Alien Intelligence controlling Government Wikileaks CIA Deep State Gov Conjob

ANONYMOUS : Wikileaks CIA Deep State Gov Conjob - Alien Intelligence controlling Government


Hell Fire has a name. It is called the GUÄRDIÄŇS of the 6th Seal and ANONYMOUS.
Game over Wikileaks who have been caught red-handed in this video below working for the Deep State Shadow Government. 
Lost video footage has emerged of Assange being a traitor to the entire world, a complete fraud and liar, working for the CIA.
 All those accounts on youtube who have WIKILEAKS in the first word of the detail and not exposing them as CIA, are fake accounts belonging to the CIA. They are controlled by the CIA. The CIA control over 60% of youtube now. They control Google.

Alien Intelligence has been running our Governments for Decades. There is a hell of a lot more to reveal, that we have not even begun to tell you, some of it is in our other articles and our videos, and other it is yet to come in our next video. 
Some of it comes direct from Snowden. 
Snowden has been sending us material for a long time. 
Snowden will also confirm all of what is in this article and the videos further down. 
We included Snowdens cryptic message to the world, we know what is means. 
And we have gone into small amounts of detail throughout the entire video and at the end of the video. 
The video is there for a reason, the way the entire video is produced. 
The message we are also telling the world in the video production we did on Heroes dress in Black. The video production is full of clues, it is a hidden message, with more than one message to the world. 
We have given the world small doses, because the truth is very scary to those who don't understand. It would cause world wide panic.
Our video productions, the music, the graphics are designed and produced, this way for a reason. We have lots of messages in them. It is up to you, to really watch, and take notice, to figure them out.
Our video productions, the entire production of our videos, take months to plan and design, Then we have to design graphics, have the exact right music, and then produce them. They don't just happen with the click of your finger. We have an amazing team of designers. 
If you are really paying attention and have been following what we expose to you then you will catch on quickly. For others they dont really want to know the truth so they will always be slaves to the lies of Wikileaks, MSM and main stream media.

How do you think these bastards like the Rothschilds got so rich. 
As we have told the world previously HERE there is evil and good in this world and the outer world. It is the evil that has worked with the Rothschild's, George Soros and his vipers that reaches all the way to Australia the Clinton's, the cabal and still are right now in 2017. 
We have posted a lot about Alien Intelligence living on earth since 1945. They look just like you. That is not their original form. 
We have caught Wikileaks red handed going to our data we have on Alien Intelligence and stood in the media claiming it as theirs. They do this world wide, steal activists work. 
News for you fuckheads - WIKILEAKS we are the Guardians. 

Take note in the video footage below Assange is living it up in luxury in a multi-million dollar estate linked to the Rothchilds, while Bradley Chelsea Manning and other activists Wikileaks = CIA entrapped and thrown to the lions, are in a pit in hell. 
Being tortured on a daily basis while Wikileaks and Assange, who are CIA and world wide terrorists, who committed over 10 million felonies, espionage, Treason are living it up compliments of the Shadow Government of the Rothschilds and George Soros.
They are for sale to the highest bidder.
People wake the fuck up. The real Assange is dead. Been dead since 2011. 
The fake Assange was not trapped in the Ecuador Embassy in the UK, there are tunnels under the Ecuador Embassy going all over London, we had previously posted the pictures of these tunnels, they can be found here in this article
The fake Assange was living it up also in a Mansion in the UK owned by an associate of the Rothschilds which we show you in the video below. 

We explain what Vault 7 really is. And it's not a seed vault in Sweden. It is a vault containing material on the elite, on corporations, going back decades, centuries, that is a huge black mail corruption vault. 
It exposes who was behind 911. 
It was an inside job people. It was a combined, US Gov, CIA, Massad, Suadis - Cabal job.
This was made public years and years ago, and had nothing to do with Wikileaks. 
Anonymous has already posted evidence on this for many years including video, and documents that was hidden from the world which implicates directly Dick Chaney and his company. We posted that video some time ago on our social media pages.
We have a mind-field of documents on 911. 
Hillary Clinton was blackmailing President Bush for $150,000 a month over the inside job of 911. That is also detailed on Hillary Clinton's server. OpPandora that we have already begun to expose. 

