediate danger, a recording device to record theme being abused beaten, killed. "What a Joke". That is not the answer, that is a bandade. 
Every single women, who has been through Domestic Violence is at risk, once you leave you are still at risk; women are at risk in cases for the rest of their lives. 
Where are women meant to get the money from to install security cameras and recording devices for those cameras, cost approx $2,000. 

The court will not allow recordings in court, they simply will not allow it, not even video. 
The court uses the law against victims of Domestic Violence, citing the victim has breached the telecommunications act, and law by recording the abuser. 
We have hundreds of women who recorded the abuse, the violence, the breach of VRO's, the court have refused admitting of this evidence. 
The victim re-abused by the court.
The Government need to change this law, to allow this evidence into court. 

Domestic Violence Pension 
A domestic violence pension has to be immediately implemented....not only for domestic violence but for sexual abuse. Most victims of domestic violence, sexual abuse are left that battered, not only physical by Psychologically, medically, along with their children, they can not work...suffering PTSD. In fact Psychologist have found that the PTSD from domestic violence can be worse than a soldier at war.
Our Government have done nothing for decades to address the crimes of Domestic violence, sexual abuse, now we have an epidemic in Australia....our Government are liable, they have violated the Human rights of every victim and survivor of domestic violence, sexual abuse including children. 

I was one of those victims, i went through a life of domestic violence, by my mother, siblings and my then husband, broken bones, cuts bruises, my every move controlled. My abuser, my then husband, a prominent business man in Australia, who had, and still does....have the money and power to abuse and get away with it every single time...even when i had broken bones and he killed our baby.
I recorded the breach of VRO's over 60 times, i was abused by the police for recording, then again by the court. 
I lived in a million dollar home with security, a professional, and it still did not stop me from being a victim of Domestic violence, still until this very day. 
My children and i lost every single thing, everything i worked for, for over twenty years, my home, all of my assets, my family air-looms, pictures, we have just a few suitcases with our clothes, that was it. My abuser, my then husband stole every single thing, but not or lives....not our voice to keep speaking out....not our hope in getting justice. 

So many women go back to their abusers because they have no where else to go, they have been isolated from family and friends...that is what an abuser control every single aspect of their victims lives, they are left so broken down, they loose all hope also, when they are beaten down so much by police, and the courts ignoring them, they have nothing, the abuser is still manipulating them, abusing them, and their victims go back, you go back more than once, because you believe the BS they are tell you. "I wont do it again, i will change". But they don't change they just keep doing the same thing all over again.
This is me, this is thousands of women, this is their story also.

Nothing was done about the breach of VRO's over 60 times. Nothing was done over my broken bones, black eyes, my body with bruises, the death of my baby girl from my abuser, my former husband.....the police and courts did not see us, hear us, we were again ignored like thousands of women in Australia going through Domestic Violence.
Sixteen months ago he hunted me down across the other side of Australia, hired someone to watch me, then i was beaten up in my home, i suffered terrible injuries, and still no justice. 
The beating was followed up with death threats to my phone which he had acquired the phone number to.  

 My abuser, my ex husband a corporate business man, has not stopped stalking me, even after moving states, changing my name and making a new life. 
I have lost count of the number of times i have changed my phone numbers which are all private, but he still manages to get them.
The police were called because this was an brutal premeditated attack on me in my own home.
After the brutal attack i was sent two death threats to my mobile phone, one said "he was going to make sure my life was over".
 I asked the police for a protection order, they told me i didn't qualify for one. What absolute crap.

I had done ten years of law and psychology and this is the dribble, and rubbish these police officers told me, to intimidate me into going away. This is what victims of abuse, violence go through, not just me.
They didn't want to do the paper work, spend the time and money to take this to court.
I had to contact the Attorney General in my state to get justice and make a complaint against those officers. I have even had to involve Federal Authorities because of cyber stalking and death threats.
The latest attack, Domestic Violence, on me, in my home, is going to court in 2016 through the Attorney Generals office..when my other domestic violence that was ignore by the police and courts.

I went through years of Domestic violence, my then husband, a business man, with power money and connections which made the abuse even worse, and still continued after i left with my children. 
I was given soul custody by the courts because his abuse was on record with the police. 
This infuriated him so he took out his punishment on myself and our children even more.
I now specialize in domestic violence and sexual abuse and use what i went through also to help victims, can certainly relate to victims of domestic violence and children who have also been through the domestic violence as well.

