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Domestic Violence — Abuse — Silence hides Violence



Silence hides Violence..... Abuse does have many shades, abuse is not black and white.
As a victim of domestic violence, abuse, sexual abuse you feel shamed, when you have done nothing wrong.
Your abuser makes you feel this way, so does society.
When i had busies and a black eye, not one person asked me how it happened, in-fact they would look, and quickly turn away.

I would wear sunglasses when there was no sun, to hide my busies on my face, or wear long sleeves to cover the bruises on my arms.
When i had a fractured cheek, that was hard to cover the bruises down my face and black eye, because you are in pain from your injuries, and makeup just doesn't do it. So you basically become a prisoner in your own home.
You hide what has been done to you, out of shame.

You have more than one Abuser
You have your partner the abuser, maybe family, a mother or father, a family then you have broken justice, and your Government. 
The police become your abuser when they abuse you for actually reporting the abuse, then the courts when you try to get justice and are denied it. Then the Government for ignoring the laws created by our Governments, for taking away-ignoring your basic rights to feel safe, for your children to feel safe. For taking away funding for shelters, financial support, legal services- for ignoring your cries for help.  Then we have society Silence Hides Violence so does ignorance by our society as a whole. They all now become your abuser. 
Family Court Broken Justice Article 
Abuse does not discriminate Article 

I am a survivor, still a victim, advocate, activist, professional who has spoke up about domestic violence and sexual abuse for over a decade, petitioned Governments for change, for justice for victims and survivors and children of this crime of domestic violence.
My story, the events, and what i went through with domestic violence typical of so many victims who go through violence, abuse. 
I have suffered a life time of abuse, first by my mother, then my siblings, then by my partner-my husband. That abuse has not stopped, not even when i left. This is just not my story of abuse this is millions of peoples stories from all over the world.

(Hi Alexandria, I am still finding my way through the articles and the website. You women are absolutely brilliant for coming up with it and the graphics, exposure, rawness, use of language keeps it REAL. I can fight this fight with you all and have read your story and it is raw, triggering a lot of similarities, that is why what you ladies are accomplishing is so very valuable to humanity and it's survival. Please allow me to extend my deepest and heartfelt sorrow for your experiences and a smile for your truth in sharing your journey, a wink and thumbs up for your courage and determination to leave our planet a better place for speaking out and for not being silenced. ❤ Jesse )
This is just of one of many comments we get on our social media pages about our website and the articles on domestic violence.

You are all brave Warriors who have endured abuse, all abuse, we can be warriors together; you are never alone. #RiseUp #Warriors lets break the chains together

Chasing The Sky from Empire Cast

This song's message is about abuse, a very very powerful message with the words. The abuse of the father, the abuse of siblings. But mainly its about the abuse of the father to his sons his family.
 Love is a slight of hand; You turned you back and me and your family; Cant even trust all the people inside my own home; Open your eyes to what you love to hate, where do i go when i can not go home. Abuse victims, survivors can relate to those words. 

Abuse has been hidden for decades. It has been hidden by the victims families, by society, by our Governments, by the justice system. In the 21st century very little has changed. It is still hidden, victims are still silenced from speaking out. Or if they dare speak out about abuse; and we are talking about all abuse here, including sexual abuse, they are silenced, intimidation, abused, gasslighting, slander, defamation for doing so. 
They are knocked back down over and over for wanting to get justice for the crimes that have been committed against them, for having a voice.
This very thing was discussed by the Royal Commission into Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse. Victims are being threatened, abused for speaking up, and protecting them, their safety has to be number one. But it hasn't been, victims are being stalked on social media, in life in general and violated even in their own homes. I was just 18 months ago. 

 Victims of abuse are silenced from speaking out.
Silenced by their abuser, by fear, by a broken justice system
by their own Governments and the people who work for them,
and even by society.
Psychological & financial abuse on a daily basis by your abusers.

