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Fifty Shades of Grey legitimizes and glamorizes violence against women


 “Violence is violence. Abuse is Abuse, Sexual violence is worse and has no base to exist in any type of relationship.” Fifty Shades of Grey is glamorizing sexual violence as being a normal loving relationship, when it just isn't. It is putting millions of lives in danger, especially children. Author and abuse survivor, Psychologist... Alexandria said.

'Fifty Shades of Grey' perpetuates violence against women. “This book is perpetuating dangerous abuse standards and yet it’s being cast as this romantic, erotic book for women,” said Bonomi, lead author of the study. “The erotic content could have been accomplished without the theme of abuse.”
Bonomi is professor and chairperson of Michigan State University’s Department of Human Development and Family Studies. She co-authored the study with Lauren Altenburger and Nicole Walton from Ohio State.

National Center on Sexual Exploitation Slams 'Fifty Shades' Spinoff 'Grey': "An Irresponsible Rationalization of Domestic Abuse" story here

 “Fifty Shades of Grey legitimizes and glamorizes violence against women,” NCSE Executive Director Dawn Hawkins said. “The story promotes torture as sexually gratifying and normalizes domestic violence.”

Dr. Gail Dines is a professor of sociology and women's studies at Wheelock College in Boston, an internationally acclaimed speaker and author professor and lecturer. An academic, she has also been described as "The world's leading anti-pornography campaigner" Dr Dines is on the exact same wave length at the rest of the Professionals who are against Fifty Shades of Grey, how dangerous this entire book series and movie are. You are going to want to watch this video which is just a few minutes long.

As medical professionals, Psychologists, PhD, Sociologists we have been to Dr Dines seminars, she been in Australia. She is a true pioneer exposing sexual abuse through pornography, exposing sex-- human trafficking through the porn industry.  How this effects your children, you as parents, our entire society, the world we live in. 

That readers... is why Fifty Shades of Grey...Grey is so dangerous, it is promoting sexual violence, domestic violence, rape, control, demeaning of a women,  to your children, to women, giving boys, men, permission to sexually abuse, do what ever the hell they want. As professionals just like Dr Gail Dines we see the victims of this abuse, one of our own authors was married to a Christian Grey and suffered shocking abuse, much worse than the books.  

The entire book series books 1-4....book four being the book "GREY" are full of sexual violence....domestic violence. The book Grey even worse, shocking in fact. Erica James and the producer of this violent trash only see this as romance and nothing more. So this is a man Dana Brunetti, who is quoted in video interviews as saying "He could not wait to make this love story." this man see's this sexual violence  and domestic violence, rape, control all the way through four books as a romance.

Jamie Dornan, Dakota Johnson, Erica James all researching sex dungeons, hard core porn... for Fifty Shades of Grey. Jamie Dornan went to sex dungeons, where the sex is sexual violence.... to the extreme. 
 This is what happens in a sex dungeon in what Jamie Dornan would have gone to see, ... for research for his role in Fifty Shades of Grey...what Erica James and her Husband were going to watch, getting off on. 

A sleazy room, with chairs around the main attraction, which would be a women hog tied down with rope, naked. The audience sit in their seats, or they can participate in the sexual abuse of this young women. She is fucked seven shades of Sunday, mouth, ass, vagina, most of the time all at once. The audience can come up and participate, or they can sit in their chairs and masturbate watching this women being sexually abused. This young women is constantly punished, if she disabays what is being said to her, she is only allowed to orgasm when she is given permission to. The women has tears streaming down her face, from pain, and suffering. Crying.

Put in sex dungeons videos, into your search browser, and see what it shows you. Video's of  hard core porn. Fifty Shades of Grey, Jamie Dornan, Dakota Johnson can be found on the sleazy porn sites for viewing. They must be so proud of themselves.

The books and movie Fifty Shades of Grey are promoting sexual violence to society, to young children, to young and older adults. We have already seen the victims of this sexual violence, and the death of a child. The movie; well for those of you who saw it, it ends from book one with shocking sexual violence. And to Erica James this is OK, because this is romance.  

It took four books for society to finally wake up and see, really see, what they are reading....pure sexual violence, domestic violence...and Christian Grey a sexually abusing Psychopath, who gets off on pure sexual violence and controlling women. 

