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Fifty Shades of Grey labeled as soft porn for women


Fifty Shades of Grey is abuse, no in-between.The movie is now being labeled as soft porn for women.

One has to ask why are so many women finding the abuse subjected by the Character Christen Grey such a turn on. His behavior in our society is what is called being a Psychopath. Stalking, control, manipulation, sexual abuse, psychological abuse.... Where the hell is the sexy and romantic connotation in the character saying “i don’t do romance, i fuck and i fuck hard.”

Are there so many desperate women out there wanting something else in their lives they have lowered themselves to finding abuse of a young innocent woman sexy romantic?? Trust me as a victim of this sort abusive relationship in the past, it is not romantic, sexy or fun....

The movie is now being labeled as soft porn for women because of Dakota Johnson the only one showing lots of skin. Sorry but i have seen girl porn and FSOG is not girl porn or any sort of porn for that matter. It didn’t leave me tingling, turned on in any form, just disgusted and mad. I can go and have a glass of wine and get more tingles from that then watching Fifty Shades of abuse. The movie has already been posted on porn sites. E L James must be so proud of herself now making porn.
I am studying Psychology and other Psychologists and i have discussed the books in great length, the abuse, stalking and control, giving young women and yes older naive women a false sense of what a real relationship is about.  There are millions of women who have been where i have been in this type of relationship, the scars they are there for life. Christian Grey may be a fictitious character in E L James book but his persona, his whole nature is real, and so is his name, there are men in this world called Christian grey.

E L James is quoted as saying the book is based on her life experiences. (youtube video 2015 interview). So she is saying she was in an abusive BDSM sadomasochism relationship with a man who used to tie her up, beat the shit out her and fuck her seven shades of Sunday???? "Please" She makes a mockery out of real victims that have been in this type of abusive relationship, trapped, alone, isolated not being able to escape. Some women actually die before they can escape. One in eight women will be sexually abuse by the time they are 25 years old. That is pretty staggering statistics.

This movie is very toxic and harmful to so many young and vulnerable young women, i read the comments women and young girls as young as 16 years of age are writing about the books. I was on twitter tonight, Fifty Shades of Grey, i was reading their rants, trying to justify this movie and the abuse in it. All FSOG are interested in is the money it is making for the studios and E L James.
 Please film studios go an make some decent movies for women that don’t involve abuse. You can still make romance, erotic scenes without adding abuse that is portrayed in the Fifty Shades of Grey books and movie. We already see it on the screen in our own homes in the tv series Outlander  so beautifully done, then we have Will Smith and Margo Robbie lighting up the silver screen at the moment hailed as the hottest couple to hit the screens in over 20 years with romance and love.

Fifty Shades of Grey should have never been made into a movie, the film studios are promoting abuse along with E L James. All they could see was the dollar signs, now it would seem they are having second thoughts about any more movies because of the outcry over the abuse in the movie.
Movie studios actually tamed the movie down, they had to fight E L James to do so. She wanted the full raunchy and abuse that is in the books.

I think i am more than qualified to comment on the abuse in the book and the negative impact on the young women who have read this garbage and are taking it for gospel that this is a normal relationship, how romantic "bla, bla"...."I want to be fucked like that"...."i want Christian Grey's baby" these are the comments i am seeing from 17 year old years who think this is an acceptable relationship. One girl said she was going to kill herself if they didn't make another movie.

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