Abuse does not discriminate, it effects all sexes, all genders, all races all religions, all social statues.
Abuse does not respect Gender. Abuse does not have a used by date, you can suffer a life time of abuse by a parent and sibling, then a partner. That abuse covered up by a victims own families. 

When that Abuse is hidden and silenced it enables the abuse to keep on abusing. A sexual abuser doesn't stop abusing, they just find new victims to abuse, it is the same for domestic violence, sibling abuse, the abuse just keeps continuing.  As a society, Governments, the justice system by remaining silent you are the enabler to that abuse, you are enabling for abuse to happen to another victim, another child, another adult, and for a life to be also lost.

 It is not just sibling abuse survivors who are gossiped about, it is all abuse survivors. The very families have covered up this abuse are now exposed from doing this very thing, so they deflect abusing the victims. In stead of supporting the victims they abuse the victim, their very own family members, they are now also your abuser.
Some of the most common words used by an abuser is "their are mental in the head" These words are also used by a broken justice system to silence victims from speaking out as well. 
You can read more about the silence of abuse-victims being abused through this link and article read and shared by millions of people world wide. READ MORE HERE

Victims of abuse are at more of a threat to be stalked 

U.N. Says Cyber Violence Is Equivalent to Physical Violence Against Women 73% of women have experienced cyber violence, according to a new report.
violence against women domestic violence human-rights child abuse The United Nations have come out guns blazing attacking the Australian Government with its failings on Human Rights. We thank the United Nations, we have a Government in Australia that has gone completely Rogue, ignoring the human rights of children, human beings, abusing victims of domestic violence, sexual abuse, disability.
Australia's awful failings on human rights. READ UN report Here

Our world wide campaign for Domestic Violence, child abuse, sexual abuse, human-trafficking; our site named after this #AbuseHasManyShades #RiseUp #Warrior #BreakTheChains  #SilenceHidesViolence #AbuseLeavesInvisibleScars Our campaign has gone global and is already making huge changes world wide.

Rise Up  Remember, warriors also weather the storm together. You are not alone. A storm is coming, its coming from all the warriors who stand untied together. 
We need more warriors to support the victims and survivors of these crimes. We need more warriors to stand and rise up against our Governments to hear and see the victims of these crimes.
Don't be a bystander be a warrior.
Remember, warriors also weather the storm together. You are not alone. A storm is coming, its coming from all the warriors who stand united together. 

A storm is coming, its coming from all the warriors who stand united together. The Warriors are sharing these words on social media #RiseUp #Warrior when you see these words you know you are not alone, another warrior has just joined the storm for our world wide campaign.

External links to articles are highlighted

Like our article here says "Domestic Violence is more of a threat than Terrorism"  
How to Get away with Murder.....Domestic Violence  
Don't be seduced by the Dark Side
Abuse Victims are constantly kicked down
Cyber Stalking victims of abuse 
Domestic Violence & Child Abuse — leaves Invisible Scars
Domestic Violence ☆ Sexual Violence ☆ Rape ☆ NO MORE
New dangers now facing our children with rape, sexual abuse, abuse and violence through social media- Break the Chain Rise Up
Human-trafficking and the new dangers of social media for our children Article 

I spoke as a special International guest  just last week, about this very thing, talking about domestic violence and abuse; my own story and journey with domestic violence. READ MORE HERE

I am a survivor of domestic violence, abuse, sexual abuse, lost a baby girl also to domestic violence who was killed, and I am also still a victim of domestic violence because the police and courts still never really saw my children or myself. I have received no justice for the crimes that were committed against my children and myself. You can READ MORE HERE

Victims of abuse women, children  and even men are subjected to physical, mental, psychological, financial,  abuse and stalking. 

Once you leave an abusive relationship the abuse still continues, the abuser has lost that control over you, so they abuse using many forms of abuse, especially gasslighting to gain back that control.
The abuser is also exposed, so gasslighting is a form of abuse they use to make you the victim, look crazy to the rest of society...when you are far from it. Gasslighting is an insidious form of abuse, and is also used by the police and the courts.