He hired corrupt police officers to make threats to us, recorded on video, follow us, one of those men even tried to kidnap our daughters from me.  We went through hell and back.
I was told inside my home by one of those paid off police officers who came to my home illegally in plain clothes, "that if i went back to my husband then all of this would go away".
What happened to me and my children through domestic violence in this article only touches the surface to what was done to me and my children, and of course the murder of my, our baby girl.

25 November 2015 update We need to add, every state and police stations in those states in Australia are different to the way they handle domestic violence, abuse, sexual violence. 
Some states in Australia are now becoming more vigilant then other states are living in the dark ages and doing what they did 20-30 years ago, basically nothing.

25 November 2015 update   
we began to watch hitting home the documentary on the ABC.  Ask the thousands of victims around Australia who have been through, still going through domestic violence including myself when there are no cameras following around police or in the courts filming their every move....that is not what happens away from the cameras. 

 Spectrum Films ABC would have had to have got legal permission, involving lawyers to film the police and the courts, of course they were on their best behavior, in reality with out cameras, that is not what happens. 
Victims film what really happens, i did, and i am a professional and also studied law at the time, and i could not get my videos, recordings, admitted as court evidence, so what chance has the ever-day victim who has not done law, psychology got....absolutely none. 

25 November 2015 update Not once in the thousands of cases we have seen have we seen police ask for a forensic medical professional to examine a victim of domestic violence. 
Not once did the police ask for my injuries which were absolutely shocking, or the death of my child be examined by a forensic doctor to take to court, not once.
In 20 years i have never seen once and still to this day, police ask for a forensic doctor to examine the victim who has gone through shocking domestic violence, or for the children to be also examined. 
This people is called Abuse of Power by the court. A doctor, family doctor who has treated you is more than qualified to give evidence in court. They have spent years going to medical school to gain those degrees. 
If the court says a doctor is not qualified to give evidence, then nor is the court, the Justice to preside over the case. 

Police don't even use forensic psychologist to give evidence to what the victims and their children have or are still going through, to the list of medical conditions, both physical and psychologically go through for the rest of their lives.

PTSD, anxiety, anorexia, OCD, heart problems, yes heart problems...the stress and the anxiety the PTSD can effect the heart causing cardiomyopathy not only in adults but also in children.
Even an unborn baby feels the effect of domestic violence....the killing of an unborn child through violence is called fetal manslaughter and there are separate laws on this when it comes to domestic violence to protect the rights of the unborn child.

Victims go to a doctor, or their family doctor, a doctor who is trained in medicine. 
The courts will not in most cases allow the evidence of abuse from a doctor who is not a forensic expert. 

That is just ridiculous, again they use the law against the victim who has gone to the court for justice. 
If the medical evidence was allowed in from a family doctor by who ever was presiding over that particular case, the abuser would then use that fact to launch an appeal through the Supreme Court if he lost in the lower courts.  (and yes that is grounds for an appeal)
Again the entire process begins all over again abusing the victim and their children all over again not only by the abuser but by a new court system.

ABC should have done interviews with Psychologist, doctors, who specialize in domestic violence...because what is in this article is what happens to victims and their children of domestic fact we have only just touched the surface of domestic violence.
All police officers should receive training in domestic violence and also be fitted with cameras to their uniforms to record all incidences they are called to attend. If any police office attempts to edit the videos they should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, for tampering with evidence.
Ask any lawyer, Barrister, Judges in Australia, police tamper with evidence all the time, especially video evidence, breaking the law, perverting the course of justice. 

25 November 2015 update Rossie Batty continues to steal word for word from this article, my words and then stand on her soap box claiming them as hers, when they are not. (plagiarizing) This article was posted months ago. 10/9/2015.  Rossie, leading news papers, magazines, TV net works, ABC have read this article, they know you are stealing word for word from me, my words not yours. We have even spoken Internationally about Domestic Violence, what is in this article.
My baby girl died a shocking death also, she was battered to death, but i don't use her death in the media. I don't post the pictures of my injuries all over the internet..... like the thousands of other women in Australia who have gone through the most unspeakable domestic violence....we are the women you never hear or see.

 This was sent to my twitter page just minutes ago November 25th 2015 from the Street Smart Women twitter account. And they are absolutely correct. 121dealbreakers are in Canada and also follow our work in domestic violence and we theirs. Canada USA and other countries around the world are going through the identical thing with Domestic Violence, victims and survivors are going through in Australia.

