We are all Immigrants

ANONYMOUS: We are all IMMIGRANTS - Your silence will not protect you


We are all Immigrants. This will be a three part series we have compiled.
As human rights activists and Humanitarians - we see history repeating its self. HUMANITY is crying in pain.

It is time to stand with Humanity. 
President Trump is not the only leader who wants Muslims banned from their countries. The Australian Gov in power does, and have been very vocal about this in 2016 until this very day in 2017.

The difference is President Trump's ban is not about racism like it is in Australia, his is about National security. 
The Liberal Party under the Leadership of Malcolm Turnbull.
You will see in the video, exactly how vocal the Australian Gov in office are. Press releases in the last few days.

OK - below in this article, and in the video you will see why this ban from President Trump. I had contact with President Trump's people.  You will see the lies the Australian Prime Minister is telling the world, he is outed and President Trump is not happy with him in the slightest. Turnbull's lies caught in this video below. 
Malcolm Turnbull has made an enemy of the USA now. Turnbull has publicly announced he is defying the US President. Might have something to do with "Trumbull's" corruption, funding ISIS, being the Cabal. The FBI coming after him. 

Senator Pauline Hanson - a fear monger, racist, hater of her fellow mankind and children, and a complete nut job. Her Humanity switch completely off.
The Prime Minister of Australia, he has no Humanity, his switch is broken.

Miss Hanson has attacked ever race, every religion on the planet. The bullshit that spews from her lips on a daily basis is criminal. She is inciting fear, degradation, segregation, racism, and most of all she is inciting Terrorism. 
We have shared part of Miss Hanson's speech of Terrorism she made in Parliament in Australia days ago. And the 2nd part is just as bad, which we will also share with you. She will jump on anyone's band wagon. And she has now jumped on President Trump's stealing almost word for word from him, but with a twist, she has twisted his words to suit her own agenda. 
She is not just coming after Muslims. She has always made this known, and even more louder in her speech, she is completely out of control.

She is coming after babies, victims of child abuse, domestic violence, rape, violence, PTSD, soldiers who went to war, victims of the Australian Gov's corruption and Terrorism.
She is coming after ever religion on the planet. 

BUT she is not going after Gov corruption or the greedy politicians who have their snouts in the trough. She is not going after Government Treason, or fraud by the Government. She has given them permission to keep breaking the law, to keep ripping off their own country. Pauline Hanson that is called criminal intent. You are breaking Federal Laws.
Miss Hanson is not going after Terrorists, or Terrorism, she is creating it, supporting it.  
She is not going after Pedophiles, child sexual abusers, rapists, child pornography, child sex crimes, human trafficking, human organ trafficking. NO people, she is giving all of these people and their crimes a free ticket to keep it up. Don't forget this evil, evil women supports - Hillary Clinton and George Soros, she always has. 

UPDATE 6th Feb 2017: This is headlines in the Rupert Murdoch ,Malcolm Trumbull, George Soros ,Rupert Murdoch controlled media in Australia today. Pauline Hanson is a fucking liar. She lied in the media, President Trump personally invited her to his swearing in, which he didnt, his staff made that clear after her lies. Now she is back in the media lying her ass off. She says she is going to be the next Prime Minister of Australia. The people are demanding her.
The people of Australia, want this women locked up, put on a one way trip to Guantanamo Bay detention camp - a United States military prison.
The Australian people want the entire Liberal party locked up on a one way ticked to Prison. Criminals  and Terrorists are running Australia.
President Trump does not support this nut job. She is George Soros foot soldier. Pure evil. 

Don't forget people, this complete nut job, works for in reality the LNP - Turnbull - George Soros, Rupert Murdoch Shadow Government.
This women has bled the tax payers dry since she was 15 yrs old. Now the people of Australia are forced against consent to pay her salary of over $300,000 plus perks, while a child goes hungry or dies.  This women if you can even call her that, is everything that is wrong with this world. 

click on any of our posters for larger view. They are all high resolution posters.

Pauline Hanson has tried to suck up to President Trump, he has rejected her. Now she is sucking up to President Putin. Pauline are you really that stupid? You are funded by George Soros, Soros is Putins sworn enemy. Pauline you have your picture taken, smiling away with Nazi's and their flags, and post them on your social media. The world does not need people like you in Government - you are the type of person that is destroying our very existence. Our children's futures. A pedophile enabler.  