This is what is done to victims and survivors of abuse

I would cry, so would my children, and we say many times, why us. Victims of abuse say this many times "Why me"
The laws below in our poster are ignored by the police, by the courts, there to protect victims. There are of course many laws made to protect victims of abuse; all forms of abuse, those laws are simply ignored by the police and the courts. Victims rights are violated daily, not only by the broken justice systems but also by our own Governments.
The Family Court system is that corrupted, it ignores the law and abuses its power on a daily basis. 

Gasslighting Victims, Survivors
For those readers, or even domestic violence victims who read our articles, who want to know what gasslighting is READ MORE HERE Gaslighting is an extremely dangerous form of emotional abuse. Gaslighting is an insidious form of abuse.

Gasslighting is not only used by the abuser to their victims and children, it is used by the police and courts to victims of domestic violence, sexual abuse and rape.

The memories, the psychological abuse lasts a life time.
Anxiety, PTSD, anorexia, cutting, OCD, high bloody pressure, binge eating, heart attache, health problems, even cardiomyopathy which is a heart condition from anxiety from being a victim of abuse. READ MORE HERE

Anxiety from abuse, trauma This sums up perfectly the symptoms, the effects of anxiety, we wanted to share this with any one who is suffering from anxiety. You are not alone and do not let anyone shame you for having anxiety. Anxiety can happen to adults and children even the family pet. Please seek medical attention from your doctor, if you are suffering from anxiety.

The number one tool of an abuser is Isolation
I went through this, i was isolated with my children from family and friends. 
My family thousands and thousands of miles away. I was even timed to how long i was on the phone for talking to my family. 
He then hovered over me listening to everything i said.
I would get phone calls constantly wanting to know where i was, who i was talking to when he was at work. 
I was told who i could have as friends, so were our children.
If we did something that was not on his list of rules we were all punished, not just me but our own children, the punishment would be an insidious psychological abuse of some form.

My abuser then my then husband a corporate well known business man in Australia, with money, power and influence to abuse us even more, and he did for years.
I left more than once, but he always used his manipulation so i went back.
I was isolated thousands and thousands of miles from family, i basically had no friends because of his control, i had no money of my own because of him controlling everything.
The first time after i had left and come back, i started to hide money from the grocery shopping, so i had money if i needed it.
I hid money for over twelve months, then one day he found my hiding spot, asked me what was this money for. I had to lie and say i had put it away for Christmas. He took the money and spent it on himself. So i became financially isolated again.

The hardest thing any victim of domestic violence can do is leave, leave and never go back.

Many abusers have a narcissistic, sociopath, psychopath personality. All three of these personality types share many of the same characteristics. READ MORE HERE. 
Sociopaths and Psychopaths have a type they prey on: vulnerable and innocence. 
How to spot a sociopath - 10 red flags that could save you from being swept under the influence of a charismatic nut job.
How to spot a Psychopath, their traits to look out for. 
Psychopathy, a severe form of personality disorder, is characterized by superficial charm, pathological lying and a lack of remorse.  (external links are highlighted)

I have an abusive mother who has all three of these personality disorders and i was also married to a man who had all three of these traits, the strongest trait being a complete Psychopaths. 

These types of persons with these personality disorders will hunt their victims to the ends of the earth, keep on abusing them, stalking them; they hate being exposed. When you expose an abuser with a narcissist, sociopath, psychopathy personality disorder they will do what ever it takes to get revenge on you. They will turn your friends and society against you, they will even kill.
Many serial killers, pedophiles, child abusers, abusers have a sociopath, psychopathy personality.

Until our justice system is fixed, laws changed and Domestic Violence reports are taken seriously and victims are stopped being re-abused by police and a failed justice system, the Government start to also listen and act, nothing is going to really change, it will be just another bandade fix.
Right now Australia are seen as a joke to the rest of the world when it comes to dealing with domestic violence and sexual abuse.  READ MORE HERE


When you have been abused in every way possible, you begin to lose hope, hope they will change when they have promised they will, "I won’t do it again, i promise". You lose hope that you will have the strength to leave, you lose hope that the police and courts will punish your abuser, listen to you and your children.