Erica James a women, wrote four books.... she sexualized the books, to take your attention away from the violence...she made the.... violence, sexual violence, domestic violence, rape, control, then invisible to the readers. There are a lot of desperate, very naive, silly women in the world still..... naive to sexual violence, domestic violence. 
It was not until Erica James was called out on her sexual violence, domestic violence, rape, degrading of a women, it then showed what these books were.... that then millions of women, men woke up, did not want any part of this rubbish.

This is what marketing does, it directs your focus onto something... or in the books Fifty Shades of Grey case, away from it....it being the sexual violence, rape, domestic violence....James portrayed with marketing that these books were nothing more than just romance, and the rape, sexual-domestic abuse, abuse, control, degrading of a women and keeping women as sex slaves, and hore's to be used and abused is romance. 

But there is still a huge audience of people who get off on sexual violence, who cant get off unless what they are reading and watching, is sexual violence...porn. Erica James is one such person, she wrote the books, this is her life, her sex life she said so in interviews. People who get off on this type of sexual violence are dangerous to our society; their sexual arousal's goes further, it goes to children also. It did in the case of Erica James, her character is sexually abusing young 15 year old boys.
Erica James books, all four books, including book 4 Grey, especially book 4 Grey, were written not only by a women, but by a man. You speak to any expert in this field of sex, Psychology and they will tell you exactly the same thing. It is evident in the content through all four books.
Speak to the researchers, the Psychologist, Sociologists, Doctors who specialize in this area, we know the stats, we know the minds of these people, we see the victims. 

Pornography definition Webster Dictionary as well as state laws obscenity or harmful to minor laws
 *Pornography is written, printed or video material that contains sexually explicit images or content that some people find to be arousing. 
*An example of pornography is a movie depicting men and women having sex that is intended to get you sexually excited.
*Writings, pictures, etc. intended primarily to arouse sexual desire.
*The production of such writings, pictures, etc.

*The explicit depiction of sexual subject matter; a display of material of an erotic nature. [from the mid-19th c.]

*The graphic, detailed, often gratuitous depiction of something.

  1. Sexually explicit writing, images, video, or other material whose primary purpose is to cause sexual arousal.
  2. Lurid or sensational material. Often used in combination: violence pornography.

 Under the laws to protect children...harmful to minors laws.
All of the above and drawings, photographs, or similar representation of a person or persons, or portion of the human body which depicts nudity, sexual conduct etc, which is harmful to minors, or any book, pamphlet, or magazine, which contains any of the above, or explicit narrative accounts....where minors are present.
This doesn't  not include material which is designed for sex education, medical, to minors. (there is a difference between such materials)
It unlawful to any person to knowingly exhibit an of the above and below, to minors, in place of public accommodation, where minors maybe present, and where minors are able to view the material, unless each item of material is kept in a seal wrapper, concealing the content from minors. This also goes for written content, such as Fifty Shades of Grey...who's content is R rated, pornography, sexual violence, rape, domestic violence.
These websites with magazines are selling vibrators, sex toys, R Rated DV's and R rated books just like Fifty Shades of Grey does on their websites and social media including to children...breaking state protection laws.
 There are also laws to protect children from obscene or harmful material on the Internet.  For one, federal law prohibits the use of misleading domain names, words, or digital images on the Internet with intent to deceive a minor into viewing harmful or obscene material (See  18 U.S.C. §§ 2252B, 2252C).   It is illegal for an individual to knowingly use interactive computer services to display obscenity in a manner that makes it available to a minor less than 18 years of age (See 47 U.S.C. § 223(d) –Communications Decency Act of 1996, as amended by the PROTECT Act of 2003). It is also illegal to knowingly make a commercial communication via the Internet that includes obscenity and is available to any minor less than 17 years of age (See 47 U.S.C. § 231 –Child Online Protection Act of 1998).           The standard of what is harmful to minors may differ from the standard applied to adults.  Harmful materials for minors include any communication consisting of nudity, sex or excretion that (i) appeals to the prurient interest of minors, (ii) is patently offensive to prevailing standards in the adult community with respect to what is suitable material for minors, (iii) and lacks serious literary, artistic, political, or scientific value for minors.

Fifty Shades of Grey meets every single criteria and more for pornography, sexual violence, rape, domestic violence, stalking, sex slaves, dangerous content that is being promoted for our children, putting their lives in danger.

The Franchise of Erica James Fifty Shades of Grey and Grey House this year were screen shot and recorded, sharing R rated material with minors on social media, explicit sexual violence and sex scenes and pictures with minors. This was reported to the FBI.

