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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. PTSD is a natural emotional reaction to a deeply shocking and disturbing experience. It is a normal reaction to an abnormal situation. Any human being has the potential to develop PTSD. The cause is external not internal. 
It is a Psychiatric Injury not Mental Illness

It is not resulting from the individual’s personality. In fact, any human being has the potential to develop PTSD. 
It is extremely stressful, and may lead to burnout or stress break-down - which is not the same as nervous or mental break-down; as stated above, everyone breaks down under the stress of a life altering trauma that is deeply wounding.  
Thus individuals suffering PTSD are injured, not mentally ill.
Essentially it is an Anxiety reaction made up of a cluster of symptoms from trauma as detailed in this article.
PTSD indicates severe trauma and stress which causes a weakness in the individual, and not the reverse. This is confusing for mental health practitioners and laypersons alike.  But the distinction is important if mental health practitioners desire to assist a traumatized victim. 
Too often reactions which are normal under excessive or prolonged stress are assumed to be signs of abnormality or deficiency within the person affected, which may then be assumed to be the cause of the problem rather than a consequence of it (this is sometimes referred to as the "Mental Health Trap"). 

The diagnosis Complex PTSD comes from being exposed to multiple traumas, sometimes small but causing cumulative emotional damage over a long period of time.  PTSD changes the diagnosed individual’s life and greatly impacts the lives of those with whom they are close and regularly interact.

The explosive rage, depression, isolation, anxiety, cognitive difficulties, and lack of vitality combine to cause loved ones to leave.   But a strong support network is essential for healing.  Friends and families are an integral part of that network.

Trusting relationships are essential to combat the dehumanizing effect of trauma.   Many therapists practice narrative therapy believing this is essential to overcoming the trauma.  However is not good for all who are suffering from PTSD because it forces them to relive the events of the trauma, it has to be done on patient’s individual cases.
Some people do better never narrating the trauma and should instead focus on coping techniques to deal with triggers.

A trigger is something that causes memory flashbacks and intrusive thoughts of the previous trauma.  Under extreme or prolonged stress people of a previously very strong constitution may become unassertive, over-anxious, compliant and unable to cope with even the most trivial of stressors.

A person's reactions under stress may resemble symptoms of mental illness - loss of emotional control, apparent over-reactions to seemingly trivial stimuli, hypervigilance (e.g. being on constant alert for further abuse) etc., may be mistaken for instability, irrational behavior and paranoia.

Emotional triggers Article

It is important for supporters to provide a safe physical environment, but also emotional safety and be willing to accept a wide range of emotions.  According to Maslow’s (1970) hierarchy of needs, the being needs, the three higher-order needs, cannot be met until the deficiency needs the four lower-order needs, are met..

This is critical to relationship building, which will help provide the strong support network that is essential for healing.
Recovery requires a sense of power and control.
All relationships should be respectful and empower the Patient to make choices. The Patients symptoms and behaviors are adaptations to trauma, so services should address all of the Patients needs rather than just symptoms.
Professor Steven Buck University of Washington Psychology

Dr Richard Bryant Psychologist University Professor NSW Australia  also published research studies and author. 
We have broken down the medical video at the end of this article for people to understand. 

A NEW land Mark study has found Antidepressants commonly prescribed for children and adolescents are no more effective than a placebo for treating major depression — and in some cases, can be downright harmful.
Published in the Lancet, the research denotes the “first comprehensive comparison of commonly prescribed antidepressant drugs so far.” Medical researchers analyzed 34 pharmaceutical trials involving 5,260 participants ranging in average age from 9 to 18 years. Article Here

People who can be suffering from PTSD or complex PTSD are children who have gone through the trauma of child abuse, domestic violence, child sexual abuse, trafficking, violence and adults who have been through the same including abuse and violence, including rape, car accident, industrial accident.
A solider at war, or who returns from war and any sort of trauma or violence.
Children and adults resort to self-harm — cutting when underlying emotions are overwhelming.

The world leading expert on PTSD and Anxiety says that trauma from Domestic Violence is as great, or not greater than being at war. The trauma lasts a life time, there is no quick fix, recovery can last a life time also. It can not be rushed.
You could make five steps forward, and trigger would set you back six steps.

Never let anyone shame you for having Anxiety or PTSD.
We really hope we have helped explain in simple terms PTSD and Anxiety. click on any poster for larger view, the posters are full resolution, used around the world

Understanding and Treating Chronic Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Dr Richard Bryant Psychologist University Professor NSW Australia key speaker.

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