Psyop and Honey Trap. Text book CIA. You are really missing what is going on in the media right now in regards to Wikileaks.
They have been running the Psyops and Honey Traps since their conception. 
We show you in the video below, how they get caught red handed doing this. The video below is explosive.  They are conducting a Psyop and Honey Trap. Text book CIA. 
They are dribbling out all this Bullshit. It is meant for those they are blackmailing. It is sending a message to them. 
Do you know who they are blackmailing. President Trump is who they are blackmailing, and none of you see this, because you are not trained in Psychological warfare. 
They are still working for George Soros, the Rothschilds, and the Alien Intelligence of the evil ones, the one who has now taken over Hillary Clinton's identity.  They want to put their alien in as President of the United States of America still - Clinton. She is a bloody evil alien people. 

Really look at the picture of Hillary Clinton's face, her eyes in the video below. It is there for a reason, and it has to do with Alien's. You are going to have to watch the video from start to finish because it is full of explosive material spread throughout the video. 
The real Clinton is dead people. She died around December. The elite have been messing with alien DNA. This is an entirely new subject we have a lot of documentation on. 
The Clinton you are now seeing is an alien life form. They can take on any form of human being. 
If we told you everything about what is going on with Aliens living amongst all of you, living normal lives, you would be in a huge panic. Alien Intelligence has assimilated itself into the Shadow Government, has done for centuries. Another clue to how these bastards have become so rich. 
Another reason the creator is so pissed and has sent Guardians to help fight the evil that has taken over Planet earth. 
The Creator did not create this world and beings so evil could flourish and make themselves filthy rich from corruption. While so many live in poverty and die. 
That is not how this world was created to be, yet it is what is has become. 

GUÄRDIÄŇ -PÄÑTHRØS -The corrupt have to pay for their crimes, their crimes can not go unseen, unheard. And they can not go un-punished. 
Those committed sins against children can also not go unseen and unheard and unpunished. 
Greed and Gluttony are two of the mortal sins of the creator. 
We have corruption by those consumed by evil that has taken place, seen people loose their homes, their lively hood, their lives.
Government and Corporations do not own planet earth. They do not own what the Creator blessed this world with at the beginning of time. Show the Creator you certificate of ownership of this world, show the Creator your certificate of ownership over another human being. You have none.  
Yet you seek to own through gluttony and greed, for power and destruction, through your continued evil ways. 
The GUÄRDIÄŇS are here to do the work of the Creator. God has sent his Angels to do his work, and they will not leave until the greed and evil of mankind is abolished. 

How is have three to 60 properties or houses a sign of compassion, when a family or a victim of abuse lives on the streets, through no fault of their own. When greed, corruption and gluttony has taken from them what they have worked for, and once had, a safe a secure place, a home of their own.
Those possessions of Gluttony you the elite acquired, done so through by greed, and not by honesty, but by dishonesty - by evil ways. 
The very evil that the creator is abolishing. 
How is a women, child, man who has fallen prey to evil of abuse, violence, or sexual abuse their fault. 
Yet they are punished for being victims on a daily basis. They loose everything.
We see how victims are destroyed by the very Government's they seek justice from. 
Your In-justice and lack of compassion does not represent that of the creator. 
Governments throw the people a bone and say fetch, while they still enjoy the spoils of pure gluttony, greed. And it is still never enough, the elite want more and more, while the people end up with less and less.  

We have enclosed cryptic messages we uncovered through our tedious forensic investigations. We published these in 2016, they are in our videos published and in our articles.
Thank you also to Anon Central, Anon Collective, and Anon Hive, Anon OpDeathEaters, Anon OpOps. And most of all the Guardians of the 6th Seal. President Trump knows exactly who that is. 
All of our Anon Activists, who give a shit about truth, who are Guardians, have spent thousands of man hours doing forensic investigating to expose the truth to the world. 

