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Domestic Violence- Child Abuse Terrorism V Government Terrorism


Since 1978 Hotel bombings in Sydney there have been 113 Australian victims of Terrorism. Those numbers also includes Australian's killed overseas in terrorist attacks as well as non-Australian's killed here.
In the period of 2003-2015 between 700 and 1,000 women and children have been killed by their partners in domestic violence homicides in Australia, through domestic violence terrorism. 
Stats from 2014-2015 indicate 3 women and children die a week from domestic violence terrorism in Australia. That is 156 victims of domestic violence terrorism from abuse in Australia in one year alone.  This article all the links and videos outline the cost of Terrorism by our Governments and now more so than Australia.

This is a lovely intro sent to us, by an International affairs journalist while sharing this article world wide. Thank you Gail. A new article by Alexandria's team is a wonderfully integrated statement, and resource for the subversive state of affairs in Australia and globally. Key videos are included throughout.
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Terrorism as an act or threat of violence, motivated by a cause to coerce, or intimidate, a victim, or the public. (George Brandis ATG for the LNP words July 2016) 

Malcolm Turnbull does have this article, so do other Government MP's, we have also asked Malcolm Turnbull for a debate on child abuse and Domestic Violence more than 100 times, he has refused and ignored the people he is meant to represent and the very people who specialize in abuse. The only people he represents is the 1% that is it.
The Government's own website on Domestic Violence and Child abuse is missing much data, data the Government does not want you to know about, but we do and here it is.

Child abuse, domestic abuse, rape, sexual abuse, child pornography, abuse - is everyone's bussiness, no matter where you live. It is a global epedemic, but not to Malcolm Turnbull the PM of Australia, because he is making millions from abuse of children and human beings.  

In 2016 domestic violence, child abuse, sexual violence terrorism is on the rise, not decline. 
From a report we obtained from the Police Commissioner in one state alone it rose by 16.9% in total for the years 2014-2015. 
In that same period sexual assault offenses were up by 12.9% with 180 cases.
In one state alone this year there has been 600 report of domestic violence to police to AVRO's to be taken out against a violent partner. 
DV offenses have increased by 51 per cent in the last year. In 2015 numbers across Australia show it is up by 60%.
Don't forget people there is more than one state in Australia.

Child Pornography :  Federal Police investigations skyrocketing by more than 250 per cent to 11,000 in 2015 across Australia. 
Australian Federal Police and child porn and experts say online child sex exploitation and child porn is increasing in Australia.
The Turnbull Government refuse to address the public health crisis in Australia, child pornography, domestic violence, child abuse which includes sexual abuse of children. That is because his Government is making money of these crimes.

News Update August 19th 2016: Coercive Control, (mind games) The terminology was used by judges delivering sentences in the NSW Supreme Court and the NSW Court of Criminal Appeal.   This now sets a new precident for Domestic Violence laws. Laws not created by George Brandis, but by the Supreme Court. George Brands has refused to address child abuse and Domestic violence laws to protect victims of these crimes.
New anti-domestic violence laws mean victims of family abuse need not prove fear for their physical safety to get an AVO.
Almost 30,000 cases of domestic violence were recorded this year 2016. MORE DETAILS HERE

Domestic or family violence against women is the single largest driver of homelessness for women. They are left with their children homeless. 

Here is the Child abuse protection Bill rejected by George Brandis and Malcolm Turnbull to protect children, that we have been trying to have put into palace for 2 years. The Bill is the Irish child protection bill put into place in 2015, the strongest child protection bill in the free world, a bill that should be implemented world wide to protect children. BUT rejected numerous times by Australia. WHY?? It protects children.  HERE

In 2014-2015 SAPOL issued 2,883 PIIO with 1066 applications to the court by the police for an intervention order in the same period.
The Police Commissioner said "Framework, working collaboratively with many agencies and departments across the state to holistically support and provide services to victims of domestic violence." (well clearly justice is still broken, with a 16.9% increase in abuse.) 

 Joint Anti Child Exploitation Team (JACET) began operating in January 2015, combining the expertise of state and federal agencies to protect children. Formally launched on 22 April 2015, JACET utilizes resources from SAPOL's Special Crime
Investigations Branch and the Australia Federal Police (AFP) Child Protection Operations members to pursue offenders exploiting children online.
As at 30 June2015, JACET had received 29 online child exploitation referrals from the central AFP Assessment Center.  This coordinated reference center is providing a unified approach for an efficient and effective response to child protection efforts  across Australia. Between January and June 2015, JACET undertook 63 investigations resulting in 31search warrants executed, 15 arrests, three reports, and one child saved from further
sexual abuse. This information comes directly from the Police Commissioners crime report 2014-2015. 

