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Erica James #AskELJames on twitter about abuse, what a joke


Tonight at 6PM Erica James was having a question and answer time on twitter about Abuse. #AskELJames. What an absolute joke. This women is not a fucking abuse expert, a doctor, a Psychologist, she is not even a writer or a decent human being. Erica James is about money, power and herself.

Just a few days ago Erica James and her personal franchise twitter page, website Grey House attacked us on twitter. They had our abuse site twitter page blocked, and then out of the blue we get a twitter message from them, they had unblocked us. We called Erica James out on her utter garbage of sexual violence. Here are the tweets. Erica James accused us of being antiabortionists because we objected to her sexually abusive books, the sexual violence that has been found to be so dangerous to all, especially children.

Hey asshole at Grey House @GreyHouse you were sent one tweet after tweeting us. Not fucking 10 as you are saying in your fucking rant. There is the tweet we sent you. This mob Grey House run by Erica James, belongs to Erica James franchise, were quick of the mark to quickly block us once more after sending their rant of a tweet, so did Erica James....@ELJames. 
These two sites had us blocked, their tweet to us came out of the blue. Erica James and their entire franchise block anyone who objects to the sexual violence abuse, stalking, rape books, if you are a medical person who specializes in abuse they abuse you even more. If you are a survivor of abuse they also abuse you even more.

This what their franchise and Erica James do, they abuse everyone, who does not support their utter sexual violence, garbage filth.  The twitter page @EXTREMECHICK25 is one of Fifty shades of grey twitter pages. We did not tweet them, we don't even have them as being followed, or them following us. So where there shit comes into the mix we have no idea. But when we went to their twitter page OH yes big supporters in all things sexually perverted in Fifty Shades of Grey.

Erica James and her franchise have hundreds of fake twitter, social media accounts, ranting, abusing people on social media, only five minutes ago it happened to us. The most ridiculous names for fake accounts spamming with support for abuse, sexual violence in Fifty Shades of Grey, saying the medical professionals, the BDSM experts who have come out against Fifty Shades of Grey for not being BDSM, but out right abuse....have no idea what they are talking about, the medical studies conducted by medical experts do not know what they are talking about. 

They stalked our personal twitter pages, spammed us, slandered us, then they got the link for our stop abuse advocate twitter page and bam, they spammed us again, and filled our twitter page with slanderous tweets. This was during the #AskELJames Q&A last night. This is what Erica James has her people do. They will stalk you, slander you, abuse you. 
Our own website here and email accounts  also hacked, pretty coincidental after we get spammed by Erica James people she employs.
Well Fuck you Erica James.
These delusional sicko's who get off on sexual violence and abuse, kept spamming our accounts, our abuse twitter page, they were all blocked. 

This #AskELJames was a massive set up by Erica James, she had her people with their fake accounts coming out abusing any one who was not in support of her book, not in support of sexual violence, abuse, domestic violence and especially not in support of her books being used to sexually abuse a child. The disgusting rants of Erica James people was bloody disgusting, they were spamming peoples accounts, abusing them....we blocked all of their accounts in the end.The entire Q&A well and truly backfired on Erica James.

These dickheads with these fake ridiculous names, accounts supporting Erica James are the same people who get off on sexual violence and abuse for their own sexual gratification.  
The books of Erica James, sexual violence, domestic abuse to Erica James are all about money, how much money can she make for her own gratification. She has obviously swooped in on a new target range with her new sexually violence piece of crap GREY, she is targeting the sexually perverted who get off on pure sexual violence, abuse, rape

When her sexually violent piece of crap "GREY" was due to come out, just weeks ago on a Saturday night Erica James had millions of peoples social media accounts spammed with her book, the cost in pounds, pre-order your book and so on. People were furious and letting her know it. Erica James had our own accounts blocked, but she unblocked us, so she could spam us with her crap and the upcoming new piece of dribble, sexual violence, rape, perverted filth she wrote about her own private sex life with her husband. 

Just to let you know Erica James and her franchise who stalk us...what you are doing is cyber stalking, you are breaking the law.
Our site even did an article a few months ago about that very thing. Articles also come from the FBI. You might want to read these Erica...might help you for your next piece of trash also, since you are so obsessed with stalking and breaking the law in your books of  sexual violence Fifty Shades of Grey and now Grey, which is 200 times the crap and bad writing....Read article Here
This does come from the FBI Erica, next you will be saying they don't know what they are talking about either. Might want to look up that word narcissist...you have the traits and well as Psychopath. 