You lose hope once you do leave that things will get better, so you go back the abuser.
These words are typical of victims who go through domestic violence and also children.

Domestic Violence stigma
Victims are not only victims of abuse from their partner they are also abused by police and a failed justice system, systems run by men, laws made by men, who still do not really see, or hear victims of abuse. Victims of domestic violence and abuse are also still abused by society as a whole, so many people still don't not want to know about domestic violence and sexual abuse, this is why so many victims suffer in silence.

Children see and hear everything when it comes to domestic violence in their families, they are a part of that abuse, they are also victims of domestic violence, abuse. Not just the physical, but the emotional, psychological, the financial abuse. They feel everything.

We will not be silenced, you kicked us down, we got back up, you kicked us down again, tried to take away our hope.

Even victims own families in so many cases don't want to know, or even do anything about the violence and abuse, they ignore it, hide it, won’t talk about it, wont knowledge it, or even help to expose that violence and abuse or even help the victims, they don't want to be touched by that stigma associated with these crimes. And that is what they are violent insidious crimes and yet society doesn't still want to know, see, or acknowledge the victims of it.

Society, and especially Australia needs to stop turning away from victims of domestic violence and abuse, victims and their children need somewhere to be able to turn to, someone to confide in....not to be judged and shamed for something that is not their fault.

Extend your hand.....your hand of compassion, have humanity, to help, you could be saving the life of a person suffering, their children suffering in the most unspeakable silence...because they simply have lost all hope. They are not lucky enough to have a family, or a family who care.

I didn't come from a poor family, far from it.....I was well educated and it still did not stop me from being a victim of domestic violence.

I had that many people who tried to knock me down, tried to silence me, degrade me because of domestic violence, what i went through, still going through.
I had the police do it, the courts, even people who i thought were friends and family...and of course my abuser my now ex-husband still.

Those people used words and actions to try and stop me from speaking out, wanting justice for the almost two decades of domestic violence and the loss of my own daughter i went through.
Those words and hurt actually made me stronger in the end, gave me empowerment to take back control of my life.
The journey was not easy, there were five steps forward then seven steps back along the way.

It empowered me to rediscover myself, to gain back control of my life and stop others from trying to control me, just like my then husband had done for almost two decades.

I grew up with a very abusive mother, i grew up being scared of her my entire life, walking on egg shells, she was no different to my then husband, she was, and is still an abuser, and has to control others. She was physically, Psychologically and financially abusive.

I grew up as a child, shy because of the abuse of my mother. My father to scared to stand up to her, so she kept up her abuse and has not changed to this very day in her 70's. My father has since passed away.
I realized now i don't need those type of people in my life, toxic people, people who need to bring you down, need to control your life. 

Remember domestic violence does not discriminate at all...it effects all social statues all sexes all genders. We all feel, we all bleed, and we can all be hurt.

I have a sister who is a medical professional, and when i turned to her with my children for help she ignored us....she simply did not want to know. She didn't want what my children and i were going through to taint her life in any form....and this is a typical response.

This is another reason why so many victims of domestic violence stay, or go back, because they simply don't have any help, they are totally trapped, no family, no help, no money and drained so much from the abuse they have no strength left.....i was in that same position.

I didn't have a father to stand up for me, no grand-parents all passed away, if they had been here i know i would have had so much support, somewhere to go, someone to help us.
Where i did live in Australia there were no shelters, the police and the courts didn't care, they allowed him to break violence protection orders for my children and me 60 times, to keep abusing us, stalking us, vandalizing our property.

Because my then husband had power, money and influence he just kept the abuse going, he did through his lawyers, through people he hired, through corrupt police officers.

Every single court order that was made against him her broke, times and time again, and the police and courts did nothing.
He abused us after we left terribly. 
We had a very sick daughter who needed specialist treatment, and he simply didn't care. He emptied out the bank accounts so we had no money, i couldn't even buy food, i had to go to charity organizations for food.