Every two hours in a Australia, a child is sexually harmed, according to reports. 

Our People work with Federal Authorities world wide, in reporting, and helping to stop child pornography, sexual exploitation, human trafficking. This industry is worth billions. We have the data from Home Land Security, on our website in articles. We would like to share two of those articles with you.
Child Grooming Article HERE   The Dark Web - The Dark side of the internet for sexual predators Article HERE if you have children, if you are a young person, a women, you need to read these articles, they could just save your life, or the life of your children. We have saved children from across the other side of the world, even making world news. Sexual abuse of children is happening all over Australia and the world, every 3 seconds. Social media is used to groom children as well for sexual abuse. 

This readers is one State in Australia, and it is by far "NOT" the worst state in Australia for domestic violence, sexual abuse, child abuse terrorism. 
The police can not take all the blame for the increase in violence of abuse. There are so many factors at play here.
The giant red arrow points at Government first, the justice system, society then the media.   Broken Justice Article Here

This is the child protection Bill we have tried for 2 years for the LNP Government to put into place. "NO"... rejected. The strongest child protection bill in the Free world, rejected by the LNP Government, and they could not even tell us why. Full Article and Child Protection Bill HERE

On 20 March 2015, SAPOL supported Australia’s cultural diversity by participating in events to commemorate Harmony Day, which annually coincides with the United Nations International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. SAPOL joined around 450 students for a halal barbecue at the Adelaide Secondary School of English at West Croydon.
Pauline Hanson and her one Nation never got the message that the UN had a International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.
Sonia and Pauline the South Australian Police certainly did not see Muslims as a threat they commemorated Harmony day with them. Yes ladies the police. 

When it comes to Terrorism in Australia, our Government wins hands down as your terrorist. They are the ones you have to fear. Our leaders have become dictators, many making so much money off corruption and crime, it is out right criminal.
All of our Federal task forces world wide, should be investigating, bringing these men and women, and their government to justice, before the courts, before the International Courts, for war crimes and crimes against Human Rights violations.
They have cost the lives of thousands of children, adults, and made millions homeless as has the USA and the UK. You will see why in this article. 

The United Nations defines torture as any act by which severe, pain or suffering, weather that be physical or emotional, is intentionally inflicted on a person. (unborn-baby, babies, children, women, men)
The UN says HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS Family Court Breaches fair trial, arbitrary detention minors, violence against women and children. Family Court article HERE
 U.N. Says Cyber Violence Is Equivalent to Physical Violence Against Women 73% of women have experienced cyber violence, according to a new report. The full report from the United Nations is Here

The United Nations have come out guns blazing attacking the Australian Government with its failings on Human Rights. 
Human Rights Law... Both Rights and Obligations Human rights entail both rights and obligations. States assume obligations and duties under international law to respect, to protect and to fulfill human rights. Australia's awful failings on human rights At the UN, Australia incurred criticism over violence against women, the rights of disabled people and respect for the rights of gay and transgender people, among other things. But two topics rang above all else, and the criticism on these is entirely valid. 

This is a 2016 report from the UN, and nothing has changed in regards to violence against women. Please read the report for yourselves. This is an official report from the UN. Link HERE
The International Criminal Court are coming after the Australian Government for violation of Human rights laws and for war crimes, they are also coming after the USA and the UK. 

Pauline Hanson bigot, racist nut job, says women and children make up abuse, it doesn't happen. But she demanded that the Police give her private protection, costing Australian Tax payers $1 million. Hypocrisy. 

New stats out for 2016: Australia is in the top 10 in the world for virtual porn. Virtual porn is also the sexual abuse and rape of children and babies. Helsinki is number one followed by Sydney in second spot Melbourne and Brisbane take up 3 & 4th spot.  In 1991 Legislation was made "for the porn industry" making it legal to use to use virtual porn images of a child, that depicts them being raped. That legislation is still in place, no one has been responsible enough to change it, to Ban Virtual child porn. (virtual porn images are so real, they look like the real people, the images are horrific.)

So we have the Government bodies taking money from the Pornography industry, and in return they made it possible for the Adult-porn Industry to use pictures... depicting children being raped..... so some sexual abuser, sitting in his office, hotel room or  home, can watch these real life pictures, videos, of child pornography, sexual abuse, rape, sodomizing. 
This then increasing the demand for the real thing, real children, to be sex-trafficked, to be used, and sexually abuse, for the porn industry. This is exactly what happened, and is happening to this very day. An epidemic of sexual abuse.
Our Governments world wide make millions of dollars off the porn industry, of the sexual abuse of human beings and children.

