Abuse Broken Justice

Royal Commission into Abuse Terrorism by our Government


Our Letter, and Alexandria's letter to our Government in Australia, the world Governments, to Malcolm Turnbull MP, George Brandis ATG, Bill Shorten MP, Mark Dreyfus ATG and to the media. 
You need to listen, to the deadly silence of the voices, who are never heard. The silent victims of abuse.
There are none so blind as to those who will not see.
Terrorism as an act or threat of violence, motivated by a cause to coerce, or intimidate, a victim, or the public. (George Brandis ATG for the LNP words). We also have a video from July 2016 of the LNP Government saying the are responsible for all decisions made in Australia, and take full responsibility for any injustices.

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Alexandria's story of abuse, is another victim's story of abuse in Australia, and world-wide. (Her story is further in this article)
They, like millions, endure the injustice, they are the millions of voices you never hear about, you never get to know the truth about abuse from. You are going to want to read Alexandria's story, threatened and abused by our own Government departments. Death threats, beaten up, constantly abused. What was done to her was, and is criminal. The Government tried to silence Alexandria from exposing the truth, exposing criminal acts. Alexandria is a professional, and still did not stop the Government abusing her, and threatening her life.

No one tells their story, no one rushes forward to help them, certainly not the courts or our Government or even society.
They are the faceless victims of ABUSE TERRORISM WORLD WIDE

They are left battered, emotionally, physically, financially, psychologically by their abusers, by the police, by the courts, and especially by our Governments and society. 

Our courts system is completely broken and corrupted. Please read the article here on the court system world wide. Article HERE
Our Government can change laws for corporate tax evasion, for billionaires, but they can not, and refuse to, change laws, overhaul the justice system, to protect and support, victims of abuse.
This is the way our government wants to control victims of abuse, the vulnerable, it is a psychological maneuver used all over the world, also been used by our own Government here is Australia.
It is a maneuver by Psychopaths, and falls under the very description by leading Psychologist and researchers worldwide.
It is out right ABUSE OF POWER. Our Governments have incinerated, destroyed RULE OF LAW.  

The legal system has become so corrupted, it is constant abuse of power. These courts are playing Judge, Jury and Executioner with lives of real people. We even have the video of Judges saying they are GOD, what they say goes. And law has nothing to do with it.
watch the video's for yourself. Article Link HERE. This is what our system has become, Abuse of power, in the court system- all court systems, in the police forces, and no more so than our own Government body.

Scott Morrison stood in the media in 2015-2016 and he threatened Australians on National TV. Then he went to twitter and continued his threats. He committed acts of terrorism, under the definition of the word, he is your terrorist. And those are the words of the corrupt ATG George Brandis just a few days ago. He quoted the definition of Terrorism on live TV.  It's in the article, on our website.
We just watched a video yesterday of Scott Morrison thuggery, intimidation, violation of human rights laws, abuse, terrorism. Here is the videoScott Morrison's treatment of Gillian Triggs- The president of the Australian Human Rights Commission; is endemic of the government's wider problem with women.
And its not just his abuse of women, its his abuse of children, women and men. Its in the video for the entire world to see.

Those who know Gillian Triggs remark how calm she is. How composed. It’s a common characterisation of women of power; a way to illustrate that this woman is not like the other caricatures: the shrieking harridans, the manipulators, the tantrum-chuckers.

Yet if Triggs, the president of the Australian Human Rights Commission, had chosen to throw a tantrum last week at the National Inquiry into Children in Immigration Detention, it would have been quite forgivable. Daily Life Article

This is not an isolated case, this is continued abuse by this man, and other men just like him. Abuse and Thuggery. 

 This abuse in the Northern Territory and WA has been going on for years. There are records of this abuse. Deaths in custody, and nothing has been done to stop this. ABC did this story on the 5 July and they waited until after the elections to air it. They are just as guilty of abuse, they know it was going on and helped cover it up for Malcolm Turnbull, until after the election. This is a fact exposed yesterday. 

WA has the highest black deaths in Australia. It is a matter of public record. More than 1,000 women and children have died from Domestic Violence and child abuse, sexual abuse, abuse, financial abuse, psychological abuse, thuggery where is the fucking public out cry over this. Where is the RC to bring the Australian Government before a court to make them accountable. They are guilty of crimes against Australians. 

The UN says they are guilty of massive human rights violations,  its on their website for the last 3 years, its also in our articles, and fully detailed in this article here .

Domestic Violence- Child Abuse Terrorism V Government Terrorism That article covers the wide spectrum of abuse, and actual Terrorism of our Australian Government. No media in sight exposing this. A media black out again, on the truth in Australia, media owned and controlled by corporations, by the LNP Government. We have the UN reports for the last 3 years in that article link, exposing out right abuse, violations of Human rights laws, federal laws. 