 Our site is full of articles with medical data to support this on how dangerous Fifty Shades of Grey is. Both of these books and the movie are glamorizing abuse, sexual violence, rape, stalking as being a fairytale romance....when none of these things are.
Please check out the articles for yourself.

Erica James books are sexual violence gutter trash, he sex life sprawled across her four books. 

People are coming out in support on social media to our articles, thanking us for enlightening them, and the world, to the dangerous of Fifty Shades of Grey, Grey, for exposing how dangerous, these books, movie are to every person, every child, especially children, to all of this being sexual violence, domestic abuse, rape and so much more, which is well documented in our articles. Magazines and TV networks are coming to our site, reading our articles, also now not supporting Erica James and her sexually violence trash, instead exposing it as just that, trash, rape, sexual violence, so dangerous.

Hello People, fu#king wake up, for god sake.....you are reading about Erica James perverted, disgusting sex life, her sex life with her husband, visiting the filthy disgusting sex dungeons.....Haven't you figured it out yet....Seriously people i thought you would have figured out after reading book one. You don't have to have a medical, Psychology, PHD degree to know that.....All this time people you have been reading about the perverted sex life of Erica James....Is your skin crawling yet????

The only people…and we stress "the only people" who keep going back for more of this sexual violence dribble, and support Erica James in her quest for sexual gratification with sexual violence, have a very serious mental disorder. They have delusional fantasies, just like Erica James. Turned on by sexual abuse, sexual violence, and yes there is such a disorder, and starts quite young. These types of people dangerous to our society.
Don’t forget this is E L James sex life…..this is her sex life you are reading.Erica James is an interview say the books are based on her life, her life experiences. 
So in other words Christian Grey is her husband Noel…and Erica is either Anastasia or Bitch troll…. child molester….Mrs Robinson, Elena…still psychoanalyzing that bit….We get the distinct impression Erica James is both…..she has a split personality…she can not work out if she wants to be the controlling child molester Elena....or the dim witted lip biting Virgin Anastasia…..We would say from reading the books, Erica really wants to be both….This is her life, her sexual filth, dragged out across the pages.

 Erica James is obsessed with her Psychopath sexually abusing Christian Grey sticking things in girls asses, or is that Erica James fetish and fantasy???.....she wrote it people, she is obsessed with sexual violence, the more violent and nasty, the better for Erica.

"An Irresponsible Rationalization of Domestic Abuse"

  “Fifty Shades of Grey legitimizes and glamorizes violence against women,” NCSE Executive Director Dawn Hawkins said. “The story promotes torture as sexually gratifying and normalizes domestic violence.”

We have written our own book addressing abuse, Erica James has slandered us for doing so.  The difference is Erica our co-written book is written by professionals, abuse survivors, 100% of the profits of our book which has gone global and is going to be a best seller, are going to abuse charities around the world.

Website Shades Of Grey, Edward Grey

You can read more about the book what the book is about, pages from the book at the website link above. Trust us you are going to absolutely fall in love with this book, its incredible story, message and Edward Grey
 ❤️All the proceeds from the book are going to Abuse charities around the world. This book was written to send a powerful message, and to raise as much money as we can for abuse charities.❤️

❤️None of us get paid, all of our people who put their heart and soul into fighting abuse, the book Shades of Grey, by Edward Grey, do so because we are all advocates of helping victims, survivors of abuse of all forms, and children. Every person who has worked on this book, including the graphics, book covers, volunteer, we all want to help abuse, raise as much money as we can for abuse around the world. To send that powerful message that the book contains.❤️

This is our book co-written with Edward Grey and Alexandria a professional, an abuse survivor, a writer, author, and abuse advocate.
The proceeds of this book Shades of Grey, by Edward Grey, his untold story are going to  abuse charities. Erica James does not want this book to be recognized, succeed, to raise money for abuse charities.

You need to go to the website to read what the book is about, there are pages there to read also.
This book is no way Fifty Shades of Grey, not copied, no names the same, nothing. This website explains more.
We sent our books link, website to E L James way before she even announced she was writing another trash piece of abuse. She has now been attacking us for doing so, slandering our book. 

 Erica James has already come our slandering our book with vexatious slanderous comments at the Hollywood Reporter
Our book has already gone global, and the proceeds are going to charity, to raise as much money as we can for abuse charities, which E l James is dead against us doing.

 Its called Delusions of Grandeur, Narcissism, Erica; unfortunately there is no help for you. Erica does not want our book to succeed, to raise money for abuse charities, to send out the message of abuse, sexual violence, love, which our book contains. She does not want the co-author Alexandria, a survivor of abuse and a professional, to tell Edwards story about abuse, supporting abuse victims, including children around the world. This could be anyone of their stories, of abuse, we are trying to make people aware, how abuse effects entire families.

