Russia warns us of the New World Order



The Toxic Lies of your Government. Russia - President Putin warns you. The New World oder is here. It has taken over Australia already. The New World order has their own fight for leadership - Game of Thrones, to dominate the entire world and everyone in it.
They want to enslave you, and your children. 
Tag you like you would a dog, microchip you, control your every move, every single thing in your life and your children's lives.
WHY you ask - for so much control over us. Because they are Psychopaths, the evil of darkness - Lucifer's army of destruction. 

The New World order of Psychopaths have their own foot soldiers.
In the USA it is Obama and Clinton and their minions.
In Australia is is the Turnbull Government, One Nation idiots of Pauline Hanson, they are George Soros foot soldiers of evil and corruption, destroying the lives of their own people. 

If you are not invited into their New World order, then you are on the hit list to be destroyed. 
We have to fight Citizens of the world, fight for our freedom, for our children's survival. 
The right to live free in the world created by God our creator. 

The USA and Australia are both broke, the Psychopaths who have - and still are ruling these Governments have allowed this to happen.
Making sure the elite pigs of society have taken their fair share from the trough of greed, while the middle class, and poor are left to suffer and die. 

The Oligarchy Gov blame the poor, they always blame the poor, deflection from the crimes of their greed and corruption. 
The Oligarchy - the elite - the Shadow Government and their foot soldiers commit Treason against their own countries, genocide. 
The USA dollar is going to collapse in the coming months, followed by Australia. Wait for it people the Narcissist Psychopath Gov of Australia will use the corrupt media Oligarchy of Murdoch to blame the poor once more. 
Australia is a mess because of the corruption of the Government, the Oligarchy and its foot soldiers. 
The Australian people have reached out for help, to Anonymous, to President Trump, to President Putin, because the Corruption of the Soros Shadow Government controling all of Australia. 
(much more to come in new articles and videos)

Rupert Murdoch as corrupt as Clinton and Obama, he should be in jail, he is in business with them, has a huge hand in destroying Australia for one part of the Shadow Government he is part of.

His hand in the Iraq War now being exposed, and more to come in the war crimes tribunals starting in February 2017. New black ops intel was given to us just a week ago.
Arrests have begun in the USA and Australia, Bush is under arrest, and those arrests go all the way to Australia.  
Murdoch despises the poor and vulnerable, he makes this known in his daily rag of bullshit and lies to the world. 

Operation drain the swamp of its corruption has begun world wide, it has to happen for this world to survive. 


ANONYMOUS - The Biggest Hypnotic Distraction Has TRICKED YOU!

We are Anonymous, we are Legion world wide. We do not have a leader, a dictator. We fight as Warriors for human rights together as one, join us - for freedom. Humanity needs us, we all need you to fight for our freedom, and survival from those who want to destroy it. 
We do not get paid to save our world from destruction, from those who are trying to steal it from us. The corrupt Oligarchy, the Shadow Government working against you and me, as citizens of this world. 

The Archangels are upon us - the 14th Jan 2017 last day to choose light or darkness - watch - read and learn Gods plan is already in motion.

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We use our own money and time as advocates and activists.  You do not profit from these crimes, that is simply wrong and unacceptable. 

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