There is a March - protest being organized right now, through an MP, taking place next month on the 17th March in Melbourne. Standing up to Miss Hanson's and The LNP Governments bipolar attitude to society, to her fear, lies, corruption and terrorism they are inciting on the world. 
This is an organized demonstration and March for Humanity and Democracy, for civil liberties around the world. It is not just for Australian's it is for all who share this planet we live on. 

Under the Turnbull Government leadership, he has a reputation for human rights violations of not only his own people in Australia - to his fellow mankind , women and children but to refugees who have fled their war-torn country. They fled because of his Government, what they have done because of their lies, corruption, and greed.
That lie he continues to tell people in 2017, is costing the lives of his own people, the destruction of a country he lives in, and he doesn't give a shit.
Below in the video we have soldiers who were in Iraq - Syria even in special forces, and they have called Turnbull and other Government leaders, on their lies and bullshit they stand in the media and tell the world. 
My husband was special forces, and he has called Turnbull on his lies he is telling the world.
Any solders who went to war would know first hand what a world class liar and bullshitter, Terrorist the LNP Gov and Malcolm Turnbull and his Gov are. 

People are forgetting a very important message here. President Trump did not create ISIS, or Terrorism. That was done from the Buh administration to the Obama Administration. Immigrations bans are not about racism, it is about ISIS, the Cabal, Mussad, the elite Mafia just to start with.

What are you playing at, Malcolm? U.S. embassy claims Australia has NOT been given a special exemption to President Trump's dual national Muslim visa ban.
We told the world, and i have told President Trump in communications; if Malcolm Turnbull's lips are moving, he is lying to the world. A world class liar, and criminal. Should be in jail with the rest of his party. 

There is no end to the lies of Malcolm Turnbull, and it is the innocent and vulnerable in Australia, and the world - who are suffering because of his lies and corruption. 
Good to hear President Trump you have the CIA under control, thank you for relaying this information to me. 
Now can you just clean up the rest of Australia's corruption, it's out of control because of the LNP and Turnbull Government.

President Trump knows all about the 6th SEAL. We are working with those to clean up this world. The President will know what this means. 

 President Trump is listening to every word we have to say. Love or hate him. At least he is taking action. We don't agree or like all his actions either. We have always made that publicly known.

We have just been informed: 
Monday & Tuesday in Washington and New York  Arrests Set For 70 Powerful Ones in the USA.  40 of the arrests are for Politicians. 

UPDATE Feb 7th 2017: We told the world the arrests would be happening on Mon And Tuesday in the USA and the FBI have made the arrests. And people that is the start of it.
Warrants are ready to be served in Australia.

So The former President Obama stole $400 million from the American people to fund a hate campaign against President Trump. 
$400 million that could have gone to feed poverty, children.
It has already been exposed Obama was part of the coo, the Cabal & Masad involved in a plot to overthrow the entire Government.
New York and Denver are strong Cabal strong holds. 

Malcolm Turnbull you are FUCKED NOW.

Here is the link to the offical Congress and White House Letters - Executive orders by the President of the United States.

Malcolm Turnbull wasn't just stealing from the Australian people to fund terrorism through the Clinton foundation - over $460 million was stolen, to fund Terrorism, money laundering and the human trafficking of children. 
From John Howard days until the day the Foundation was shut down, which was just before Christmas 2016, the Australian Government has stolen almost $1 trillion and given to the Clinton Foundation, that's how far this goes back. 
Turnbull was using the foundation to launder money through, his own personal use as well.
The State Department announced this first in July 2016, even in their press release video, it's on their website. Then we have the bloody trolls who told us we fabricated the FBI press release video. What the Fuck. These trained monkey's of Turnbull Gov will make up any crap on the planet to deflect from the crimes of the Government.
Trouble is it was buried by the Australian media, because of Turnbull controlling it. 

  That's the beauty of being activists with our connections and the work we do world wide, we know what's on Clinton's server.
Those offshore accounts are not looking good right now Turnbull, you know the State Department will be hunting them down, and seizing your assets along with your other criminal mates.

We begun exposing this years ago, then full force in July 2016 and we have a hell of a lot more of Pandora's box to release.
We were in a discussion last night, and it came up; how much black mailing is going on right now between Turnbull and the Chinese Government. 

