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Sharia Law | Rape - Abuse - Torture - Terrorism - Muslim Brotherhood


Sharia Law has no place in our Western society, and right now it is being forced upon us. It is being forced on us by the Cabal, the Muslim brotherhood, those who are the very Terrorist we are trying to keep out of our countries, they have infiltrated themselves into our Government, into leaderships, into the media.
This is a follow from the previous article on Pandora's box being opened. #ANONYMOUS #OpPandora

They fund Terrorism, they fund ISIS and are part of the Terrorism threats we face to this very day.
President Trump with the Guardians is bringing down the Cabal, ISIS and all those who are part of their society world wide. 
We have seen the words and orders or President Trump banning travel by Muslims.
This had nothing to with racism, and everything to do with stopping Terrorism.
It is the lying main stream media and their media bots on social media who have told the world the lies, the very media who is part of the cabal, part of George Soros Terrorism organization to overthrow the entire world. 

We have seen those cry babies on social media with their posters, about not allowing Muslims into the USA right now. Grow the fuck up. You are so uneducated to what is really going on in the world, in the USA. The real terrorism threat that is there right now.
This is a little that is coming in the next video leak from Clinton's server #OpPandora
There is a little further in this article and much more in the video below. 

Clinton, Obama, Soros, the PM of Australia to name just 4 names have been funding a terrorism plot with Israel and Saudi Arabia, the Cabal, the Muslim brotherhood, ISIS to over throw the entire USA. That is what is on Clinton's Server. 
There are ISIS, Cabal sleeper cells everywhere, this is the doing of Obama, Soros and Clinton and their foot soldiers. 
She had someone inside the Pentagon which we detailed below give her top Secret SAP documents, which she then sold to Terrorists.
The threat is not over people, far from it. 
In Australia the 22 Feb 2017 huge meeting with the Cabal, with their Terrorists organization. The US Military on high alert arrests are coming in Australia. 
What people may not know - in 1975 a secret deal was struck with the US and Australian Governments of the day, so Australia is basically under the ownership of the USA. 

The Prime Minister of Australia Malcolm Turnbull the cabal, George Soros Puppet, has started a massive hate campaign against President Trump in Australia, he has his media bots start a petition to ban President Trump from coming to Australia. 
He knows he is going to be arrested, his days are numbered. 
He belongs in a dark pit in Siberia with bears. Pedophile, child porn enabler. 

Here is a scoop for International media. The PM of Australia and his wife own the rights to all porn in Australia, and a string of brothels. When billionaire Kerry Packer was alive he gave Turnbull $120 million to buy the rights. He protects pedophiles, child rapists, hell they are his best friends. He is part of their secret societies where they rape children, trafficking them. #OpDeathEaters


The $120 million was to buy the rights to all porn in Australia. Turnbull the PM of Australia rakes in around $2 mill a month from porn, all porn including child porn, virtual child porn. He even DE-regularized prostitution since he owns a string of brothels. Brothels the top 10 in the world to launder money through. Turnbull has a web of offshore accounts where he stashes his corruption money. 

The Prime Minister of Australia has been running a Honey Trap, and Psyop on the people of Australia, and he has been using his other party of One Nation and Pauline Hanson to do this.
Just as Hillary Clinton and Obama were running the same Honey Trap of the USA.
He has hired people, who are Muslims, to his political grandstanding for him, to further deceive Australia.
The Australian tax payers, against their consent having been paying for these people to take luxurious holidays in the Middle East to meet with the Cabal and Brotherhood.
To incite more terrorism in our countries, to incite racism, and this has also been linked back to Obama and George Soros. 

The Turnbull Government hired a staffer miss Candy, using sexualization to lobby for his Sharia Law to Corporations and politicians who could be bought off. 
Prostitutes, sex and sexualization are used to also entrap and black mail with. 
The Australian Government and US Government under the Obama and Clinton administration spent millions of dollars through bribes to bring in this Sharia Law to the USA and Australia.   