Full article and videos HERE 
A must watch video if you are genuinely concerned about the public health crisis of sexual abuse and domestic violence and all the links to pornography. The link to the full article and further data that you need to read and further videos is HERE in this LINK
Our Government does not want you to know this, see this because they are making billions of dollars off this industry of the abuse of children and adults. But the medical people do. The studies have been published into Medical journals of medicine, hundreds of medial studies to support all of this data.

This video is a medical symposium, linking all the arms of child abuse, domestic violence, violence, disrespect, harmful effects on a child brain, psychological abuse of a child's brain. The published medical studies show that children and adults are learning domestic violence, rape, abuse, violence, disrespect, sexual violence, from porn. There are hundreds of studies to back this up, by the worlds best medical researchers.
We have the studies, we have the medical symposium from Capital Hill Washington DC that was held late last year, its in the article link below.
Our Government have done nothing to address this public health crisis again, allowing domestic violence and sexual abuse, child abuse terrorism. They have done nothing to change the laws. It is all about controlling the vulnerable, the victims of these crimes, something Psychopaths do. (Getting the picture now)

Many other countries around the world are addressing this, but not Australia. 
Please you are going to want to read this article, watch this video and the others in the article, they are going to blow your mind, and they will also have Sonia and Pauline lost for words. 
Full article and videos HERE 

Our website is full of data, stats, medical studies on domestic violence, sexual abuse, child abuse terrorism. You can access the articles through this one article and many others on our website and archives. Article link here
And our Australian Government are certainly not addressing anything. They are in fact making things ever worse for all victims and survivors. 
Malcolm Turnbull has refused to listen to people who specialize in abuse, sexual abuse, child abuse, he simply does not care enough to listen and to do anything. His words and appearance in the media is a show, and nothing more. His words all lies for his circus act of deception to Australia, and the world. He has already begun to privatize domestic violence and homeless services - what services there are, which is basically none; he and Tony Abbott and the Minister for Women Cash took  the services away. He is going to make money off these crimes and the suffering of children and adults. It will be more abuse, more deaths, greater than we have now. Article link Here 

Abuse DOES NOT DISCRIMINATE It effects all genders, all races, all religions, all ages, all social statues, rich, middle class, and the poor. Abuse is not a class issue like some silly women i saw wrote who was on the Drum. That is utter rubbish, and our data shows that. And this idiot doesn't even specialize in abuse that was the irony of it all, she is just primping herself in the media for attention. And it would seem social media agreed with our medical professionals when we wrote about this on social media.
There are that many people standing in the media who have no clue to the real issues abuse domestic violence and child abuse, NONE, they are full of shit, and they refuse to even debate people with degrees who actually do specialize in abuse. 

And to Rossie Batty she has done a tremendous amount of damage to Domestic Violence as a whole. She says quotes " Domestic Violence is only committed by men, and only by men using drugs and alchol." Those words are not true and utter dribble by Rossie Batty. She needs to shut the hell up, and we do mean shut the hell up and just disappear from the media, we can hear the law suits now from the rubbish she dribbles on about, and when you read the article link you will know why and other direct quotes from her, which have people who specialize in abuse and advocate groups furious.  Please we urge you to read this article.   Article Link HERE
Did you get compensated for being a victim of abuse by you Government, or as  a war veteran or victim of war ? Or were you treated like disposable garbage by your Government, by the broken, corrupted justice system ?  Article Link HERE

Andrew Wilkie former Intelligence office and now MP say "Our Government is responsible for Terrorism". And he is 100% correct.
They are also responsible for the increase in domestic abuse terrorism in Australia, because of refusing to address this public health crisis, crimes, seriously. 

You are more likely to be killed by A domestic violence, child abuse abuser, or our own Government,  than an actual terrorist in Australia. And yet our Australian Government spend no money, or effort in addressing domestic violence, sexual abuse, child abuse terrorism. They stripped away services, and funding, left victims and survivors of these terrible atrocities, to suffer and die. 
But they will spend billions of dollars to go to war; a war that was created on a lie by the  AU, UK, USA Governments. For greed of oil, for billionaires. Our Government is constantly funding billionaires, they are funding billionaires war also, right now. Full Article HERE