Since the Chinese Government have a copy of Clinton's server, they too would know how much of a criminal Turnbull and his Government are. After all Turnbull Government did sanction the Chinese to use Australia as their dirty money laundering pit. 
All these multi-million dollar property buy ups going on over 40% of the market by Chinese buyers, it's the way they launder their money. And how much of a cut does Malcolm Turnbull take personally 1-2%?  The US State Department know all of this, and they are going after the Australian Government under certain laws, where they have the power to go to any country in the world and make arrests, that includes Australia. And the FBI have made it clear they are doing this, hell they even put it in a video.

Thank you President Trump for Listening. 
OK yesterday i had contact from President Trump through another party of Mr Trump's. I first made contact with President Trump in 2016 before he was sworn in. Myself and our activists reached out to President Trump for help on many issues. One most of all to save this world before it is too late. The second was to save Australia from the destruction and corruption of Malcolm Turnbull and his cronies.

He has heard and listened to me. I have had more than one contact with President Trump since. And it has begun. 


I can only tell readers this. This ban is not forever. There is a reason behind it. We have all heard the saying "To catch a thief" In this case its more than one - its about rounding up the Cabal. I have been asked to not say any more than this. All will be reveled by President Trump when the task at hand has been completed.
There has been a coo in place to overthrow the entire USA. The PM of Australia was part of this with his band of criminals. 
The video below names some of them, exposes them. 

There is method behind President Trump what would seem to us all as madness. It even seemed madness to me, but after speaking to his representative yesterday, now i know what is driving this order. (the video is below).
  Might want to start taking note of Trey Gowdy's words about the immigration ban and the laws.
The stopping of the corrupt Obama Terrorism regime dirty deal with the PM of Australia, the partners in crime Turnbull Government. 
People they were part of the same criminal organization as Hillary Clinton. President Trump knows it, Congress knows it, Trey Gowdy knows it. The FBI, CIA, NSA, Mi6 and the AFP know it. 
It's only the Australian people who don't know it, because Turnbull controls main stream media in Australia. 
At least Trey Gowdy is telling the truth. The main stream media just making up what ever bullshit they want, to sell to the public.
The main stream media and their paid monkeys are telling the world bullshit and lies.
They are deliberately trying to incite violence, racism.

We are seeing today the lies the main stream media are now making up, and they have their bots - paid social media accounts, on twitter and social media platforms posting their lies for them. 
Russia is not taking over the USA - for those on social media paid accounts tweeting this STOP - its a dam lie.
 And Turnbull has his trained monkeys all over social media spreading lies and utter bullshit about the refugees that were going to the USA. There were no families. Only un-vetted men, who could have been part of a terrorist cell. So media get your facts straight before you print your bullshit.

We have the Mi6 and NSA documents of the terrorist operations Turnbull Gov is running, hell its well detailed on Hillary Clinton's server. These were given to us weeks ago.
President Trump & President Putin, how about releasing some of the Australian Government bullshit and corruption to the world. 
He lied to all of Australia, and his lies are continuing by the media monkies. Fucking incredible.

Malcolm Turnbull your Visa has been terminated you're on the evil bastard list. 
Pauline Hanson your Visa has been canceled you are on the evil bastard list. 

Pauline Hanson evil incarnated, today posts - she is working for God. FUCK OFF, you are working for Lucifer.
God would not have your kind in his Kingdom. 
Now Hanson is using God to get her votes. This women is pure evil. Hillary Clinton's twin, separated at birth. 
I am a Christian Pauline, i have God in my life, your life is consumed by lucifer, you are one of his evil army. 
President Trump does not support Pauline Hanson, just want to make that 100% clear. 
She is everything he despises in Government, in politics. 

People think the torture on Manus island is bad and the kids being tortured in lock up is bad, what is in these documents that the Australian Government is doing is 100 times worse. 
And people the Australian people are paying for this kidnapping and torture of children. The Government is stealing money from you, to fund their Terrorism and acts of Torture. How about the main stream media print that truth instead of their bullshit lies the Government tell them to print.  These are shocking human rights violations - criminal acts on a grand scale that resemble the Nazi Germany concentration camps. Malcolm Turnbull has his own Nazi concentration - Chinese Torture camps going on, and its children he is having tortured.Our people were shocked at the contents of these documents. President Trump has all of this now.

You wonder why the first act of the day when Abbott took office was to change the media laws so Rupert Murdoch world class criminal could come in and own 100% of main stream media in Australia with Gina Rinehart another pair of world wide criminals with their fingers in Australia's honey pot, so the LNP - and George Soros owned Government can steal the truth from the people. Wake up people. 