The international media online publications are not supporting Erica James, they are exposing her crap as sexual violence, and once again ripped off material from Stephanie Myers and other authors. Read Here for article 

Our site has co-written an incredible book which has gone global, we have received not one ounce of help from the Australian media, 100% of the profits from this book go to Abuse charities, not our bank accounts, but to charity. But Australian media will not support our cause to raise money for charity. Our volunteers have emailed TV shows asking for them to do a story on our book Shades of Grey, by Edward Grey, the untold story......and we have not receive a reply at all. (you can got to the websites to read what the book is about, it is no way FSOG, no way, thank god) shadesofgrey.EG@gmail.com  this is the other website to read from the book Shades of Grey

We have had international support, but not one ounce from Australia where were are from and live. Two international publishers want the book, the book has gone global thanks to help of social media, and celebrities who support our cause, also sharing our book. But yet again not one ounce of support from Australian media, because we are non funded, all volunteers, our proceeds go to charity, we don't pay the Australian media. They will how ever promote Erica James, sexual abuse, sexual violence crap, because they get paid to do so. 

Erica James has never donated her entire book proceeds to abuse charities like our site and book Shades of Grey is doing....She has not even donated a third or even a quarter of her book sales to charities of any kind, it all goes for her personal use, her bank account.....while she continues to put lives in danger with her sexual violence books, that also contributed to the death of a child. 

The media is making this women rich of abuse, sexual violence. Of course she is laughing all the way to the bank, she is spitting in the face of ever man women, child of abuse.

We have now tens of thousands of people sharing the book Shades of Grey by Edward Grey on social media, reading from the website, loving the book and the message of the book, sharing with their friends, major abuse websites, advocates to end sexual violence, abuse, rape...supporting our book, sharing it on social media, their sites, but again not the Australian media, because we do not pay them.

Australia has the highest abuse rates in the world, no bloody wonder when the media in Australia are promoting sexual violence with Erica James books, which have already been found by a full medical study to be so dangerous, promoting sexual violence, domestic violence, endangering, women, girls, children.

  The makers of Criminal minds TV series in America only this year just a few months ago, dedicated an entire episode, to the dangerous of Fifty Shades of Grey. Yes people we have the entire episode on our site, as well as the full article Here at this link, you are going to want to watch and read this. Hell, even they wanted to warn the public, to get the message out, how dangerous these books are to ever person on our planet, especially children.


E L James is now making excuses for these crimes of rape, torture, domestic violence, stalking, for her these are romantic, hearts and flowers.
E L James gives Christian Grey the permission to commit these crimes against women because he is a billionaire, but if he was living in a trailer park or the suburbs he would be arrested by the special crimes unit for rape, sexual abuse, abuse, stalking, torture, domestic violence, blackmail-taking pictures of his naked sex victims- sex slaves as what he calls security, when in the real world this is blackmail. 

The only people…and we stress "the only people" who keep going back for more of this sexual violence dribble, and support Erica James in her quest for sexual gratification with sexual violence, have a very serious mental disorder. They have delusional fantasies, just like Erica James. Turned on by sexual abuse, sexual violence, and yes there is such a disorder, and starts quite young. These types of people dangerous to our society.

On youtube, Erica James is in three different interviews saying "the books Fifty Shades of Grey are based on her life experiences, her life." What utter garbage E L James.
"I wrote myself into the books as one of the characters."
"I am going to be in the next movie."
"I am so happy and honored i could spice up couples bedrooms" (Seriously??...no you bought sexual violence, rape, torture, abuse, stalking into the homes and bedrooms of families, putting lives in danger. 

If you are one of those persons who was turned on by a young women 21 years old, being sexual tortured, degraded, raped, coerced, Psychological abused, stalked, scared, being a sex slave to a Psychopath sexual abuser; and remember this could be your daughter, niece, granddaughter, and you are OK with her being used and abused like that....then you need serious help right now, that says so much about you as a person, having very sick fantasies.

A sexual abuser will also do all of those things in those abuse books and movie to a young child, a child as young as five years old, copy the books to sexual abuse a child. Again are you as a human being OK with that??? E L James seems to be. But she still doesn't want her own sons reading the books, watching her porn movie of sexual violence, but she is happy to push this sexual violence onto other children.

Fifty Shades of Grey, Grey, books; movie are the rape and delusional fantasies of Erica James. Erica wrote her fantasies down in those four books. And by the sounds of book 4, Grey, her husband Noel also joined her. ( Now i have this permanent image edged into my mind of Noel in Erica and their sex room. Noel in faded blue jeans, no shirt with his beer belly hanging out over the top, Erica bent over the table, with Noel, whip in hand ready to give it to her……jeeze the nightmares.)