The UK has changed laws, huge changes in their laws to assist domestic violence, sexual abuse, child abuse victims.
Ireland have done the same thing, massive Bill passed in 2015. You will go to jail for 13 years if you break it. And it extends right through to new media laws as well, to protect children. Bill HERE
In fact Australia should have the bills from Ireland the UK and USA,  they will save lives, save money to our nations. You can read more about these changes to their laws in the article HERE and HERE

The USA also huge changes, new Bills passed, $1.8 trillion package for Domestic Violence, child abuse, sexual abuse and related services. Read the article HERE
In Australia NADA, nothing, just more abuse, more degradation, more victims of these crimes dying, suffering, PTSD, anxiety and other health issues due to the crime that was committed against them. 
This article has new published medical studies on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder — PTSD — Anxiety you need to read this article. (Professor Steven Buck University of Washington Psychology and
Dr Richard Bryant Psychologist University Professor NSW Australia,  also published research studies and author. There is also a video)
The Australian Government, under Malcolm Turnbull has taken away funding, cut all mental health services, and Disability pensions, from people who have this disorder. And it is a life threatening disorder. People die every day from it, and Malcolm Turnbull wants to increase the death toll even more. A disorder that victims of domestic terrorism suffer from. Article HERE

And here we have Pauline Hanson, Bigot, racist, saying victims of these terrible crimes, make it up, does not happen bla, bla, bla, bla, from her. "Shut the hell up Pauline Hanson". 
You don't specialize in abuse, you don't have a medical degree, you don't attend the medical symposiums on abuse, you don't have all the published medical studies like we do. 
You were put into office by the LNP, to incite violence, racism, degradation. And not only to Muslims, to anyone who does not agree with you, with your utter stupidity, bigotry.

Pauline Hanson was in the reject pile, do not resuscitate or resurrect, then LNP and Rupert Murdoch brought her back.  
They did this for a reason, she is like the Klu Klux Klan, or like someone said on social media; Hitler. 
They wanted her to instill fear, war mongering, violence and abuse. The LNP are using Psychology, and maneuvers right out of the NSA and CIA play book. Its called The Honey Trap. Read about the Honey Trap used by the CIA HERE

Pauline Hanson has gone after Asians, Italians, Greeks, Indigenous people, now Muslims. FFS; and we have to pay this racist bigots salary, Government welfare bludger, she has bludged off the Government for bloody years with politics. If you think she got into office because people voted for her, you would be wrong. Read HERE

And Sonia Kruger says she doesn't feel safe in Australia with Muslims because of Terrorism. OH PLEASE
Sonia show us the terrorism in Australia that is happening everyday, where victims of Muslim terrorism are dying at 3 a week "In Australia". We are not talking about Overseas, we are talking about Australia.
Please show us, we want to see the stats.

Domestic Violence, Child Abuse, sexual abuse victims have to live and endure domestic violence terrorism every single day. 
I am one of those victims, i went through hell and back again. So did my children and i also had a child killed by domestic violence. My story of a life of abuse, by my own mother, then being sexually abuse as a child, domestic abuse as a child, then domestic violence terrorism is in this article Here and this Article Here 

And that terrorism has not stopped. Two years ago i was beaten up in my own home, i suffered serious injuries. That was years after leaving an abusive marriage. I have to live in fear every single day, because of no justice from the courts, no justice from Government, i have begged, they have completely ignored me. Then i have the abuse on top of that fear, by my own Government, my new abuser and terrorist. That is reality for thousands of victims of domestic abuse terrorism in Australia.

When you have money and power, you just buy off the legal system, it is done every single day. And if you have the right power and money you just buy of a Government, that is done every single day also, at the cost of real peoples lives.

The terrorism is coming from Government, even former intelligence officer now MP Andrew Wikie said this. Here is the article and video link, so you can read and see for yourself. 
Terrorism is coming from white Australian's from English decent.
A lie by LNP Government of John Howard, Terrorist - war Monger - war criminal that has cost five years of conflict, that left 250,000 dead, millions displaced. This is what the lie of Government did to a country of people. 
More than 13.5 million people have fled their homes, and about 4.5 million refugees have fled to neighboring countries, including Jordan and Lebanon. Three-quarters of these refugees are women and children. Look who is the Terrorist, the Aus, UK, USA Government and Dick Chaney. And to you Julie Bishop; you are a liar...your lie to the world is caught on video, right here for the entire world to see. You should also be facing war crimes.

