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Fifty Shades of Grey is a how to manual for a Psychopath


I was on a forum with Jon  where we were discussing the dangers of the books and movie Fifty Shades of Grey. We have already covered more than once on other posts and articles that the books and movie Fifty Shades of Grey are a how to guide to a Psychopath and very dangerous to so many women.

E L James is still to this very day still trying to convince the intelligent women and men of this world it is the sex in the books and movie that those millions of sensible humans have a problem with, and nothing more.

No E L James it is the out right abuse and your poorly written and researched BDSM and how toxic these books and movie are for women, young girls and for men also that we have a huge problem with. It is not the Sex......would you like me to spell that word out for you "SEX"
Me for one, i do not have a problem with sex, erotic sex, sex toys, bondage or BDSM, but not abuse.

It's always good to see more people tackling this abomination of Fifty Shades of Grey. I wanted to point out a few things:
Fifty Shades of Grey so called BDSM contract isn't a Dom/sub contract. Ketmakura on Das-Sporking pointed out that this is a Master/Slave relationship- it extends outside the bedroom and the slave has far less rights.

So once again E L James miss lead millions of people, with bad research and medical information, endangering lives. No wonder a young innocent girl died because of these abuse books and movie.
E L James created her Psychopath Christian Grey to keep sex slaves to sexually, psychologically abuse them, just as he did Anastasia Steel and was still doing so in book 3.    

I know all about Psychopaths, abusers, sexual abuse, i was married to a CEO with money, power and influence a Christian Grey, except my husband much worse. I lived that hell for , so i know first hand how toxic and dangerous this type of man is. Read my story here

He is not a fairy-tale prince like E L James would have us believe. He is danger, and this type of man never changes, and is also a pathological liar who can sell snow to an Eskimo. They suck you into their web with their charm and deception. This is a warning to all the stupid gullible women and to the innocent young girls, this type of man is pure evil and danger.
I would be more than willing to debate this with you Erica....oh that's right i already have, in the end you blocked me on social media, because you could not answer my sensible, genuine questions, that i put to you.

As i have already written in a previous article you don't have a clue about sex, love, romance, erotic sex, BDSM or orgasms, your books research was shocking, so poorly done that reflects all the way through your entire garbage of books.
You are the last person on this planet i would take sexual, romantic, orgasm and BDSM advice from, because you don't have a clue about any of those things.

Yes women do want more from movies, but we don't want your garbage and we certainly do not want to watch a movie that is about a man abusing a women an innocent young women like what was reflected and written about in your books of Fifty Shades of Grey. This was your fantasy Erica to be treated this way, and Psychoanalyzing you it more than likely still is.

Fifty Shades of Grey, Grey, books; movie are the rape and delusional fantasies of Erica James. Erica wrote her fantasies down in those four books. And by the sounds of book 4, Grey, her husband Noel also joined her. ( Now i have this permanent image edged into my mind of Noel in Erica and their sex room. Noel in faded blue jeans, no shirt with his beer belly hanging out over the top, Erica bent over the table, with Noel, whip in hand ready to give it to her……jeeze the nightmares.)

Erica James wrote herself into her own books as one of the characters, and wait for it people, she is going to be in the next movie. (what the fuck as, child molesting Mrs Robinson Elena)

Erica James people is in video interviews which are on youtube for whoever wants to watch as saying. “Fifty Shades of Grey is based on her life experiences, her life in other words.”
In the same videos Erica James can be heard saying “She wrote herself into the books as one of the characters…..She is going to be in the next movie.”
“Yes it got very hot and heavy, very steamy watching sex scenes with Jamie Dornan.”
Again, we have this Narcissist women, who is turned on by sexual abuse, turned on by watching Jamie Dornan, sexual abuse, psychologically abuse Dakota Johnson, and whip the shit out of a body double in the red room of pain. And by the look on Jamie Dornan’s face and his body language he was enjoying it a little too much also.
Please watch the video to learn about a Psychopath, sexual abuse, rape and stalking, this was designed and edited by our team of designers.
So all you teens; and older adults, who should know better, but you don't and who have taken for gospel that utter crap in Fifty Shades of Grey because marketing by this franchise has sold you abuse, sexual abuse, rape, stalking, control and being coerced into being fluffy white bunnies, hearts and flowers, musical violins, love — seriously — because its not. Its in reality the sex life of Erica James and is all abuse. Read Here

Having you bend over a table and have your bare ass whipped with force of a leather belt to the count of 5-10 is not love, that is violent abuse like Christian Grey did. If you love someone you would never do that in the first place. Here is the reality of what your ass would like like after even five lashes of a leather belt when you are whipped by Christen Grey in the books and movie; red raw, skin broken and you are bleeding, yes people you are bleeding, in so much pain. Bruises form, dark purple bruises that take months to go away. You have a job to sit for months. That's after five lashes not 10. After ten you need to get medical attention.
It would take 3-6 months to heal from a beating like that across your ass, i should know. And when you would have done this repeatedly for your abusers sexual gratification— not yours, theirs; you are left with scars for life on your ass — that is reality. The guys who do this, hurt another person like this, do this because they get off on your pain, controlling you, seeing you hurt and crying. Don't forget after these types of guys have finished whipping the absolutely hell out of your ass, they then fuck you. That is also reality, you are in pain in more ways than one. This is not romance this is torture, violent abuse.