The videos of the Syndicated morning TV Show seen around the world The Today Show
 Syndicated Morning Show seen around the world, exposing Erica James Trash, as just that, utter fucking trash...after we contacted their show hosts Lisa and Karl.
 The videos of the Syndicated morning TV Show seen around the world Studio 10
Read the full article and watch the videos,
Erica James Trash, Fifty Shades of Grey and "Grey" as just that, utter fucking trash after we contacted the show, co-host Jason Isaacs

Erica James wrote herself into her own books as one of the characters, and wait for it people, she is going to be in the next movie. (what the fuck as, child molesting Mrs Robinson, Elena)

Erica James people is in video interviews which are on youtube for whoever wants to watch as saying. “Fifty Shades of Grey is based on her life experiences, her life in other words.” (fucking crap Erica, what utter fucking crap.) You have just spat in the face of every abuse victim including children, you ice cold delusional narcissist. 

In the same videos Erica James can be heard saying “She wrote herself into the books as one of the characters…..She is going to be in the next movie.”

“Yes it got very hot and heavy, very steamy watching sex scenes with Jamie Dornan.” 

Again, we have this Narcissist women, who is turned on by sexual abuse, turned on by watching Jamie Dornan, sexual abuse, psychologically abuse Dakota Johnson, and whip the shit out of a body double in the red room of pain. And by the look on Jamie Dornan’s face and his body language he was enjoying it a little too much also.

A man, Dana Brunetti, a so called film producer for Universal studios, says, “When he saw this story, he couldn't wait to make this incredible love story and bring to the screen.” What the fuck………on what fucking planet is this a romantic love story????? You quite obviously suffer from the same delusions as Erica James, and your fantasies are also watching women being sexual abused, degraded.

The same Dana Brunetti we engaged into conversation with on social media. (yes people we screen shot the conversations) Who said “The Oscars are over rated.”

Fifty Shades of Grey franchise said on social media with Dana Brunetti also in the mix of the conversation, that “Fifty Shades of Grey was going to win an Oscar” (we couldn’t stop laughing like the other people watching the conversation unfold)

We said “Fifty Shades of Grey was shocking sexual abuse, so dangerous to everyone”. “The only award it was going to win was a Razzy, for the worst film to be made ever, the worst acting by two leading parts from the actors.”

To the media, are you OK, with supporting and promoting sexual abuse, of a women, girls, boys, children??? We know you get paid to promote James abuse, sexual violence crap, you can say No, and support a worthy cause that is donating all the proceed of the book to abuse charities, to raise as much money as possible for these much needed causes. 

Shades of Grey...by Edward Grey, the untold story. You can go to the website link to find out more, or read the story of the book at the end of this article.
email Shadesofgrey.EG@gmail.com
twitter shadesofgrey_EG 
google plus this is a very new account, Edward would love the support there, follow hi.

Human decency, caring about a women, a child was disregarded the day Fifty Shades of Grey was published, then made into one of the worst movies to ever come to the screen. All of this, the franchise FSOG, E L James, it is about money, power, greed, lining their bank accounts, and fuck the victims to come, the survivors of abuse, or the young 13 year old year who died because of this abuse, and sexual torture crap FSOG. 

Please go and look up pictures on the web, pictures of what happens to someone when they are sexually abused with a belt or wiped like Christian Grey Psychopath did. We have, we will not be posting the pictures because they are too graphical for public viewing. Massive red welts, cutting the skin, bruises, that would last weeks if not more. That is not BDSM, that is sexual abuse, abuse, sadomasochism to the absolute extreme....what Jamie Dornan was researching in the sleazy sex dungeons. Why Jamie??? You do not go there for research. Read More........Link 2......Link 3

We have like the other abuse websites around the world, young girls, young women, women, who were sexually abused terribly with the wrong people in BDSM, just like Christian Grey does to his sex slaves and Anastasia. The stories they have told on the social media pages and websites, horrifying, brutal, abuse. Just like Christian Grey. Hello People that is not BDSM, our experts who have PHD's have already stated this, it is sexual violence out right abuse, the articles are on our site, and there are plenty of links in each of our articles to take you to read them.  

Medical experts labeled Christian Grey as a Psychopath, and you would never let a young women, a women, a daughter anywhere near a man like that, doesn't matter that he is a billionaire, that makes it even worst. 

