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NO MORE Fifty Shades of Grey "Grey" "Laters Baby" Makes me vomit everytime I hear it.


Do we seriously need to say anymore, of course we do until this sexual abuse Porn, endangering adults and children's lives is removed from our lives.

It's always good to see more people tackling this abomination of Fifty Shades of Grey. I wanted to point out a few things:
So once again E L James miss lead millions of people, with bad research and medical information, endangering lives. No wonder a young innocent girl died because of these abuse books and movie.

Fifty Shades of Grey, Grey, books; movie are the rape and delusional fantasies of Erica James. Erica wrote her fantasies down in those four books. And by the sounds of book 4, Grey, her husband Noel also joined her. ( Now i have this permanent image edged into my mind of Noel in Erica and their sex room. Noel in faded blue jeans, no shirt with his beer belly hanging out over the top, Erica bent over the table, with Noel, whip in hand ready to give it to her……jeeze the nightmares.)

Erica James wrote herself into her own books as one of the characters, and wait for it people, she is going to be in the next movie. (what the fuck as, child molesting Mrs Robinson Elena) 

The only people…and we stress "the only people" who keep going back for more of this sexual violence dribble, and support Erica James in her quest for sexual gratification with sexual violence, have a very serious mental disorder. They have delusional fantasies, just like Erica James. Turned on by sexual abuse, sexual violence, and yes there is such a disorder, and starts quite young. These types of people dangerous to our society.

Erica James people is in video interviews which are on youtube for whoever wants to watch as saying. “Fifty Shades of Grey is based on her life experiences, her life in other words.” (fucking crap Erica, what utter fucking crap.) You have just spat in the face of every abuse victim including children, you ice cold delusional narcissist. 

In the same videos Erica James can be heard saying “She wrote herself into the books as one of the characters…..She is going to be in the next movie.”

“Yes it got very hot and heavy, very steamy watching sex scenes with Jamie Dornan.” 

Again, we have this Narcissist women, who is turned on by sexual abuse, turned on by watching Jamie Dornan, sexual abuse, psychologically abuse Dakota Johnson, and whip the shit out of a body double in the red room of pain. And by the look on Jamie Dornan’s face and his body language he was enjoying it a little too much also.

A man, Dana Brunetti, a so called film producer for Universal studios, says, “When he saw this story, he couldn't wait to make this incredible love story and bring to the screen.” What the fuck………on what fucking planet is this a romantic love story????? You quite obviously suffer from the same delusions as Erica James, and your fantasies are also watching women being sexual abused, degraded.

The same Dana Brunetti we engaged into conversation with on social media. (yes people we screen shot the conversations) Who said “The Oscars are over rated.”

Fifty Shades of Grey franchise said on social media with Dana Brunetti also in the mix of the conversation, that “Fifty Shades of Grey was going to win an Oscar” (we couldn’t stop laughing like the other people watching the conversation unfold)

We said “Fifty Shades of Grey was shocking sexual abuse, so dangerous to everyone”. “The only award it was going to win was a Razzy, for the worst film to be made ever, the worst acting by two leading parts from the actors.”


These are just a few of the comments from leading News Paper and magazine websites we have collected, there are more in other posts, slamming Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson, E L James and the books and film Fifty Shades of Grey. There are even screen shot comments and articles from the leading Film and book critics in the world have gave the big thumbs down to all of E L James abuse rubbish and they didn't have one kind word to say about Jamie Dornan or Dakota Johnson.

Christian Grey- megalomaniac-Psychopath

 "why am I here?"         

"I want you to surrender yourself to me, in all things"
Why would I do that?
To please me
To please you
for my pleasure
I shall punish you

“Will you hurt me?”  YES
“I will punish you when you require it, and it will be painful.”  

