Caged NO MORE is a gut wrenching movie about the realities of Human-trafficking. This crime is happening every 3 minutes in the world to someone; to a baby, to a child, to a young women or man. Out of 1,000 victims of human-trafficking kidnapped and sold into the human-trafficking industry on 100 will be rescued. 
Our people work with world wide agencies to stop human-trafficking to help rescue human-trafficking victims, and also to prevent it. 
Just this year we rescued two 13 year old girls on the other side of the world, it made world news, but not in Australia. This is through what our people right here in Australia did.

We have seen the movie, and it is gut wrenching, award winning movie. It was released in the cinemas in January 2016. The movie is on video, support this movie, buy the video. Support to stop Human-sex-trafficking world wide. 
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The Porn industry is predominately made up of human-trafficking victims. The porn industry are also taking over the human-trafficking industry. 
Human trafficking has almost surpassed the sale of fire arms and drugs. Combined with the porn industry, the human trafficking industry is worth over $100 billion a year. 
What you don't know, is our own Government's world wide are making millions of dollars a year of the human-sex trafficking and human-trafficking industry. NO MORE
It is a crime happening in all neighborhoods, and even in Australia. 

Social media has become the new grooming and hunting ground for Human-traffickers. They are targeting your children. You children are gone in minutes never to be seen off again. If you think this cant happen to you, and your family, you are wrong. The link right here in that article and those videos shows how easily it can happen in your neighborhood anywhere in the world, rich or poor, human-trafficking does not discriminate. 
Human-Trafficking — Break the Chain — Rise Up  please read this article here, watch the videos on human-trafficking. You can not afford to ignore this growing silent crime.

Official Trailer. Please watch

Musician and actor Alan Powell shares about his role in the new movie, “Caged No More,” a film that focuses on the fight to end human trafficking.

Human-Trafficking Break the Chain  Rise Up. Speak up- report human-sex- trafficking. Chad Beaty, cinematographer and editor. This video should be in schools world wide, it should be on our TV's informing our youth, you as parents, us as a society, how easy it is to fall prey to human-trafficking. We are going to make this happen world wide as advocates, activists, professionals as humanitarians who care about our nations children, the people of our world.This is how easy it is through social media for your child to fall victim to human-sex-traffickers.

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  1. Children are our future, trust me I'm in this fight with u, your not the only one! These people are sick!!


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