You are all being conned by Wikileaks, who are the CIA. They don't work for you, they only work for the people who pay them the most money. They are a Terrorist organization for hire.
The conception of the Rothschilds, they work for them foremost. 
Watch the video all the way through, it exposes a lot that you never knew. 
Wikileaks are running a huge blackmail operation at the moment, still covering up the crimes of Government. Still covering up the killing of children, human trafficking, sex crimes against children.
Children being kidnapped for Alien experimentation by the Elites, by John Kerry. And this alone is a shit bomb. 
Our Ops teams OpDeathEaters we have been shouting this long enough. Pizza Gate is a fucking distraction. Created by the CIA and Wikileaks. 
What is being done to children is human trafficking, for sex, for human organ trafficking, for alien medical experimentation, for ritual abuse by the Illuminati, traded for political favors.
Your child is seen as a bloody piece of trash, by this mob of scum of the earth. The very evil of this world. 
It is in the video below, the shouting by OpDeathEaters, human trafficking is a crime we have been investigating and exposing for a few decades. We do not promote anything from Wikileaks and OpDeathEaters and Anon Ops makes that perfectly clear world wide in the video below. Watch the video.   READ and wake the Fuck up.

There is a hell of a lot more to reveal, that we have not even begun to tell you, some of it is in our other articles and other it is yet to come in our next video. Some of it comes direct from Snowden. 
Snowden will also confirm all of what is in that video. We have given the world small doses, because the truth is very scary to those who don't understand. It would cause world wide panic. 

SYMMETRY - CERN dance-opera film (official trailer)

OK we wanted to show you how full of shit Wikileaks are. They have put out these pictures from the Cern Istitute of a Hydron hadron collider. They have told the world its their discovery. Bullshit bullshit. People there was a god dam dance and film opera made at the Cern Institute, Hello its public its on the web. And Wikileaks CIA full of crap have taken all the credit. So what are they telling the world now they wrote a dance opera, and produced it, directed it, built a fucking Hyrdron Collider ? Fuck off Wikileaks.

What is Cern, it is actually written in Cerns literature as being a lost technology - weapon of the fallen Gods.
The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is the world’s largest and most powerful particle accelerator. It first started up on 10 September 2008, and remains the latest addition to CERN’s accelerator complex. The LHC consists of a 27-kilometre ring of superconducting magnets with a number of accelerating structures to boost the energy of the particles along the way.

Inside the accelerator, two high-energy particle beams travel at close to the speed of light before they are made to collide. The beams travel in opposite directions in separate beam pipes – two tubes kept at ultrahigh vacuum. They are guided around the accelerator ring by a strong magnetic field maintained by superconducting electromagnets. The electromagnets are built from coils of special electric cable that operates in a superconducting state, efficiently conducting electricity without resistance or loss of energy. This requires chilling the magnets to ‑271.3°C – a temperature colder than outer space. For this reason, much of the accelerator is connected to a distribution system of liquid helium, which cools the magnets, as well as to other supply services. Here is the link to the article and all the pictures, Wikileaks are taking all the credit for all over the world. What a load of bullshit Wikileaks. Its publish data and not by you. 

The Government are lying to you, they have through Alien technology to travel at the speed of light. 
They have known there is other life out there for years and other planets just like ours. 
We have given you plenty of hints in the videos we have made in our productions. 
Planet earth as we know it, is coming to an end, because of what the Governments and greed has done to this earth, and the elite are getting ready to jump ship to one of these other planets. The rest of us utter destruction, we will just die.  That's the short of it. Obviously there is a hell of a lot more to it. We are putting in a new video with documents from Russia.

You know just like those space movies you see with spaceships, that dont look like the ones we went to the moon in in the 1960's, but spaceships like in My favorite Martian, or Independence Day with Will Smith to make two examples. Yes people our space program is far more advanced that your government has ever told you. 
We have documents from Snowden, that will prove this, and Aliens are also real, documented by the Russians in top secret documents. All will be revealed. 
Unfortunately the news is not so good for the rest of us meer poor mortals who are not part of the elite society. We are basically all fucked with what the New World's order plan is, what you are not being told about. What has already begun in Australia in full force.

I’m a Physicist At CERN We’ve Done Something We Shouldn’t Have Done. Aliens and technology. Pandora box. Please watch this is real, from an actual Physicist who worked on the project and has exposed disaster and how billions of dollars our money has been used for the Illuminati. We have Russian documents we are soon to publish confirming Alien life and its here. 

CERN - The End Of The World Is On SEPTEMBER 23RD, 2017 

Watch people it is going to explain a little more what the Illuminati are doing. And its not good. They are fucking with our lives and planet earth.