The more money and power the greater the abuse. Hello People we read that in the trash sexual violence books, and saw it in the trash sexual violence movie FSoG.

Alys has written over night a new article on the failings of the new tripe of Erica James and her dribble "GREY" And i do mean fail. Lets face it people we new it was a fail from the start, the women can not write, she is obsessed with Christian Grey, his sexual violence, he is her rape fantasy, all rolled up in her billionaire Psychopath Christian. And the world hate this book so do the media giving it a hammering. Grey full story, review here. 

The videos of the Syndicated morning TV Show seen around the world The Today Show
 Syndicated Morning Show seen around the world, exposing Erica James Trash, as just that, utter fucking trash.
 The videos of the Syndicated morning TV Show seen around the world Studio 10

Read the full article and watch the videos,
Erica James Trash, Fifty Shades of Grey and "Grey" as just that, utter trash.

Lets see Erica, i  know i would have missed a few Authors out here, forgive me, but the list is just so long.......

Erica James, copied-stole from the Movie
"Secretary" Mr Grey, the original Mr Grey- James Spader-2002 movie about a sadomasochistic very rich lawyer (psychological thriller-erotic romance, with sadomasochism DBSM). being your biggest that you stole from, people if you haven't seen the movie, then I suggest you get it out, you will see what I am talking about.
Twilight-Stephanie Myers, 
Delta of Venus-Anais Nin, 
Zalmin King-Nine &a half weeks, Mr King died a few years ago sadly at the age of 72 years old, one of the most famous directors and producers of erotic, sensual romance, he won many awards for his work.
Sylvia Day
Jackie Collins are just a few.
New update we have been send a message that   EL James has copied (or should it be stated as “borrowed”) A LOT from The Black Dagger Brotherhood series by J.R. Ward. J.R. Ward is a lawyer, hummm, copy write infringement?

Yes... and news update...Stephanie Myers husband name is Christian, wow Erica James is there no end to your copying people. You are certainly obsessed with Stephanie Myers...and you have the Gaul to try and claim claim to the name Christian and the surname Grey. You copied the movie Secretary, Edward E Grey and his entire persona, the original Mr Grey Erica. Like we have said Erica is is delusions of Grandeur.
Just to let you know my husbands name is Aaron Edward, just in case you want to copy his name next.
A study was done and yes there is an article on the web about this people; 85% of people would rather watch the movie "Secretary" than read or watch Fifty Shades of Grey.

46 million children will be exposed to violence or abuse this year.This is another reason we are petitioning to have Fifty Shades of Grey  removed from Department stores world wide, it is glamorizing abuse. The DVD is R rated, sexual abuse, abuse, torture violence and dangerous to our children. We have already contacted Target in Australia, where the classification went from R rated in the cinema to now 15+ in a family friendly department store. 
Target removed a video game because they deemed it to violent, graphic, dangerous....it didn't contain, rape, sexual violence, abuse, a women bent over a table in a sex room and being whipped violently with a leather belt like FSOG does. 
So why hasn't Fifty Shades of Grey been removed???
Fifty Shades of Grey contains graphic sex scenes, graphic sexual violence, domestic violence, abuse, but that is meant to be OK....and be acceptable in a family store like Target.

Abuse, sexual violence, torture has become an epidemic, so why the hell do we need another book or books, movie like Fifty Shades Of Grey glamorizing abuse as being romance, when it simply isn't. 

Abuse, sexual violence, cost Governments all over the world billions of dollars every year, trying to combat it. So again why is Fifty Shades of Grey being sold as romance, hearts and flowers, as being OK, when it simply isn't.  

Marriages are breaking down, relationships breaking down, rapes, sexual torture, and even a death because of the book series and movie Fifty Shades of Grey, Grey.
The medical information, the so called BDSM information so wrong, so dangerous, putting millions in danger. Read More
The media has been pushing this abuse rubbish of E L James, selling it to adults to our children. Enough.

It's always good to see more people tackling this abomination of Fifty Shades of Grey. I wanted to point out a few things:
So once again E L James miss lead millions of people, with bad research and medical information, endangering lives. No wonder a young innocent girl died because of these abuse books and movie.
E L James created her Psychopath Christian Grey to keep sex slaves, to sexually, psychologically abuse them, just as he did Anastasia Steel, and was still doing so in book 3.