This is some of the conversation that took place on twitter 7.4.2016 

We have women recording death threats, the court will not allow them into evidence, the police abuse victims for recording the threats. 

We see this all the time, this is reality this is what happens to victims of Domestic Violence. 
On our twitter we had this very discussion more than once with women who are victims still of Domestic Violence, years after leaving their abuser....the abuse does not stop. 

We specialize in abuse, We are women, men, married with children of our own; University degree's, attend symposiums, read the latest medical studies, journals, from world leading specialists in the field of abuse, doctors, sociologists, Psychologists and we are abused on a daily basis, by ignorant people, we get a lot of abuse from Liberal party trolls. 
We are also stalked, yes stalked and threatened by narcissist men hating feminist women.
They are so threatened by women with degree's who know more than them, or by our Men who also specialize in the fields of abuse, because they also agree with the words in our article, hell they helped write the articles. 
We have videos of men who specialize in abuse at the symposiums our people attend in articles on our website.

We seen the spectrum from both sides, from being legal and medical professionals who specialize in Domestic Violence.  Some of our professionals also once victims of Domestic Violence and lost children to Domestic Violence.  

Australia and world wide, the justice system is broken. 
Victims of abuse are not only abused by their abuser but in many cases by the police and justice system when they reach out for help..... We have seen this first hand hundreds of times this very thing, i even saw it with my own DV when i tried to get help... i was left with fractured bones, cuts, bruises, and still told by a broken justice system "Oh well until he kills you we cant do anything" this is what women with children are told by the police in thousands of cases of abuse, this is a typical story, that is why we have so many women and children dying from abuse. 

We know George Brandis is unfit for the office; and title of Attorney General. 
He has done nothing for victims of domestic violence. 
He says now December 2015 because of what we have sent him in communication's and a most pitiful excuse for a Prime minister about domestic violence, no justice, a broken system, broken laws...that he is going to look at the laws...just look...not actually do anything....just look. 
We asked George Brandis, Tony Abbott and Malcolm Turnbull to change the laws for the family court, criminal courts for abuse, sexual violence, domestic violence.
This is what Miss Batty is now trying to also take credit for when she had absolutely nothing to do with our communications to Brandis, Abbott and Turnbull. Please stop copying us Miss Batty and trying to take credit for our work.

Victims and their children are left with nothing, no home, many cases just two suit cases, they loose everything, they are left battered, not only Physically, but mentally, financially, suffering PTSD, they are given a life sentence because of Domestic Violence.

I lost everything, everything i had worked for....for over twenty five years, my home, all my possessions, my children lost everything, i lost all of my families air-looms, all stolen by my abuser.
We had to flee for our lives. 
You can never get back what you have lost...never.

The Australian Government offers victims of domestic violence no way to do this either. 
So now victims are left homeless, no furniture, no possessions, no money to buy those things either. 

I know myself, and i know this is the same for other victims of domestic violence, abuse....i relied on charities, for some furniture, for clothes, because we had no means to buy anything.
I once lived in a million dollar home, now i was homeless.

These victims are left broken and their children traumatized because of domestic violence, this has to change now, not in one years time, right now.
We see the abuse from police, the court system, we even have video and transcripts, recordings of this shocking abuse by the justice system.

We have seen, and have transcripts, where a victim of Domestic violence goes to court to get justice for her children and her, and is shockingly abused by a corrupt justice system, where a Magistrate has turned around and actually asked the abuser what he would like to do. 
Not the victim who has gone to court with shocking injuries, but asked the abuser. All charges dismissed by a broken corrupt justice system.

We have Courts threaten to take women's children away when they go to court to get justice for Domestic Violence, that is just criminal. The courts are ignoring the laws in place to protect Domestic Violence victims survivors. The police ignore the laws the courts ignore the laws. Victims are continuously abused by a broken corrupt system.

We have taken cases by women victims of Domestic Violence on for free to get justice for shocking cases of Domestic Violence where a corrupt justice system has completely ignore them. These women almost killed from Domestic Violence, left broken, their children left traumatized. 

The police closed the case despite the injuries to the victim citing not enough evidence of domestic violence or assault.....Are you fu-----king kidding.

