abusive Christian Grey

Cry Because Christian Grey is a controlling, abusive, stalking, Psychopath


 Cry Because Christian Grey is a controlling, abusive, stalking, Psychopath
Fifty Shades of Abuse
His pleasure, whipping the shit out of innocent young women
in his red room of pain and fu$king them seven shades of Sunday
he wont say because he never stays,
you will be discarded like yesterdays trash
if you do not abide by the rules
having my t-shirt printed up.

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  1. I want one, where can i get one of these, so good, hell my entire office would wear one of them out of work of course. did you design that? my husband is in marketing he said he likes very much. is going to email you.

  2. i am with the lady above I want one of those t-shirts. brilliant t-shirt and perfect wording. summed up absolutely perfectly. I would wear it proudly as would so many other's I know.


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