Because he was a CEO of his company, he abused us through the child support agency, refusing to pay it. His business partners would do nothing to help us, in fact they abused myself and our children when we did reach out for help, trying to also cover up what was being exposed about my then husband and their business partner.

While i was fighting to get child support for our children, and taking care of our very sick child, he was busy taking European, Asian  Holidays, paying for prostitutes, transferring our assets with the help of his business partners and his lawyers and accounts.

Our children and myself lived on toasted cheese sandwiches for weeks, we couldn't afford heating, which effected our daughters health even more....and he simply didn't care.
It was just constant abuse to our children and to myself....we were being punished for standing up to him, for exposing him for being an abuser, of not only me, but our own children....he didn't not want our children talking to the authorities, the courts, to forensic Psychologist about what he had done to me and to them.
It was revealed by our own children he had been sexually abusing them, then through further investigations it was revealed he had been sexually abusing other children who had stayed at our home. 

Those parents had made reports to child protective services through the police and it had all been covered up because of who he is, his money and connections.

Through further forensic investigations it was found that my then husband had an elite membership on a paedophile website, he had left all of that information hidden in our family home and on our family computer when it was forensically searched.
Now my children had to deal with an entirely different abuse, child sexual abuse.

I left almost seven years ago and the abuse has not stopped. I even moved states across the other side of Australia and the abuse, stalking, threats continued to this very day.
I have been beaten up with injuries needing medical attention twice, death threats, constant stalking. he uses others to do this for him.

One of those persons he used to assault me was charged, another two persons who assaulted me just in the most recent attacks and deaths threats have also been charged and through my Attorney General in the state i live in now is going to court in 2016.

Our new campaign for Domestic Violence, abuse and human-sex-trafficking world wide our site named after this #AbuseHasManyShades #RiseUp
We have a world wide audience over 16 million people and rising. Our Governments have deserted us, the Australian Government especially. The Australian media have deserted us. 
There are people who are making money of abuse, the suffering of others. We have advocates who would be the worst advocates in the world miss-informing about domestic violence and abuse.
Standing in the media in talks saying "Domestic violence is ONLY committed by men" "ONLY committed by men using drugs and alcohol." when this is absolutely incorrect and completely untrue. 

Those words Miss Batty are dangerous to our society to the world, you are inciting abuse by preaching those very words. She is setting abuse, domestic violence professionals and the real advocates work back decades.
There are no published medical studies to support the words of Miss Batty we should know because we do have the medical studies supporting our articles our words on our website. 
Miss Batty was also against the law reform, the Government put into place because of the work we do. Yes she is on record against that reform.
People have left comments on our website, all over social media, including journalists calling Miss Batty out just as we have done. Some of their comments can be found here. 
There is now an Australian campaign to stop Rosie Batty from talking to stop her miss-informing about abuse. 

The memories, the psychological abuse lasts a life time.

Anxiety, PTSD, anorexia, cutting, health problems, even cardiomyopathy which is a heart condition from anxiety from being a victim of abuse. READ MORE HERE 

Silence, Ignorance and complete stupidity does hide abuse & violence

So many people have the opportunity to help a victim, a survivor, their children of domestic violence and abuse , but instead they chose to ignore them...they don't want to get involved.....they don't want to be touched with the stigma of domestic violence or abuse....or they simply don't care.

We quite often update our articles after they are publish, this is an article which will be updated.....it has a very strong message for every single reader.

We have millions of  people now who read our articles and thousands more share our work.

Over the weekend, you might have heard about the $1.8 trillion package that was passed by Congress on a bipartisan vote and signed into law by President Obama. While there were undoubtedly major compromises made by all, for FUTURES and our partners, there’s cause for celebration.