Andrew Wilkie: former Western Intelligence officer, now MP Press statement July 7 2016.  Iraq war was a lie. The Aus, USA, UK Governments are responsible for terrorism. Watch, listen and learn. Iraq War article and Andrew Wilkie documentary on the lie by the World Governments, that saw us go to war because of a lie, they made up is in the Link Here. And trust us you are going to want to see this video and read the article. It shows who the terrorists are, and who is funding them. The Government do not want you to know what Andrew Wilkie has to say, what he exposed about the lie of world Governments. A lie that is still continuing to this very day. Our Government leaders are war criminals. The ICC are also going after them for war crimes, terrorism.
 People like Pauline Hanson and Sonia Kruger have tunnel vision when it comes to any sort of violence. They dont want to know the truth, the facts, its their way, their opinion only, and everyone else is meant to conform to their words. We we simply don't. 
Because what you are doing is inciting more violence, more abuse, more fear, more war mongering. And you are doing it to innocent people, including children. It has been posted on social media by parents, their children have been attacked at school now because they are Muslim. That is disgusting, and you two should be ashamed of yourselves. 

Like this article here says: Sonia Kruger is happy as hell to promote Muslims with Emirates, just google pictures of Sonia. OH that's the difference, they are rich Muslims. But she wants to lock all Muslims out of Australia, all of a sudden. 
But she has been taking money from them for years in sponsorship, posing with them.
I am sure Emirates would be furious at Sonia Kruger, and they would have ever reason to pull out of all sponsorship deals worth hundreds of millions of dollars. 
Then you better stop going to the races then Sonia, it is full of rich Muslim people, they own racehorses, and quite possibly they could be laundering money also for Terrorists, or be directly involved with them. How would you know Sonia, Terrorist don't have a warning label stuck to their forehead. (just to make this clear here, we are not saying Muslims are definitely doing this, but we are saying white Australian men are doing this, already reported to Federal Authorities. )

Sonia you are happy taking money in sponsorship deals from Muslim owned companies, which allows you to live in luxury, while so many children and families go hungry live in poverty in and out of Australia. You and Pauline Hanson, racism and bigotry costs people their lives. It causes degradation and violence. This is what you are promoting. It's the families, children, babies, living in poverty, that had their homes destroyed by the Australian Government, USA, UK Governments, she is scared off. Watch out Sonia and Pauline their suffering and poverty, might rub off on you, and give you a touch of Humanity ~ but probably not. It is the ones who sit on their high and mighty thrown's, that throw the most stones, like both of you.

We have written a book, using our own money, to raise as much money as we can for charity, all the books profits go to charity, and we could not even get you Sonia or your show, to give our book publicity. (The book is in the right description bar of our website, Shades of Grey)
Here we are Australian's trying to draw awareness to abuse, sexual abuse and other issues, and raise money for charity, and we could not even get your show to give us five minutes to help a worthy cause. 
If you haven't figured it out people, it is a class war also going on in Australia, we see it all the time with the morning shows, the other news shows.

These hosts promote their own books, and themselves to each other, they don't give 100% of their books profits of their dribble, they write about themselves and their narcissism to charity, no it goes directly into their own bank accounts.  
Our support has been coming from the USA. And we would really love more support for our book, so any corporations out there who are against racism and bigotry like we are, as human rights advocates, who would like to help us out, with our book, help us raise money for charity, we would love to hear from you, and your help. Here is a thought, maybe we should contact Emirates, and Porsche for their support for our book, to raise money for charity, since the only charity you want to help Sonia is your own, for your luxury lifestyle. 

We have many friends who are Muslims, i have even been to one of their weddings. I will take them over you any day Sonia and Pauline Hanson. I, and we, are colored blind, we don't see color, or religion, nor do our children. We also have friends from many religions.
I was brought up Catholic, like millions of other people around the world. Are you now going to discriminate against me because of that also.

I would be more worried about Australian million-billionaires who are laundering money for terrorists, having innocent women and children threatened, than any Muslims. We know men with a racing syndicated in Australia who are doing this very thing, reported to the AFP and ASIO. 
Their company is a corporation, laundering money, a crime syndicate, and they also donate to the Liberal party. 
They buy off police, courts and Government, committing countless criminal offenses.
But since you live a closed of life to the realities of the world, you would not know this is going on. 
 Hypocrisy. And yes we have an article on this as well, right HERE.

