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Tony Abbott still dulusional, vandictive a liar to the end


#Abbotts   #auspol   speech to the nation, what utter bullsh#t and lies...Still delusional to the very last word that spilled from his mouth. This speech to the nation has cemented Tony Abbott as a liar, a fraudster, vindictive by his words. We have petitioned #TonyAbbott for 2 years to combat #domesticviolence the letters are on our website DomesticViolence more of a threat than Terrorism #AbuseHasManyShades  http://50-shades-of-abuse.blogspot.com.au/2015/09/domestic-violence-more-of-threat-than.html

Tony Abbott did zero to help victims of abuse, domestic violence sexual abuse. Instead he took money from the Royal Commissions into the crimes, these violations of human rights, he took money from services, took away women's shelters, children's shelters, legal aid, Government Services, made his own personal law making it a crime and illegal to report child abuse as from July 1 2015. breaking the law breaking human rights laws.

He was told by the United Nations he was in breach of Human Rights laws, breaching the human rights of victims of child abuse, domestic violence, sexual abuse....he ignored the United Nations.

Australia has the highest rates of abuse, sexual abuse against girls and women in the world. Our heartless, abusive Government that was lead by Tony Abbott who also appointed himself with zero training as Minister for Women so he could abuse women, victims of abuse even more.
A man who has a real problem with women who stand up, who hold positions, we have seen how he abuses women journalists live on television.

For decades victims of abuse, sexual abuse, domestic violence have suffered, died, left with scars for the rest of their life's, because we have had Governments who quite simply have not given a dam. This Government right now the worst. Making laws as from July 1st illegal to report child abuse. This has to be abolished now, we are the laughing the stock of the rest of the world, our Government in violation of Human Rights laws, every single day re-abusing victims of abuse.
Tony Abbott, our Government have to be made accountable for all those who have died, all of those who have been victims of abuse, sexual abuse, domestic violence, their in-actions have kept allowing these crimes these violations to continue. 

Now we have a new leader Tunrbull part of that corrupt rogue Government of Abbott's who sat beside him made all of those laws, judgments with him, his right hand man. Nothing is going to change the same corruption, the same lies and bullshit, just a new face to spin all of this.

After less than two years as the Prime Minister Tony Abbott is set to go home with an annual $307,542 pension while pensions are expected to live on scraps They cant afford three meals a day, many cant afford food taking hand outs from charities. They can afford heating, cooling, many cant afford their rents, their homes. The minimum wage for pensioners needs to be $26,000-$30,000 a year so people can afford to live. When people cant afford to live it puts extra pressure on services, including medical services because they get sick, its that simple. 

We challenge our Gov to live on a pensioner wage for an entire year, find accommodation, then on top of that by a car, furniture. That is what women who have been left homeless face, because of Domestic Violence. They end up with nothing, they have no means to fight in court.

New data released from the USA stats show Australia is 17 on the list two from third word countries on how we treat our pensioners in Australia. 
That is simply disgusting, are Government are more worried about the rich having more, helping those corporations commit tax fraud, costing Australia approx $100 billion a year. There is the money for real pensions, for our social services. Enough of this corrupt rogue Government. It goes to show these so called road scholars who were lawyers make for corrupt lying Prime Ministers. 

Tony Abbott Letter child abuse
Tony Abbott Letter domestic Violence
Tony Abbott Letter domestic violence 2
Tony Abbott Letter on poor, abused, pensioners, homeless, "Abbott says its your fault if you are"
Tony Abbott Letter corruption 

These letters in the articles the same content we have petitioned Abbott for 2 years, we petitioned our Governments for years with other letters also for Royal Commissions into child sexual abuse Domestic Violence, we even have Letters from Gillard who made excuses just like Abbott did.
Then we finally get the RC and all Abbott does is take away the millions in funding to try and stop the commissions.
We have the full letters and replies from Government all just passing the buck.

We came across this video and we could not resist THINGS LONGER THAN TONY ABBOTT'S LEADERSHIP #LizardLordAbbott

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