“You’re a sadist?”
Yes Anastasia i am, a sadomasochistic megalomaniac, Psychopath

Fifty Shades of Stalk me like you do, control me like you do, lie to me like you do, fu$$k me like you do, whip me like you do (Umm no thanks) Hell NO NO NO NO

The proceeds of this book are going to Abuse charities, domestic violence, rape, sexual abuse, torture, as many as we can help. The book has already gone global around the world.  
The process and writing of this book began 6-12mnths ago.
This book has a very powerful message to send to all. The book has been written in a ways to  reach many different age groups, teens, young and older adults. 
We have a dedicated team of volunteers, advocates to stop abuse, donating their time and talents to bring this book to life, to tell Edward Grey's story. 
Our team have approached magazines and now Film studios to have this incredible story told. 

Abuse, sexual violence effects millions around the world, especially children. Please help us raise as much money as we can for abuse charities by supporting this book, sharing the link for the books website, the book Shades of Grey....By Edward Grey. 
 We already have international celebrities sharing our links and re-weeting the book.  
or email   shadesofgrey.EG@gmail.com
The book has already been mentioned in the last week several times by people at the UK DailyMail


Riveting story of Edward Grey set to be a world best seller. We began writing his book several months ago, through a sons eyes. Edward wanted his story told, and did so through a ghost writer, Alexandria.
A sons love for his father, a fathers secrets, lies and betrayal. (exciting news 12 June, two publishing houses want to publish Edwards book. Edwards book has been shared around the word through social media. The positive feedback has been incredible, thank you so much to every single person who is supporting Edward and his book along with his very powerful message.) The proceeds of Edwards book Shades of Grey are going to charities. (sexual abuse, rape, domestic violence, abuse charities)

We are tackling the abuse, sexual abuse issue, where a son, Edward is grown up and finds out how his father Mathew E Grey has kept this dark deviate secret  his whole life. How this life of his fathers effects the son Edward now 21 years old going into medicine to be a doctor. 
Edward has his own life, he has met the love of his life, now he finds out about his fathers deep dark depraved secret. Now his entire world is going to come crashing down. 

 ♦Edwards book also sends a message to young adults and yes most likely older ones also, that you can have a loving, respectful relationship, without sexual violence, abuse, without having to control another person, degrade them, stalk them, control every aspect of their lives. Young love can be wonderful, an adventure, and it can be true romance, hearts and flowers, with the proper respect and real love.♦

Criminal minds  recently made an entire series about the dangers of Fifty Shades of Grey...... Read Here
This book is not Fifty Shades of Grey, abuse, stalking, sexual violence. The characters are not Fifty Shades of Grey nor are the names in our book. Edward's book is told by him to address a very serious problem, this is Edwards story.

We are having huge support with social media from all around the world, people are sharing our book, giving it publicity wanting this story told. Shades of Grey....By Edward Grey

Shades of Grey Edward Grey wordpress

Meaning of "shades of grey" -Cambridge  English Dictionary shades of grey the fact of it not being clear in a situation, what is right and wrong: a straightforward choice between good and evil, with no shades of grey.

Hi my Name is Edward Grey and this is my untold story....
Shades of Grey....through a sons eyes.
   I never thought the day would come when i sit down and put all of my life so far in a book.
I thought it was important for my story to be told as a son, who's father is larger than life.

   My father Mathew Grey, a self made man, a billionaire, who could silence an entire room when he walked through a door.
   There were those who feared, him, then those who worshiped him and then those he just plain intimidated, for me he did none of those things.
   I had grown up respecting my father and also challenging him, maybe thats why he didn't scare me or intimidate me like he did so many others.

   Now i was to uncover his deepest darkest secret and my world was about to change forever.
I was to learn i had no idea who my father really was.

Edward is handsome, sophisticated, loving, gentle, he is certainly is not his father.
Edwards life as a young man will unfold throughout the book with his story.
Riveting story of Edward Grey set to be a world best seller. We began writing this book months ago.

Edward, Is 21 years old going into medicine to be a doctor. Edward has his own life, he has met the love of his life, now he finds out about his fathers deep dark depraved secret. Now his entire world is going to come crashing down.  