The pictures that should outrage EVERY Australian man: Woman, 19, accuses her boyfriend of beating her face to a pulp and posts photos showing the horror of our domestic violence epidemic

Teen suffered facial injuries after alleged domestic violence incident.
The victim says she was punched twice in the face by her boyfriend
An argument is believed to have begun after they tried to resolve issues
The victim woke up her roommate with a bloody face after the incident
Her roommate took a photo of her injuries and shared it on Facebook
The boyfriend even sent text messages after the assault telling her not to report him because he would loose everything. READ MORE THROUGH ARTICLE LINK

Until victims of abuse are really seen and heard, nothing is going to truly change for victims of abuse. We have petitioned the Government to overhaul the court system, to have police take victims of abuse seriously. 
A victim of abuse should not have to justify why they have been victims of abuse, they should not have to fight to get justice for them selves and their children. 
They should not have to flee their homes with their children go into hiding while the abuser lives in the comfort of the family home, while the victims live either in their cars, or on the street because there are no shelters thanks to our  heartless Government taking away funding for Domestic Violence services. Abuse is abuse..there is no and or but or in-between.

The new laws and act in the new bill by George Brandis are not good. The Family Court System is broken and corrupt enough as it is. This new Bill has just increased the injustices, not diminished them.

A national registry is needed, the police want it, Psychologists, doctors want it, Rossie Batty with zero training says no we don't need it. Rossie needs to start listening to the professionals who know what they are talking about because she doesn't...she needs to get off her dam soap box and start listening to the professionals something she simply is not doing. 
Domestic Violence is not about her son dying, i lost my own daughter to shocking violence so have thousands of other women in Australia.  She certainly does not speak on behalf of me, or other medical professionals who specialize in Domestic Violence.  

A national registry for abusers who commit Domestic Violence, abuse will save lives, free up the justice system. The registry has been tried overseas and in Hawaii and 100% works and now is in place permanently because it is saving lives, protecting victims, survivors of domestic violence, also protecting police officers from violent abusers who are listed in the registry.

The officers know what they are going to the history of the abuser.
Why hasn't Australia adopted the National Registry for Domestic Violence offenders, abusers, that works, saves lives, saves money and frees up the court, helps to protect victims of violence??
Funding has to be made available for professional psychologist to teach prevention of Domestic Violence in schools.

 Many victims of Domestic Violence are stalked by their abusers, we have covered this months ago on our website. Victims are terrorized, having to go into hiding, change their names, live in fear for the rest of their life from their abuser, because of the zero justice from police and the courts.
Victims of domestic violence who have had gone through this terror with their children should be immediately given protection by the police, the courts, our Government....the same rights as a victim in witness protection is given. Data from Homeland Security, FBI, Federal authorities world wide on cyber stalking victims of abuse. ARTICLE HERE

There are many causes to Domestic Violence, and kids as young as 8yrs of age are learning Domestic Violence.... and they are not learning it from a parent, they are learning this from porn. 
A recently medical study and symposium in the USA at Capital Hill just 2 months ago by leading Psychologist, sociologist Pediatric doctors has proven this. Australia has the highest stats in the world for abuse against girls and women in the world. 

A recent medical journal published which our people have read because this is out field of specialty, support pornography as a cause for sexual abuse and domestic violence with children and men. Children and men are learning sexual violence, and domestic violence from Pornography.
Children as young as 8 yrs of age are learning these things.
There has been a huge increase in sexual abuse, abuse in under and over teen age children.
Authored by Chyng Sun, Ph.D., of New York University; Ana Bridges, Ph.D., of the University of Arkansas; and Matt Ezzell, Ph.D., of James Madison University.

Nothing has got better for DV victims and laws it has got worse, because it all comes back to a broken justice system, victims simply not been really heard and seen. We have a system run by men, laws made by men. Right now as it stands victims of abuse Human rights are being violated something also confirmed by the United Nations and the Human Rights Act and laws.

 We have books and movie Fifty Shades of Grey contributing to Domestic Violence, Sexual abuse. Our Website is full of the data, the evidence from leading medical professionals from around the world. Our media needs to stop promoting Domestic and Sexual violence putting lives in danger.

Erica James certainly doesn't care she abusers any one who stands up and confronts her about her books of sexual and domestic violence, she called our own professionals antiabortionists and abused us. Her comments are on our site in articles. And we have certainly seen the stupidity that has come out of the mouths of Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan with sexual and domestic violence, they both say the medical professionals from all over the world who study these injustices to women and children have no clue what they are talking about. 