The United Nations defines torture as any act by which severe, pain or suffering, weather that be physical or emotional, is intentionally inflicted on a person. (unborn-baby, babies, children, women, men)
The UN says HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS Family Court Breaches fair trial, arbitrary detention minors, violence against women and children. Family Court article HERE
 U.N. Says Cyber Violence Is Equivalent to Physical Violence Against Women 73% of women have experienced cyber violence, according to a new report. The full report from the United Nations is Here

The United Nations have come out guns blazing attacking the Australian Government with its failings on Human Rights. 
Human Rights Law... Both Rights and Obligations Human rights entail both rights and obligations. States assume obligations and duties under international law to respect, to protect and to fulfill human rights. Australia's awful failings on human rights At the UN, Australia incurred criticism over violence against women, the rights of disabled people and respect for the rights of gay and transgender people, among other things. But two topics rang above all else, and the criticism on these is entirely valid. 

This is a 2016 report from the UN, and nothing has changed in regards to violence against women. Please read the report for yourselves. This is an official report from the UN. Link HERE
The International Criminal Court are coming after the Australian Government for violation of Human rights laws and for war crimes, they are also coming after the USA and the UK.
We are currently in the process of organizing a class action lawsuit against our Australian Government, for all victims and survivors of abuse- all forms of abuse, who were denied justice by our Government, who stood by and did nothing.
We will be doing updates on this, it is a long process, organizing such an undertaking.

Victims like Alexandria deserve justice, not to be discarded like rubbish by our Government's.
Their lives matter. #abusevictimslivesmatter

Australia needs a Royal Commission into Government Abuse, Abuse Terrorism by our own Government, they are guilty of it, responsible for terrible atrocities to children, victims of Government Abuse, victims of sexual abuse, domestic abuse, psychological abuse.
They are responsible for women who go through domestic violence terrorism, who lives are completely ripped apart. Left by our Government to die. They are responsible for men who go through abuse terrorism. 

If you haven't read this article that went viral then we suggest you do, it will fill in so many blanks to what is going on in Australia and world-wide with abuse terrorism. This article has been shared world wide even by Dr Jill Stein USA Presidential candidate, by International investigative journalists. 

Domestic Violence- Child Abuse Terrorism V Government Terrorism

Scott Morrison says, a complete ass, with no humanity says, its children and women's fault they get abused, because they don't pray enough.
He also says they should be locked up, and his actions suggest also throwing away the key.

Malcolm Turnbull and George Brandis, by their actions, non actions. Locked in chains for life. Their abusers which includes them, given a license to keep on abusing. 

Terrorism as an act or threat of violence, motivated by a cause to coerce, or intimidate, a victim, or the public. (George Brandis ATG for the LNP words).

The United Nations defines torture as any act by which severe, pain or suffering, weather that be physical or emotional, is intentionally inflicted on a person. (unborn-baby, babies, children, women, men)
All of these "MEN" are responsible for Domestic violence, and abuse Terrorism in Australia.
They are your worst enemy, they are hiding behind the power of the Government to abuse, threaten, degrade, financially destroy you, if you dare, stand up and speak, if you dare stand up and try to break free from the chains they keep you in. ABUSE OF POWER

And the Nightmare will continue until we as a nation stand united to support all victims of abuse and stop them.


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ALEXANDRIA 25 July 2016 

Sonia Kruger said “She was horrified by pictures of a little child covered in plastic on the ground in the Paris attacks”.
But she is not horrified by the abuse terrorism that has been going on in our own country for decades. WOW...incredible. 

What do you think happens when children are killed from domestic violence and abuse-violence?  For most it is a brutal beating until they die. 
My own baby daughter was killed through domestic violence; I suffered a life of abuse; by my own mother, sexually abused as a child. 

I was beaten up by my husband, broken bones, cuts, psychological abuse, physical abuse, financial abuse. That is the reality for domestic violence Terrorism in Australia. 

Three people a week died from domestic violence terrorism in Australia. How many terrorism attacks in a week in Australia??? Not bloody three, where people are dying. Zero help from Government and the courts. No justice for murder, abuse.
Read this article link, or you can simply access the articles in the links in the article.

Domestic Violence- Child Abuse Terrorism V Government Terrorism Article

Article Domestic Violence is more of a Threat than Terrorism. http://50-shades-of-abuse.blogspot.com.au/2015/09/domestic-violence-more-of-threat-than.html

I lived in a $1 million home once, then my children were left to live on the street and die. Zero help from the police and courts. None. And zero help from the Government, and we begged for help.
The more I stood up for my rights, and my children’s rights from going through domestic violence terrorism; I was abused by the police, by the courts by our own Government.

I recorded the treatment by them. It was out right criminal.
Those are just three of many articles on our websites, of my story of abuse, violence. But you will probably never read them, because they don’t involve you.
So you will know the realities of abuse and violence that another really goes through, because you are simply not interested.