 Sadly we do not have tens of millions of dollars to spend on marketing and PR like E L James did and has to get her books noticed and on the shelf. Which were the worst books ever written. Our team all volunteer our time in fighting abuse, we are advocates to stop abuse.  

Good news is though, our book will excel over Fifty Shades of Grey- abuse and will not contain abuse,. rape, torture or domestic violence or degrade women or put children's lives in danger.
We will be donating proceeds from the book to charities such as abuse, sexual assault, domestic violence charities.

Abuse, sexual abuse, sexual violence effects entire families when secrets that are hidden come out. This is what we are writing about and pointing out with our professional team the dangers of the books Fifty Shades of Grey and how it effects every living person, adults and children.

 Thank you to our graphics team for our beautiful book covers....and for Alexandria's husband who features on the book covers. (He will hate we have mentioned that) Ghost writer Alexandria.

 Shades of Grey will not contain sexual abuse, rape, sadomasochism, stalking, or domestic violence, BDSM, torture, blackmail or degrading of women. The book will not be dangerous to children or dangerous to people like Fifty Shades of Grey has been found to be by a University Medical study. Our book is not FSOG, thank bloody God. Nothing like Fifty Shades of Grey-abuse-sexual violence.
“Violence is violence. Abuse is Abuse, Sexual violence is worse and has no base to exist in any type of relationship.” Fifty Shades of Grey is glamorizing sexual violence as being a normal loving relationship, when it just isn't.

E L James claims her characters name are original when they are not. It is highly suggested James took the name Grey and his sadomasochism nature from the movie "Secretary" and also quite a bit of the story line from the movie also, using other characters and their characteristics from the movie "Secretary" as well as other movies and books. So not so original after all????
These article can also be found on the web to read. 

 A young woman, recently released from a mental hospital, gets a job as a secretary to a demanding lawyer, where their employer-employee relationship turns into a sexual, sadomasochistic one.**
As memory serves me, there was a young girl a mental patient in the abuse, rape, torture books Fifty Shades of Grey, Leila.
**James Spader ...Mr. E. Edward Grey.....James Spader is the original Mr. Grey. **
This movie came out in 2002.

In fact we came across an article on the web just yesterday from a magazine. A survey was done and 85% of people would rather watch the movie "SECRETARY" than watch or read Fifty Shades Of Grey. These people have woken up to how much sexual abuse, abuse is in the books and movie Fifty Shades of Grey and they were disgusted by it.

Another article said it has been Marketing, PR and media only that has sold these books and movie. Otherwise no one would have bought them. "Shocking books and movie"
Once again it shows  with money, marketing, PR you can sell anything, put a spin on any bad piece of rubbish and turn it into gold.

 “Fifty Shades of Grey legitimizes and glamorizes violence against women,” NCSE Executive Director Dawn Hawkins said in an email. “The story promotes torture as sexually gratifying and normalizes domestic violence.”

National Center on Sexual Exploitation Slams 'Fifty Shades' Spinoff 'Grey': "An Irresponsible Rationalization of Domestic Abuse" story here

Meaning of "shades of grey" -Cambridge  English Dictionary shades of grey the fact of it not being clear in a situation, what is right and wrong: a straightforward choice between good and evil, with no shades of grey. Is E L James now claiming to have written and own the rights to the Cambridge English Dictionary??

Edward Grey is the name of:

    Edward Grey, 1st Viscount Grey of Fallodon (1862–1933), British Liberal statesman & foreign minister
    Edward Grey, 1st Viscount Lisle (died 1492), English nobleman who was created Viscount Lisle in 1483
    Edward Grey (policeman), (1918-2004), Sri Lankan sportsman and police officer
    Edward Grey (bishop) (1782–1837), Anglican clergyman
    Edward Grey (died 1676) (1611–1676), English politician
    Sir Edward Grey, a fictional character in the Hellboy universe ((created by Mike Mignola in 1993))

The name "Christian" comes from the Greek "kristos", meaning "anointed one", and is older than Jesus Christ. It's not a Hebrew name. It can also be a girls name and used widely around the world for centuries. Christian means "a follower of Christ." The first historical usage of this name dates back to the 1st century, in the book of Acts in the Bible. Again is E L James claiming she own the rights to the name Christian??  Did she write the bible??? God... is Christian the second coming , is he the messiah??? Fuck i hope not for every ones sake and safety.