Just this year months ago Fifty Shades of Grey Franchise owned by Erica James was reported to the FBI for being in violation of child protection media laws a Federal Crime. All for greed, money and fame. This entire Franchise is about how much money they can make off the suffering of others, off sexual abuse and domestic violence. 

Every single on of these links is about Domestic Violence, there are videos in the article. Even video from a medical symposium held just months ago in the USA Capital Hill Washington, by the leading medical professionals in the world addressing Domestic Violence, sexual abuse and pornography. 

When pornography is the primary sex educator, it teaches lessons of violence, degradation, and selfishness that are not compatible with healthy, loving, relationships.

This is a medial symposium the top medical people in the world
who specialize in the field of abuse, sexual violence. Our people 
attended the symposium. 
Hundreds of published medical findings studies has definitively found pornography is contributing, teaching domestic violence, sexual abuse, rape, disrespect to women  girls.
Psychologist call internet pornography the new crack cocaine. 
The studies also found the higher Psychopath scores were from boys and men who were addicted to pornography, teaching young boys to act like Psychopaths.
This video, the vital medical information it contains is what our Governments of not want exposed; our Governments around the world make billions of the porn industry, money of the rape of babies, children, adults, the sexual abuse and domestic violence of human beings.

If you care about Domestic violence, we mean really care, then you will make the time to read every article, watch every single video, to have your eyes really opened to these world wide crimes, a violation of human rights.

This article only touches the surface to the epidemic of Domestic Violence we have in Australia and around the world.
The worlds eyes are on Australia because of our terrible failings on with way the Government, Police, Courts deal with treat domestic violence victims....a fact also bought up by the United Nations.

When you are ready to hear the truth, even the pebbles on the ground are eager to spread the news. - Rumi 

This Moving Norwegian Video about, abuse, Sexual Violence and Rape has Gone Viral. This video is used world wide by medical professionals, leading advocate organizations, Governments around the world. We have this video in our other articles on abuse on our website.

The message in this video is powerful, its a pity the LNP Government in Australia hasn't used it instead of wasting another $30 million of tax payers money on another one of their dud videos. That $30 million could have gone to actual victims of abuse, sexual violence and child abuse, instead of pissing another $30 million down the drain. READ ARTICLE HERE

An emotional short video created by Care Norway is raising awareness about rape, abuse and sexual violence against women by urging fathers to take a stand. The words in this video say it all. This video highlights how a culture that accepts objectification and degradation as “normal” can actually foster a culture of sexual violence and abuse. Men have a unique opportunity to rise against this phenomenon and to refuse to condone, or participate in, maltreating another individual.

Let's make this happen if you give a Dam, and care about Domestic violence, Sexual Violence, PTSD and abuse then please sign and share Michelle Obama has signed, The Billion Women against violence has signed so have many other end violence organizations. We would love to make this happen to coincide with the The Orange The World Day against violence in 2016

We asked Rossie Batty to sign our very important world wide petition she ignore our requests, then weeks latter she goes and copies our petition. Victims of Domestic Violence have reached out to Rossie Batty for help, she has ignored them. Those victims have contacted us, we have seen their comments on social media. We help victims of Domestic Violence, we don't ignore them.

We don't get paid to give a dam about Domestic Violence in our own time, we don't take fancy holidays, many of us have not had a holiday in ten years, we used our own money, our own down time for our advocacy work. We are non profit, we do not get paid.

We have written a book about abuse, the book will be out next year...100% of the profits from the book go to abuse charities. We wrote the book in a way to reach a wide audience. The book has real stories of sexual abuse and abuse in the book. The book description is on the side bar on the right of our website Shades of Grey. We have already had interest for a movie. All the money goes to charity.

Our Professionals are international speakers and we belong to world wide organizations to address abuse and violence.

All of our articles are complied by a team of people, we have professionals and advocates from all over Australia and the world; men and women, and we also belong to world wide organizations, and work with Federal Authorities world wide, exposing crimes of abuse, violence and corruption. 
We have over 16 million readers who read our articles through our website and social media. We are always receiving wonderful feedback. Even saving lives.
We have a very generous graphics design team who donate their time and services for free for all of our beautiful posters. 
Our team of people do not get paid; we are non profit. We do not make money of abuse, that is simply wrong.
We use our own money and time as advocates and activists.  You do not profit from these crimes, that is simply wrong and unacceptable. 

Last year we were nominated for a Humanitarian Award.
This year one of our own Alexandria has been nominated for an Australian of the year award 2017.

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