And you are simply not interested in what was done to my baby daughter, to my other two daughters. We went through a hell that I wish on no other person.

I lost everything I had worked all my life for, we even lost our clothes, all our family air-looms, we lost the lot, but we didn’t lose our lives, only one of my children did, which I live with every single day. No, we were just re-abused over and over.
So when I hear your hatred of Muslims, trying to make them responsible for terrorism, read the bloody article, watch Andrew Wilkie’s video Because they are not responsible, our Government is.They created this terrorism with their lies. 

My ex-husband also a corporate business man, I know first-hand that money laundering for terrorism takes place with Australian, and overseas business men, I witnessed it first-hand. I kept documents on their criminal activities. He and his business partners are bloody criminals, laundering money for crime syndicates, for Terrorists, making tens of millions of dollars of crime.

I would be more scared about the bloody terrorists in our own Government, in corporate business man than anything else.
The greed and corruption of these men, it is endless. I have seen it; they will kill for it, and do. They have the money and power to buy off police, the courts, the Government, and they do all the time.

My own husband did, and the more we stood up, the more we were abused. He paid off corrupt police to abuse us, break into our home, and assault us. This is all on video; I had cameras in my home. We were followed everywhere we went. He paid of the court system, brought off the courts, it is easy when you have the money, connections and power, it happens all the time in Australia, and around the world. Abuse of power at the highest levels.

He put his own children through hell on earth, to punish us, for leaving, for standing up to him, for his own children, talking about the abuse and sexual abuse by their own father.
When he found out his children were talking to medical professionals, he threatened those medical people as well. All of this is on record. I was told by the police to abuse, intimidate me even more that "My ex husband could come to any state, any country in the world, abuse me, assault me and even kill me, and they would not stop him. He could steal from me, come into my home and do what ever he likes and they would not stop him. That is what i constantly had to endure, threats by bought of police thugs.
We went through absolute bloody hell. Zero help from the police, from our Government.

I was beaten up after I left many times, my children abused, threatened. And still the Australian police, The Australian Government, stood by doing “NOTHING” still to this day doing nothing.
I even moved from one side of Australia to the other, the abuse still continued. Less than two years ago i was beaten up in my own home. "My home", he had intruders come to my home and assault me. I had terrible injuries, i was lucky i wasn't killed.
I am still getting over those injuries to this very day. My injuries will take a life time to recover from.
When i called the police, i was treated as though i was the abuser. "I was asked did i defend myself". This is a question the police ask all victims of abuse. The reason, they look for an reason, to charge you, the victim with assault.
"I said NO, how could i when i was being strangled on the ground and i had blacked out". And second, the assailants were stronger and bigger than me. I was also taken by surprise. The most important fact here is, this is my home, my property they came to, illegally entered, to assault me. I knew the law, the police tried to intimidate me, saying i had no rights, not even in my own home. I told them that was utter rubbish.
I was treated like garbage. The persons who illegally came into "MY HOME" were never charged with trespassing, illegally entry, aggravated assault, theft. OH yes they also stole from me and damaged my property to intimidate me. I had security, it recorded the assault, but that didn't matter. I have to also add i got the next day two threats sent to my mobile phone, threatening my life. I showed them to the police. They said "That's OK they can do that" what a crock of shit. That is a violation of the Telecommunications act. I retained those messages on my phone, to give to the Attorney General's office.
What was done to me, a vicious premeditated assault on me, did not matter, because i am a women.

I had to go to the Attorney General in my new state i now live in, to try and get justice. Still waiting for justice.

If you are a women, a victim of abuse, or a violent crime, there is no fucking justice, NONE, ZERO, you are garbage to the legal system.  For that exact reason, YOU ARE A WOMEN. I lost count of the amount of criminal acts that were carried out against ME, breaking Human Rights Laws, breaking the criminal code, breaking statue law, hell even breaking precedent, breaking RULE OF LAW. Ever single law we have in Australia, in the UK was broken, violated against me. And still no justice. Are you fucking kidding us. And i am not an isolated case, this happens to millions of women. We want answers from The ATG.
No one told my story; no one gave me a medal. No one gave the thousands of victims of abuse Australia wide any of these things either. We have all been through hell and back and then some.
Domestic violence and abuse Terrorism.
No one gave me any money to rebuild my life, no one gave the other victims in Australia or worldwide this either.
I have worked tirelessly as an advocate, activist, to stop violence, abuse, sexual abuse, domestic violence, human-trafficking, child pornography.
I don’t live in a fancy house, I don’t have fancy things, I lost it all, and you can never get back what you lost. And i certainly don't go on fancy holidays, or any holidays, for that matter.
I was a victim of abuse and domestic violence my entire life.
I had a very abusive mother, then went onto marry a man who was abusive throughout our marriage.
I lost a child to domestic violence. I was sexually abused by my step brother when i was 8 yrs old he was 10 yrs older than me.
I was sexually abused inside my marriage. When i escaped i had nothing, my children we had nothing. I lost everything, but not our lives. I lost my home, i lived in a $1million home, i had beautiful things; i worked all my life for.
I lost all my family air-looms, which i will never get back.
I lost all my pictures. My children also lost everything.  
I have been where those women escaping abuse have been, homeless, with nothing but a few suitcases. No money, nothing. No help, nothing. I lost all of my assets before i was even married, because of a broken UN-justice justice system.
One thing i did get because of my own work i did in the court, i was immediately given soul custody of our children, because his abuse to me and our children was on record.
That was the only just thing the court did, after that it was downhill. He had found his Judge he could buy off, and he was a good one. My then husband keeps a book on all the people who can be brought off. 