These accounts get paid a lot of money to work these media accounts, either posting out right lies, or half truths. 
Then you have the accounts on social media run by complete sociopaths and narcissists. Don't worry we see these people who say they are activists as well. We have taken on their bullshit.
If i had a dollar for every time i was abused, and my life and my family threatened on social media, i would be rich. And no one pays me for my work as a humanitarian and activists, NO ONE.   

This ban is about catching great big giant criminals trying to overthrow the entire USA and other countries. Those fucking criminals are the one's who want to destroy us all. Greedy fucking war mongering, parasites, making themselves fifthly rich of the suffering of others, of war, off stealing countries and their resources as the video shows. The Prime Minister of Australia and his band of criminals has been doing this to his own country, he is one of those criminal rats, a traitor to his country, to mankind.
Malcolm Turnbull and his Government are part of the Cabal and President Trump knows this. 

Australia has been on an economic hit list just like Iran and Syria were and are. Difference is, Australia hasn't been bombed YET. 
Australia being on the economic hit-list is well detailed in the Clinton Foundation, and John Howard and Malcolm Turnbull have all been part of this. John Perkins former CIA economic hit-man even confirmed this. 
All its natural resources have just been stripped away, and that money doesn't come back into Australia, it goes into the pockets of fucking criminals. Malcolm Turnbull takes his slice for being a traitor and criminal - hides his money in off shore accounts. 
Australia has the second highest gas reserves in the world, we are in the top five countries in the world for high natural resources, yet our country is broke, the people are starving, dying, living in poverty. WHY you ask - because of fucking corruption and greed of criminals. 

I know what it is like to go through Domestic, and Government Terrorism, i lived it, and i was almost killed because of it. For those who have read my previous articles, know my own child was killed, my baby. You never - ever get over the death of a child. 
My child's killer, protected by the Government, so he has never been bought to justice. But i know in my heart justice is coming. 
So i can well and truly relate to these families who have lost children in Syria, Iraq. I hear your cries, i feel your pain.
I still cry when i see pictures of children, men and women killed lying in the rubble of a bom attack, or that have been shot dead. 

I lost my home, a million dollar home i worked my entire life for. I lost my assets because of my Government - their lies and corruption. And when i tried to get justice, i got a big fuck you from Malcolm Turnbull and his Government, and his pedophile controlled court. (Those names of your Judges are going to be published in a new article readers. A list i have also given to President Trump to have him take action. And that list goes all the way to the Family Court in WA, the head of the Family court, who is about to be made Chief Supreme Justice, he fiddles with children, and throws cases). 

I have sacrificed a lot being a humanitarian and activist, as many of us do. You don't have to be famous or in the spotlight to be an activist and humanitarian, that's a crock of shit, for anyone who says you do. There are thousands of people like me, who do their work behind the scenes. Who don't crave fame and attention.
I make no money off my work, none of our people do. 
I don't get paid, i use my own money and time. I don't have a fancy lifestyle, far from it.
It has not stopped me fighting for my rights, for others rights, and justice. And i will be suing you for interest Mr Turnbull personally. So fuck you back. 

The people of Australia did not vote the PM Malcolm Turnbull and his party or Pauline Hanson and her Party One Nation into Government. Election fraud did and the US Shadow Government of George Soros and Rupert Murdoch did. 
Now Australia has to get rid of them. 

The Attorney General of Australia, George Brandis one of the most corrupt men in law, a joke to the office he took an oath to. He should be immediately arrested, the charges - well we should start with multiple felonies, criminal intent, fraud, perjury, perverting the course of justice. But the list is long, we would say 20 years to life for his crimes.

When your done US Attorney General Trey Gowdy come to Australia and arrest this corrupt parasite Brandis. President Trump knows what i am talking about.
The Australian Government would all be in jail if Trey Godwy was the ATG here. 
I was listening to his speech in Congress just recently chewing out the greedy Politicians lining up at the trough, helping themselves to what ever they like, making up their own salaries, while the rest of the average American people were starving. Boy did he go after them. 
President Trump also said in a speech which we have he is also going after those greedy pigs at the trough, the Government raughting stops, the greedy politicians stops, their salaries stop, their luxury perks they give themselves stops.