The bill reflects many of our top priorities, and we’re particularly proud that our ongoing advocacy can be seen in some tremendous gains. The new budget package will:
Increase funding for the Violence Against Women Act and related programs by approximately $50 million—bringing the total to $480 million. Additionally, Congress raised funding for the Family Violence Prevention & Service Act by $15 million—bringing the total to $150 million.
Support the prevention of college sexual assault by raising spending from $12 to $20 million.
Dedicate $150 million to support victims and survivors of gender-based violence across the globe, who have been subjected to a range of atrocities—from rape to forced child marriage.

While we know this still remains insufficient to meet the need of all survivors and those who help them, we are taking a moment to recognize much success and progress. And mostly we’d like to thank you and our elected officials who have helped heal those hurt by violence and create a future without violence here at home and around the world. Read More Here our advocates are part of www.futureswithoutviolence.org

UK introduced new Domestic Violence laws

Ireland introduced a new Child Protection Bill in 2015.

In Ireland in 2015  a new child protection Bill.
that introduces sentences of up to 14 years for people who groom children for sexual purposes.
Child Grooming Bill. We need to have this same bill right here in Australia and everywhere around the world...this has to be done. Child abuse, sexual abuse has been covered up far too long.
  A person who uses any means to communication to entice a child to act in a way that “would constitute sexual exploitation of the child” could face up to 14 years in jail.

"Depraving a child"
 “It will also be a separate offence to send a child sexually explicit material by means of information and communications technology. Familiarising a child with such material is a classic grooming technique which seeks to desensitise a child to sexual activity.”
Speaking about the Sexual Offences Bill, which will cover other aspects of sexual grooming, he said: A person who, for the purpose of corrupting or depraving a child, causes that child to witness or watch sexual activity or view sexually-explicit material will commit an offence. It will also be an offence for a person, for their own sexual gratification, to cause a child to witness or watch sexual activity. This Bill sends a very strong message to Child sexual abusers. This is just a small amount from the new Bill we have posted on our website last year. You can read more through this link HERE
We have other child protection laws on our website in our articles which are violated on a daily basis by the media, by magazines, by advertisers, by the fashion industry and even by our own Governments.

While the USA, Ireland and the UK and the President of the United States are doing something to combat domestic violence and abuse, our Government led by an interim leader Malcolm Turnbull and previously by PM Tony Abbott who have done nothing to make major changes to do anything about Domestic Violence in Australia....except for steal hundreds of millions of dollars from the domestic violence budget, close shelters, take away legal funding, illegally selling off state housing where victims of violence and sexual abuse live, making them and their children homeless once more. 
Just more abuse, gasslighting by our Australian Government, who don't give a dam about victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse, PTSD, suicide, Rape, Psychological abuse in Australia. Our Government should be bloody ashamed of themselves.

The President and first lady of the USA read our articles, even supporting our campaign we launched around the world. 

But not our Australian Government, not one ounce of support.
Turnbull needs to put his money where his mouth is instead of hiding it in the Cayman islands. 

This is our new campaign for Human sex-Trafficking which are children are now falling prey to over social media. Video cinema-photographer Chad Beaty. We want this video in all schools world wide and on TV net work around the world. Chad contacted us today. The words in the video say it all a powerful message to the world. Read and Watch through this link 

Even the world wide organization Ark of Hope for abused kids and Human-trafficking agrees with our words and shares our articles, supports our work, and recommends us as one of their top people to follow @Goddess300 Alexandria
We belong to Ark of Hope.  

This Moving Norwegian Video about abuse, Sexual Violence and Rape has Gone Viral. If you care about these crimes, your children, women, human-beings then you will take the time to watch and share this article.
An emotional short video created by Care Norway is raising awareness about abuse, rape and sexual violence against girls and women by urging fathers to take a stand. The words in this video say it all. We have this video in articles on our website and we share this world wide on social media.
This video is shared world wide by Governments, medical professionals, leading advocate organizations, but the Australian LNP Government will not share it.