Psychological and financial abuse by the justice system. That is the story of thousands of women and victims, in Australia and worldwide.
My children and i lived on sandwiches for months at a time, we couldn't afford heating. I had a very sick child and we could not even afford heating. We had sleeping bags, that was our heating. Snow jackets, beanies, gloves. That was our heating.
That is millions of women and other victims worldwide.
I have personally experienced this Psychological abuse, Warfare, insidious cruel abuse many, many times. PTSD and Anxiety and other health conditions. This is the damage abuse does to any victim including children, we have written about Anxiety and PTSD many times.

I experienced this by my abusers, My then husband, now my ex, by the police when i tried to get help, by the courts, and by our own Government. I had my life threatened constantly, i recorded the death threats, they are also on my phone in the form of text messages.
That is a direct violation, criminal offence of the Telecommunications act Subsection C. Making a threat Proposed section 474.15 makes it an offence to 'use a carriage service' to threaten to kill or cause serious harm with the intention of instilling fear in another person. I lost count of the amount of times this law was broken and completely ignored by the police and the courts. Hell the police were also the ones carrying out some of those threats to myself and my children, recorded on video for god sake. (on behalf of my then husband)

The Greater the Power of your abuser, the greater the abuse.
I kept a detailed record of the abuse i went through, by my abusers. ( I have boxes of evidence, hoping that one day justice will prevail ) And being a professional, and also having studied law meant jack shit. It actually made it worse, because i was a person with a brain, a women. The abuse was even more insidious because of this. I have video of what these men did to my daughters, little girls, it is outright bloody criminal. These men, all of these men should be in prison.

I contacted Tony Abbott, and Malcolm Turnbull for justice. Justice ignored, denied.
There was no justice for the death of my child, there was no justice for VRO's broken over 60 times. No justice for my broken bones, bruises, cuts, the abuse of my children.
There was no justice for the financial abuse i endured, all of our things were taken, stolen from us. No justice from the courts, or Government.
If i had not had studied law, i would have lost my children as well, to the broken justice system, to be abused, over and over again by their father, and the courts.
He lost that, when i was given soul custody. A women Magistrate gave me that custody, because his abuse to us all, on record.

The court system is cruel, broken, UN-just and absolutely corrupted. I have lived it witnessed hundreds of times. This has to change the entire Justice system world wide has to be overhauled and laws changed to support children and victims of abuse. Right now they are not, the court is ignoring the laws, abusing children and victims of abuse.
Our Government is abusing all victims of abuse, and sexual abuse-violence. 

I was a whistle-blower to Government abuse, Government Corruption, Corporate fraud-terrorism- tax evasion-tens of millions of dollars. I even worked with a investigating Government body in Australia doing so.
And i was abused, and beaten for doing so. My life was ripped apart, by my own Government.
I can not be bought off, i will never be silenced. Malcolm Turnbull stood in the media just months ago in 2016 and said "we need more whistle-blowers to come forward to expose corruption and fraud, wrong doings" You are a fucking Hypocrite Malcolm Turnbull, you have your thugs threaten those individuals, and their families lives for doing so.

This is a very short summary the life of abuse i have endured, still enduring because of my own Government.

So to you Malcolm Turnbull and George Brandis, you are my abusers, my children’s abuser, you are worthless sacks of shit. I never voted for you, i will never vote for corruption, and traitors to our country, and that is exactly what you are.
We know you do not give a fu*king rats ass about any victims of abuse, rape, violence in Australia. You proved this to the entire world.
You did nothing to bring my children’s and my abuser to justice, my daughter's murderer to justice, her death meant absolutely to you, nothing to help us get back all of our assets back that were stolen from us, leaving us to live on the streets and die.
You stood by and watched this happen, you are still standing by. “So fu*k you”

I am one of the many authors of our website, we have many.

please don't forget to read comments, that are left on articles

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