This is quite obviously Erica James rape fantasy, since she has already stated in recorded interviews that can be found on youtube, that the books are based on her life experiences, her life. She wrote herself into the books as one of the characters, and is going to be in the next movie. (What as bitch troll, Mrs Robinson, Ellene, the sexual abuser of children) nice one Erica James.

Only months ago the Franchise Fifty Shades of Grey on social media were caught and screen shot, pushing R Rated material, R rated pictures, sex scenes of Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson to minors. The people who ran those accounts telling those minors to get their older brother or sister to buy the R rated DVD for them. This was reported to the FBI, this is a Federal crime. (and yes it was screen shot for police evidence)
So the Fifty Shades franchise has a new media target and that is your children.

"This is how their PR and media work people" They hire a PR company, spend tens of millions of dollars marketing this crap, they set up hundreds of fake profiles all over social media and the web.
 Hell Erica James uses fake accounts to troll social media and abuse other authors, she has done it to us.
 They then leave all of these very fluffy comments, to suck you in. They have programs that search the web for anything that comes up about E L James or Fifty Shades of Grey and now Grey. They immediately jump on those articles, leaving more comments, trying to rationalize the abuse in FSOG as being OK, "its OK people, its just sex are you against sex." These are the types of comments their PR leave. 

Social media, magazine websites, abuse websites, were on fire, people furious, so disgusted, angry, saying E L James is a disgusting human being, she has gone too far, spitting in the face of victims of these crimes "Rape, Sexual abuse, Rape, Torture, Stalking, Domestic violence, "She is putting the lives of millions at risk including children to these crimes"
Dr. Haim Ginott Children are like wet cement. Whatever falls on them makes an impression.

 Reading ‘Fifty Shades’ linked to unhealthy behaviors.
Young adult women who read “Fifty Shades of Grey” are more likely than non-readers to exhibit signs of eating disorders and have a verbally abusive partner, finds a new study led by a Michigan State University researcher.
Further, women who read all three books in the blockbuster “Fifty Shades” erotic romance series are at increased risk of engaging in binge drinking and having multiple sex partners.
All are known risks associated with being in an abusive relationship, much like the lead character, Anastasia, is in “Fifty Shades,” said Amy Bonomi, the study’s lead investigator.

Amy Bonomi is chairperson and professor in the Department of Human Development and Family Studies in the College of Social Science. Her research focuses on the long-term health effects of domestic violence, dating violence, child abuse and the intimacy dynamics/processes that keep violent relationships intact.
My research focuses on one of the most complex and hidden social pandemics of our time: gender-based violence—including physical, sexual and psychological abuse in intimate relationships. In the United States, 44 percent of women and 28 percent of men are the victims of such violence, with medical, mental health and lost productivity costs exceeding $8 billion annually. Two-thirds of the nation’s teens are also the victims of gender-based violence, such as stalking by a dating partner via cell phones and social media.

 Boycott all Fifty Shades of Grey-Grey, by buying or supporting the books, DVD, movie, you are supporting abuse, sexual violence, torture against women, girls, boys, children.
A line was cross the day these books were published, putting millions of lives in danger.

We have already seen the victims of these books and movies coming forward, tragically a young girl lost her life and died a terrible death because of the books and movie Fifty Shades of Grey.
Just last month two eight year old boys sexually abused an eight year old girl, raped her. They used their class internet to download Porn then copied from the video to commit these crimes against this girl. 

Fifty Shades of Grey can be found also on porn sites, this abuse crap is rated R, it has sexual violence, but you don't even have to bother downloading this R rated movie, you can buy it in friendly department stores for kids to copy, and sexual abuse from.
It has already happened, a 13 year old girl lost her life, sexual abuse scenes in the red room, this young girl died a shocking painful death because of these books and movie.
"Nice one Jamie Dornan, Dakota Johnson" Read More

Diaries of a woman, don't be seduced by the dark side. It is not a romance novel Read Article

This is our book Shades of Grey, co-written to address abuse, sexual violence, and love, from professionals.
you can go to Edward Grey's website to read chapters from the book.... Here

The proceeds of this book are going to Abuse charities, domestic violence, rape, sexual abuse, torture, as many as we can help. The book has already gone global around the world. This book has a very powerful message to send to all. The book has been written in a ways to  reach many different age groups, teens, young and older adults. 
The process and writing of this book began 6-12mnths ago.
This book has a very powerful message to send to all.
We have a dedicated team of volunteers, advocates to stop abuse, donating their time and talents to bring this book to life, to tell Edward Grey's story. 