ANONYMOUS world wide have denounced Wikileaks, that is in this video. How Wikileaks has cost the lives of people, sent good people to jail in their traps they set, they are after all CIA. Wikileaks =CIA bots accounts have come out attacking Anonymous for exposing their lies, for exposing their bullshit, for exposing them as being CIA. Wikileaks=CIA are now trying to tell the world the documentry made in 2010 - 2011 was all fabricated. WTF. The footage we have found of Assange and his lawyer, which is 100% real no green screen. They are trying to backpeddle saying its all fake. People none of this is fake. Its all real. We even have Wikileaks tweets from their own accounts.
Anonymous and the Guardians world wide are going after Wikileaks to bring them down. You haven't even begun to see what we can do. Guardians of the 6th Seal.
Black Ops exposes Assange Wikileaks & Julian Assange Puppets of the CIA. Watch its only a few minutes long, but expolosive

True Stories Wikileaks Secrets And Lies, full documnetry unedited.

Do not believe one word of bullshit Wikileaks are publishing, it is doctored, scripted. 
If you want to know about Aliens, 911 ask us. We are not here to black mail anyone like Wikileaks are doing.
Vault 7 has a ton of secrets, which can be used to black mail entities world wide, so can Hillary Clinton's server and its a bomb waiting to explode. Clinton's server alone has the ability to bring down Governments around the world. 
Operation Pandora has already begun. Hell fire is coming, its been unleashed. President Trump knows what that hell fire is. What the Guardians of the 6th Seal are capable of. DO the right thing NOW. 

Alex Jones is controlled by the CIA, his entire show is scripted. 
He is one big fucking mouth piece for the CIA. 
He is their puppet. MSM is run by the CIA. Wake the fuck up people. 
He has made it very clear to Anonymous OpDeatheaters, our Optaskforces, to all of real Anon activists, he does not support our work, he does not support truth media, he does not support stopping human trafficking of children. He does not support exposing the lies, and black-mail operations - Psyops of Wikileaks who are CIA.

Hillary Clinton is fucking dead get over it Alex Jones. Fuck with Anonymous and we will fuck with you. 

The Guardians are sick to fucking death of the lies, corruption, deception, greed of the Governments, their leaders. 
The Australian Government the Cabal, yes people its the cabal in charge bloody terrorist. President Trump has also given you plenty of hints. 
The Australia people are being fooled completely to what is going on in their country. 
The cabal, the evil Alien Intelligence life force who has a strong hold on Australia have a plan and it does not include any of you, unless you are part of the elite society of the cabal.
We are seeing Government bodies, Senators selling their soul to this pure evil.
It is pure evil people, the same pure evil that Buzz Aldrin tweeted about months ago. That evil is in control of Australia.

If you want to see the pictures of Antarctica and the email details, the satellite pictures of the under ground bases, the gold vault and bases that also goes into the ocean. What Antarctica really looks like with 30 layers pealed back, which we obtained through our dedicated hard work, this is our work, pealing back the layers, with our software we have. The spaceships in Antarctica then go to the link. If you want to know about Aliens, the Guardians, the 6th Seal just ask us. 
It has zero to do with Wikileaks, nothing. Article and Picture links Here. 

This evil plan is well detailed on Hillary Clinton's server it is detailed in Vault 7.
Rupert Murdoch is part of this plan, part of the evil Illuminati the cabal.
Ask your Australian Government what they are really doing in Pine Gap and in the Western Australian desert. It has to do with Aliens. Hell fire has only just begun. 

We are trying to explain things, events to you in as simple as terms we can. Obviously it is a lot more detailed and complex than that. 

Wikileaks did not expose Aliens, Wikileaks did not expose 911, Wikileaks did not invent the internet. Wikileaks did not invent the wheel, so wake the fuck up.  
Wikileaks were not even alive in 1945, their bosses, the Rothschild's, The Rockefeller, the Illuminati, and George Soros, dead, Hillary Clinton.
You are being conned by them and there thousands of bots all over the internet. 
Wikileaks = CIA have set up thousands of fake accounts, thousands of youtube channels, they buy followers, likes and publicity. It is also Psychological warfare. The WL = CIA are using Psychology to fool the world. 
Anyone who does not fit into Wikileaks Psyops is collateral damage they will throw you off the highest bridge they can find. They don't give a fucking shit. It is all about manipulation, deception, money, power and greed to them. So wake up. 