Please watch the video below. Our team have worked very hard on this, and have included videos on how Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama part of the Cabal, and Terrorism tried to bring in Sharia Law to the USA through the UN and US Government.
It shows you what Sharia Law is, and how it replaces all other western law, such as Rule of Law, Common Law. 
President Trump stopped this from happening. 
Now The Australian Government of Malcolm Turnbull, the Liberal Government - the Cabal, and puppet and foot soldier for George Soros has spent two years plotting to bring in Sharia Law into Australia. 
And this is going before Government to make this happen.

ANONYMOUS PHØEÑIX & GUÄRDIÄŇ : Sharia Law | NO to Abuse - Terrorism and this Barbaric law
Our team put a lot of time into our video production, graphics and design, and also research into all of our video contents. We are Guardians of truth. And we will not tolerate fake media. 
Fake media kills, it starts wars, allows Terrorism, and terrorists to flourish and it is responsible for the destruction of our very planet and existence. Our futures and our children's futures.
Please go to the youtube video and support the work of human rights activists, without them standing up for you, for this world, it would be in even more Tyranny than it is now. People seem to be watching the video through this article link. 
The article has had a great response all over the world, sharing and commenting on our social media platforms.   We don't buy followers, or likes like so many youtube accounts do. One of our videos on sexual abuse and violence has over 1 million 300 thousand watches in one year.
We do not get paid for the work we do. 

We would like to add something about this video. The first segment is footage from Australia. From Senator Jacqui Lambie who is against Shari Law. The other person in the heated discussion is a Muslim women by the name of Yassmin Abedel-Magied, she has been commissioned by the Prime Minister of Australia, for the Muslim Brotherhood for the Cabal, for Massad for ISIS. 
She is paid to travel to the Middle-East where she converses with Terrorists, the Cabal the Muslim brotherhood doing their bidding for them. She is carrying out a massive deception to all of Australia and the entire world.
The women should be bloody arrested, not given a spot on TV. 
If she was in the USA pulling this shit she would have been arrested. 

ANONYMOUS Guardian: Here is message for the rest of the Australian Government. Wake the fuck UP. You have invited terrorist right through the front door of Parliament house, into Parliament, into the seat next to you. One of their names is Malcolm Turnbull and the Liberal Party of Australia. They work for George Soros, for the Muslim brotherhood, for the Cabal for god dam fucking Massad and ISIS. 
The next explosion coming out of #OpPandora from the USA, is going to rock the doors of the Australia Parliament. 

The Australian tax payers are still paying against consent to fund Terrorism. The Prime Minister of Australia funding terrorism and terrorist, stealing money from Australia to fund the Muslim bother-hood. We have been informed arrests will be happening in Australia by the President of the United States, President Trump. 
President Trump now has Rupert Murdoch by the balls, exposed as being part of the cabal, a plot to over throw the US Gov. Well detailed on Hillary Clinton's server. 

This video contains documents from the United States Government, how devastating Sharia Law is, what is actually is, how Hillary Clinton and others tried to bring this law into the USA and have it replace all law in the United States.  
The video exposes more of the brother-hood and also how Hillary Clinton bought off the United Nations for the Muslim Brotherhood, for the Cabal , for Terrorists. 

Hillary Clinton was stealing through an inside job in the Pentagon SAP level programs, and she had these on her server. 
Clinton did even have clearancee for any of these documents. 
Someone inside the Pentagon of US Gov such as the former President Obama was giving her these classified SAP documents, to which then Clinton sold them, handed them over to the Cabal the Muslim Brotherhood, to God dam bloody Terrorist.
To start a war.