Our team have approached magazines and now Film studios to have this incredible story told.
Abuse, sexual violence, effects millions around the world, especially children. Please help us raise as much money as we can for abuse charities by supporting this book, sharing the link for the books website, the book Shades of Grey....By Edward Grey. 
 we already have international celebrities sharing our links and re-weeting the book.  or email   shadesofgrey.EG@gmail.com
The book has already been mentioned in the last week several times by people at the UK DailyMail

Our Abuse website has co-written a Book Shades of Grey....by Edward Grey the untold story through a sons eyes.
So angry at the irresponsibility of E L James and her books this book has been written to address abuse.
This book Shades of Grey sends a very powerful message to every reader. It has been written responsibly and is not in any way Fifty Shades of Grey.

♦Meaning of "shades of grey" -Cambridge English Dictionary shades of grey› the fact of it not being clear in a situation what is right and wrong: a straightforward choice between good and evil, with no shades of grey. ♦ 

Yes we have checked, Erica James does not own the rights to the Cambridge English Dictionary....nor did she write it, thank bloody god. Nor does Erica James own the rights to the name Edward, Grey, book, OF, or any of the words in the Oxford English dictionary, or the birth name Grey or Edward, as suggested in her latest slander attack against our book and site.

 Its called Delusions of Grandeur, Narcissism, Erica; unfortunately there is no help for you. Erica does not want our book to succeed, to raise money for abuse charities, to send out the message of abuse, sexual violence, love, which our book contains. She does not want the co-author Alexandria, a survivor of abuse and a professional, to tell Edwards story about abuse, supporting abuse victims, including children around the world. This could be anyone of their stories, of abuse, we are trying to make people aware, how abuse effects entire families.

♦Abuse, sexual abuse, sexual violence effects entire families when secrets hidden come out. This is what we are writing about, and pointing out with our professional team the dangers of sexual abuse, how it effects every living person, adults and children.

♦Edwards book also sends a message to young adults and yes most likely older ones also, that you can have a loving, respectful relationship, without sexual abuse, without having to control another person, degrade them, stalk them, control every aspect of their lives. Young love can be wonderful, an adventure, and it can be true romance, hearts and flowers, with the proper respect and real love.♦ 

♦His story has a very important message, how abuse, sexual violence effects entire families, how secrets can destroy lives.
Read More
Proceeds from Edwards book will be going to charities, such as abuse, domestic violence, rape, charities.

♦A sexual abuser does not get a free pass to abuse, rape, torture, stalk anyone. There is no excuse for these crimes.
♦Abuse is Abuse, Sexual violence is worse and has no base to exist in any type of relationship.” Fifty Shades of Grey is glamorizing sexual violence as being a normal loving relationship, when it just isn't.♦

♦Edwards book is not Fifty Shades of Grey.
♦His book names, and content are also not copied from Fifty Shades of Grey. Our book has zero to do with the rubbish by Erica james♦
Edward Grey Wordpress

Please support Edwards Book Shades of Grey, profits from this book are to be donated to abuse charities.
 ❤️All the Profits from the book are going to Abuse charities around the world. This book was written to send a powerful message, and to raise as much money as we can for abuse charities.❤️

None of us get paid, all of our people who put their heart and soul into fighting abuse, the book Shades of Grey, by Edward Grey, do so because we are all advocates of helping victims, survivors of abuse of all forms, and children. Every person who has worked on this book, including the graphics, book covers, volunteer, we all want to help abuse, raise as much money as we can for abuse around the world. To send that powerful message that the book contains.

Our team have approached magazines,entrepreneurs to help with the book, and now Film studios to have this incredible story told.
We are self funded and we would love the support of the media, especially Australia where we are from.

 ❤️We are getting international support for the book, which is incredible, just today 21 June, a major record label, producer, entranapour has contacted us. ❤️

 This is Edwards journey as a young man, finding himself, finding love, and struggling to come to terms with the secrets, lies, betrayal of his father. How this is going to effect his life and his relationship with the women he loves Kaitlin. 
Edward is handsome, sophisticated, loving, gentle, he is certainly is not his father.
Edwards life as a young man will unfold throughout the book with his story.
Riveting story of Edward Grey set to be a world best seller.

Edward, is now 21 years old going into medicine to be a doctor. Edward has his own life, he has met the love of his life, now he finds out about his fathers deep dark secret. Now his entire world is going to come crashing down.

The book has gone global around the world and has huge support now. People are coming to the website reading pages from the book, leaving such wonderful supportive comments, wanting to buy the book, even wanting the movie. They have already fallen in love with Edward Grey, connecting with him and his story.