World you may not know this, but Australian politicians pay themselves the highest salaries and perks in the world. 
They earn more than the President of the United States. 
In 2013 they gave themselves 160% pay rises, then in 2016 300% pay-rises, while they staved out the rest of Australia, the elderly, the disabled the poor. And the Australian Government haven't stopped yet, they are still coming after the vulnerable, not the rich, not the corruption, just the vulnerable who cant fight back. So we are fighting back for them. We are the voice, and army of the 99% against the 1%. 

Australia has been under ownership of the USA since 1975 for those who don't know. A deal was signed by the Government of the day, all done in secret from the people at the time.  

click on any poster for full size view. they are high resolution posters

In 2016 we compiled this article which had a massive response, all positive. It was written especially for Pauline Hanson. Ans she also received a copy of it.  Racism — Degradation — Bigotry Article HERE
The Australian Government are responsible for terrorism, they are white, mixed religion of people living in Australia. 
Pauline Hanson seems to forget the IRA terrorists attacks in the UK~Protestants v Catholic~Not a Muslim in sight! Read the article here

The trouble is Pauline Hanson doesn't really know what a terrorist looks like. They are not all men with black hair, beards, wearing kaftans. Pauline Hanson thinks your baby - because you are of Muslim religion, is a god dam terrorist. Watch out Pauline, babies shoot out great big missiles from their nappies.
Hanson lives in this bipolar cocoon. 

Terrorist don't have it tattooed on their forehead.  There is no fixed requirement. We have Australian businessmen with Corporations, right here in Australia, laundering money for Terrorists, have been for years. 
Hell we have our own Government running their own terrorist operation, funding terrorists. 
Ask ASIO, ask the AFP. We have made reports on such a company with the work we do. Not Muslim men, white men born here, from English decent. They are terrorists snoozing with the million and billionaires of Australia. 
Might want to come out of your cocoon and start waking up to what is going in the real world Miss Hanson. 
FFS look at Hillary Clinton and her band of renegades, bloody terrorists. 

We are always been sent data by whistle-blowers from Federal agencies. We read first hand the Terrorism that is conducted by the Governments of our countries. Their CIA controlled terrorist acts. And readers, the Gov of Australia has there own little sanctions going on in Australia - by the CIA. A week ago i was sent data from Mi6 whistle-blowers. It blew us all away what we were reading. And this is happening in Australia - sanctioned by the Government. 

The Australian and US Government's are all violating the  Geneva Convention, Human rights Laws, civil liberties.
Australian Government have already said a big FUCK YOU to the United Nations, who have gone after the Australian Gov for breach of Human rights Laws, and rights. 

ANONYMOUS: We are all Immigrants - Humanity V Tyranny- part 1

You will hear in our video from soldiers who were in Iraq, fighting the lie of their own Governments. They will tell you, your Government is the Terrorist, not the Syrian people. 
The are brutally honest, pissed at their Governments for lying to them, and to the world. 
They will tell you how the CIA is involved in this lie, in the destruction of 911 and the creation of ISIS.
 The video details the laws the USA and also the Australian Government are breaking in banning Muslims. It is well detailed by the best law minds in the world. 

The trouble with the Australian Government under the Turnbull Government is, he controls the Federal courts through black- mailing Judges. Judges who are either Pedophiles or child sexual abusers. He controls the Family Court in the same way. 

My own husband has gone to war in special forces, i have family who are in the Army and Air-force in special forces, who are also in Canberra, who are career soldiers, i have heard from them first hand the lies the Government have told the world.
I have seen it with the work i have done personally for 20 yrs who the Government and main stream media lie to the world. And those lies have huge consequences on the lives of the entire world and the planet we live on. IT HAS TO STOP
These people men and women have seen the action, they have seen the destruction of the Government's lies.
How this war in Iraq was for billionaires, to make them filthy rich, to go into a country and steal its natural resources. 

And once again Main-Stream media is dead silent on the cover-up of these war mongering, corrupt, parasites, who are responsible for genocide, and an entire country being destroyed. Responsible for Terrorism and men, women and children being refugees
4.7m children in need humanitarian assistance - almost 1 in 3 children. 
 Syrian war: Refugees reflect on five years of conflict that left 250,000 dead, millions displaced. This is what the lie of Government did to a country of people.
More than 13.5 million people have fled their homes, and about 4.5 million refugees have fled to neighboring countries, including Jordan and Lebanon. Three-quarters of these refugees are women and children.
They are responsible for the destruction of a country, for genocide of its people in Syria and Iran. They are responsible for people, families having to flee their country, now homeless, completely broken.
Now the USA and Australian Gov want to punish those very people, for a war and destruction of their country that was not their fault.
It was the US, AU, UK fault. They are responsible for Terrorism, and we as Nations around the world need to keep shouting this and make our Governments and individuals and Corporations responsible.