The Edward Snowden documents show that Aliens have been visiting and living amongst us since 1945, they look just like us.  The article and video Secret Alien Intelligence Agenda Is Driving US Domestic And International Policy HERE
Again this has zero to do with Wikileaks exposing any of this. 

 JPG 1 of 23 Attachments. JPG from email spaceship top left in Antarctica. The email is from the Chinese to the USA. The email is here in this Artcile link of ours with more pictures.
There is also a coded message in the email and in two of the pictures using Stenography.
Just click on any of the pictures for larger view. This is from our investigations and has zero to do with Wikileaks.

All Wikileaks do is play their Psychological games with you, and Black mail games with those they are targeting to blackmail for the Rothschilds and Deep State.
Wikileaks have come to our website and stolen our data, like they do with all Anon activists and whistle-blowers, then they stand in the media claiming it as theirs. This has taken us months of forensic investigation. No one has paid us to expose the truth.

Wikileaks is a big CIA Shadow Government Con-job



Google Earth 1 and 2. Again these are out Satellite pictures from our hard work, from our dedicated forensic investigators, this have zero to do with Wikileaks. This is our work. 

UPDATE March 9 2017: We want to draw peoples attention to the inner circle in the satellite picture, its a stargate that allows massive spaceships in. 
Here is another picture of a stargate, here is the spaceship using that gateway.
This is one of many spaceships. We are exposing a huge bomb and more pictures in a new video being produced. 
We have pictures of US military inside the underground base with Aliens. These are real pictures, no doctoring which you will see when you show them to you. 

 click on the picture for full view. 
There is another base also in Australia, in the Western Australian
Dessert. Trillions of dollars has been stolen from
Australian people to fund all of this deception.

We expose the gold vault room located in Antarctica below. 
The grids you are seeing are the secret Military base, which extends into the ocean. This is what your tax payers dollars have been wasted on. There is a huge stash of gold located in the vault room detailed below with Satalite images of the gold. Again this took a lot of work by our investigators, cleaning up statelite footage, using advanced software.
There are many more pictures of OUR hard work in the artcile link HERE. Again this has zero zero zero to do with Wikileaks=CIA.
We do not go around blackmailing people, or Governments with what we uncover, and what we uncover can bring governments to their knees. Literally. 

Wikileaks = CIA are the ones who black mail people, who are traitors to the entire world, the Terrorists, working with the Cabal. Who are paid millions of dollars a year to fuck up this world, causing death and destruction. 
We on the other hand are paid zero, fucking zero dollars to expose the truth and to save humanity and lives. How the fuck does that even make sense. It doesnt, only a world ruled by evil, greed and corruption. 
Imagine how much more good we could do in the world, and how many more lives we could save, how many more children we could rescue if we had a budget of millions to billions like Wikileaks and the CIA do. But readers the Government dont catually want this to happen. The difference is Anonymous and our Gurdians are actually Humanitarians, we are real human rights activists not fakes like Assnage was, and Wikkileaks are. Anonymous work for the Creator not the fucking Rothschilds. 

There is also a facility there that conducts alien medical experiments on children that have been human trafficked.

This is all data that Wikileaks = CIA and the Government have tried to cover up. We have further MI6 and NSA documents exposing more on this. Again all evidence Wikileaks who are CIA have tried to cover-up since it implicates the CIA in the human trafficking, and kidnapping, torture and murder of children for John Kerry and Deep State Government. Wikileaks CIA are using all of this info on Aliens to black mail Government and Corporations right now.

 Tip Of Mainland North before cleaned 30 layers gold room
more pictures with 30 layers cleaned from Satalite HERE

How does that make you feel people, billions of dollars in gold stashed by the elite in a vault room in Antartica, while people around the world are starving, living in poverty, homeless dying. And they have become this way because of fucking corruption by the very elite stashing that gold. YEP greedy evil bastards.