Now it would seem Erica James is laying claims to owning the rights to the Oxford English Dictionary, and all the words that it also contains.
Well she gave an indication of this, with her latest rant, of dribble and slander against our book Shades of Grey 

♦Meaning of "shades of grey" -Cambridge English Dictionary shades of grey› the fact of it not being clear in a situation what is right and wrong: a straightforward choice between good and evil, with no shades of grey.

Now we could be wrong here, but last we checked, Erica James did not own the the rights to the  Oxford English Dictionary, thank god she didn't write it. Fuck could you imagine the mayhem if she did.

Watch out parents who named their babies, or adults living or dead,------ Edward, Christian, Anastasia, Teddy, any one with surname Grey, Erica is claiming you stole the name from her.
But hang on Erica James you stole the name Christian from Stephanie Myers, her husbands name is Christian. You seem to be quite obsessed with stealing from Stephanie Myers.
You stole the name Grey from the movie Secretary and most of your story as well. Then we have a long list of authors who you stole from and now it would also see plagiarized from.
Are you going to steal our husbands names next, just to let you know Erica my husbands name is Aaron Edward.

Edward Grey is the name of:  Edward Grey, 1st Viscount Grey of Fallodon (1862–1933), British Liberal statesman & foreign minister    Edward Grey, 1st Viscount Lisle (died 1492), English nobleman who was created Viscount Lisle in 1483    Edward Grey (policeman), (1918-2004), Sri Lankan sportsman and police officer    Edward Grey (bishop) (1782–1837), Anglican clergyman    Edward Grey (died 1676) (1611–1676), English politician    
Sir Edward Grey, a fictional character in the Hellboy universe.
fictional character in the movie "Secretary"Edward E Grey

Edward Grey in the book Shades of Grey....by Edward Grey.... the untold story. 

 The name "Christian" comes from the Greek "kristos", meaning "anointed one", and is older than Jesus Christ. It's not a Hebrew name. It can also be a girls name and used widely around the world for centuries. Christian means "a follower of Christ." The first historical usage of this name dates back to the 1st century, in the book of Acts in the Bible. Again is E L James claiming she own the rights to the name Christian??  Did she write the bible??? God... is Christian Grey the second coming , is he the messiah??? Fuck i hope not for every ones sake and safety.
 Now hang on Erica have you been fooling the world, are you older than the bible....you tricky dicky Erica, you fooled us all.

Our team have approached magazines,entrepreneurs to help with the book, and now Film studios to have this incredible story told.
We are self funded and we would love the support of the media, especially Australia where we are from.

 We are getting international support for the book, which is incredible, just today 21 June, a major record label, producer, entranapour has contacted us. 

Abuse, sexual violence effects millions around the world, especially children. Please help us raise as much money as we can for abuse charities by supporting this book, sharing the link for the books website, the book Shades of Grey....By Edward Grey. 
 We already have international celebrities sharing our links and re-weeting the book. People leaving such wonderful supporting comments on twitter, our website that are coming from all around the world. Our stats show the biggest support is from the USA, South Korea, France, Australia, UK, then other countries around the globe, even Canada. We have tweets from everywhere.

 ❤️❤️please support @shadesofgrey_EG proceeds to abuse charity  …http://shades-of-grey-edwardgrey.blogspot.com.au/  pic.twitter.com/hh0T4aMRM3

❤️❤️The untold story of Edward Grey, proceeds to abuse charities@shadesofgrey_EG❤️❤️ https://shadesofgreyedwardgrey.wordpress.com/2015/06/18/my-name-is-edward-grey-and-this-is-my-untold-story/

 ❤️❤️please support @shadesofgrey_EG proceeds to abuse charity ❤️❤️RT❤️❤️http://50-shades-of-abuse.blogspot.com.au/2015/06/shades-of-greyby-edward-grey.html pic.twitter.com/hh0T4aMRM3


Thank you everyone, for the massive support of the book Shades of Grey, by Edward Grey.
Thank you for sharing globally around the world
 The book has major advocates to end abuse sharing the book around the world on line. The support has been incredible. 
We want to raise as much money for abuse charities as we can when the book comes out.


This is also the link to our Daily Paper The Fifty Shades of Abuse Daily, we have stories from Australia and around the world.
Abuse comes in many shades "fifty shades"

We also have a brand new Facebook page. We are certainly not fans of FB, it was opened for child abuse and domestic violence cause.

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