 You can follow Edward on twitter @shadesofgrey_EG or Alexandria the Ghost writer who is such a strong advocate to stop sexual abuse, abuse, domestic abuse, rape, torture just as we are @goddess300 Alexandria is also an abuse survivor. 
Or to contact Edward to help in getting this story told and published contact shadesofgrey.EG@gmail.com to follow Edward Grey on google plus, which is a new account just set up he would love the support to keep getting the message out


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  1. The best dam article i have read on the abuse in Fifty Shades of Grey yet. Well done, i applaud your site.
    I read every post on your site. Excellent, so informative.

    I am sick to bloody death of Fifty Shades of Grey, your words on your site speak volumes, Abuse, rape, sexual violence, stalking, dangerous. Promoting all of this as romance. No bloody way E L James.
    How could this woman write this abuse garbage and walk with her head high.
    I boycotted Fifty Shades of Grey a very long time ago, so did our entire book club.
    I dont want my children exposed to this crap, this porn of abuse.

    I am Australian and i was shocked to read on your site Australia has the highest abuse rates in the world.
    Then we have shows like the morning show the Today Show promoting Fifty Shades of Grey, giving this women even more attention. Bloody stop please Australian TV, magazines.
    If i see those morning shows promoting this abuse crap, i turn the TV off.
    I don't want my teenage children exposed this either.

    I read the book your site has co written, excellent work, Thank you for writing a sensible book, dealing with abuse and love. My three daughters are already in love with Edward Grey, you have done such a wonderful job with his character and story so far.
    Yes i will absolutely be supporting your book, Edwards Book Shades of Grey.
    I have heard so many people talking about this book now, and all of it positive. They love the book.

    I really hope the Australian media gets on board, they have a reputation for not supporting their own in Australia. But they jumped at that absolute crap of E L James, because no other publisher wanted it, no bloody wonder. Those books and movie are now just about lining people pockets, number one being E L James, she doesnt give a flying brass razoo that her books are dangerous, misleading, have killed a child.
    The proceeds going to charities, incredible, generous, the most heart felt thing i have heard for a very long time. Well don't to all of your volunteers of your abuse website and Shades of Grey book. So well done.
    I am now following both your sites this one and Edwards by mail to keep updated.

    Your site and what you are doing and your generosity has given me back some faith in human kindness, haven't seen a lot of it lately. Celebrities are all about them selves, buying flash toys, cars, houses, holidays. Angelina Jolee is the only other person who i have seen trying to make a difference, then i find your site and what you are doing giving back being advocates to end abuse, so well done.

    1. Thank you for the kind words and support. Our volunteers who run this site are all dedicated advocates, to do as much as possible to end abuse, what makes it worst is Australia has shocking abuse statistics.
      Very hard to get support in Australia from celebrities to support this cause, they wont even keep it in the media, very sad indeed. If they are not getting paid to support a cause they wont.

      I am like you if a TV channel is publicizing Fifty Shades of Grey, i change channels or turn it off. There has been a massive swing internationally in the support of these abuse books and movie, the media has now woken up and are now finally posting the articles and medical information supporting the abuse in the books and movie Fifty Shades of Grey. This rubbish is so dangerous to millions of boys, girls, women, men all around the world.

      So glad you loved the co written book Shades of Grey....by Edward Grey, we are so excited about the book with the massive support we are getting from millions of people sharing the book through social media, loving the books story, Edward, the book covers and art work. We have two publishing houses interested in publishing the book, which is so exciting.
      We did have a third that also expressed interest but that was for e-book and we want this book published in paperback.
      The book has the potential to do so much good and raise so much money for abuse charities.
      Everyone who has contributed to the book including the graphics team have done so volunteering their time and dedication, such strong advocates to the abuse cause.

      80% of our support has actually come from international, we have had about 2% support from Australia, very sad. But like you said Australia does not support their own talent right here in there own country. Our book has been written in a way so it reaches a wide age group, sending a very powerful message.
      We were so hoping that an Australian publisher would publish our book, but sadly it is going to be an international publisher which again is pretty disgusting considering all the book proceeds go to charities.
      Very disappointed to tell you the truth.

      Once again we really appreciate your support, so glad your daughters loved the book so far and Edward grey. We have people asking for the movie already. We would love this story as a movie, we have some volunteers now contacting movie studios also. So we will have to see what happens there, here's hoping.


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