 If you are not waking up people by now you never ever will. The CIA is taking control of youtube, it already has over 60% control of it. Take note of the thousands of fake bullshit stories with Wikileaks. They have thousands, and we mean thousands of fake accounts, setting them up and pushing out Wikileaks utter crap and Psyops.  Wikileaks are conducting a huge blackmail operation right now. You saw the pizza gate, distraction, miss information, it is aimed at blackmailing. The alien's again aimed at blackmail. 
Ask your self WHY has Wikileaks never ever, ever, ever, exposed human trafficking, sexual abuse of children, child pornography, rescued any children. 
Why in the past since they begun have they never ever ever published one world, about their Pizza Gate and aliens. Pizza Gate is a Psyop. 

Aliens have been here living on earth since 1945, it has been exposed for decades, loads of data, loads of pictures, loads of whistle-blowers from militarily. And yet not one single word, ever about it, until right now that President Trump is President. 
Why has Wikileaks not exposed the medical experiments taking place in Antartica and Pine Gap Australia, and other locations around the world, by the CIA and Governments with Aliens and children. 
And they can't expose the elite using Alien DNA to live longer.
And they cant expose Hillary Clinton dead, and the evil kind of Alien life now taken over her identity and others. 
Children are being kidnapped and trafficked, and dead silence from Wikileaks, yet there are NSA MI6 documents exposing all of this. 
Is Wikileaks =CIA trying to tell the world they can't get such documents, but they can get faked, pre-doctored made up bullshit emails on pizza gate. 
That is because the Rothschild's and George Soros vampires nest  are still manipulating and controlling all of this.
Clinton was meant to be President, and those in power on one side of the deep State Government, the Cabal, still want this to happen. Come on people you don't let people who have committed the crimes Hillary Clinton has on a scale like the world has never seen before run for President, have prime time on TV, say she is running for President in 2020. Wake up FFS.
The world will have an evil Alien life form as their President, and the world will be in hell for ever.
It will  be like buzz Aldrin said "pure evil its self". That is what Buzz Aldrin saw in Antarctica, he saw that pure evil Alien life, their true form. 
The Russians have been fighting this evil alien life force in the caves in Syria.
The US military have been fighting this evil in the mountains in the USA. And there is dead silence from Wikileaks on this. Nothing, zip. Yet its happening right now.
That evil Alien life force is controlling Australia, and its chaos their.

The CIA already control google. These are facts people. It is a miss information war by the CIA.
This is what our world has become.
They kidnap and traffic children all over the world. These children are trafficked for the purpose of being used for sex trafficking, ritual abuse by the Illuminati, organ trafficking, for medical experiments, for alien medical experiments, for political black mailing, for political trades, and also for pornography. 

None of your children are safe. Children are kidnapped from their beds, from their yards, on the way home from school, they are kidnapped from poor, middle class, rich neighborhoods.
Black mail is one of the CIA specialties, and Wikileaks since the very first day they pushed out their first story, was about black mail, manipulation of the market by the Rothschild;s and the CIA through the Pegasus Unit. And they are still doing it until this very day in 2017.
The CIA run some of the biggest drug operations in the world.
They also run the biggest terrorism operations in the world.

The are involved in child pornography. 
And Wikileaks are part of these terrorism tool, they coverup all of these crimes, since they are after all the CIA conjob.

ANON PHØEÑIX - Twins are sacred in the bible to God, and by the Guardians. I am blessed since i to have identical twins. 

Anonymous has millions in their Legion, we have thousands of websites in our Legion, and our message gets shouted out across the globe by our millions, on social media platforms, through the videos compiled by Anonymous activists, through the graphics, video productions, in our posters, through the articles and our many news sources. 
Anonymous family come from all walks of life. 
Right now Humanity needs our prayers, evil and greed has taken over the world, and now it is up to us all to banish it from our world. 
If we do not work in unity together, there will be nothing left for anyone, and certainly not our children. 

We are ANONYMOUS - we are The Guardians - we are Legion world wide - we do not forget and we do not forgive. So you can expect us. From anywhere in the Universe. 

 We do quite often up-date our articles after they are published. All of our articles are complied by a team of people. 
Another author may come in and add to the article. 
 Our websites, and social media are shared  by many activists, world wide.

We have an amazing graphics design team who grace us with our videos and posters.

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