 Also many movies have used Seattle where the story takes place, so no one copied E L James when it comes to setting a movie in Seattle. Harry Met Sally was made in Seattle as was Twilight and many other movies.

Tonight on social media there were articles posted everywhere from leading sites that James has come out copying more material from the books Twilight. 10.June 2015 

Shades of Grey
By Edward Grey (copyright)
 Ghost writer Alexandria
Untold, riveting story through the eyes of a son

I had just turned 21 excited about my future working as a new medical intern. My father hoped i would come work with him in his company, but my heart was set on medicine.
I had gone up to the attic looking for some of my old books to take with me to my new apartment in Seattle. I came across some boxes pushed to the back of the shelf, hidden by old books. I gathered the books putting them to the side, opening the lid of the dusty box, then lifting it out, placing it on the floor in front of me.

I was not prepared for what i was to discover. I sat slumped on the attic floor, i felt as though all the breath had left my body, finding it hard to breath. Picture after picture, nude women, tied up in some kind of sex dungeon. Documents, contracts, between my father and these women; sex slave contracts, his name and signature on the contracts.

Tears fell down my face; my heart was beating so fast i felt as though it was going to burst out of my chest. My father is a sexual abuser, a rapist.
I wiped away my tears with the back of my hand, picking up the contracts and pictures to take downstairs, to confront my father. A million thoughts went through my mind, “Did my mother know?” "How long had this been going on?"..."Who the fuck was this man who had raised me?"  

"Edward" i heard a voice calling my name. It was Kaitlin my girlfriend.
"Here you are, i thought you had got lost or something you have been gone awhile." she said greeting me with a smile and a kiss to my lips.
I pulled back as she kissed me dropping the contents i had placed in the folder now spread all over the wooden floors of the attic.
I quickly dropped to the floor scurrying to pick up the documents and photos to hide from Kaitlin's view. She knelt down to help me.

"No its fine, i have this" i said curtly not wanting her to see.

"What's wrong Edward, have i done something, tell me what’s wrong?" Kaitlin asked, placing her hand on mine, she knew me so well, she knew i was upset, hell the evidence would have been written all over my face.

I have managed to put all the contents of the folder back without Kaitlin seeing any of it.
"No babe you have done anything wrong, i am sorry for snapping at you. Just reminiscing that’s all."

"Shall we go back down stairs?" i said now leaning in to kiss her; then standing extending my hand to help her to her feet.

"Sure as long as you are sure nothing is wrong" Kaitlin says with a smile.

"Yes babe, everything is fine, really." I quickly tucked the folder into a box of books taking the box with us downstairs.

I had to confront my father and i needed to do so without Kaitlin, i didn't want her tainted by this, by my father, and whatever the fuck he was into.
Kaitlin and i had been dating for a year we met at uni, she is also studying medicine, her father one of the leading surgeons in Seattle, we had just moved into together, a penthouse apartment, a gift to Katlin from her parents, for her graduation.
It was spacious, modern, views of the water, three bedrooms as well as a spacious study we both shared.

Katlin was more than the women i loved she was also my best friend; she was the one i saw myself with for the rest of my life. We shared everything; we didn’t have secrets from each other, how long was i going to have keep this one; the secret i had now stumbled onto of my father’s?

I still remember the talks by my father about sex and girls, dating, first when i was around fourteen was the mild sex talk, then a little more detail when i was sixteen, at eighteen i get the full version by my father.

I went away to university to Harvard, that’s also where i met Kaitlin. I lived off campus with two friends, we shared a house together.


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