Humanity is screaming, we can hear the cries.

The biggest threat to us, is our Governments, they are the biggest terrorists we have to fear.
This is something we have covered in great detail in 2016 more than once. Taking on our Governments.

More people die from child abuse, domestic violence, than Terrorism in our countries.
More people die from our own Governments domestic terrorism and corruption than from actual terrorists.

Wake up to the lies of your Government.

Our planet we all share together was created for all to share equally.
We are all born with dignity and rights. We were not born to be slaves to the elite 1%.

It is those with their Humanity switch either broken or turned off that are destroying our planet, our countries, the vulnerable, our nations people.

For over 3,000 years our countries have been celebrating diversity, cultures. Now history is repeating it’s self.
Dictators are trying to destroy freedom. 

Saudia Arabia is also well detailed on Hillary Clinton's server funding ISIS, and Terrorism, and also being paid with children. Children being trafficked for political donations, like cattle to the slaughter. And yes we have the details on this in this extensive exclusive article HERE. Too hot for the main-stream media to even touch. So they just let innocent babies and children die. Yes; they also have blood on their hands, and they don't give a shit. 
 As you can see from the poster and the figures collected up until 2015 - 2016. In 12 years only 114 people have been killed in or out of Australia by Terrorists. That includes soldiers who fought in Iraq because of the Government lies.
The full Article and stats on this are here, this article compiled in 2016 from years of data. Dedicated to the Prime Minister of Australia and Pauline Hanson - we sent them the article and data.
We asked them both over 50 times for a debate. They both ignored our requests. FULL ARTICLE of Domestic Abuse and Government Terrorism HERE.  
BUT - up until 2016 over 1,000 people including children have died in Australia from domestic violence child abuse Terrorism. 
That domestic Terrorism is up by 300% in 2016. Not from Muslim Terrorists. But from domestic abuse Terrorism, and Terrorism by the Government. 

More people die from shark attacks, car accidents, poverty, child ritual abuse, human trafficking, child grooming, from sexual abuse, Pedophiles in Australia than an actual Muslim terrorist.
More people die in Australia from domestic abuse Terrorism by our own Government than an actual Muslim Terrorist. 
Millions of victims of Government Terrorism every year. 

click on any poster for full size view. they are high resolution posters

The list is extensive of the ways people die, and its not from Muslim Terrorist. That is your Government FEAR MONGERING, LYING TO YOU. 
The USA Gov of Obama and Clinton and Australian Government, main stream media with their lies, are trying to instil fear into the minds of its people. They are fear Mongers. You just watched a video above of Pauline Hanson and Malcolm Turnbull lie their asses of to the world, fear mongers, liars. Supporting Hillary Clinton and George Soros Terrorism organization. 

About Us 

 We do quite often up-date our articles after they are published. All of our articles are complied by a team of people. 
Another author may come in and add to the article. 
 Our websites, and social media are shared  by many activists, world wide.
We have an amazing graphics design team who grace us with our videos and posters. 

We do not get paid, we are non profit - and use our own money and time, as Human Rights Activists, and Humanitarians.

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  1. I am seeing Alex on twitter mostly, the bullshit those paid media accounts are spitting out. And your right they get paid really well to spit out that bullshit.
    The Turnbull Government runs a net work of accounts and bots, they post hate against President Trump. To remove themselves they use these paid media accounts.

    For the real activists, who do the real work in the world, know that President Trump is cleaning up the Cabal.
    The Turnbull Government is the Cabal. Is part of the coo to overthrow the USA with Obama, Hillary Clinton and the Saudis.
    This was going on while Obama was in office, and its on Hillary Clinton's server.

    Fake media, main stream media you are part of the worlds problem, you are what is destroying our world for our children. You all do have pools of blood on your hands.

    Wake up you dum shits out there. Trump is the only one doing anything about cleaning up the Cabal.
    Obama and Clinton were running their own terrorist organization. And it wasn't for the USA, it was for the Saudis.

    Grow a bloody brain you idiots. Or do you want the Cabal to destroy the world and our countries.
    The Cabal have sleeper cells all over the world, family men and women, put into place years ago.
    I take you dum fucks out there know what a sleeper cell is.


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