This is today's headline which we wrote in our article would happen. TV personality Sonia Kruger could lose a number of high paying sponsorship deals after companies like Porsche and Target distanced themselves from her controversial comments about Muslim immigration.
Kruger, the face of Nine's morning show Today Extra, has lucrative contracts with high profile sponsors Porsche, Swisse and Target.
But Porsche said the company was now assessing their relationship with the popular TV host given her comments about banning Muslims coming to Australia.
Article comes from the Daily Mail

You would have to be afraid of The Irish, and Americans also Sonia if you are worried about Terrorism.
Pauline Hanson, Sonia Kruger seems to forget the IRA terrorists attacks in the UK~Protestants v Catholic~Not a Muslim in sight! Read the article here

We have Australian business men with Corporations, right here in Australia, laundering money for Terrorists, have been for years. 
Ask ASIO, ask the AFP. We have made reports on such a company with the work we do. Not Muslim men, white men born here, from English decent. They are terrorists snoozing with the million and billionaires of Australia. 
Might want to come out of your cocoon and start waking up to what is going in the real world. 

Did you know the USA have been funding terrorists for years. You can read all about that in the Iraq War article HERE.

Who is paying these two women to incite fear and war mongering, and racist crap. Might want to check because it will all lead back to the LNP Government.  Read this article posted yesterday, Racism — Degradation — Bigotry we wrote the article to address Sonia Kruger and Pauline Hanson. Article HERE
Just as we have written this article so lay some facts straight. And social media shows, the majority of people agree with us, and the facts as they are laid out in our articles. 
Tonight we have had the blue headed trolls on google plus, stalking us, and leaving abusive comments on posts. Blue head trolls are usually paid trolls, they get paid by a particular entity to do this.
To those Blue Headed trolls, get a life.
Degradation and Abuse Article HERE  

Pauline Hanson says, she is now going after people on welfare. Not Government corruption, not corporate welfare criminals like Rupert Murdoch and Malcolm Turnbull, fraud and money laundering, not corporate tax evaders, criminals. 
Not the Government welfare raugherts, like John Howard war criminal, Browyn Bishop, ripping off our country, or herself, who were are now forced to pay, so she can dribble her bullshit and crap. This is the Government corruption of the LNP she is going to help protect. READ HERE
In the USA the FBI target Government Corruption, banking corruption, and they arrest white collar criminals. But not in Australia. Here is a direct link to the FBI to their arresting white collar criminals. 
The ones you want to help protect Pauline. That is a Federal crime, you are complicit in covering up a crime, and Federal offense, 20 years jail. LINK TO FBI HERE
HSBC executives are first bankers charged over $4.7b currency deal. This is also on the FBI website. And many more banking heads are going to role over this. 
But in Australia Malcolm Turnbull Goldmman & Sachs banker protects banking corruption. Article and video HERE

Banking Whistle-blowers speech by Adele Ferguson Sydney Morning Herald video speech. You need to watch this video. Journalist Adele Ferguson shows us how the Liberal Government of Australia, and Malcolm Turnbull are out right covering up billions and billions of dollars in banking corruption and fraud. Federal crimes under every law in Australia. Why hasn't Malcolm Turnbull and the LNP been arrested?? They are complicit in covering up Federal crimes, that is criminal intent. Under Rule of Law they have to be arrested. Article and video HERE

No readers she is a bully, she is targeting those who cant fight back. That is what bullies do, what Psychopaths, narcissists do.
She is going after to the vulnerable. Domestic Violence victims, child abuse, victims, sexual abuse victims, disability, pensioners, the old, the sick, our services men and women who went to war. 
She said she is coming after all of you. 

The deputy prime minister, Barnaby Joyce, has rejected One Nation’s anti-Islamic policies, arguing that comparing all Muslims to terrorists was like equating all Catholics with the “crazy criminals” of the Irish Republican Army. (The only sensible words he has said yet) In a passionate defense of religious freedom, the Nationals leader emphatically disagreed with One Nation policies such as banning Muslim immigration and putting CCTV cameras in mosques.

“If you put them in mosques, then when I go to mass are we going to have one in a Catholic church?” he told Sky News. “You never know. Every group has their ratbags, even Catholics.
Pauline Hanson might be mad as hell but we deserve more than slogans. Full article from The Guardian HERE

We have asked Pauline Hanson over 20 times to a debate, ignored every single request to do so. After the 60 Min interview Sunday 28th August we asked Pauline again for a debate, still ignored our requests. Difference, someone paid 60 Min to have this nut job on their show, then they had to pay her. 
We are human rights activists, we get nominated for awards for our work, we don't get paid, we wont be paying Hanson, she cant control the questions we will ask her like she does every where else she goes. 
Hanson was put into office by fraud, Australia did not vote this racist, bigot nut job into office. 

