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My name is Alexandria and i am a victim, and survived Domestic violence, not just as an adult; but as a child also. I survived child sexual abuse as a child. Domestic violence by my mother. Sibling abuse by my siblings. I didn't come from a poor home, just a middle class family. 
I grew up my entire life fearful of my own mother. My mother is in her seventies, i now have nothing to do with her. She never changed, she is still abusive and controlling.
My step brother was the sexual abuser; 18 years old, i was 8 yrs old. He went onto to sexually abuse my two brothers. My mother hid the sexual abuse. My mother hid the domestic abuse.

Four years a go i confronted my mother about the sexual abuse, that i told her about and the domestic violence.
She knew the sexual abuse happened, she told me not to tell anyone else, don't cause trouble. 
My mother's words to me after she shrugged her shoulders in a matter of a fact way, the way she would do smugly my entire life. She said "well it happened, get over it" that was her reply. 
Still did not care, still refused to take responsibility for her actions. 

Scars — Vulnerability Article about my abuse
MASQUERADE — Emotional triggers  Abuse Article
Silence Hides Violence Article

I went on to marry a man who abused me in a marriage for over a decade. Psychically, Psychologically, sexually and Financially. 
I also lost a child to domestic violence. More of my story is in those article link above. 
I received zero, and i mean zero justice, form the courts. 
Instead i was abused, intimidation, gasslighing for reporting the abuse, for standing up and taking action. Sixty breached of VRO's were ignored by the police and by the courts.
My injuries, the medical reports, were ignored by the police and the courts.
The death of my child meant nothing to them. 
So my abuser, my then husband was given a license by the police, and the courts to keep abusing me anyway he wanted, with zero accountability. This happens to millions of victims of abuse world wide.

This is a Press Release Update: June 29th 2017
NLP are setting up to profit off abuse and domestic violence. 
Rosie Batty works for Turnbull, profiting from abuse, now Turnbull wants to do the same thing. We wrote this in 2015, and now Labor who support us, have confirmed this very thing. 
We have nominated one of our own professionals for Australian of the Year 2017, Alexandria. You can read about Alexandria through the article links here
You can read the articles exposing this and exposing Miss Batty here and Here

Now you have the entire picture why Domestic Violence, child abuse, sexual abuse and homelessness  is ignored in Australia by the LNP Government and Malcolm Turnbull. 
Why he and Tony Abbott ripped the $300 million from the domestic violence budget, closed shelters, took away legal funding, and the same funding was ripped away from mental health, and homeless. His Grand plan is to profit from these crimes, from the suffering of millions of people, the death of children and victims of abuse. Absolutely Disgraceful. 
Only a monster would do this, and more monsters supporting this disgusting greed.

I reached out to the Government for help. Nope nothing, still ignored, abused for breaking the chains of abuse. 
Family Court — Broken Justice Article. This is me, this is millions of victims of abuse world wide. This is what is happening around the world to victims of sexual abuse, domestic violence, rape and child abuse. Broken Justice. Treated as disposable garbage by a justice system so broken and corrupted that victims don't matter anymore. 

Abuse does not discriminate it never has. 

Below are other women's stories who have broken the chains of abuse.  Their story of survival is my story, and millions of others around the world story, of breaking the chains of domestic violence and abuse. 

The hardest thing you will do as a victim of domestic violence is to survivor, then to leave; to break the chains of abuse, then speak about it. Speaking about it is like you relive it all over again. You are never alone, remember this.  

In the poster are some of the symptoms of Anxiety and trauma from stress, abuse, or violence.
The memories, the psychological abuse lasts a life time. Anxiety, PTSD, anorexia, cutting, OCD, high bloody pressure, binge eating, heart attache, health problems, even cardiomyopathy which is a heart condition. These are serious, life threatening medical conditions.
They effect children and adults.
Please if your child, or yourself, or anyone you know presents with any of the symptoms of Anxiety, don't ignore them, please seek medical attention from your GP.  

Our Professionals are international speakers and we belong to world wide organizations to address abuse and violence.

All of our articles are complied by a team of people, we have professionals and advocates from all over Australia and the world; men and women, and we also belong to world wide organizations, and work with Federal Authorities world wide, exposing crimes of abuse, violence and corruption.
We have a very generous graphics design team who donate their time and services for free for all of our beautiful posters.
Our team of people do not get paid; we are non profit. We do not make money of abuse, that is simply wrong.We use our own money and time as advocates and activists. 

Last year we were nominated for a Humanitarian Award.
This year one of our own Alexandria has been nominated for an Australian of the year award 2017.

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  1. That is absolutely fascinating. I've wondered for some time about the Dark Net and I also thought it must be difficult to access. Interesting to differentiate what all these terms actually mean too. Curiosity and adventure will get the best of me and I'll have to explore the Dark Net, I'm sure. Very instructive and informative. Thanks.

    Tim Martine

    1. Your welcome Tim but i think you put your comment on the wrong article.
      This is the article you were referring to.
      Thank you


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