Let's make this happen if you give a Dam, and care about Domestic violence, Sexual Violence, PTSD and abuse then please sign and share Michelle Obama has signed, The Billion Women against violence has signed so have many other end violence organizations. We would love to make this happen to coincide with the The Orange The World Day against violence in 2016  https://www.change.org/p/world-wide-leaders-presidents-prime-ministers-for-the-survivors-victims-of-abuse-sexual-violence-suffer-through-out-our-world-we-need-change-now-we-need-a-world-wide-memorial-day-to-remember-those-who-lost-their-lives-to-domestic-sexual-abuse?recruiter=326657032&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=copylink&rp_sharecordion_checklist=control

Our Professionals are international speakers and we belong to world wide organizations to address abuse and violence.

All of our articles are complied by a team of people, we have professionals and advocates from all over Australia and the world; men and women, and we also belong to world wide organizations, and work with Federal Authorities world wide, exposing crimes of abuse, violence and corruption. 
We have over 16 million readers who read our articles through our website and social media. We are always receiving wonderful feedback. Even saving lives.
We have a very generous graphics design team who donate their time and services for free for all of our beautiful posters. 

Our team of people do not get paid; we are non profit. We do not make money of abuse, that is simply wrong.
We use our own money and time as advocates and activists.  You do not profit from these crimes, that is simply wrong and unacceptable. 

Last year we were nominated for a Humanitarian Award.
This year one of our own Alexandria has been nominated for an Australian of the year award 2017.

If you want to read a little more about Alexandria's life of abuse you can do so through her website and article Here Scars — Vulnerability. 
We have added little segments through-out our articles on Alexandria's abuse because it is the story of children, men and women world wide. They connect with Alexandria, they are her. We will be adding a full article shortly on Alexandria's life of abuse.  She suffered sexual abuse as a child and adult, domestic violence and abuse by her mother, domestic violence and abuse by her husband and also lost a child to domestic violence. 
We wanted approached Alexandria last year with our wishes to nominate her for Australian of the year. She declined due to an assault she was still recovering from. 
Alexandria was viciously assaulted in her home and suffered serious injuries. 


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  1. Brilliant article, very informative, as well as heart wrenching to what your own personal story of domestic violence went through, is still going through, my heart goes out to you.
    You are a true inspiration, role model for a survivor, and still victim of domestic violence, and then on top of all of hat to lose a child as well and get no justice for your child's death.
    Thank you so much for your work for sharing this incredible journey of yours.
    Love your website and all the articles, my wife who is a doctor shares your articles in her office as well as the posters from your articles.

  2. Thank you to all the men and woman who have been writing to us, commenting on our social media pages, our website, in private messages, also wanting Rosie Batty stopped.
    As one women, a victim of domestic violence said to us just today about Rosie Batty " If a woman is to advocate for a woman, she does not reduce women." because this is what Rosie Batty is doing to all women worldwide. She is doing this is many ways; and one of the most abusive ways is by her words that she speaks.
    She is dangerous to society, she is inciting abuse and violence and is putting all victims of these crimes down by her uneducated, and very dangerous thinking and words.
    (Hi Alexandria, I am still finding my way through the articles and the website. You women are absolutely brilliant for coming up with it and the graphics, exposure, rawness, use of language keeps it REAL. I can fight this fight with you all and have read your story and it is raw, triggering a lot of similarities, that is why what you ladies are accomplishing is so very valuable to humanity and it's survival. Please allow me to extend my deepest and heartfelt sorrow for your experiences and a smile for your truth in sharing your journey, a wink and thumbs up for your courage and determination to leave our planet a better place for speaking out and for not being silenced. ❤ Jesse )
    This is just of one of many comments we get on our social media pages about our website and the articles on domestic violence.
    Anyone can comment on our website; you can comment anonymously.
    The comments are moderated because of abusive trolls. If you would like to comment about your experiences with abuse please feel free to do so.
    You are all brave Warriors who have endured abuse, all abuse, we can be warriors together; you are never alone. #RiseUp #Warriors lets break the chains together


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it is a DEMON.

Barack Obama's Real Face

Kim Kardashian's Real Face / Body. It is not human it is a DEMON, it cant have babies. It has a scrotum.

All of the Kardashians are DEMONS.

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