And Malcolm Turnbull stands in the media and announces anti-terrorism summit, urges mutual respect in 2015. He has an absolutely nerve. And you have seen why when you have finished reading this article, all the links and watching the video's contained.
Here is Malcolm Turnbull Goldman & Sachs thugs video of his hypocrisy, lies to the entire world.  SMH HERE

Please are you kidding us here. Malcolm Turnbull and his Government are our bloody Terrorist. You just read the stats, the articles and watched the videos. They have killed more people in Australia than terrorist have. Domestic Violence and Child abuse, you just read the figures from the Police Commissioner 114 in the last 12 years in and out of Australia for actually terrorist acts / - non-Muslim and suspected Muslim. 
Domestic Violence in 12 years over 1,000 victims. Our Government kills thousands more in Australia with their abuse to the Australian People. 
The Australian Government killed thousands of Syrian families and children through their lie in the Iraq War.  
And no summit into Government Terrorism, domestic violence, child abuse terrorism, fear, war mongering, killing of Australians by our Government. 
This is Malcolm Turnbull's way of deflection to the public health crisis going on in our country. Again he is using CIA NSA tactics called the Honey Trap. 

Attorney-General George Brandis has urged people to be careful with their language when using the word terrorism.
 He defines terrorism as an act or threat of violence motivated by an ideological cause to coerce government or intimidate the public.
The LNP Gov Malcolm Turnbull should shut the hell up then, video of Turnbull, inciting fear and Terrorism. Scott Morrison 2015-2016 use threats in the public against his own people. Yes people you saw the video of this Hypocrisy of our LNP Government.  You just read an article about this.

You have to be careful taught to be a racist, a bigot, a war monger, and have a lot 
of hatred, ignorance in your soul and heart. Listen. 

Time to fight back people, class action law suits, against our Government for being abusers, Terrorists, breach of contract, fraud, racketeering. We are preparing to do this very thing. 
 Every victim, survivor of domestic violence and sexual abuse has the legal right to file a class action law suite against our Government  Criminal Provision  under TORTUROUS acts.

Your abuser, you terrorist is also the Australian Liberal Government, they are you Domestic Violence, child abuse, sexual abuse, abuser and terrorist. 
We can add Pauline Hanson's to the terrorist abuser's list. 

We will be doing a follow up article to this one,
we have so much more data to share with the world,
this article has gone global, even shared by DR Jill Stein

check out the comments as well. 

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  1. The Australian Gov can change alcohol laws, corruption laws, and laws at a whim to suit themselves. They did it with tax evasion all done in secret to aid millions, billionaires and corporations in tax evasion.

    But not child abuse laws, or rape laws, domestic violence laws, to protect victims, save lives. Broken Justice.
    5 yrs jail for DV laws in the UK, law passed in late 2015. To protect victims, to save lives. July 2016 UK passes another new law to protect victims.

    Ireland 2015 new legislation for child abuse laws. Media protection laws, child grooming laws. Jail for 13 years if you break them.

    USA passed new legislation 24 December 2015. To help rape, sexual abuse, domestic violence victims, to save lives.

    Australian Government says to all victims of child abuse, domestic violence-abuse, rape...go fuck yourselves and die.

    1. The blue headed trolls who were mentioned in our article, left comments on our website. All comments are moderated because of abusive trolls.

      Because they didn't get their abuse, threats to us published they took to our google plus pages to make threats and to abuse us.

      These blue headed trolls are anti Muslim trolls.

      Warning to those blue headed trolls, keep it up and we will bring in the Federal Police.

  2. Domestic Violence Terrorism V Government Terrorism
    Sonia Kruger said “She was horrified by pictures of a little child covered in plastic on the ground”.

    What do you think happens when children are killed from domestic violence?
    For most it is a brutal beating until they die.
    My own baby daughter was killed through domestic violence; I suffered a life of abuse; by my own mother, sexually abused as a child.
    I was beaten up by my husband, broken bones, cuts, psychological abuse, physical abuse, financial abuse. That is the reality for domestic violence Terrorism in Australia.


    1. Three people a week died from domestic violence terrorism in Australia. How many terrorism attacks in a week in Australia??? Not bloody three, where people are dying.
      Read this article link, or you can simply access the articles in the links in the article.

      Article Domestic Violence is more of a Threat than Terrorism.

      Scars and Vulnerability article

      Don’t be seduced by the Dark Side article

      Zero help from Government and the courts. No justice for murder, abuse.
      The more I stood up for my rights and my children’s rights from going through domestic violence terrorism; I was abused by the police, by the courts by our own Government.

      I recorded the treatment by them. It was out right criminal.