The entire Clinton Foundation was a massive Terrorist operation, funding it, funding the Cabal, the Muslim brotherhood for their take over of the world. And the threat is not over yet.
This goes back to Bush and Bengazi, it's years worth of deception, of Terrorism, the plotting, the sleeper cells, the corruption, black mail, money laundering, human trafficking of children, weapons sales, favors, intelligence and especially the trading of human life. 
There are so many US and world leaders, Politicians implicated in this terrorism, high treason. And the roundup has begun world wide. A massive task by President Trump. 
The lying main stream media and their bots are trying to stop this, trying to undermine the work he has begun. 

Here is the article of the trafficking of children for sex and organ harvesting, political donations for children, and evidence of this taking place what is on Hillary Clinton's server which we exposed over 3 months ago, last week confirmed by the FBI. 

Clinton Foundation Human Sex Trafficking & Organ Trafficking of Children

These people are for sale to the highest bidder. Traitors to the world we live in, to mankind. All they care about is power and money. 

 Hillary Clinton the Israel's the council on foreign relations - the AIPAC. Bribes, blackmailing, the trading of children for sex and organ harvesting. All of this was going on through the foundation, through Hillary Clinton through the Cabal the Muslim brotherhood. 
Hillary Clinton bought off the entire United nations. They are compromised through blackmail, through trafficking of children, through the Cabal and the Muslim Brotherhood. 

Anglea Markel is as dirty as Hillary Clinton, up to her neck with the brotherhood, with corruption, blackmail, the human trafficking. 
Here is somewhere for people to start. Do you remember 2015 when Markel sided with criminals, pimps, the porn industry and human traffickers. All linked to the Cabal and the Muslim Brother- hood once you dig deep enough. Here is what we exposed in 2015 on Markel trying to legalize the porn industry, human trafficking and prostitution. She did bring in Sharia Law and now Europe is in a right mess. Article details here
The Prime Minister of Australia Malcolm Turnbull also as dirty as Hillary Clinton and Markel, we began exposing this in 2015 and lots more to come.  President Trump is aware of this corruption of Malcolm Turnbull's.  

So much of what is taking place right now, and in the past is directly linked back to George Soros. 
This Psychopath broken away from the Shadow Government, wanting to take over the world himself. 
George Soros owns Travistock and Travistock owns the Government

Hillary Clinton has been blackmailing the former President Bush over 911 for bloody years. Money and power was her reward for her part. 

That is all for this article, more of Pandora's box to be released in the next video and article. 
ANONYMOUS world wide, we begun releasing Pandora's box in 2016 just over three months ago. 
There is lots of very scary shit in there, and we also don't want to interfere with the criminal prosecution of individuals, of corporations, of Government bodies and Government leaders that is taking place through President Trump.  

Here are some files people should also read that have been put into videos, Showing you the manipulation by George Soros and the Rothschilds, the Clinton's, Obama and others. Video files compiled from articles on our website ANON Hive ANONYMOUS

Ḭṅḟṍṙḿḁṫḭṍṅ Ḟḭḷḕṥ a lot of forensic investigation went into these articles and videos. A world effort from Anonymous human rights activists. Guardian's of Truth.

 Anonymous has millions in their Legion, we have thousands of websites in our Legion, and our message gets shouted out across the globe by our millions, on social media platforms, through the videos compiled by Anonymous activists, through the graphics, video productions, in our posters, through the articles and our many news sources. 
Anonymous family come from all walks of life. 
Right now Humanity needs our prayers, evil and greed has taken over the world, and now it is up to us all to banish it from our world. 
If we do not work in unity together, there will be nothing left for anyone, and certainly not our children. 

We are ANONYMOUS we are Legion world wide - we do not forget and we do not forgive. So you can expect us. From anywhere in the world. 

 We do quite often up-date our articles after they are published. All of our articles are complied by a team of people. 
Another author may come in and add to the article. 
 Our websites, and social media are shared  by many activists, world wide.
We have an amazing graphics design team who grace us with our videos and posters. 

We do not get paid, we are non profit - and use our own money and time, as Human Rights Activists, and Humanitarians.

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