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Pain, stress, trauma  Its like an O ring for emotions. The most common response is to Flee — retreat. You shut off from the world. 
Psychologist explain it this way, fight, flight, and freeze the same response to stress and trauma.

Alexandria's article on 


Part of her own story of child abuse and abuse as an adult.
Alexandria's story is millions of children and adults own story around the world.
Diaries of a women website  Full article is here

I have pretty well been where most victims of abuse have been. Shamed, broken, scared, Physically and emotionally, financially drained, lost hope, angry and pissed.
We need to remember this is how a child feels - 
alone, scared, broken, hurt, angry, vulnerable, lost hope. 
A child will retreat within themselves, wear a mask, its their coping mechanism as well. They will shut out the world.  
I learned how to wear that mask pretty well, when i was younger, and then when i was an adult.

I had been hurt so many times, i had so many scars from that abuse, i wore that mask to protect myself. I didn't want to trust anyone ever again.

Sexual abuse, abuse, sibling abuse, domestic abuse awareness is every single day. 
Much more education is needed within family units, within our society, and Governments. Silence and a Diffusion of responsibility hides that violence and abuse. 

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