      Those are just three of many articles on our websites, of my story of abuse, violence. But you will probably never read them, because they don’t involve you. So you will know the realities of abuse and violence that another really goes through, because you are simply not interested.
      And you are simply not interested in what was done to my baby daughter, to my other two daughters. We went through a hell that I wish on no other person.

      I lived in a $1 million home, once then my children were left to live on the street and die. Zero help from the police and courts. None. And zero help from the Government, and we begged for help.
      I lost everything I had worked all my life for, we even lost our clothes, all our family air-looms, we lost the lot, but we didn’t lose our lives, only one of my children did, which I live with every single day.

      No, we were just re-abused over and over.


    2. So when I hear your hatred of Muslims, trying to make them responsible for terrorism, read the bloody article, watch Andrew Wilkie’s video. Because they are not responsible, our Government is.
      They created this terrorism with their lies.

      My ex-husband also a corporate business man, I know first-hand that laundering for terrorism takes place with Australian and overseas business men, I witnessed it first-hand. I kept documents on their criminal activities. He and his business partners are bloody criminals, laundering money for crime syndicates, for Terrorists, making tens of millions of dollars of crime.

      I would be more scared about the bloody terrorists in our own Government, in corporate business man than anything else.
      The greed and corruption of these men, it is endless. I have seen it; they will kill for it, and do. They have the money and power to buy off police, the courts, the Government, and they do all the time.

      My own husband did, and the more we stood up, the more we were abused. He paid off corrupt police to abuse us, break into our home, and assault us. This is all on video; I had cameras in my home. We were followed everywhere we went. He put his own children through hell on earth, to punish us, for leaving, for standing up to him, for his own children, talking about the abuse and sexual abuse by their own father.
      When he found out his children were talking to medical professionals, he threatened those medical people as well. All of this is on record.
      We went through absolute bloody hell. Zero help from the police, from our Government.

      I was beaten up after I left many times, my children abused, threatened. And still the Australian police, The Australian Government, stood by doing “NOTHING” still to this day doing nothing.

      So to you Malcolm Turnbull and George Brandis, you are my abusers, my children’s abuser, you are worthless sacks of shit.
      We know you do not give a fucking rats ass about any victims of abuse, rape, violence in Australia. You proved this to the entire world.
      You did nothing to bring my children’s and my abuser to justice, nothing to help us get back all of our assets back that were stolen from us, leaving us to live on the streets and die. You stood by and watched this happen, you are still standing by. “So fuck you”

      I am one of the many authors of our website, we have many.

  3. Alexandria's story of abuse, is another victim's story of abuse in Australia, and world-wide.
    They, like millions, endure the injustice, they are the millions of voices you never hear about, you never get to know the truth about abuse from.

    No one tells their story, no one rushes forward to help them, certainly not the courts or our Government.
    They are the faceless victims of ABUSE TERRORISM WORLD WIDE

    They are left battered, emotionally, physically, financially, psychologically by their abusers, by the police, by the courts, and especially by our Governments and society.

    We are currently in the process of organizing a class action lawsuit against our Australian Government, for all victims and survivors of abuse- all forms of abuse, who were denied justice by our Government, who stood by and did nothing.
    We will be doing updates on this, it is a long process, organizing such an undertaking.

    Victims like Alexandria deserve justice, not to be discarded like rubbish by our Government's.
    Their lives matter. #abusevictimslivesmatter

  4. Australia needs a Royal Commission into Government Abuse, Abuse Terrorism by our own Government, they are guilty of it, responsible for terrible atrocities to children, victims of Government Abuse, victims of sexual abuse, domestic abuse, psychological abuse.
    They are responsible for women who go through domestic violence terrorism, who lives are completely ripped apart. Left by our Government to die.

    They are responsible for men who go through abuse terrorism.

    Scott Morrison says, a complete ass, with no humanity says, its children and women's fault they get abused, because they don't pray enough.
    He also says they should be locked up, and his actions suggest also throwing away the key.

    Malcolm Turnbull and George Brandis, by their actions, non actions. Locked in chains for life. Their abusers which includes them, given a licence to keep on abusing.

    All of these "MEN" are responsible for Domestic violence, and abuse Terrorism in Australia.
    They are your worst enemy, they are hiding behind the power of the Government to abuse, threaten, degrade, financially destroy you, if you dare, stand up and speak, if you dare stand up and try to break free from the chains they keep you in.

    And the Nightmare will continue until we as a nation stand united to support all victims of abuse and stop them.


    advocates, Humanitarians, activist to end child abuse
    human trafficking, domestic violence,
    child pornography, corruption


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