Doing this to a person is neither love or respect or bloody romance; it is control, abuse and a complete Psychopath who does this, and it is certainly not BDSM. read and watch this video through this link Here or you can watch it through our youtube channel. We uploaded the video edited last year and youtube blocked it, 3 months ago they unblocked it.
There is no nudity, our designers obtained this video, got the sections of the video we wanted to show, nudity has been blurred out. This is an R rated movie after all, have to stress again there is no nudity in this video. 

This video we uploaded has had over 250,000 views to date. This is shows you the out right abuse and irresponsibility of this movie and the entire franchise.
A man, Dana Brunetti, a so called film producer for Universal studios, says, “When he saw this story, he couldn't wait to make this incredible love story and bring to the screen.” What the fuck………on what fucking planet is this a romantic love story????? You quite obviously suffer from the same delusions as Erica James, and your fantasies are also watching women being sexual abused, degraded. The same Dana Brunetti we engaged into conversation with on social media. (yes people we screen shot the conversations) Who said “The Oscars are over rated.” Fifty Shades of Grey franchise said on social media with Dana Brunetti also in the mix of the conversation, that “Fifty Shades of Grey was going to win an Oscar” (we couldn’t stop laughing like the other people watching the conversation unfold) We said “Fifty Shades of Grey was shocking sexual abuse, so dangerous to everyone”. “The only award it was going to win was a Razzy, for the worst film to be made ever, the worst acting by two leading parts from the actors.”

I have read much better books, much better erotic love, romance, sex......hell i have written books myself which reflect all of those attributes that don't have the abuse like your books and also have a killer story line. I have a huge fan base of my own, millions are reading my book chapters on my websites, they want the movies from my books already......and my books are not Fifty Shades of Grey--abuse.....nothing like them much better everything.

What pisses even more people of is that you stole your material from other peoples books and movies and you still couldn't get it right.
Take the sex out of Fifty Shades of Grey crap which was shocking anyway.....please don't even get me started on that.....and there is only abuse and more abuse. 

E L James did not invent the first erotic novel, fuck her novels are not even erotic, they are garbage. Erotic books have been around before James was even born. How the hell she even got this utter crap published let alone picked up by an unknown publishing house all the way in Australia then made into a movie is beyond anyone's comprehension. There is a lot more to this than E James would have us believe.

If Jamie Dornan and his wife Amelia had actually taken the time to read all three books his wife would never have green lighted him to do this movie. In all concision's as a women and mother of a little girl how the hell could Jamie's wife Amelia or Jamie for that matter ever agreed to these trash books of abuse.

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  1. brilliant article really loved it, so well written, even made me have a laugh at E L James

  2. I agree fantastic article, love them all, speaking the truth about abuse not sugar coating it. You are right about Jamie Durnan and his wife they have a little girl, setting a very bad example with him doing this movie about abuse. This is going to ruin his career. Going to get a lot more bad publicity over this.
    Erica James wouldn't know sex, so right, hell no i wouldn't listen to anything that women says about sex or erotic fiction or romance she doesn't have a clue.

  3. Have to agree brilliant article, well put. The article written by Jon Blue, have to agree with him, I know you have covered that before, but here you have a guy who is a big part of the BDSM scene and he even says what you have already said about the abuse an dangers of the books and movie.
    I would never let my daughter go near a guy like that, thank god she is still only three years old.
    I also agree how dangerous the entire book series is for any women or young girls. Fuck yes a how to guide for a Psychopath, you have said it before.
    If you are going to make a sex movie, well if you could call what that was in the movie fucking sex then the guy should have his cock in it also. I agree with the words of Jon Blue. It was all on the woman Dakota Johnson. As a guy I am not into perving on guys cocks, but if you are making what is meant to be a sex movie and there is meant to be hot sex then there should be nudity full nudity from both parties.
    Hell they had full nudity from guys over and over in Spartacus the TV series, sex more sex and full nudity from the guys. They stuck with the time period of what it would have been like the way things were done and nudity and sex were part of that.
    The other thing there was no fucking talking when they had sex, people do say things when they fuck when they make love for god sake, the entire thing looked so fake. Like my wife says in the book the man Christian I always talking to the women character which is normal when you have sex for fuck sake.
    Keep up the good work love all of your articles the best articles on the web, even my wife says so, she has been on your site here every day I see a few of her comments also.

    Still loving your book series Alexandria, knocks it out of the ball park for story, sex and erotic sex, not ashamed to admit it my wife and I have had some new experiences after reading your books, in and out of the bedroom.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. sorry I deleted because I made a mistake in the web address at the bottom, we wrote the comment

  5. Go and read the entire article loved it, Alexandria writes the best articles I have read on the abuse in Fifty Shades of Grey books and movie.

    My wife and I am reading the book series from the Author of the website and article, fuck yes erotic, sensual, romance, danger, intrigue, immortality, the books are for men and women, couples.

    If a fucking movie studio dose not pick these books up right now an make the fucking movie you are serious fools, shits all over fifty shades of grey, you want couples to go and see a movie made from a book series then these are the books.
    Hell I am in marketing and I can see the huge potential of these books. Best fucking books I have read in my life, my wife says so, she is in a book club, loves the books, her entire book club is now reading the chapters, they meet at each others houses take turns, I hear what they say about the books, very steamy conversations, even get me in on them.

    going to plug the Author and her books, because she deserves it Alexandria she is Australian



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