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World Humanatarian Day August 19 Show Humanity


World Humanitarian Day is August 19. So many are suffering through out our world, babies, children, women and men. Our world has lost it humanity for others.
Our world is in a global crisis of human trafficking because humanity has been lost to those who profit from these crimes.

We have poverty, war, torture, death, human-trafficking, rape, violence, sexual violence because of those who are committing these crimes against humanity have lost theirs. 

How can you say another living human being who commits terrible atrocities against another human being has humanity. Because they simply don't. 

How can you say that is a person or a child's fault for being poor or homeless, abused....because quite simply it isn't, and by anyone or any Government leader who says this, then they have simply lost their humanity for others.  

We are all born with dignity and human rights. But for millions living in the world we share, those things are taken from them, stolen. 

No one chooses to be homeless, with no hope of a futures, to be beaten, tortured, to be trafficked, or even killed. No child chooses to be born only to be stolen or sold into the $100 billion dollar sex industry, the porn industry. But that is reality every single day. 

Every 30 seconds another person is abused and becomes a victim of human-trafficking. That is just UN-imaginable but it is reality and fact. Amnesty International now want to legalize human trafficking for the sex industry for the porn industry. 
That is how much society has been corrupted by greed.....Humanity lost, now only thinking about how much money can made off the suffering of so many. 

We already have an epidemic of human-trafficking which 80% is for the sex industry, now Amnesty wants to make this 100 times worst, the suffering 100 times worst, and push our world into a global epidemic which will be out of control, no one will be able to stop this, because the people who are leading this crusade to make the sex industry human trafficking legal have zero humanity, they only see how much money they can make off children mainly, women and some men. Human trafficking is made up of 80% women and children 1-25 yrs old average age, and 20% men. The stats are on our site in other articles from Home-land security and the State Department.

 This is Humanity lost when this happens in our society

We have a world in a global crisis right now because of so much greed. We see it in our society everywhere. Those who would rather go out and buy another new $100,000 or $3million dollar car than help those who need it.  
Those how become obsessed with greed and power, they put society, lives in danger to achieve their goal. We are talking about Governments, Corporations, even the Karadashians, and Erica James. Their quest for greed is never ending, they don't care how many lives their put at risk to achieve their end goal.

We confronted the Karadashians, Kim....asked her to support ending the abuse of children, human trafficking of children, support the cause, to send one tweet, she blocked us on social media when we asked her. 
But she is happy to promote an unsafe morning sickness medication, and to promote sexual, domestic violence, and slavery of children, like she has been doing for years. This is a person who has no humanity for others in her quest for fame, power and money.
Erica James another, she does the same promotes sexual violence, torture, domestic violence to our society, through her books and movies, a child died because of them because of her books and movie. She has lost her humanity in her quest for greed, power and fame.

But then we have the media quite happy to keep these peoples quest for greed, power and putting lives in danger by promoting these people, with no humanity. To the media you can show you have humanity by simply boycotting these people. Instead support those in need in our world.

It always comes back to the same thing, Humanity has been lost because of money, greed and power. An obsession for so many to have those things.
Together fighting as one we can begin to mend our broken world, bring back humanity. We have to join hands across the world to make this happen, everyone who shares this planet has to do this.
Give to those who have so little. 
Help a person in need, help a sick child who needs that operation and their family can not afford it.
We have million and billionaires who could write a cheque in a heart beat to pay for that surgery, but they chose not to, because of greed, no humanity. 

 #StopChildAbuse   #AbuseHasManyShades
#Pornkillslove #StopAbuse    #StopDomesticViolence
#StopTorture #StopSlavery     #StopTheViolationofHumanRights
#RealMenDontBuyGirlsForSex    #RealMenDontBuyChildrenForSex 

Let's make this happen if you give a Dam, and care about Domestic violence, Sexual Violence, PTSD and abuse then please sign and share Michelle Obama has signed, The Billion Women against violence has signed so have many other end violence organizations. We would love to make this happen to coincide with the The Orange The World Day against violence in 2016  https://www.change.org/p/world-wide-leaders-presidents-prime-ministers-for-the-survivors-victims-of-abuse-sexual-violence-suffer-through-out-our-world-we-need-change-now-we-need-a-world-wide-memorial-day-to-remember-those-who-lost-their-lives-to-domestic-sexual-abuse?recruiter=326657032&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=copylink&rp_sharecordion_checklist=control

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